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  1. Flashbacks to Robert and Anna's first mission together, when they were undercover and pretending to be newlyweds (a few short days before, y'know, they actually became newlyweds). Skip to 1:39 and then 9:54 on this clip: Skip to 7:05 on this one:
  2. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    I hope that cat ran away and found a better, saner home.
  3. Secret Programs and Real Life Spies

    Yeah, I don't get it either. Seems like a bad idea! There's also the Maria Buttina story, which I anticipate is just going to get weirder and weirder. It's gotta suck for "U.S. Person 1" (or whatever they called him in the court papers) -- not only is he possibly in trouble, too, but he now knows this woman was not at all into him and was, in fact, complaining to her handler about having to live with him. Oh, and probably sleeping with other men to get information / connections out of them, too.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Just One More Thing

    John Cassavetes is so attractive, but I've only ever seen him play hideous villains - in Columbo and in Rosemary's Baby. I do love the Blythe Dinner and Myrna Loy are also in this one.
  5. What Nashville Could Have Done Better

    The whole first season arc of Deacon and Juliette - with them casually sleeping together, but him appreciating her songwriting and working with her on creating more meaningful music - was just great.
  6. Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

    I have a hard time imagining anyone but David Suchet (from the PBS version) in the role of Poirot. The ridiculous mustache in this version really didn't help. Also, I don't remember Poirot having a tragically dead love of his life (and a picture of said woman, that he talks to) in the books .... but perhaps I've just forgotten. The movie was gorgeous to look at in parts, and Michelle Pfeiffer was great. But other than that, I was kind of bored. None of the characters really got a chance to be interesting -- maybe because there were too many of them, and this story is naturally just depressing and therefore leaves little room for the dose of high-class banter and fun you otherwise get to lighten the mood in one of these murder mysteries. At least Johnny Depp didn't ham it up too much, as he is wont to do these days.
  7. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Is this the appropriate forum to discuss the show's ratings? Well, anyhoo, fun fact: I've apparently been chosen to be one of the ratings households. Finally, my refusal to watch this show ever again because it devolved into a shitpile and they deliberately ruined the Anna character will have real world consequences. Mwahahaha! I am heady with power now, LOL.
  8. Damn straight! By ‘99 or so, Carly had gone from stubbornly following through on her crazy schemes (even though part of her realized it made her a bad person and part of her maybe believed that after just one more scheme she would start being nice), to being utterly smug about her own behavior. She developed this attitude of “so what if Jason has to keep cleaning up my messes, aren’t I just so street smart and awesome for just going for what I want? Unlike Robin, who’s just so stuck up and passive aggressive for being mad that I blatantly use and flirt with her boyfriend! And how dare AJ be mad at what I did to him - ugh, whatever!” I also found Robin slightly unbearable when she and Carly would have their smirking, petty fights over Jason (as though he were a child) but Carly didn’t even have the benefit of being factually right about the situation!
  9. I also didn’t care for Alexis back when I still kept up with the show, though I did like her briefly at times. I still don’t think she and Sam worked that great as family, and Sam never should’ve found out who her real father is. I have nothing against Constance Towers but I have always hated Helena and her version of Helena especially. Look, it’s not fair to ask anyone to reprise a Liz Taylor-played character, but still. Having this blonde country-club looking actress playing some weirdly all powerful and unkillable Greek matriarch has always been ridiculous. CT could’ve been great in a different, conniving role, maybe giving Tracy trouble in some capacity on the ELQ board or something.
