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  1. Bad Times at the El Royal (2018)

    She was planning to murder Miles because he was a witness. When she had him tied up in the lounge and her gremlin of a sister was swinging from the chandelier. And she was entertaining the idea of doing the same to Darlene and Father Flynn. For me she was a tier below Billy Lee and Rose. Well played (not familiar with the actress) but too ruthless for me to empathize with.
  2. Bad Times at the El Royal (2018)

    I honestly didn't feel bad for Emily. She killed the Federal Agent, planned to kill Miles because he was a witness and God knows what else she's done since killing a witness to her murder didn't make her quail. I consider Rose, very much a villain right along with Billy Lee. Quite a few people died because of her. I know she's been brainwashed but still. She's a lost cause. Emily knew about those other people Rose killed and was still trying to help her. Chris Hemsworth........There. Are. No. Words. Those ABS. His wife is one lucky Lady. You'd never get me off him. The actor has such a charm and warmth to him, it made the sinister motives of Billy Lee even more chilling. That scene where Father Flynn and Darlene were talking about his memory loss was amazing. And what followed made me jump out of my seat. The hidden passageways, the cult, the rain storm, it was one hell of a night. Awesome movie.
  3. Oh dear Veronica, working for a living does NOT agree with you. Ugh, absolutely hideous outfit when she is pouring coffee at Pops. Archie has very nice muscle tone but honey, no man is worth it. Hiram makes bad look so good. Hottest Dad in Riverdale, even if he is evil. Veronica and Reggie do look very pretty together. I don't care about Polly, Alice or the Evernevers. I am interested in a secret that would bind Hiram, Hermione, Penelope, Keller and Sierra.
  4. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Well I'd like more Kev but ugh, could we hold the Kim. This once would be stewardess has always worked my last nerve. And I honestly don't think Upton will eat the show, she certainly hasn't thus far. She joined at the end of Season 4 and other then her introduction, I can only think of 2 episodes where she played a central role. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to Upton interacting with other characters more, or mixing it up in terms of who partners who, but I imagine that's one of the few ways the show is realistic. And in terms of crossing lines. I don't feel Upton has. Not like a lot of the other characters. Would she fit in with the cheerleaders or the pink ladies? Nope, but for now, I still think she can be considered a good cop. And as a character, she still intrigues me. She's written as someone who purposely stays detached. I'd like to know why.
  5. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    It's strange about Atwater. He's hot (I love muscles) but in terms of Upton, that would not have worked. I think she's WAY to remote and frosty for him. Kevin connects with people (pretty easily). At this point, anyone Hailey hooked up with would be for sex only. I don't think Kev is the kind of guy you make your stud horse. Though I like him a lot and I'm glad he's getting a love interest. I also love that he operated as Ruzeks moral compass a lot. I think Adam considers Kev family more then anyone else. Now that he appears done with Kim, he seems marginally more interesting to me. He seems like an emotional guy and he in the emotional ring with Upton.......my thought was "Sonny you are in WAY over your head.". I just can't see Upton getting d&ckmitized. As to why they hook up characters, it's to get people talking. EVERYONE always weighs in on shipping. ALWAYS.
  6. S06.E03: Bad Boys

    I don't get all of the out cry. So what, Kim and Adam have been over forever. It was also by her choice I might add. There were a few times he wanted to give it another chance and Burgess was not interested. Though I've never liked her so maybe I'm biased. Upton strikes me as a girl that can stick to her plan. I don't see her catching severe feelings during this liason. I think Ruzek is "excercise" for her. Though funny how it's Upton that needs to "go". The more things change the more they stay the same. Cue fandom calling for her head. Maybe 80% of the viewers really are 16 year old girls.
