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  1. S03.E08: Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak

    Meh. If they were in Riverdale, where the Lodges own the farce, they call law and order, I might agree. But they are WAY beyond city limits. I honestly think most of the parents are just as evil as Hiram, he's just better at it. Though I will say, when Hiram hovered over her, saying "maybe you'll be wearing pearls again." I got inappropriate vibes. Archie was a little too easy pickings for Honey Trap Laura Lake or whatever her name was. That is how it's always been in the comics, Archie and Reggie are more friends then enemies, until it comes to Veronica Lodge. Veronica's compass tends to point to Archie but she's felt a certain pull to Reggie and I could buy it, since the live version looks like CM. But for me, I can buy Reggie wanting her. He's always had a reaction where Veronica's concerned. Last year he was doing the equivalent of pulling her pigtails.
  2. S03.E08: Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak

    I LOVE the bad parents of Riverdale. That eye play between Hermione and Penelope before they dispersed the PTA building. For all of Hermione's wavering, at heart, she is a villainess. I don't doubt for a second, she would turn on Hiram, if she thought he would ultimately lose or if he were to move with lethal intent towards Veronica (though she wouldn't care about him hurting anyone else) but otherwise she like Hiram, will ultimately, stop at nothing to triumph. I didn't buy her crocodile tears. She's not enthusiastic but she'll do what needs to be done. I liked Veronica in this episode (if she has to be on the side of the angels) but on the schemer scale, this girl gets a 4-5. She can be sly and we've seen her pull some underhanded tricks BUT she is nowhere near her parents. From what we know, she spent her formative years with her parents and some severely hissable characters like Nick St. Claire. Yet she isn't great at conniving. How does that happen? She's smart, feisty and frequently fiery but.........shakes head. If Hiram and Hermione weren't her parents, this girl would come to a very sticky end. He's a monster but I love Hiram's scenes with Veronica. He simmers with malice and villainy but he still wants his daughter on HIS terms. Veronica as ruthless and morally bankrupt as he is. When he told her his plan and stalked towards her, towered over her commenting on her lack of pearls, I was honestly afraid for Veronica's safety until we saw her in the next scene. Is Jughead's Mom supposed to be a heroine? Are Archie and Jughead? They just watched Jughead's Mom do god knows what to a human being. Veronica reassess your crusade. Everyone's parents are monstrous. Your's are just good at being monstrous and getting rich at the same time. That preview. Did I see Reggie and Veronica? Gulp. I could ship it. He has muscle tone that is a match for Archie. He is also more street smart then both Veronica and Archie.
  3. Agreed on character focus and how everyone is a prop one way or the other. And when I said that Betty will have characters storming to her rescue, that wasn't a slight to the character. I think she should, she, unlike Veronica, has been in Riverdale her whole life. The characters like FP, Sierra, Tom Keller and the Teens, watched her grow up and grew up with her. And I honestly don't have a problem with Betty's screen time. 9 times out of 10, the episodes provide suitable B and C plots. I guess I'm a little sour that an aspect of Veronica's storyline, I find to be interesting and worthy of screen time, or at least being addressed, isn't. They don't get too much screen time this season but I actually like the dynamic that has developed between Betty and Veronica, for the most part. Veronica has seen and done more, but Betty is far more grounded and in some ways, mature. In terms of Betty, I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't addressed by other characters, but it's not hard to imagine Alice putting out a false story, if she doesn't tell inquiring minds, aka Veronica and Cheryl (both of whom she loathes) that it's none of their business and Betty will give them a call when she gets back. I'll get there as well. Flaws aside, the show entertains me FAR more then it frustrates me, which is all I ask. I guess I just think there's so much more potential.
  4. When Cheryl went missing, the only one that seemed to think anything was off, was Toni (and was later given info by Nana Rose), then Toni recruited Veronica and Josie. In Veronica's case, I think she has her own problems. She may be going to school but a 16 year old girl is living on her own, in a basement, under a diner. Which reaffirms my concern with Veronica turning her back on the Lodges. When word breaks about Betty, she's going to have Jughead, FP, Cheryl, Kevin and Archie storming SOQM to rescue Riverdale's golden child. If she doesn't outsmart everyone holding her first. If word leaks about Veronica sleeping underneath Pops, some will think it's a shame but that's going to be about it. This girl doesn't have a support system (even Cheryl has her Nana Rose) and I wish the writers would actually give some weight to that. But that would require them actually giving a damn about the Veronica character.
  5. S03.E07: Chapter Forty-Two: The Man In Black