  10. The backstory on Mac is that Robert hated him for decades (and pretended he had no brother at all) because Mac was piloting the plane which crashed, killing the Scorpio brothers’ parents in the 70s and injuring Robert. Robert thought Mac just abandoned him in the wreckage but eventually Mac explained he’d gone for help and got waylaid somehow. Robert wandered off and eventually joined the WSB while Mac had a number of odd jobs that were sometimes not strictly legal. Anyhoo. Mac came to town working on a boat owned by the shady characters who made up the stupid cartel in the stupid cartel story, which also involved Faison and Bill Eckert and basically sucked except that kid SlovakPrincess finally got her wish of Robert and Anna getting back together. Mac gets arrested at some point in that story on suspicion of trying to blow up Robert but it wasn’t actually him (of course) and eventually the brothers became friends. I like Mac but the surprise! brother stuff was kind of silly ... although given Robert spent years in denial about Anna’s existence and even lied to Holly about his first marriage, I guess it wasn’t completely out of character for him to pretend people who hurt him didn’t exist. For, like, years.
  11. Oh Tony was definitely to blame for the cheating, as the married party. The fact that Bobbie had cheated first - and the fact that Carly was obviously using him - made it easier for the audience to feel for Tony. The audience knew he was acting out in some ways after years of being just generally beaten down by life. On a more meta level, yeah the writing was sexist to the extent that the story used the stereotype of a highly manipulative woman “tempting” a damaged but previously respectable man into straying. The writing was loaded to make Carly very devious and Tony very unsuspecting.
  12. In limited defense of Tony, by 1996 his first wife Tania had been killed in a hit and run accident, daughter BJ had been killed in an entirely different accident, and he’d found out about Bobbie cheating the same day that BJ died. So ... basically his life sucked by this point and his marriage with Bobbie already included loads of resentment and passive aggression. Carly worked well as a character at first, but by the time of the Baby Michael reveal that made Jason turn on Robin, I was just plain exhausted with her.
  13. High school. I think because Robin was super smart she was in advanced classes with Jason or something, or at least knew him and AJ somewhat well because Anna and Monica were friendly and the Qs and Scorpios knew each other. So she was hanging out with the older kids already and she and Brenda became best friends pretty quickly when Brenda came to PC as the new girl. AJ should have been starting college at this point, but of course he knew everyone through Jason. oh man, those baggy early 90s jeans — lol. fun fact: Robin was originally one or two years older than AJ (AJ gets born in 1979, when baby Robin would be living offscreen in NYC). Jason is born in ‘82. AJ and Jason were SORASed to make the early 90s teen scene.
  14. One of the best things for me about watching the Prometheus story online years ago is that there were some genuine shocking twists for me. I vaguely knew Holly would end up with Robert not Luke in that sort of triangle but there were some serious surprises since I’d never heard much about it. The thing about Holly was she actually did like nice lunches and shopping—but it wasn’t enough for her and she always wanted Robert to include her more. He always knew she was smart and capable but probably some combination of them marrying when she was at her most vulnerable (pregnant with a believed-dead Luke’s baby and about to be deported), the fact that she gets kidnapped and almost killed during Prometheus, and his past experience with Anna made him not always treat Holly like a true partner. Also, it just plain wasn’t appropriate for her to be doing police work sometimes. They definitely should’ve given her her own career!
  15. Aw, sad news about the actress who played Connie. A short-lived, but pretty good character in one of the most under-rated stories in the show's history (Prometheus Disk). Here are the first Robert / Anna scenes, back in 1985 ... interestingly, she actually tries to warn him (twice, in these scenes and then in a later scene) that Sean is tricking him. But Robert is pretty cruel to her and she then devolves into psychotic jealousy after seeing Robert and Holly together, so, oh well! LOL. Robert could have saved himself a LOT of agony in 1985 if he'd let Anna warn him about Sean and, later, told Holly the truth instead of just standing there screaming internally while Anna MOVED INTO HIS HOUSE and befriended Holly (pretending to be an old friend of Holly's annoying nanny) and proceeded to mess with their lives. But at this point, Robert and Holly desperately needed a shake-up since they'd been in a holding pattern throughout most of 1984, so Soap Opera Writing 101 dictated that he handle this in the worst way possible. And Anna has a great creepy film noir vibe when she first hits town. Which maybe is part of what throws Robert off his game a bit -- at times she seems sincere, and at others she's clearly just fucking with him. And he has no idea how to deal with it, so he just sort of shuts down which, of course, doesn't help poor nice '80s version Holly.