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  1. JMHO people from all walks of life can have problems. It can be interesting stories in how they deal with them.
  2. Spoilers And Shockers

    The show has been interrupted so much lately I think I missed how did the fire in the cabin start?
  3. Spoilers And Shockers

    Or that Gabi should be with Ari and is a terrible person but Ben had a bad childhood and it’s Abbys fault he killed people. I don’t really love Abby either but it’s not her fault Ben killed people. My least favorite part of Ben/Ciara so we are supposed to think Hope is the bad guy.
  4. Romantic Comedies

    The last holiday with Queen Latifah. She thought she was dying so she took a trip of a lifetime. For the first time she wasn’t afraid to try new things. She had led a quiet lonely life before. She had her book of possibilities but never did anything to make them happen. LLCool J was very handsome in this movie. I did think she might get together with the chef at first. There are some cheesy parts but the over all theme of the movie makes everything work.
  5. When we were kids mom didn’t like the violence in cartoons so she let us watch old TV shows instead. I use to love The Patty Duke show and really believed Cathy and Patty we’re twins.
  6. "The View": Week Of 11/5/2018

    Wonder who told Joy she was being mean? It was obviously a joke about who would get divorced first. My pick is the Trumps. I have not really minded Abby until today. She was being a little too judgmental JMHO. She doesn’t talk about people’s marrriage, she can’t judge that. It just seemed like she was putting down joys toics.
  7. Marlena let’s not have any more weddings. I thought she was going to say instead let’s have a wonderful marriage. Nope. A wonderful engagement party. Do they get gifts at all these weddings?
  8. "The View": Week Of 11/5/2018

    Everyone wants to talk about the reporter what about how unprofessional the President acted? Megan you want to know what would happen if Obama did it? Fox News would be talking about it for years. No one would make the reporter the story. Joy was right Acosta wasn’t making himself the story Megan and Abby were. I am so happy Sunny is on the panel. Good for Whopie for finally telling Megan to stop. Megan you did not sound scarastic in tone. You also need to stop repeating yourself.
  9. Romantic Comedies

    I have probably watched while you were sleeping a million times. Sandra Bullock is so pretty and it’s sad how alone she is. She really falls in love with the whole family. There’s some thing charming about that.
  10. Chad seems like the crazy one lately. Why would he call Ben ? Has he forgotten Ben and Abigails history? I want Chad committed.
  11. Yes I almost thought it was going to be Alex and that’s why she would not take the job. Although it was supposed to be humorous the bumper car scene was uncomfortable. He is going to be a nurse ? And thinks hitting her from the other side is a good idea? I loved Luke this episode. Reminds me of my first psychology class and my dad told me stop reading so much. LOL. Wonder if Luke is going to be a therapist. This was the first story the Cam and Mitch have not annoyed me. Mitch was very sweet with his pet chicken. The scene with Phil and Alex was my favorite. We all need some one to believe in us.
  12. Does anyone have a recap ? Today show was totally interrupted for the same crap that we already knew last night. My grams watches young and restless and gets so upset with this stuff but her show plays again at 7pm.
  13. S01.E03: There Won't Be Blood

    I feel like I am watching Sara play herself and not Darlene.
  14. S01.E03: There Won't Be Blood

    For some reason I kept thinking Jackie boyfriend personality was going to be joke. When he kept going on about trivia facts no one cares about. Original Roseanne Halloween episodes use to have pranks. I was way off on that one LOL.
  15. S01.E03: There Won't Be Blood

    Schools where I live have not had Halloween parties at school for many years. I still feel bad for Becky her life is a mess and her drinking isn’t that fun JMHO. Does anyone think Darlene is a totally different character then the original Roseanne?