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  1. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    Yeah, I find the kissing so many men a little more palatable when the kisses aren't quite so open-mouthed. lol IDK, that part of the show will always squick me out. Especially on group dates. You're out with several boyfriends and macking on them in fairly rapid succession. Does she get a breath mint between make outs at least?
  2. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    I am disappointed about that. She's got enough assholes in the bunch that she could have ditched instead.
  3. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    Wills has a very nice everything. haha, yep, I'm smitten. Amazing smile!
  4. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    I love Wills. He got shafted having his one on one after that, but he's handling it just right. Being there for her, not badmouthing anyone. Just being supportive. I want a Wills!
  5. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    Basically he told her he's in love with her. She said she wasn't there yet with him and seemed a bit uncomfortable. She said he should leave. As they are leaving he said he didn't mean it. He wasn't in love with her. He was basically just telling her what he thought she wanted to hear. Then he brought up the "gift" he gave her, custom perfume. I'm not sure if he wanted it back or felt that her taking it meant he should stay on the show.
  6. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    and he just shoved the other foot in. Dude, quite while you're ahead. Bye now That is probably one of the most awkward moments of this show ever. Did he try to buy her with perfume? Yikes!
  7. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    I did not need to see Jordan's golden ass
  8. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    Okay, Garrett reminds her of home and now of her dad. Game over. Everyone else might as well go home. (I still don't get it. He's just so odd looking to me).
  9. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    hahahaha. I did mean over. Though I do think at least one of them is in love with the other so maybe my keyboard is reading my mind. ha I just don't like Garrett. He seems phony to me. I know, they all are to some extent, but he seems a bit phonier than your average phony. It's like he thinks he's more adorable than he is. I don't care for men with long hair but if he cut it, I'd totally be into Leo. Great face, and funny as hell.
  10. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    So that's who those two guys were? Well, no great loss since I don't remember hearing a peep out of either of them. I am completely lover David and Jordan's whatever. Sick of them both. I can't even with Lincoln anymore. Shame. I really wanted to like him in the beginning. And holy hell? The Earth is flat?!?!?!!
  11. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    But didn't they do that this last season with the whole interminable Sinnerman arc? It was not an improvement IMHO... Yeah, I think they need the balance. The supernatural stuff is great, but if they drop the procedural we end up with Sinnerman and Lucy loves Chloe. Neither of which worked for me. I like the idea of the Devil working with the cops to punish sinners because punishing is what he does. I would like that to be explored. I don't much care about his daddy issues or bringing on a bunch of other supernatural beings. That just takes away from Lucy/Maze/Amen exploring the mortal world.
  12. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I get the impression Bekah is "in on the joke" as it where. She knows she's a fame whore, she knows we know she's a fame whore, she's just doing her thing. Raven OTOH seems to be trying to pretend she's sincere and being a good friend by defending Tia when she's just trying to stay relevant and get more followers just like Bekah is. I tend to prefer the ones who are honest about their famewhorishness.
  13. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    I like that @leighdear. It does make me feel better about the state of my life. It also reminds me that it's better to be single than to go on TV to try to find a fiancé.
  14. The Bachelorette in the Media

    How are these people not embarrassed that this is how they choose to spend their time and energy? It has nothing to do with either of them. But since both their "stars" are fading I guess they have to get their names back out there somehow.
  15. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    If I think of horror whimsy I would think of Tim Burton first and foremost. The first thing that would pop into my head is Beetlejuice.