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  1. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    Seriously? If I had a long lost uncle I always thought was dead and found out was alive there is no way I would "leave the whole thing alone." I don't think anybody would.
  2. S01.E05: Boxing

    In Northern California, it's cold at night all year round. Not sure if that's as true in Southern California, but it's a desert climate and NOT humid, so could be. Here in the east you don't wear a fleece except indoors all summer. In California where I went to school you had most of your wardrobe active all year. TV also makes the mistake ALL THE TIME of putting people in East Coast cities wearing t-shirts and tank tops during the day in December, because it's sunny. You'd do that in California. NOT back East.
  3. Didn't you put the mousetrap game together as it went? (obviously been a while since I played)
  4. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I didn't say he OWED them anything. I don't think morality is a question of what we OWE. He looked those two people in the face and didn't listen and shrugged it off. I find that cold. Was he entitled to do it? Yes. Was it a moral thing to do, or a nice one? No. Then again, I hold the door for people, say thank you and please, and if someone doesn't say 'Thank you" when I hold the door I don't rudely shout YOU'RE WELCOME. YMMV. So what if she was preachy? She made a mistake. She sold something that wasn't hers. And Toby wasn't concerned about the MONEY, as made clear when he rejected the figures that weren't his. He had played with those toys and saved them his entire adult life. It's not any different than if she'd sold ANYTHING he valued. Was the kid legally entitled to keep them? Sure. Is it his problem? No. But I couldn't live with myself if I did something like that. Obviously, you can, and so could he. We obviously view what is being hard-hearted or kind extremely differently. I also think it's telling that of my post that's the ONLY thing you responded to. I wonder why you care so much when I quite clearly said "personally," as in this is my PERSONAL opinion. I don't want to continue this after this reply, no interest in extending this. Is it a nice, moral way to behave? NO. IMO, it's hard-hearted and cold. If he thought it was a sob story and they were ripping him off, he could have made a counter offer. Yes, it was played for laughs. And I guess a lot of people on this board would rather mock Kate and Toby than consider what in fact it means to them.. "drah-mat-ic" indeed. But I felt for them both. I guess the point is that the world isn't kind, and usually isn't decent. MOST politicians would have used the oppo research-- Randall didn't. I have to say I too am tired of the hate-watching on this board. As I said, I don't love the show like I used to but I don't watch it to come here and mock all the Pearsons and it sure feels like a lot of people do. No. He said, "I won."
  5. I I totally played mousetrap! Though sometimes the ball got stuck and you had to give it a little push. Somewhere there is a picture of me playing it with my grandma. I loved all those 3-d games. Anyone remember Seance? It had a little record player in it. And Which Witch? And some weird thing called Carnival as I recall...something like that, with four walls and a bunch of carny games. I had Which Witch twice. Wish I'd kept it, you can't buy it for less than $100 now. Seance!
  6. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    Yes, they did. He picked up the phone and got the news and then said "I won."
  7. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    Randall, it takes a long time to make a pie. I get your desperation but it wasn't possible. You should have freaking reserved the pie. I was 12 when Star Wars came out, merchandising really wasn't a thing yet, so they DID NOT MAKE ENOUGH ACTION FIGURES. I was one of the ones who got a certificate that my figures would be coming later. Too bad I didn't save that certificate or the original four figures when they came, but I was 12, and played with them. While the college kid was within his rights, he was also very hard hearted. He did look like he was going to relent for a moment. Personally I think he should have made them a counter offer. Randall winning: he had to either win or lose. I'm find with his winning, and I'm glad he worked it out with Beth. Marriage is a two way street and in the end I kind of agreed wit her that she was being tough on him. I don't love this show like I used to, but I'm far from hate watching it yet. Oh, and Nicky was Alice is the best typo EVER. Would explain so much.
  8. S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    I think she probably thinks everybody everywhere is good looking.
  9. S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    In fairness, is it really prejudice if Michael is the SOLE exception to the goodness of demons? And remember, he was NOT that way originally. He's been on a journey.
  10. Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    I watched on DVR so missed it. Will it be shown again?
  11. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    Huh. I didn’t think she sounded wistful or jealous looking at the wedding picture or online dating. re the dating I thought she was shocked and worried about other women being hurt- which ties in to the end. with the picture I think she was trying to puzzle out how she could have been so fooled. Having the cop validate that yes he looked that way helped. He was GOOD at this. i found it riveting. Shocked that he would try to stab her in broad daylight. thanks fo those who point out that DJ had a sadistic streak: a golddigger who was primarily a golddigger had it good with Debra, all he had to do was nothing to be taken care of. I was mad about the cop questioning her too and thinking she seemed guilty but 1) though she seems young, we know she’s in college so over 18 2) I figured that as soon as they began investigating they’d find out about the burned car the stalking of other women restraining orders etc. it would be an unwinnable case at best.
  12. Born in 64, but thanks to the baby bust (don't you DARE call me a Boomer) had classes with people born 65 and 66. Lots of Lisa, Michelle, Cathy, Karen, and, at camp, Nicole.
  13. S01.E07: Chivalry

    Agree with all who are saying John could have gotten away with it easily. It's a thought I had last week when he sent that idiotic video to her daughter. All he had to do was act moderately decently (well, and get clean). And he'd have as much spending money as he wanted, a beautiful place to live... seriously, we don't see him wanting anything in particular, not other women or anything but the car. And he destroys that. I guess he's temperamentally unable to be satisfied.
  14. S01.E06: One Shoe

    What was going on with the coffee mug under the car? did she communicate with the lawyer? What was the point of that moving it into another envelope? why doesn’t John refrain from stupid malice? He goes to the trouble of writing a love letter yet sends a video (not even Snapchat!) of himself spitting tonronnie? And nasty texts? How does he think she won’t find out? even the post nup all he had to do was play it cool act like it’s a great idea then stall or delay it indefinitely. he steps on his own con.
  15. S01.E05: Lord High Executioner

    I'm the poster you're worried about LOL. My brother is married to a woman with NPD... though in fairness maybe she's changed her meds or something she's been more normal lately. So my mom is more of an enabler while I was the one who after she actually ran at me with fists was like she does not enter our home, we do not sit with her at functions. We sort of split the difference and invited them for thanksgiving if she could promise not to hit anyone-- mom is 87 and needs to see her son. well they not only came, she apologized and really has been almost normal since. I'm praying maybe shes not so bad as we thought... lots of warning signs and she did alienate his family and friends BUT she doesn't have a police record (we checked) or any of that horrific stuff, she's more garden variety, I think. I hope.