  7. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    I call BS on the Hermione Lodge switcheroo. She has never given me the impression she was afraid of Hiram. She's always seemed like his right hand, more or less. I feel like this show caves to fandom wishes WAY to often. I saw many people posting about how they hope Hermione is the one to take Hiram down one day and I guess that is where we are going. Though he is a monster, I still say he is one of the hottest men on this show. Kevin was wrong about the Hot Dad's of Riverdale. There is only one. Fred, FP and Mr. Keller, I'm sorry but no. And Hiram would have broken Fred into 12 if those two guards hadn't held him back. Veronica's devotion to Archie, I still like her but I definitely roll my eyes. i'm not sure I believe anyone would turn their backs on their family, a rather small one (since we are given the impression it has always been Hiram, Hermione and Veronica), for a small-town boy. No matter how hot his muscle tone. Hiram doesn't love anyone else but he does/did love her. I get the impression Veronica's feelings for Archie are much stronger then the feelings he has for her. That's something she may learn, to her sorrow one day. Men and love, come and go dear. For all her Manhattan knowledge, socialite taste and overly loquacious vocabulary, she's still a clueless little girl. I'm not wild about the whole Supernatural aspect of this latest storyline. The Good news is, it seems that will be concentrated on Betty, which I'm fine with since I don't like her and tend to do something else when she's on. Credit where it's due, the acting was solid all around.
  8. I'm still not sure. My instinct was Sansa dies, which may be the case but, the idea of it being a gift from Robyn Arryn makes sense as well. Especially if the theory is true, that a Robyn/Sansa pairing is wooed. IF Sansa dies, I can't see any character using resources and time, to build a statue to her. There is still WAY to much going on, since the fight with the dead is supposed to carry through much of the season. If she dies in the fall of Winterfell, I don't see a statue being in the crypt because Winterfell is destroyed. Dany/Jon won't get control of Kings Landing until the last two episodes, if my understanding of spoilers is correct. Are they going to get there and before a pending fight with the undead, have a statue to Sansa commissioned and set up somewhere in the Red Keep?!?!?! I just find it unlikely. In terms of this supposed media black out, could be. I do think sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Just in terms of the storyboard gift, SyFy said it was a storyboard of everyone's favorite scene of Sansa, but EW said it was a storyboard of D&D's favorite scene. As usual, all things Sansa cause a tizzy but are also ambiguous as all hell. I won't be surprised if Sansa dies but I won't be surprised if Sansa lives either. Same old, same old.
  9. Oh dear. A statue?!?!?!? Gulp. The statues are used for Northern Burial right? Lyanna, Ned and etc. Well, the Sansa character made it much further then anyone ever thought she would. I mean people have been screaming "Sansa isn't going to make it out of this season..." since the end of Season 4.
  10. I honestly feel Hermione's character has been well served. She played nice in season 1 because she was unsure about the fate of Hiram and whether she and her daughter were going to need to depend on the kindness and good graces of some of the Riverdale residents. When it came to Fred, around and around she coiled because he was the closest man with financial (though modest) resources. When it looked like it would go either way with Hiram in Season 1, she chose to continue to work on his behalf. Bribing the Serpents and steering Fred to work on building residential property to suit Hiram's long term plan. I think Hermione has always been a snake, she's just a lot more subtle about it. When Fred and Mary were talking to Archie about the company he keeps, she said "Your Father and I have known The Lodges a lot longer then you have." And there is a reason Alice and Penelope are always one guard when Hermione is involved. She is very good at what she does. I was about to type she's not as bad as Penelope but, I honestly think she can rival her, she just has a better presentation. Even after Fred and Mary had been compassionate to her in Season 1, she had no problem leaving Archie to an unpleasant fate with Nick St. Claire. We later found out while Archie was getting beaten to a pulp, she went out with Hiram to dinner. Even in the finale, her going over to Fred's and saying he ran a good campaign. I don't think she has an inner goodness shining through. I think she wants to try and repair as many bridges as possible, to keep people out of her and Hiram's hair. I also think it may be insurance, in case Hiram falls, she want's to have her own rapport with some of the more prominent citizens. Did you see that deleted scene between Hermione, Alice and Penelope from Season 2? Hermione Lodge is a player and a dangerous one at that. I think she's been trying to teach the art of subtle manipulation to Veronica, with limited success. Veronica is too weak to go all in. That could change if she realizes how alone she really is. Shrewd as she can be, she is not always self-aware. She may not even realize her outsider status as she is the only teen on the canvas that wasn't RAISED in Riverdale. If she and Archie were to have an ugly break up, I don't doubt where Jughead or Betty's loyalty would go. And maybe that's what Veronica needs, to get her re-centered. Cartoon? On a show with the Blossoms? But not everyone's cup of tea, I get that. Maybe it's because I find MC to be so hot. I love to detest Hiram. He is a villain through and through. Though I do believe he loves his daughter, he's just not willing to lose for her. I honestly think Bughead will be fine. I'm not a fan but they have enough fans, that TPTB are going to be careful with them.
