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  1. Tennis Thread

    Kinda like golf. There was Tiger, then he made terrible life decisions, and now it’s the field, with no one dominating for any length of time. It’s funny that I was wondering yesterday if Osaka was even in this tourney because I hadn’t heard her name at all and there she was today, winning.
  2. S02.E02: Nominations #1

    Really? Can’t even go two goddamned episodes without hearing about fucking Trump? Jesus. I would much rather watch 60 minutes of Ryan practicing his turns in the world’s smallest pool. “Diana.” “Dina.” “Diana?” “DINA.”
  3. MLB Thread

    The guys on the MLB Network seem convinced Jeter is also going to be unanimous and first I hope not because Mo is special and second, I really don’t think every writer will vote for Derek.
  4. MLB Thread

    Moose said he can’t choose a hat to go on his plaque but isn’t he going to have to?
  5. MLB Thread

    I love him. (I feel like I'm in Jerry Maguire...I love him, Laurel. I. Love him!) https://www.mlb.com/video/rivera-on-breaking-bats/c-2522236583 The best part was cutting to John Smoltz after they aired this and he was like “I wasn’t laughing.” Moose! We can share this with Baltimore, heh. Wow. I did not expect to tear up when Doc Halladay’s entry was announced. Good for Edgar. All the attention they were giving him I would have felt badly if he didn’t make it. Mo. Ahh Mo. He did it! 100%! Please let my company somehow get us tickets to the ceremony, heh.
  6. MLB Thread

    Do people really enjoy watching Chris Russo shriek like a banshee? They must, right, since he keeps getting put on teevee? Gotdamn he’s annoying.
  7. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I’ve seen Jersey Boys and still guessed Spring Awakenings. The Old Faithful DD was a kid’s level clue. There was one other clue that was in the $1000 range that I was shocked at, but now I can’t remember what it was.
  8. Tennis Thread

    Oh I agree. I was amused and Roger didn’t seem too put out by it. It was nice to not see him pull out “don’t you know who I am?”
  9. Tennis Thread

    No tag? No entry.
  10. S02.E01: Season Premiere

    Unfortunately he really is that dumb. Great swimmer and beyond magnificent to watch in the pool though.
  11. S02.E01: Season Premiere

    Shut up, Joey Lawrence. I’m not old because I remember you from “Gimme a Break.” I feel like Ryan is absolutely going to be the one who tries to find his way out. But we got a “shyeah” in the first segment so I’m happy. I already loved Jonathan Bennett and have affection for his BF from “The Amazing Race” so I’ll be rooting for him. His facial expressions are golden. I also like Rickey Williams although I’m still sad he left the Saints. He coulda been magic if he was able to stay in New Orleans. Mooch can fuck on outta here. Kandi saying “Tamar...is here...” made me laugh. So Tom is on all the time huh. It’s already exhausting. That is too many twists for one evening.
  12. MLB Thread

    Me too. I mean, his pitching was ... suspect ... but I feel badly about the things that were said about him.
  13. NFL Thread

    None come to mind..... I can only root for Aaron Donald to get his Justin Tuck on. Brady needs to meet turf, since he didn’t at all yesterday. The issue with the Rams is Suh. There are going to be a lot (a lot a lot a lot) of people who don’t want him anywhere near a ring. I can see it, even if against my better judgment I personally don’t hate the guy.
  14. MLB Thread

    My newspaper had a blurb today about the HOF and it said that this year will be Andy Pettitte’s last year on the ballot, but he hasn’t been on the ballot for 10 years and they are reporting he is at 6.5% (which, WTF, PED or not that is criminally low). If he’s over 5%, why would he fall off the ballot? Also it looks like Roy Oswalt will be below 5% and that surprises me. I thought for sure he would have more support.
  15. NFL Thread

    That’s smart. Don’t want to tempt fate by wearing anything reminiscent of St. Louis and their last SB matchup against the stupid Pats.