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  1. Cisco's tougher than I thought Getting hit by a van moving that fast should have sent him to the hospital with some broken bones.
  2. Doctor Who in the Media

    It seems like barring unusual circumstances 3-4 seasons is the new normal before the actors burns out and leaves. Companions have a shorter lifetime.
  3. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    If no one has gotten into the Good Place in 500 years then I look forward to seeing the gang interact with 16th century people. This might also be one of the few times when Ted Danson has been the short person on screen.
  4. NFL Thread

    I agree, he does deserve to recover in peace, especially since this is more than just a typical injury. Forget football, he has to make sure he isn't permanently crippled or even dies. As for Washington the team, they're forgetting about a QB who has actually started multiple games this season and is available. Nathan Peterman, come on down!
  5. The Flash in the Media

    Reading that article and how she hurt herself jumping in heels means everyone should be wearing flats. It's not like there's an office dress code for Iris and Caitlin to worry about so why bother wearing heels all the time (this was why Caitlin running out to the fight Cicada looked pretty funny). You don't see people like nurses wear high heels at work - comfort and practicality matters more!
  6. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    It's hard to be certain about this because of time travel shenanigans but S1 Thawne is near the end of his life - therefore, he should have a pretty complete knowledge of Barry's future. If he thought that Nora should have been named Dawn then that's a pretty big clue that he should have a daughter named Dawn. Now, Thawne himself changed the timeline when he killed Nora (and original Wells) and maybe Barry wouldn't have named his daughter after his mom if she hadn't died so maybe it was his actions that affected things but typically it's played as if any changes are Barry's (and now Nora's) fault. I just hope if and when Barry tells Iris exactly what Thawne said then she'll be smart enough to pick up on it.
  7. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    That must have been quite the hand wave by Iris, Papa Joe, and the rest. Your grandmother was murdered and your grandfather spent more than 10 years in prison being falsely accused of it before the real killer confessed. Who was the real killer? Um, Harrison Wells, a respected scientist with no past history of violence who had absolutely no reason to kill her. Now please don't ask any logical followup questions. One thing that's consistent across all Arrowverse shows - horrible hair pieces. If they had shown a new clip there'd be people bitching about how not everyone watches all three shows and/or how they're giving too much away.
  8. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    You know who else didn't get their powers from dark matter and should therefore be immune to Cicada's dagger? Supergirl, Superman, and J'onn J'onzz. You should really ask them for help the next time you see them, Barry. It will be really, really funny if this Thawne is the one who Barry let run off at the end of last season's crossover. That's what you get for stupidly letting your enemies go. Team Flash is also really, really inconsistent with how they treat time travel. It's either a super dangerous technique that should never be used OR it should be used semi-regularly. You can't have it both ways.
  9. S07.E08: Unmasked

    Did you really expect anything less from a Batman stand-in? Pummeling people to a pulp? That's OK. Poking people with knives, throwing stars, arrows, etc.? Sure, why not. Using a gun? Nope, not cool.
  10. S07.E08: Unmasked

    That's surprising - I would have expected Oliver to hop on the first flight to wherever his boarding school is just to say hello. Alternatively, if he's worried about being tracked I'm sure Barry or Cisco would be happy to help out. The execution might not have been great here but I think the point was that Felicity pulled a gun on a guy whom Oliver had already beaten and disarmed (which is fine), but when he got up to run away she immediately shot him and easily could have killed him. That's unwise on a pragmatic level (hard to interrogate a corpse) and it's pretty brutal for someone who is supposed to be the the heart of the team.
  11. S07.E08: Unmasked

    Oliver's long lost sister clearly doesn't realize the workout of choice for Green Arrows is the salmon ladder, not the rings.
  12. S04.E08: Bunker Hill

    It's a win-win for him. If she had spilled the beans, then he would have given some ridiculous speech about how he believes in transparency, how nobody is above the law, etc. Now he can say he demands full disclosure from everyone, even superheroes, and that he isn't afraid of standing up to them. Either way he can puff himself up and he knows Supergirl won't just sit at home and refuse to do anything while people die if something really big comes up.
  13. For those who don't watch Supergirl, this was from the end of tonight's episode
  14. S04.E08: Bunker Hill

    So is Nia actually a transgender female? Seems like something that only passes to the female members of her family would be a genetic thing. Has Kara been getting a paycheck from the government all of this time? Or is the deal that she gets to use the medical facilities and tech when needed? I guess she's also lucky all of those agents who saw Kara Danvers walking around the DEO are so stupid they never made the connection between her and Supergirl. Looks like 90s Flash could use some help from his CW counterpart.
  15. Doctor Who in the Media

    That's a LOT easier when you have one main show/movie since you can basically keep doing what works with your main stars. If Tom Cruise decides to hang them up and they bring some new person to lead IMF teams then the Mission Impossible base will split (same as with the Bourne series). The Good Place won't maintain its current fans if the cast gets banished to oblivion and a bunch of fresh new people are brought in. A book to film/TV show adaptation will also piss some fans off because something has to be cut/consolidated. The MCU is a special case since almost everyone seems to love it BUT if characters like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are replaced by Jim Rhodes and Bucky Barnes (or Sam Wilson) in future movies then you can bet the house that some fans will bitch. The current Doctor will always act differently from his or her predecessor, which will inevitably make some fans unhappy. It will also make some fans unbelievably happy since some are relieved to say good riddance to a particular incarnation. The same applies to the various show runners.