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  1. S01.E08: Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth

    I assume Barry jumped behind the tree for cover (while she was in the open) and fired from behind the tree. Probably totally took her by surprise.
  2. S02.E02: Reunion

    Is your dog a robot dog? If he is then it really doesn't matter. You make a great point, However, in our house, while the toaster does not hold the greatest reasons for complaints in BACHworld, he is certainly the least accommodating... Great, now I'm not going to be able to sleep with the Roomba in the house... Oh yeah - awesome article...
  3. S02.E02: Reunion

    I gave it two episodes. I am am having a hard time enjoying a show with no good guys. I get it. Dolores is pissed because she was forced to get killed several times and made to have robot sex with humans, etc. She was built for it though. Kinda like my toaster meeting me at the door with a loaded gun because I kept shoving multigrain in his top hole... Really struggling to find empathy for the machines.
  4. S03.E10: New Year's Eve

    What a great season. So satisfying and, as mentioned numerous times, sweet. This show has a real soul. Love all the "little" moments on this show - "Why does he have an axe?", Dale going through his absurd list of who he has slapped, Martha's cast, every single expression Louie projects, "play dead, maybe they'll go away"... On and on. Can't wait for another season!
  5. S08.E16: Wrath

    Well... Especially since Rick (and his crew) was probably directly responsible for the death of members of family and friends of the surviving Neganites. Five minutes after a battle, after your son, brother, husband, wife, or father was just shot dead because of a Eugene betrayal and slaughter from the Ricktones everyone was all kumbaya with the new authority (who is, regardless of the sentiment, still dictating their new way of life to them). I guess it is a show about unfed, dehydrated beings having the ability to conjure energy from nothing for several years, so maybe I should chill on logical aspirations...
  6. S08.E16: Wrath

    I guess it was her present location. Only person that would understand would be double cheese face. This finale was pretty funny actually. Rick makes another unilateral decision without buy-in, a conversation, etc, to save Negan because Coral said so? He murdered several red-shirts with extreme prejudice... They are all free to go forward with the world as long as he (and Coral) agree with it... And I agree, I am so bailing on super-villain Maggie, Daryl, and the resident peacenik Jesus. Why couldn't they just kill Negan? At some point they will have access, opportunity, and motive. Shit, Daryl was allowed to take "D" out to execute him. Why wasn't he afforded more protection that Negan? At least he helped the "good guys" at the end. I am still not sure why Daryl hates him so intently. He hated him (yesterday) because he was sure he was double crossing his team. Was it all because he stole his motorcycle? D's wife actually saved Daryl's ass... And I agree, EVERY SINGLE BULLET failed? At least show us some pretext as to why they ALL needed to reload with the Eugene duds. Crazy stuff. Rick, who absolutely outfoxed by Negan, slashes his throat with the intention of wounding him?
  7. S03.E07: Women's Conference

    Or remove the green cast and put an orange one on the other arm without acknowledging it...
  8. S03.E07: Women's Conference

    I think this is it. If I were Dale I would have been pissed off too. Christine blew through Dale's money without a second thought only to impress her "friends". As far as I remember, she never apologized for it and Dale is a twit, so the reaction to sue her and get his money back was probably pretty accurate twit like response. It sure looks like Dale is nearly impoverished and out of any financial options. Loved the episode. I think it was appropriate for Christine to get snapped up a little bit. I am glad that Martha stood up about her passive-aggressive bullying. Martha does seem comfortable in her own skin and knows what she does/does not like. Some people aren't touchy-feely types and shouldn't have to be. The show never fails to impress.
  9. S08.E09: Honor

    Sooo... I guess the only thing that doesn't deteriorate on a zombody is their jaw muscles and gums? To bite clear through a tee-shirt and flannel shirt is hard to do for a razor-toothed live guy... I call BS on the fact that the walker could have had both the power and leverage to not only pierce the shirt but also the skin. And double BS that Coral wouldn't have used layers in this world after all this time...
  10. S08.E09: Honor

    Me either - I felt like I was at a funeral for a friend of a friend of a friend. Long, overly melodramatic death I found boring. And yes, St. Siddiq was a bit over the top. I thought the doctor reveal was manipulative too (something I thought he might have mentioned when Rick scared him off, seems like a pretty valuable skill set to brag about). I thought making him a doctor/saint who will live only to honor Kuurl cheapened Carls overture.
  11. S03.E01: Wild Horses

    I don't know, she seems pretty self aware and doesn't seem to care about some of the comments (although her reactions to some of the real obtuse comments are awesome). I think she understands the social limitations of this family and still chooses to hang out with them. I love the arm cast too. No explanation, no one reacts or asks about her healing, etc.
  12. S09.E01: Lake Life

    This! I was thinking the same thing... What a crappy family. It was hard to enjoy the song at the end due to how selfish and mean they all were, in particular to Ben. Not sure why Alex felt she had a "pass" on any responsibility toward being a good host to someone she invited in spite of the fact that she knows her mother does not care for the dude. And putting a passed out person on a raft in a lake? I guess I couldn't find the humor. Little sociopaths making their babysitter float out to get sun stroke, get hit by another boat, or roll off and drown? I guess its whacky, but why not just drug him or clobber him over the head... Hard to root for the bad guys...
  13. Rickon Stark, the kid who was too dumb to zig...
  14. S02.E11: Back Doors

    Yep - I was watching and looking for diversions when it came to me... Why not just... watch something else?
  15. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    The only plausible answer is that the ladies played it out knowing the LF had many little birds. The maiden, the maestor, etc. I would also guess that they needed to feel each other out knowing how cunning the LF game is played. Arya knows how to sell the big lie given her faceless training, it was just method acting to ensure LF didn't get a whiff. It is hard to believe that Cersei would have planned the deception with Urine (love that) on the pretense of actually seeing a wight. She looked completely surprised by the little zombie AND to go to the meeting expecting a wight and assume they do not swim (which was the lynch-pin to her and Urines fake out) seems a bit too clever a plan. So I agree, if the writing is good, she is either delusional or really playing Jaime to the hilt. Stick a fork in her, I think shes done...