    I always hear the opposite. When people are seeing each other off-camera, they usually have NO chemistry on-camera. Who can predict I guess. I liked the chemistry between Reggie and Veronica but I questioned whether he was too "simple" for Veronica. He'll never warrant a think tank but he did cotton to what Elio was up to and he's proactive, almost foolishly so, he was perfectly willing to go over there and throw Elio out on Veronica's say so. I don't even need a redemption story per se. She can just have a falling out and loathe a majority of other characters hence forth and forevermore. She can have her own quiet moments of pathos. The girl is sleeping in the basement of a diner. She has nobody in her life other then her parents, nobody she can turn too anyway. For all her high end knowledge, I think this episode proved to me that Veronica on her own is very vulnerable. If Hiram didn't give her distant protection, I think she would have found herself on the wrong side of Penny Peapody, the Ghoulies or an Elio like figure.
  6. S03.E07: Chapter Forty-Two: The Man In Black

    Archie Andrews is a cheater at heart. Veronica, he is not worth everything your giving up. The boy is your High School studhorse and that should be all. Leaving the Pembrook to sleep in Pop's basement? Tsk Tsk Tsk. Comic Book Veronica would NEVER. Hiram is a wonderful character (IMO) but I wonder what would happen to the Veronica character if Archie had murdered Hiram. I hope we don't find out anytime soon, but I question whether Veronica is going to take much joy out of Hiram's fall. While on the subject, I love Hiram Lodge, the man is monstrous but for some reason the character entertains me to no end. I NEED his super villain origin story. He lays waste to entire towns and is connected to every villainous character on the canvas. And for all that, I truly believe he loves his daughter. His scene with Veronica at Pops, after she moved out was awesome. For all his murderous intent towards Archie, I believe he wants the best for his daughter. LOL He's crazy but he does have layers. There just all dark layers. The scene in Pops was also the first time I feel like I was shown Veronica's conflict and the fact that she actually misses her family. She looked like she really wanted to reach out to her Father but she was still angry. Cracked up when Hiram said "Are you angry about something." For Hiram, his destruction of Archie is such a non-issue. Archie, Jughead, The Coopers, FP, Sierra, Tom, Break them, play with them, as far as Hiram's concerned, that's what their there for. He seems genuinely perplexed that Veronica is emotionally invested in the well being of anyone who isn't a Lodge. Having said that, she's clearly got quite a bit of Hiram in her. Not just with the portrait but her saying "How you win doesn't matter, as long as your the last woman standing." The delivery was very natural for Veronica. As good as she tries to be, I still maintain her destiny is more villainous then heroine. I was not going to let myself get attached and I still haven't but dare I say, there was chemistry between Reggie and Veronica. REALLY good chemistry. I also find it interesting, how he calls her "Ronnie." I don't think any other character other then Archie ever has. They make a good team. I think what i like about them is that Reggie appears to genuinely LIKE Veronica. Sometimes a lot of characters seem to tolerate her (not "tolerate" as in deep down dislike, more that they just don't get her) whereas this season Reggie seems to get Veronica, maybe 40% of the time but seems to care about her even when she makes him roll his eyes. I don't think Hiram is the Gargoyle King. I can't tell who is.
  7. We'll see but I honestly can't see Betty remaining neutral. In Season 2 she was very sure it was Veronica corrupting Archie and helping her father to manipulate him. I think Betty likes Veronica but Archie is practically family to her. Cheryl is VERY tight with Josie. They seem to always be friends as opposed to the "depending on the circumstances" rapport Cheryl and Veronica have. I think Kevin would/will side with Archie and Josie because Josie is his step-sister or pending step-sister. Again I hate Josie but this could be a good way to reset the dynamics of the show. And I can totally see Veronica reconciling with her parents. They ARE her parents and if circumstances play out the way I think they will, she'd see that her parents are the one's that she can count on (to an extent), but time will tell. And don't you think the show needs an antagonist now that Cheryl is, what ever she is. Someone that isn't plotting to destroy Riverdale or murder someone, but genuinely hates Archie, Betty and the others?
  8. I hate Josie but I have know problem with Veronica losing out to her if it's done the right way. I've hated the "friendship" they've tried to display because I think these two girls should hate each other, especially after Josie had those fliers distributed last season. Josie telling Cheryl to give Veronica a break and Veronica letting Josie sing in her basement/lounge has made me want to vomit. I'm also interested in seeing what happens to character interaction. Friends HAVE to choose sides, especially at that age and the fact is, Veronica's relationships are tenuous. If there is a non-amicable parting that results in Archie/Josie on unpleasant terms with Veronica, Jughead, Betty, Kevin and Cheryl (by extension Toni) will all be on the side of the former, leading to the emergence of my long desired, unapologetic, villainess Veronica Lodge (they've woobefied Cheryl so there is an openning). Once she realizes how alone she is, she doubtlessly repair the relationship with her parents, because while many have issues with them, I love the Lodges and feel they are at their best when they are scheming to rise higher.
  9. No surprise about the Tarly's. I had said last season, I think we've past the nuanced portion of the show. From here to the end, it's likely to be the simplicity of sword, slash, magic dragon, zombie. Dany, Jon and Arya are more or less by the number characters. Season 7 saw them become THE central story pieces and as a result, the whole saga has become watered down to a more streamlined and by the numbers story. The dynamic days, where Kings Landing was the show's main location (and the characters therein given priority) are sadly behind us.
  10. S03.E06: Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter

