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  1. A post by @SweetieDarling in this week’s episode thread about giving all newbies a second season got me thinking about the RH one-and-dones I would have liked to have seen return/didn’t mind as well as those I knew I wanted to jettison out the gate. For example: I loved Joyce on BH and definitely think she should have returned. I would have loved more Jules on RHONY but I realize it may not have been good for her mental health. Even OC Lizzie I could have dealt with. On ATL: I love Kim Fields (...Tootie.) but she was not a great fit on the show. I kinda wanted her off for her own sake. Here’s a controversial one: I think a second season of Peggy might have been entertaining.
  2. I’ll take this to small talk, but your post had me thinking about the one-and-dones I wanted off versus those I liked and/or wouldn’t have minded on a second season. I figured Kelly would get another season and was resigned to it, but some of the others... This season, I wouldn’t mind seeing Emily again even though I’m not that enthusiastic about her (and I kinda wish Shannon would befriend her), whereas Gina can’t get off my screen soon enough with her goopy conscious uncoupling and her... I don’t know what else.
  3. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Never mind
  4. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Geez. That was obnoxious. Tear the label off the hot sauce label... don’t want them getting any inadvertent FREE advertising! The funny thing is, the other day I saw a big box of that Core water in the cafe where I work. Part of me wants to try it and part of me wants NOT to try it just out of spite.
  5. I wouldn’t be all that crazy about it either! My dry itchy skin in dark water, no bueno. Tamra had a touch of both Regina George and her mom this episode. A mean girl but also trying so hard to get in with the “young” crew.
  6. This is already one of my favorite settings for a RH vacation! If I had to go with Tamra, you’d need to pay me... But otherwise the people seem so great!
  7. Are octopi in rivers? 🙄🙄🙄
  8. I don’t need Gina’s theories about why marriages work and why they don’t. Hey Vicki and Shannon, I wouldn’t believe that Tamra was just innocently having a giggle and funsies with her gal pals, either.
  9. That salt spa looks cool!
  10. Is Emily that much younger than anyone else that she can make cracks about the early bird special?
  11. Saw those butlers and thought... Hey I have a great idea! Vicki gets into a golf cart accident without Coto Car Insurance and is assigned to be Tamra’s butler!
  12. Conveniently, “Hoor Me” looks similar to “Poor Me”...
  13. I’ll start by saying I think that the color looks great on her. The downside of all this is that she *owns a clothing store* and, on top of dressing better just for the sake of looking better, she could be a great “model” for those of us built more like her... and in turn drive more people to her business. As it stands she’s not that great of an advertisement for her business, at least in that sense.
  14. SURly Staff In The Media

    No way! I read about this guy the other night and would never have thought to make the connection. (But calling him a “star” of VPR is a stretch—the other article I read didn’t mention VPR at all...)
  15. Sorry, still stuck on the presentation. I realize that being on reality TV =/= making business pitches or public speaking, but you’d think that after six seasons (plus this one) of being on TV, GG would be at least minimally aware that the people watching you will make judgments about you, and that mayyyyybe she should try to put her best foot forward. She’s all about never working a day in her life and now being THE BOSS, but not ACTUALLY putting any work in that real successful bosses do. Nema seems actually vaguely together and I think GG is gonna grow tiresome for him pretty soon.