  11. He plays Rakish very well IMO. I find him to be as hot as Archie, but 80% of the time, lacking Archie's good intentions. That makes him interesting IMO. I never go by backstage pictures since people can be filming different scenes at the same time or group scenes, with certain shots or close-ups being filmed, that allows random cast members to wander. My hopes for this season are pretty off the reservation compared to other fans so I question how satisfying this season will be for me. I want to see a reunification of the Lodges. I liked Veronica's relationship with her parents and I questioned the authenticity of her throwing away a lifetime with the only two people that have always cared about her, because of how it effects a group of people that wouldn't lift a finger to save her, if she were in trouble. Though I like Archie/Veronica well enough, I feel like there are SO many storyline possibilities if they go Reggie/Veronica or (He was SO hot) Chuck/Veronica.
  12. I like Archie and Veronica well enough but I've always had a soft spot for the idea of Reggie and Veronica. I think the actors have chemistry and the dynamic between the characters leaves plenty of room for evolution. Veronica thinks Reggie is a brute and has very little use for him outside or rare civil moments. Reggie thinks Veronica is a princess and seems to enjoy picking on her. But aren't Charles and Camila dating? Either way, I'm hoping for a Reggie and Veronica hook-up and ongoing story at some point, just don't know if we will be getting it in Season 3.
  13. I actually don't think Sansa will be around, post AOTD. I did a rewatch of Hardhome and if the Dragon Pit scene is really Tyrion, Brienne, Sansa and Lord Arryn running for their lives. I just don't see how Sansa comes out of that alive. Would Sansa's survival be to much sweet in a "bittersweet" cocktail? I'm rooting for her but I can't say I'm optimistic. Unless there were some filming spoilers I'm unaware of. With regards to Sansa's possible connection to Tyrion. I'm one of the people that thinks the Tyrion/Sansa marriage was something that GRRM came up with for a reason. I don't think it was just to keep Littlefinger from marrying Sansa to someone else. I think it was put in place for a reason pertaining entirely to Tyrion and Sansa. What that is, who can say.
  14. Well, the fake out death lines up with that rumor that Arya would be killed but revived. Jaimie and Cersei are obvious deaths. Tyrion, Jon and Dany are each one of GRRM's sacred 5, so that leaves........... Sansa unlucky Stark. SMH. Though I wasn't expecting Sansa to count as a main character this season in all honesty. I wonder how reliable this leaker is.
  15. Good Lord, like pokers shoved under fingernails. I think I enjoyed Season 6 for the unique interactions, Jon/Sansa/Ramsay/Brienne/Pod/Theon/Davos/Melissandre/Dolores Edd, and BoTB was enormous on spectacle. But Season 7, the newness had warn off/ I realize acting is subjective but for me, it was a tedium parade. Peter Dinklage is VERY talented, but his scenes with Dany are the stuff of nightmares because of Emilia (I've seen her other work too, the girl could murder a toothpaste commercial with her lack of talent.) I don't know how the writers could have made it work but I wish they had paired off characters with someone talented enough to carry those who are lacking, though in all honesty, the past 2 seasons have been cutting the talent endowed like rag weed. The story is starting to funnel, Dany, Jon, Arya, Bran are likely going to be the drivers of the plot, but they are played by actors that cannot carry the show. Sigh. I'm glad to hear this, I don't need Sansa to have the most screen time, a good c-storyline would satisfy me. I can't see her rebuilding Winterfell before the War with the Dead is settled. I guess we could get a few scenes of her in the Vale and then the rumored scene with Cersei in the Throne room. I've given up on predicting anything Sansa related in Game of Thrones though. Well, I can't say I'm not intrigued. I think PD could sell it, if it went that way. ST seems to take her cues from whoever she's working with, so I don't doubt she would be believable. Time will tell.