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  1. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    The idea of Miguel / Toby / Beth having a text chain to talk about how screwed up the Pearsons are? HA HA HA!! Love it. This whole Alan plot line was so utterly pointless. We know she ends up with Jack ... why are we doing this? At least Mandy and Milo looked super pretty in this flashback. And I did like Jack standing up to his shitty father to get his mother out of that house. Yikes, poor Beth! She was so blindsided by that lay off. And she went into that day so gorgeous and confident, too. :( I liked the reminder of the special bond Beth and William formed - that was a nice little flashback. Teen Anesthesia-Hallucination Kate is kinda evil, lol. "Stay here with us ... forever..." I really liked all the Kate scenes this episode. Not gonna lie, I got a little verklempt when she whispered to her ghost Dad, with her voice breaking, "I have to go!"
  2. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    I loved the all-too-brief scene of Kate and Toby getting flirty in the Lyft. This show needs more fun! And we get way too little of it. I did burst out laughing when Toby blurted out "I'm a heroin addict!" OMG, the precious little face on Baby Sky in the William / ChiChi flashback! It wasn't the time or place, but it's a little too bad that Toby stopped the Rebecca / Kate argument. Honestly, these two need to just have it out already. Rebecca was just about to voice her frustration over (a) probably feeling guilty that she didn't do more to help guide Kate before her weight got completely out of control, but (b) now feeling like she's never allowed to say anything, even when she's genuinely worried for Kate's health. Which is not to say Kate isn't justified in feeling totally hurt whenever her weight is focused on. Or that Toby wasn't partly right that ultimately Toby and Kate have to make this decision. But still -- Rebecca and Kate need to finally say how they feel to each other. But I did like the Rebecca / Kate scenes in the bathroom. The flashbacks -- poor Rebecca. And everyone! And of course we see Randall push his own feelings and desires down to try and be there for everyone else. It's a shame there seemed to be no other adults (friends, siblings, her parents) around Rebecca to be her support system, so she could have some help supporting her kids in their grieving. :(
  3. I frickin' loved the Joe Kelly character when I watched the 1980 and 81 episodes! Heather was so much better as as a villain when she was psycho in a more manipulative and devious way. Not as a campy figure. Heather's relationship with her mother was super toxic, but in a compellingly dysfunctional way.
  4. S01.E04: Friday Night Dinner

    Ok, I actually really liked this episode. I am feeling more sympathetic to Delilah about the affair now. Obviously, still very wrong, but dealing with her dad's dementia (seemingly alone, it doesn't seem like there are siblings in the picture to help) while Jon got more and more stressed out at work and distant? I can see why she acted out in an unhealthy and wrong way. Katherine has the patience of a saint. Though honestly she's got to have some built up resentment over having to the be responsible one - while probably sensing that Eddie resented her for it. I wonder if the reason she's still pissed, but her anger has cooled fairly quickly, is because she was already getting sick of Eddie even before she learned about the affair. I certainly hope they come up with more story for Rome and Regina! Everything about their story so far was wrapped up a little too neatly. I gasped when Maggie threw the treatment plan in the trash. No, please try Maggie! :( Although I can imagine how horribly demoralizing that would be, to have your cancer come back, and even more aggressive. Like running a marathon and finding out the next day you have to run another one -- with more hills. I can see why the poor woman's in such denial about this. Gary taking his shirt off to show Maggie his scarred chest (and to show he could change) melted my cold dead heart. Aw!
  5. S01.E03: Turbulence

    Ben was annoying this episode. He's constantly telling Michaela they should not draw attention to themselves .... then he insists on tagging along into the crime scene, where he has no reason to be. I mean, the government agents would have been suspicious anyway when they found Michaela there, but she could sort of come up with some cop reason for being there. Ben was obviously just in the house because he was on the same flight with Kelly.
  6. S01.E03: Save the Date

    Yeah, I assumed it was a weekend, with everyone having the day off (Gary and Maggie seem to have jobs with regular office hours, but weren't at work, and Ashley was wearing jeans, so I got the impression she just came to the office to help Delilah and friends go through Jon's stuff). And that Katherine had work that needed to get done so she was working at home most of the day instead of enjoying her weekend (as a lawyer, I have been there many times - it sucks). This does, of course, make the absence of all of the children all day more puzzling. Theo was at those swimming lessons a damn long time ... Another weird thing -- do Delilah and Jon not have any living parents or siblings? Where is the extended family to support Delilah and the kids right now?
  7. S01.E03: Save the Date

    Yeah, I'm not sure exactly where they are going with Jon's voicemail to Eddie. Maybe he meant it sort of generally, for the whole group to come together and take care of each other? But then why deliver that message only to Eddie? I dunno. I think Jon may have liked both Eddie and Katherine, but maybe felt at a certain point that if Eddie was really that unhappy in the marriage, a divorce would be the best option for everyone - including (and maybe especially) Katherine. Hence they "I will pay you to leave her" comment. Or maybe he meant "don't stay in an unhappy marriage because she supports you -- I can lend you money."
  8. S01.E03: Save the Date

