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  1. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    Ah, I missed that. I was being all Earthlingy and assuming a "rotation" = a year. Silly human me. lol Still, 1000 days with no food, robots trying to kill them, sheets trying to kill them and the only water available trying to kill them...yeah, they wouldn't make it 1000 hours, let alone days or years. I am loving the thing about the biscuits. How cute. I like that it sounds like Jodie is LOVING all of this. Her joy on screen seems so genuine I bet she's having the time of her life, and it shows. I am loving her less angsty doctor. And yeah, Graham calling her Doc is too cute. The worst thing I can say about this season so far is that the TARDIS is kind of dark inside. If that's as bad as it gets for me, I can live with that.
  2. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    Yeah, I was kind of yelling STOP RUNNING! You are running in the same direction it is crashing!!!! In the amount of time they were running they could have run out of the path of the plane, but that wouldn't have been as dramatic I guess.
  3. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!! The Doctor totally is Space Tahani! Yep. I'm fine with her moment of doubt because OMG her face lit up when she heard her beloved TARDIS, and the pure joy when it finally materialized fully. That moment was every dog ever when their human comes in the door. Pure love and joy and worth the wait.
  4. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    I agree. And she bounced back pretty quickly when she saw it coming. I think she assumed they had just missed the thousand year window for the TARDIS. I know that frustration (well, not having to wait a thousand years, but just pulling into the parking lot as the train pulls away kind of thing). I like that she's still adjusting to the regeneration. I would think regenerating into a whole new person would be disorienting. Hell, waking up early every morning is disorienting for me and I'm not fully awake and functional for at least two hours. lol
  5. I'd be in too. One of my issues with the end is that we never really did get answers. It did seem like most of the ghosts were just there. As the story unfolds and you learn that Bent Neck lady is really Nell she becomes more tragic than scary. Hat guy was creepy, but he never actually did anything, he just wanted his hat. lol The only one who seemed to actively affect them was the flapper who was said to be nuts in life so there's that. You've got me thinking. So much of the "hauntings" were the children's imaginations. This is understandable. They are children and children tend to think a bump in the night is the boogeyman and not just a drafty house. Of course then they've got mom acting strange and fairly spooky talking to nothing, punching mirrors, etc. and you've got dad pretending everything is fine. And no one believes them. That is the part that got me the most. These poor children were being terrorized. The ghosts they saw might have meant them no harm, but how the hell was a 5/6 year old going to understand that when no one would listen to them. My heart broke for the twins. They really never stood a chance. I kept going back and forth on the parents. They seemed like they meant well and tried to be good parents, there were small moments where they did the right thing, but holy hell did they fuck their kids up big time and totally screwed up the bigger issues. What the show did do very well was make them kind of terrible parents but they didn't mean to be. They weren't abusive, they weren't neglectful, they just weren't really fit to be parents.
  6. I'm right there with you. I watched the whole thing in two days, hadn't planned to, but my god it drew me in. And I have never cried so much during a horror movie/show, but certain storylines with the siblings genuinely moved me, particularly Luke's story. Seeing that adorable little boy with those big glasses turn into a drug addled, lost soul who stole from his family so much they have basically written him off broke me. So much of the show was very powerful and moving to me and then.... All the little ghosties get to die happily ever after? For real? I liked seeing the living get back together as the family they were supposed to be but I can't stand the idea that all these terrifying ghosts were just terrifying the family for no particular reason. I get why they were going after Mommy, trying to get her to kill her family to "feed" the house. That was a great horror concept. But then the house just lets them all leave? WTF was that? So, for me this series was AMAZING until the ending which felt like a cop out to me. The writers didn't know how to get the family out of the house alive so they just basically had them walk out basically undoing everything that came before. I guess I should be grateful they didn't all die and end up being a happy dead family in the house. That would have been worse I suppose.
  7. The child actors really impressed me. The two little ones were just absolutely adorable. I've seen McKenna Grace in a few things now and she always blows me away. I enjoyed the whole cast. The weakest link for me was Elizabeth Reaser but I kind of expected that. I'm not a fan. I was a little distracted by Henry Thomas, but only in an "OMG that's Henry Thomas!" kind of way. Last I'd seen him he was a child.