    I LOVED the scene with the parents (at least some of them) not even Betty's overdone Nancy Drew act was enough to ruin it. Nice staging, having Hiram and Hermione sitting well apart and across from all of the other parents. And loved Hermione was quick to throw Penelope Blossom under the bus. She is an opportunist at heart. LOL. And Penelope Blossom is cut from the same cloth, quickly throwing the hot potato on the Doylee family. LOL. I LOVE that Hiram replaced the Veronica portrait with one of himself. LOL. Though as much as she'll deny it, I notice Veronica had her portrait hanging in her Speakeasy. She is her father's daughter. lol. I don't think I've ever noticed before, but Veronica has a mannequin she uses to see what her outfits look like when worn?!?!?! I know the Lodges are bad to the bone but those kind of aesthetics and extra flourishes would be enough to keep me on Team Lodge no matter what they were scheming against the rest of Riverdale. I did giggle when she told Fred to get to Shadow Lake and to deliver her message to Archie and added "would you mind giving Mrs. McCoy a ring and telling her to come to the Sheriff's station. Fred gave a deep sigh that cracked me up. My jaw dropped when we found out that Sierra McCoy posted Veronica's bail. I thought Sierra loathed her. Though I have a fondness for her, I hope Hiram and Hermione take off the gloves where she's concerned. She is willing to send both Hiram AND Hermione to the slammer over her high school studhorse?!?!?!?! This girl was never taught the sad truth, men come and go honey. Though that end scene was the first time Archie convinced me he truly loved Veronica. We'll see how things go from here. He already seems friendly with the Farmgirl in the promo. Also, can we please have more friendship scenes between Kevin and Veronica. Kevin is one of the few people that's always been able to take Veronica in stride. I'm no Tom Keller fan but Betty going on about being complicit in a cover up is rich. I remember a nuisance that walked in on her mother scrubbing blood off the living room floor and proceeded to assist in the disposal of a car and other incriminating evidence. Ugh.
  11. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    I don't think it was hypocritical. I think she is irate at Hiram and Veronica's focus. Hiram is letting his hatred of a teenager, get him to take unnecessary risk. Veronica has fractured, a once very United group (one dedicated to her benefit as well) for the same teen. As far as Hermione is concerned, Archie's life is incidental. He's not worth the trouble he's causing. And she's irate that neither Hiram or Veronica can see that. I like what that scene told me about her. She was so utterly indifferent to Archie's fate and the effect it would have on his loved ones. It was the inconvenience to her, that caused her to lose her cool. I think that was the first time we've seen her visibly angry isn't it. She usually keeps such a cool veneer. I think if she feels slighted, she will find a way to give it back to Hiram (hence why she has occasionally helped Veronica scheme against him) but ultimately, she is team Lodge. She clawed her way out of nothing and she's never going back. I do wonder if we will start to see her resent Veronica. Veronica is causing a lot of disruption. Their financial well being is very much linked to Hiram and I don't think Hermione ever forgets that.
  12. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    I think one of my new favorite things about the show is when Veronica goes into her "Mistress of Disguise" mode. LMAO. Monica Posh er Monica Norton. I waffle sometimes BUT I am now more convinced then ever, Veronica Lodge is out of touch. It's fitting and sometimes, hysterical. But this girl is not the mastermind she thinks she is. Intelligent, sure. Shrewd, at times but her borderline Bond girl aliases or her disguises. How can she be the most worldly (well traveled, well versed in high society and I think I remember it being intimated that she use to play with cocaine) and the most sheltered at the same time? She and Elio had nice chemistry. I don't know if it's going anywhere but.....I have grown to like her and Archie, but I can't see Veronica without money. Also, how much did I love that Hermione wasn't so much horrified that Hiram was helping to coordinate an underground fight club to likely kill Archie Andrews, she was LIVID that he got caught and that it could blow back on her. She was just as pissed off at Veronica. She could give a tinkers tool about Archie's life or the toll it's all taken on Fred and Mary. She has her moments of softness but Hermione at heart, is about Hermione. And Veronica, though you can tell Hermione would like to ring her neck more often then not. Hiram hates as only a Lodge can. He's done irrevocable damage to Archie's life. By doing so he's crushed the hearts of Fred and Mary. And he loathes that the Warden didn't finish the job. I'm convinced he lashed out at Archie whenever Veronica defies him. He's not willing to hurt her but he'll hurt those she cares about. I still gasped when she stepped on Hiram's foot. I've been furious with my parents before but I could never do anything physically. Why was I shocked to see her do it? The Warden was one of the creepiest characters this show has ever introduced and that includes the Blossoms.
  13. S03.E04: The Midnight Club