    I'm sorry, but this episode was mostly depressing and kinda tedious after a while. I did like the Katherine scenes. And even though Eddie is aggravating, I did feel badly for him by the end of a full day of his friends hating him for what he'd done and him feeling like he's to blame for Jon's death .... so I liked Rome comforting Eddie on the way back home in the limo, about how "it wasn't just one thing" that may have pushed Jon over the edge. Did Katherine slap Eddie at the end because she thought his silence meant he does love Delilah? Or because he actually looked kind of ambivalent about Delilah, and Katherine was thinking "you ruined our marriage and you're not even sure you love her??!!" Gary was kind of a dick to Maggie for no reason. The woman has spent days hanging out with Gary's sad, mourning friends. She's guarded, not shallow. Geez, Gary. If they do all the big reveal / confrontation scenes this early in the season ... what are they going to do for the rest of the season? Pace yourself, show!
  9. S01.E02: Band of Dads

    Oh come on. No fucking way building security would let Rome in that late at night, especially not to the office with the police tape all over the death balcony. For some reason, these are the little things that drive me nuts. The kids are sweet, and it's heartbreaking that they are going through this awful mess ... with possibly more turmoil to come if they ever find out about their mom and Eddie.
  10. S01.E01: Pilot

    Holy fuck. Maybe I'm just dense, but I did not see the Delilah / Eddie affair coming. I do not buy that anyone of these folks would be up for a hockey game or heartwarming tears-and-laughter talks the night of the funeral. For the guy who very unexpectedly and very traumatically just died. They would still be shellshocked. Like, I can see that they want to move things along and also not beat us over the head with the serious theme ... but this was a bit much. Like, why was Delilah not spending time with her kids the night of the funeral?! Wouldn't she be afraid to leave their side just to go show her friend the new restaurant space?! Perhaps the poor kids were so sad and exhausted they went to bed early, but I think that was just unrealistic writing. Maggie ... seriously spent the entire day and night at the funeral for a complete stranger? Nobody is that nice of a date! Slightly disappointed that they didn't take longer for Rome to reveal his near-suicide to his friends. I feel they could have played that out a bit longer as a secret. Although, I guess he still has to struggle over whether / what to tell his wife. Like, the poor guy is already depressed, now he has another reason to feel sad on top of that -- but now he feels extra nervous about telling her because he now knows how terribly Jon's suicide has made everyone feel. As a New Englander, I'm going to lose my mind a little every time they go to a hockey game, aren't I? Nowhere in The Garden looks anything like the, lol. But overall, I really liked it. I like Grace Park, so I really hope they do more with her character!
  11. S01.E02: Reentry

    Just as I was starting to think "damn, this show is kind of sappy ..." - they immediately followed the musical montage with the woman getting shot to death by the creepy shadow man in her own home. Welp! Never mind! I'm not totally sold on Ben or Michaela, as I find them both kind of distant in a lot of scenes. But Michaela lying to Lourdes at the end, to make her feel better about moving on with Michaela's fiancee, was interesting and gave her character some much needed depth. I would like a lot more background on that car accident she was in before she took her fateful trip. Which I'm sure is coming, but I am impatient ... I had to roll my eyes at Ben just happening on the real jewel thief in the storage place. I guess the point of the show is there are no coincidences, but that was still contrived as hell. He just happened to be in the same storage place Olive stashed all her brother's and father's stuff in?
  12. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    I would like to see Kate go to counseling and finally, gently, be told that she has to get out of the mindset of a sad overweight teen whose dad just died and thus gave up on herself in her grief. Because I think she’s been stuck there forever, and it’s stopping her from seeing the things that have gone right in her life, and possibly making it harder to tackle her health issues.
  13. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Until halfway through the first season, Kevin and Randall had kind of a distant relationship, so I can see Beth having gotten used to a certain way of interacting with Kevin and not being that warm with him. He was a fun and nice uncle to their kids, but for most of Beth's time knowing him, he wasn't terribly close to Randall. I'm actually ok with them not doing much more with the car windshield. I hated that they did that -- like, Deja being (understandably) upset and lashing out wasn't enough, they had to have some big dramatic scene of her destroying Randall's car for no reason. I would've been happy if they never brought it up again. Because it was dumb. I hope it's not Annie! :(
  14. I thought Greg Vaughan Lucky had real potential, once I got used to Lucky not being Jonathan Jackson (I skipped the other Lucky actor and mostly have no idea what happened in the early 2000s, since I didn't watch then). Too bad the show squandered it. I really though in 2006 or so that, with Robin returning and getting a new love interest in Patrick, and a pretty promising set of younger characters - including NewLucky - the show might get more light and fun and balanced again. Like, I thought Lucky might become kind of what Frisco was like in the 80s. But .... nope. My hopes for that died out pretty quickly.
  15. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    For someone who is not into football (me), the Franco Harris and his family scenes were kinda confusing. So thanks Ms Blue Jay and others for giving me some background! Given that we know Jack and Rebecca end up together, it's a little silly to have that "oh no, a guy with better flowers got to her door before Jack!" scene at the end of the episode. Whatever is going on with the depressing "flash forward" with adult Tess ... I am super not into it. I loved the Deja storyline in this episode. Loved that Randall finally admitted his attempts to relate to Deja have been kind of lame, but explaining that he just wants so badly for them to work out as a family. Loved that he got through to Deja, and that she remembered him calling her exceptional when she confronted her father later in the episode. Actually the whole scene with her father was well done. Oh, Toby. This whole storyline is going to be upsetting, I can tell already. That was an interesting twist where Beth revealed to Kevin that she wasn't trying to protect Zoe from him, she's worried he'll be the one who gets crushed.