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  1. Tate playing with Brady’s hair was so cute. I don’t think that was part of the script LOL. Go get them Jennifer! She is a better detective than Hope.
  2. I hope so although she may not like what she finds out and it will must likely cause problems with her relationship with Eric
  3. Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    To the people who were watching back in the day. Do Ciara and Ben remind you of Bo and Hope?
  4. Brady had no problem threatening to take Holly away from her mom. This custody case has made me really dislike Eve. JMHO I find jenn and Eric sweet. Which means there is heartbreak in their future. Not sure if anyone knows but I love Eric LOL.
  5. Claire really needs some guidance. She needs to go have a talk with her grandma Marlena. I would be terrified if my daughter was with Ben and would do everything I could to find her. Hope is very lucky to have so many resources. The murders Ben committed where so violent Paige, Serena, the midwife (Mary?) and at the time Will. We saw them all so it’s not easy to forget. Others have mentioned Eve. Ben killed her daughter then was so cold to her when she went to see if Paige was possibly alive saying she was worm food. Eve should be in this story. She really liked Ciara. She could be helping Hope find her and fighting the decision to let Ben free. The custody case is interesting as everyone’s dirty laundry seems to coming out
  6. There must be other people to testify for Teresa. Brady was drinking not that long ago. JJ has really been impressing me lately. His talk with Lani was loving, supportive and mature. That must have been a huge glass of juice Ari spilled 😂
  7. Was there definitely no drugs involved and only booze? The only real experience I have with weed is when my coworkers are high they are happy but very lazy LOL.
  8. Got Questions?: We've Got Answers!

    Has Kate ever paid for any of her crimes?
  9. Don’t Abigail and Chad live together? Why didn’t she just take his toothbrush? stefan just leaves his door unlocked? That doesn’t seem like a good idea in Salem. Gabby is so pretty. Then her hurt and anger take over and you can see the ugly in her face. Wow. Johns face when will and Paul said I love you was everything. John is really good in the dad role.
  10. I have never liked Bethany. JMHO I don’t like people who say hurtful things as jokes. I find her sense of humor so mean spirited at times. Maybe it’s because even as a kid my parents taught us it was not ok to say something funny that was hurtful then saying “just kidding “. And I am not jealous of her at all. She does have nice clothes Sonya has been looking so good this season. She was especially pretty in her nightgown and her crest slippers. Wish Dorinda would let that one go.
  11. Eve was awful today. She showed zero compassion. Does she not believe Teresa was a prisoner ? Her saying Teresa was playing house was so cringe worthy. I do think Eve would poison Tate’s opinion of his mom.
  12. Spoilers And Shockers

    Poor Gabby
  13. The main difference in Abigail and Ben issues is Abigail has people who care and love her. Ben is alone. I admit I find Ben scarier than Abigail.