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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    If that is what a true fan is, I don't ever want to be a true fan of anything. Blech! And yeah, that's a cult. I guess that's what they mean by cult following. lol (I know it's not, but it should be)
  2. Theories Manifesting

    Maybe the plane is in real time and the rest of the world was accelerated by five plus years. lol I really don't want it to be aliens, but I'd take that over some kind of spiritual/god explanation. I do like the idea that the plane was already part of an experiment. Having Ben, Mick and Cal as last minute additions is most interesting in this scenario. Did they need more subjects? Did they anticipate those three coming on board? Did their addition screw everything up? I would guess the later, and that they weren't supposed to be added to the flight and once they were something went wrong. Obviously Cal is the linchpin. I'd guess something to do with his cancer. So now the experimenters want to figure out why. IDK. So far nothing really makes sense and I do fear we're going to get some spiritual shit about how we are all connected and we all need to come together blah blah for the greater good. Which, while a good message, we should all be more understanding and whatnot, I don't need a sci-fi-ish show telling me this through stupid voices telling morons to blindly do weird things to save each other.
  3. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I loved that moment, and squeed like crazy. The thing is, in the hands of a lesser show this would probably be disappointing, that the first moment wasn't between Real Chidi and Real Eleanor, but the way this show handled it, it was forking brilliant and had all the emotional impact, for me at least, as if it had been the originals the whole time. D'Arcy blew me away this whole ep. Brilliant performance. I bet the rest of the cast loved watching her be them. I am in the group who think that it isn't the Bad Place sabotaging things to get all the people but that the system itself is fundamentally flawed without any tampering necessary. The standards are just too high. I love how this show never goes where I expect it to even though, in the grand scheme it seems to be going exactly where I hoped it would. I am pretty sure that if I had Janet's powers the first thing I would conjure would be a puppy so when Jelinore conjured up a puppy for Jeiti I was downright giddy. When that puppy kept multiplying, I realized that Janet's void is my good place.
  4. The Bachelor in the Media

    I think I am finally free!!!!! Yay! Colton isn't enough to make me watch and not one of those females seems even remotely interesting. And since next Bachelorette will come from them, I think I might finally be done. Thank you Colton! This is going to free up soooo much time. lol
  5. Unpopular Opinions

