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  1. Sha could partner with Craig!
  2. She sure did—shortly afterwards, The Keek became ultimate overachiever Lisa Simpson! ;)
  3. I was going to post the same thing. It has TOTALLY been stuck in my head.
  4. Nah, she’s already made a fool of herself exposed her “real life” on reality tv. I’m sure she’d amp up the drama here, too. I have no desire to see her sob over her philandering husband, nor do I wish to see family fun fakery with them. With you here. Tori would not make this show any more fun. Would like to see Joyce again. I also saw a rumor about a Brandi return. NO.
  5. He hates listening to loud older ladies? I hate listening to whiny dudes who can’t handle what they signed up for.
  6. Like an Almodóvar movie? Kelly on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown!
  7. Aww, I really liked Kelly and Shannon’s conversation. It was real and respectful. More like that, please. Shopping in a cramped antique store? Maybe not so much... Yes, fun too! Definitely! I’ve had my share of dry cries these last few months. (Thanks, Bethenny)
  8. Mine is “Mortified Maximum Vicki”
  9. There’s some stuff called Instant FirmX bu Peter Thomas Roth that works like Plexaderm. If you have a Sephora nearby they might carry it. It’s $48. I saw it on some home shopping channel and it really worked.
  10. She did indeed! No idea who she meant, though. Ageless by Ramona just reminds me of Ageless Male... those natural “happy pills” they advertise.
  11. Carole wants a light friendship = she just can’t hang with deep people (like Bethenny) Bethenny and Sonja like to laugh together and act like “morons” = it’s all good fun! I had first, fourth, and ninth-hand embarrassment during that scene. Super ballsy of Carole to make that pronouncement. What a horrifying thing to say to a friend, especially while the cameras are rolling.
  12. LOL I meant Phaedra! Make America Bret Again
  13. I’m trying to think of any smallish kids that have been entertaining on RH shows. Teddi’s are OK. Porsha’s Phaedra’s were cute (too bad Porsha Phaedra herself was annoying, MMV). I think that’s it. The rest? Meh. And I don’t get why they hire non-housewives for core casts... it’s in the name of the show! (I don’t mind seeing unmarried people but it’s odd to me.) For this reason (among others) I hope they don’t bring Brandi back to BH!
  14. Lizzz? Her name is Lizzz? ETA and she’s friends with Sandy Yawn
  15. Sometimes on toast! Haha. But it’s really good on fish. I’ve even tried it on popcorn and it’s not bad.