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  1. Back when the show was made they could get away with these continuity issues because it was rare to have TV shows on VHS, they didn't really do TV show marathons (Seriously, GG is on every night when I get home for about three hours and about 5-6 hours on weekends) and people didn't have DVRs. So the odds of the eps being seen back to back were almost non-existent. I wonder if they watch now and cringe at all the many, many inconsistencies they thought no one would ever notice. It is fun to spot them though. They don't much bother me because I understand that things were different when the show was made so I mostly find them funny. Dorothy has a gambling problem one ep but it's never mentioned again. Rose is suddenly addicted to pills and has been for a while but it's never been mentioned until that one "very special episode". Dorothy and Stan's extremely inconsistent back story. Oye.
  2. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    I'm hoping they see some of this feedback and realize that we would like to see some real relationships forming, not with the angle of getting a paid for wedding, or to be the new reality TV It Couple, but because two people clicked on a real level. They were actually interested in each others actual lives. Not the journey, or pas relationship trauma, but their actual lives and who they were as people. It was so refreshing. If we can't get Clare talking to raccoons or Onion Ashley wandering aimlessly among the production crew, I want what John and Jubilee showed us. Nice people making a real connection. (God, when did I become Right Reasons!??!?!) But seriously, I more invested in John and Jubilee as a couple after one date than I have been with any couple ever on this show. They just seemed so real and neither of them seemed to be focused on the show or "getting a rose" or following the script. More please! This being a Fleiss show I'm sure it is going to blow up in my face at some point, but I'm going to enjoy them for as long as possible, though that was probably the first and last we've seen of them unless something DRAMATIC happens. Ugh
  3. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    Oh that reminds me of how much I loved Jubilee's response when he told her about his job then said something about how people make assumptions about his wealth because of it. She responds "I just think it mean's you're really smart." IDK about the whole Silicon Valley sausage-fest thing. My cousin works there (he's a techy) and he knows plenty of women looking to date. He's 29 been there about five years, had several girlfriends. John kind of reminds me of him, personality wise. Maybe John just wanted the experience and is at a place careerwise where he could take the time off. Hey, sometimes when a gals gotta go, she's gotta go...and go....and go...lol or she got lost on her way back.
  4. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    Jane prioritizes Jane so if she wanted to go she wouldn't let having no money stop her. She'd just give some poor fool a sob story about how her mother died because she ever got to take her little girl to Paris and Jane needs this trip to reconnect with her mother. Mommy Jacqueline would buy Jane a loft in Paris because Jane's life is just so tragic. (Sorry, I can't stand Jane anymore. I did like her in the beginning but I just can't anymore. She's the worst)
  5. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    If they don't make it romantically I do hope they stay friends. They really seemed to connect on a deeper level than "you're so hot". I love them separately and I absolutely adore them together. I was actually smiling through their whole date. John would make an amazing Bachelor but like Jubilee I wonder what he is even doing here. How is it he can't find love in the real world? He is the total package, nice, smart, hot, funny. I'm almost afraid for him to be the Bachelor because this show seems to manage to ruin them all and I don't want to lose my crush on him.
  6. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    Yeah, I can usually be all "Well, I don't like his looks, but I get why others would". Colton being a perfect example. Farmer Chris another. I get why they are considered attractive even if they aren't to me. But Chris I just don't see it. Maybe his stank personality clouds my judgment but I just do not see why anyone would find him attractive. It probably has a lot to do with that personality, actually. I mean, YIKES! He is not a pleasant person at all.
  7. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    I actually made it all the way through this episode, because it focused on people like this. And GSJoe and Kendall's tuna-off at the end. I just want to hang out with them. They seem so fun.
  8. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    This cheese conversation is probably the most insightful thing that has ever been said on this show.
  9. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    I'd say poor Kenny but he can do a lot better. Tia ended things with Colton? Wait, did I miss more than I thought? I thought Colton really had little interest in being stuck with Tia and wanted to see other people.
  10. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    I'm officially in love with John. I am really worried I'm going to get my heart broken because John and Jubilee are my favorite couple ever already.
  11. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    I could be into John and Jubilee. They have a nice easy rapport already.
  12. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    Well, I wouldn't go that far! lol Analeise reminds me of Sarah, the one with the amputation, who was always whining about no one wanting her.
  13. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    She just does not seem into this date at all. Interrupting him constantly to name animals? WTF? Weird date. I hope he finds someone else who actually pays attention to him. Jacqueline was the one going to school. Really thin with long dark hair. Very pretty in an almost old money Long Island kind of way.
  14. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    I have no idea who she is but I kind of like this Caroline chick. "I gotta go to the bathroom" hahahaha
  15. S05.E03: Week 2, Night 2

    What Colton really said was: "I don't really know what I want, but I know I don't want Tia"