  8. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    OMG how could I forget about Blake Beartles!!! I think one thing this show does well is move on quickly. Being on Earth hasn't been my favorite thing, though I appreciate that it was different and I like the way the show handled it, but it does look like they might end up somewhere else very soon. It's like with Trevor. Right around the time he is clearly overstaying his welcome, he's gone. And the reboots, right when we started to worry that we'd get a repeat of season one in season two they plow through about 800+ reboots in one ep and move on. Now, we've had our time on Earth and it looks like it's time to move on. This is where I am leaning as well. If there are Bad place architects and demons there must be Good place architects and angels. The judge and gate keeper being neutral, with possibly other neutral characters. They can't really go back to a fake Good Place, that would just be a rehash and this show is too good for that. They might go more in depth into the Bad Place, but I doubt it. So they either go into some neutral zone (where the Judge and the gate are) or to the Good Place. Either of those options excites me because I do think we are about to go somewhere new and that always gets me excited because this show is great at world building.
  9. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    Yeah, Donna and Martha don't bother me because they were just ordinary people who weren't important who stepped up and did something extraordinary. But what they did only really affected their time with the Doctor, and gave him some residual guilt/memories. The trouble with Clara is that Jackass felt this need to stick his hands into every era of Dr Who. It wasn't enough for him to have a character he created affect the Doctor in the present and possibly future, he had to go insert his character into the very creation of the Doctor. I mean, of course it was Clara who told him to take the Tardis thereby basically creating the premise for the entire show. Because heaven for bid he not piss over every single part of this decades old show. He basically peed all over the Tardis like a dog marking his territory and he used Clara to do it ruining both her character and his legacy. (for some of us, others must have loved her since she lasted so freaking long and I'm glad they enjoyed it but sad that I didn't.)
  10. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    me too. I almost want her to die so she can join them in the Good Place (should they make it, which, I mean, they have to, eventually, right?) I can't wait to see what happens next. I love that this show isn't just the same as the last two seasons. I get why people used to sitcoms that just repeat the same storylines over and over would be disillusioned, but I am loving this season for just how different it is. I also admire how much storyline they can burn through. It would be easy to just keep them in the fake good place, playing out the same storylines and same jokes until everyone leaves the show because it's too predictable, but they are forging ahead into brave new worlds. This ep brought us an amazing scene between Eleanor and Simone (LOVE HER!), Janet trying to pretty much talk Michael off the ledge and acknowledge that he needs to let go and trust the humans, which he doesn't, lol. And the other Hemsworth. This show is still firing on all cylinders for me.
  11. Yeah, the show works best when it has an unexpected mix of people. Of course five people promoting the same thing are going to talk over each other and chatter away like a "hen party". Having them all from the same movie, promoting the same movie, they are going to tell the same stories, and be extra careful about what they say about it because the others are sitting right there. One of the best couches, for me, had Miriam Margolyes and Will I Am. I can't imagine any situation in which those two would have sat down and chatted, but they were utterly adorable and totally hilarious together. You don't get that with five people who just spent months working together.
  12. I've only seen her in commercials for Twilight (seeing her in them made me not want to see the movie because her performance actually looked painful, like it was physically hurting her to be Bella for whatever reason) but she blew me away as Joan Jett, which shocked me since I got the impression the girl just couldn't act. So maybe she either understood that Bella is a lifeless shell and purposely played her that way, or she really wasn't into being in the Twilight movies and checked out before filming even began.
  13. S03.E03: The Brainy Bunch

    I think, if they were supposed to die, fate will find another way to kill them. I can't imagine them being allowed to live much longer, not just because it's better for the show for them to go back to the afterlife, but because the longer they are alive the more then might change the world. What if Chidi becomes this youtube sensation and the entire world becomes ethical? Ok, that would actually be hysterical to watch. Ethics professors could replace pop stars as the new American Icons. Tahani could become the new Martha Stewart and teach us all to be posh and sophisticated and name drop all the ethics professors we have in our contact lists. And what about Michael and Janet? If they are trapped on Earth, without power, are they mortal? What kind of mess could those two make?
  14. What Are We Currently Reading?

    That's kind of stating the obvious. So basically, he's really just saying bigger kids are more likely to be picked for sports which...duh and that kids get bigger as they get older. This guy made money 'studying this'?
  15. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    That was great. I kind of love the Doctor for just relentlessly pointing out what a looser Toothy was. Not all villains are super geniuses. Some are just lazy, cheating morons with delusions of grandeur. Funny thing. A few people in my real world Dr. Who circles have commented that they didn't like how violent this ep was. I didn't find it violent at all. I think because, though there was a decent body count and Toothy killed mercilessly, it was just a touch on the head and bam, they were out. So really, high body count, low violence. Which is how I like it. I can't watch actual physical violence but I do need there to be deaths to show that there are lives at stake.