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  1. Take My Finals, Please is a classic. Right up there with the “Twilight Zone”-style episode. ...Tootie.
  2. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    Raise your splinted hand if you think Craig having “one more night” would make a difference...
  3. I loved that! I may start using it... Episode title... Don’t threaten me with a good time, Show!
  4. People who say things like “Well if SANDY likes it, that’s all that matters” drive me nuts. They kiss butt to the higher-ups and act in an insubordinate way towards their actual managers. It drive me nuts, but it seems to work.
  5. I like Colin. I hope he doesn’t reveal himself to be a douche.
  6. Agreed re: Kate handling these things better. They just reran the Original Flavor BD finale with Rocky, and Kate just wasn’t as ruffled as Hannah. Re: the deckhands, I’m not surprised they’re treated a bit more strictly. Messing up a dinner service is much less dangerous than messing up docking the ship or whatnot. Don’t get me wrong, I think she did more than just polish her resume, and I think that is wrong. But I’d much rather have a lame stew on a ship than a deckhand that didn’t know how to deal with the boat. Speaking of deckhands: I think that chocolate milk segment was the smiliest and most engaged we’ve seen Jamie. And I loved the way that Colin called out JWOWW on the bus. Doing the hard-press on Kasey, talking about marriage (hahahhahahaha), and he pops over to congratulate JWOWW on hitting on a bunch of girls that night. It was a great way to embarrass JWOWW and get him to chill, while maybe trying to enlighten Kasey to his douchey ways. At least that’s what I hope it was. PS thanks to whoever started calling João JWOWW. JWOWW is one of the lamest reality nicknames this side of Mike Boogie (IMO) and I’m glad to apply it to that dude.
  7. I also thought she was there to give Andy a contemporary. It was a meh choice, I agree.
  8. My guess is that JWOWW supports her also because Hannah is annoyed by her—and Hannah is snogging his rival.
  9. I see ads for stuff we discuss here as ads in the forum all the time (sometimes to humorous effect). A big one is ads for luxury yacht cruises on the Below Deck forum. And an ad for Alcatraz when discussing TRav on the Southern Charm forum. :)
  10. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    I have friends/acquaintances who homebrew, and I do like learning about it. But still, I hear ya ;)
  11. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    That hasn’t stopped them from showing us other uninteresting parts of Austen’s life...
  12. “Where from in Cali?” ”Frisco” ”Frisco is hella cool!” :) (For some reason, “hella”doesn’t bother me as much as it used to—I remember telling people in college that I was from the Bay Area and they’d say “oh, ‘hella’ is YOUR fault!” Me personally? Hahaha) Well if it *were* literal, I’d hope it’s a paperback. Those casebound books have very sharp corners...
  13. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    And it’s so silly that we don’t see Austen actually trying to homebrew, or something. What else does he have to do? Sure he could work with the brewer but also be experimenting on his own. Beer Name: Average DudeBrew GuyPA
  14. SURly Staff In The Media

    She looks lovely with that minimal makeup! But, I’m not holding my breath about the longevity of the relationship.