    Please tell me you have an "in" with the writers. It explains so much about the Lodges, in their own way, they can be just as dark as the Blossom's. It's a big cast, so I understand, but I wish we had more time with young Hermione. Her telling FP he should talk to Alice, her checking on Alice in the stall, I wonder what Hermione would have been like had she not gotten involved with Hiram. Though it's worth noting, she seems aware of what Hiram is capable of but I've yet to detect regret about her life with him. Another character beat that stuck out to me, was that Hiram seems to have been just fine. Fred, FP, Alice and Penelope all had visible adverse effects from the G&G game, I'd say Hermione was affected as well, but Hiram rose high. Was he able to shrug off everything that happened? Was his blood always cold? Some of the Parents stories have so much potential.
  14. S03.E04: The Midnight Club

    I hope at some point, the writers ease up on their Cooper Woman obsession. On reflection, I know others might not agree but I feel like the Lodges are very much underserved. I think the episode did a good job of showing why Hermione was drawn to Hiram (she didn't want to end up like her Mother) but Hermione (the one we saw tonight) was NOT a head turner, she was mousy, sheltered and pretty guileless. Someone on another board asked and now I'm curious, what did Hiram see in Hermione? Though we did see she wanted to be free of the stringent structure her Mother had (a reviewer pointed out the irony that all she really did was trade one controlling force, her Mom, for another in Hiram). Still I can't imagine what about her was able to reel Hiram in.
  15. S03.E04: The Midnight Club

    I didn't hate the episode, but I wonder if I would have loved it more if they had casted different actors as the parents? Or maybe if the flashback had been from the viewpoint of someone else. FP and Alice were the most boring of the young set. Ah well. The Gargoyle Game was the least interesting aspect of this episode. I would have much rather spent more time with Hermione, Sierra and Penelope. Each was given the Kernel of a character beat that could have led to some truly entertaining and fascinating arcs. Alice's summation of the choices the characters made with their lives made me feel shortchanged because I was genuinely interested in the nuances of each. Well everyone except FP and Alice. I also felt really bad for Fred. Not just in regards to his Father but for just about everything that happened. For some reason, I didn't recall him wanting to be a musician. Did they ever mention that. I thought they painted a very good picture of who he was and how he became who he is today. "I've always wanted to be free of moral reasoning." LMAO. Oh really Hermione. Interesting that Hiram gave her a pearl necklace, eerily similar to the one he gave Veronica. Michael Consuelos looks JUST like his dad. I would have liked to have seen more of Hiram. For some reason I always thought he came from money, turns out he really clawed his way up from nothing by hook and crook. I can see how that would appeal to the Hermione we met tonight. All in all, not bad but I feel like I would have preferred a different vehicle for the inevitable blast from the past.