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  1. Dumplin' (2018)

    I really loved this movie. It was nice that there wasn’t a villain and the movie focused on the girls friendship. Dolly Patron is still amazing.
  2. So Rex helped move Mimi and their baby to Chicago just to leave them?
  3. Holly is adorable. Eric got a nice haircut and it was nice to see that beautiful smile. Maggie uses an elliptical? Sarahs hair looks cute curly. She is a lot more enjoyable when she isn’t screaming. Please don’t let Brady be jealous. Glad he finally went to see Tate.
  4. Unpopular Opinions

    Sonny seems to be the one with the little girl the most right now.
  5. Claire and Tripp had a cute sweet scene then the black cloud Ciara came in. Claire is really good at playing sweet innocent then a bad girl with really insane plans to get what she wants. Chad hired Ben once. If Chad let Ben live in the same house as Thomas Abby should take Thomas far away.
  6. "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    I think everyone and their brother has said Ted Cruz isn’t likable.
  7. Spoilers And Shockers

    I always liked Jordan. She tried so hard to help Ben with his anger. She had such a difficult time with Clyde. Anyone with eyes could figure out what happened. Ben did not care about his sisters feelings and decided to have a relationship with Clyde. Another reason I don’t really care for Ben.
  8. Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    Has Jack always been so robotic?
  9. "The View": Week of 1/7/19

    Why did Megan want to go to break so badly? Trying to catch up on laundry while watching what exactly was Megan’s dig at Steve Schmidt? i love Terry Crews He was so wonderful on everybody hates Chris
  10. Ciara/Abby’s scene was very good JMHO. Abby asked Ciara why she would put herself in danger. It was an interesting take. I am afraid for Ciara too and Hope is losing it (it’s like she is in a lifetime movie).
  11. Eves motivation makes zero sense. She just gives Zander all that insider trading info ? Surely she could have used that differently and help herself somehow. I agree that Eves anger should be more focused on Ben and Brady. Ben JMHO which I stated before the show doesn’t want to put a face on his victims. It’s also why I think Abigail/Ciara or Abigail/Ben haven’t really shared any scene together. Brady what does he have that Eve could hurt? I don’t think he has a job. He already does not have a great realatinship with his family. He can go visit his son anytime. Kayla scene with Jack was extremely difficult to watch.
  12. That was some really creepy scary music during the First Ben and Ciara scene. I was a little afraid for Ciara when she told Ben about her crush on Chad. Maybe some things are better kept unsaid. Stefan’s house security sucks.
  13. Spoilers And Shockers

    As long as JJ does not sleep with the momma.
  14. Did Kayla offer Haley any help or suggest a therapist?
  15. Did Kayla offer Haley any help or suggest a therapist?