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  1. Kylie

    It's the "Oprah effect" just like when she says she likes something or puts out her favorite things every year people buy that shit up.
  2. Khloe

    And Jordyn has her own line of athletic leisure clothes that's popular now. Which she probably would have gotten if she wasn't Kardashian-Jenner adjacent. Also Malika, like what else does she have her hands in to bring money in? Her sister twin is married with a family, so they're not acting anymore. Matter fact is the sister twin still married? Is Malika still dating that rapper guy? Like I really don't know any about the Hagg Twins other than they were in the movie ATL, and one is a Kardashian "BFF"
  3. Kourtney

    It looks like Kourtney is hosting Chicago's 1st birthday party at her home from the little bit I saw from Khloe's Instagram story so you'll get your chance. Also her and Khloe were featured in architectural digest magazine and they have quite a few pictures of both of their houses this was a few years ago you may have to Google search to see the pictures. because if you recall kourtney bought former NFL baller keyshawn Johnson's house and khloe bought Justin Bieber's infamous party house.
  4. Kylie

    And he bought his parents luxury cars for Christmas. A Range Rover for his mom, and dad got a Porsche. Plus Travis and Kylie just went half on a 13million dollar house last year.
  5. Kylie

    That chair while it's ugly, I kind of like it and I've seen that artist all over Instagram lately by a few of my favorite celebrities that I follow and his art pieces have a super high turn over rate right now that in a few years that $20,000+ chair will probably worth twice that so I bet you that yeah he bought it for stormi but she won't be sitting on it or playing on it, it'll be sitting in some office somewhere not getting any use collecting that value.
  6. North was a "normal" pregnancy meaning Kim and Kanye had boring sex (see her sex tape) and conceived her, They did the same for Saint.
  7. Khloe

    Those are her boots not the Spandex pants she's wearing. After a quick Google search they're YSL boots which can be yours if you can find em for $4,000. Ugly expensive ass boots.
  8. Rob: The (Mostly) Invisible Man

    Have y'all noticed or seen the foolishness that is going on with Rob and Alexis sky and Blac Chyna today on social media it's a hot mess. Apparently Alexis sky who's a rapper's baby momma (Fetty Wap) got into it with Blac Chyna at some event, although the video looked like it was at someone's house, which resulted in "no home training" Blac Chyna throwing a drink on Alexis. So after all this happened Alexis went on her social media saying how she was going to beat Blac Chyna up. so I think that was yesterday that this all happened or last night and so today Rob posted picture of Alexis on his Snapchat saying that he's always had a crush on her and now I just noticed viedo of Alexis at Rob's house and she's saying she's cooking "Bae" dinner.... It's all on the Shaderoom and baller alert social media if y'all want to follow because I can't even keep up with this mess.
  9. Kylie

    Go Travis! Good for him.
  10. She posted a video of it on her Instagram stories I forget the designer but apparently it's from their new collection and she said it was a lace bodysuit and I guess the black scarf looking thing is to cover her crotch area from being exposed by the lace. it didn't look that great in her Instagram story video clip of it either because she was in this dim hotel suite and the lighting wasn't good but even if she had good lighting for it it still wouldn't have been better because it's just looks tacky.
  11. S15.E16: Break Free

    Unfortunately it's a thing, one of the former members of shahs of sunset Lily I think her name is, she does that with her baby girl in her Instagram stories and stuff that she posed with her daughter she calls her mama also. Meh it's not that bad IMO it's kinda cute
  12. Khloe

    As a woman of color it's completely ridiculous when someone says "I don't see color" like yes you do. *Eye roll*
  13. Her butt looks smaller, Photoshop?
  14. Khloe

    She's right, and with Kris pimping out Kim and suggesting that still developing, impressionable teen Khloe to get a nose job doesn't really help a young woman's foundations of feeling beautiful and secure within herself. Which brings us to adult Khloe who has the money and the good life to where she doesn't have to worry about paying the bills yet she can't seem to develop a F*boy repellent for these no good ballers that she seems to go for who gas her up with exactly what she wants to hear. Sad really.
  15. Khloe

    As a black woman I'm gonna hold off on thinking Khloe is afflicted with colorism on her own child for the moment. A quick scan of her Instagram feed shows all of her pictures have that pink/rose colored fliter except for a few. Maybe this is her way of looking at the world through rose colored glasses? I'm sharing this picture I just saw on her Instagram and it's in the same rose/pink filter, but what's making me give it a double take and look hard at it is her face. I know the running joke was that Khloe looked transgender in apology to all transgender people out there she really looks transgender in this photo. I don't know if it's the heavy makeup or if the fillers or whatever plastic surgery, dermatology office, or whatever they're doing now that's the hot new thing for rich ladies who lunch. her face looks completely different from a few months ago and it's like you all said she is definitely going too far with the injections or something.