    That is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. I think it's awesome that you and your husband are willing to support each other's fandom. Good on you both. There are far more important things for me to get riled up about than whether a friend does or doesn't like a franchise I love. Now, if someone starts talking about how horrible Disney is I might have to cut a bitch! haha, kidding, I'll just feel very bad for that person and then ignore them because they have no sense at all. haha As to hate watching, I just don't get it. With the millions of entertainment options we have these days, just go find something better to watch.
  6. I LOVED that!!!! I would have watched that show. lol
  7. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    I don't think any of us are bad fans. I think we all care very much. It would be nice if the show could please all of us all of the time but it can't. So we each get "our" season. I'm sorry this isn't yours but I'm going to selfishly enjoy every second of it. Dr Who will outlast us all. I think that is the only constant. And it is because the show is willing to change and try new things, or go back to old things that haven't been around for a while. As much as I have hated some seasons and loved others, I am in awe of the show. I love that, when faced with having to recast their main character they came up with a system that has allowed the show to span decades. I find it fascinating how it has evolved, how it has adapted, and I am curious to see where it goes next even though I am loving where it is right now and wish we could get more of this before it changes again. Sadly, what I like usually doesn't last. I'm like the kiss of death for most shows. I think that might make me a bad fan. lol In that, if I'm a fan, it's bad news for the show. This is one of the few that can withstand my jinxiness. Rock on DW in all your forms both good and bad. Because my bad is someone else's good and vice versa.
  8. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    I, for one, am highly entertained and engaged by this season. So I think the writers are doing brilliantly. If you aren't entertained by what they are doing, that is on you, to choose to watch or to go watch something else. They can't cater the show to you specifically. They have millions of fans. Many of whom are enjoying this season. The very foundation of this show is change. It is constantly evolving. Sometimes you will like what it becomes, sometimes you will not. But the writers aren't failing their audience because some fans don't like the changes that are happening. I get the disappointment. I felt it for three years when I had to give up the show. But because of that, I am enjoying the hell out of this season because it is the Dr. Who that I enjoyed. Sorry that it's not the one you enjoyed. Maybe the next show runner will be more to your taste. I am going to enjoy this season. There is not a single ep I wouldn't rewatch. I love the small character moments, I love the crowded Tardis, I love the Doctor's enthusiasm about everything. It's like a storm (all the end of the world stress week after week after week) has finally passed and now she can just enjoy herself. With so many sci-fi type shows tending towards dark, end of humanity, the world is doomed stories, I am enjoying this lighter, happier Doctor. I wish everyone else did, because it's always more fun when we're all happy, but the nature of fandom is that you can NEVER please all the fans all the time. And in this time of the internet it really must suck to be a show runner because the negative always seems to outweigh the positive online. Not just in fandom, but in everything, facebook, news, social media, forums, etc. It's all so negative. I think that's why I am liking this season. It feels more uplifting than it's been in a while.
  9. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    But then Graham might have eaten the universe and the Solitract, wait, the Solitract could then be part of our universe while living in Graham's stomach, and Graham wouldn't go hungry. It's total win/win. Still, I loved the frog. I thought it was adorable.
  10. I so agree. Roz and Susie feel like they are there, like you said, because Sabrina needed "mortal" friends. I think it's a mistake to give them both some kind of magical ability, and have Harvey be descended from witch hunters because it takes away from the whole "mortal" friends idea. I could totally buy Sabrina and Prudence as, if not BFFs, then definitely as reluctant allies, which I think might be where they are heading. I think the whole sexist crap is the show trying to build up to the male witches vs female witches showdown we all know is coming, at least I hope it's coming, otherwise the show is just a sexist nightmare.
  11. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    OMG I loved Tracy. She was probably my favorite GH character of all time. She was terrible, but she was so good at being terrible.
  12. S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    I think it worked for Ryan though. He's not a terribly demonstrative person so I think some big emotional "granddad" wouldn't feel organic to his character while this just casually tossing it out there after seeing how affected Graham was by seeing Grace again, as well as his experience with Hannah and her dad I think he was finally ready to open up to the idea that Graham isn't going anywhere and is his family now. Ryan was right about Hannah's dad though. He did leave her. Sure, he said he was coming back, but he didn't even bother to tell her he was going, and he seemed pretty settled in with his dead wife. I don't think he would have come back if he hadn't been caught. I feel for poor Hannah because she deserves a better dad than that.. I wish Graham had turned on Not-Grace the first time he brought up Ryan and she kind of brushed it off. Because I did. No way in hell Grace would have, even for a second, suggested Graham stay with her and not Ryan. But he did do it eventually so it's all good.
  13. Unpopular Opinions

    The irony is that the most vicious attacks don't even seem to be about important issues like the ones you listed, but about silly, trivial things or ships. Lots of it is about ships. At least it was back when I was still in the "fandom". I've more than aged out of it at this point and just don't have the patience to suffer through the vast expanse of idiocy to get to the truly interesting discussions anymore.
  14. Unpopular Opinions

    haha, I really, really hated the epilogue. But I just don't read it when I reread the books. I was just disappointed that nothing had really changed and the prejudice against Slytherin's still existed even after everything Harry and his generation went through. None of the shippy stuff or who ended up doing what job bugged me. Just that it was still "eww, I hope I don't get into Slytherin." It doesn't ruin my enjoyment of the other ten million pages of Harry Potter by any means. JK created an absolutely amazing, fully realized world and not agreeing with a few of her choices doesn't change that. This are her children, after all. She knows them better than any of us.