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  1. Well, the fake out death lines up with that rumor that Arya would be killed but revived. Jaimie and Cersei are obvious deaths. Tyrion, Jon and Dany are each one of GRRM's sacred 5, so that leaves........... Sansa unlucky Stark. SMH. Though I wasn't expecting Sansa to count as a main character this season in all honesty. I wonder how reliable this leaker is.
  2. Good Lord, like pokers shoved under fingernails. I think I enjoyed Season 6 for the unique interactions, Jon/Sansa/Ramsay/Brienne/Pod/Theon/Davos/Melissandre/Dolores Edd, and BoTB was enormous on spectacle. But Season 7, the newness had warn off/ I realize acting is subjective but for me, it was a tedium parade. Peter Dinklage is VERY talented, but his scenes with Dany are the stuff of nightmares because of Emilia (I've seen her other work too, the girl could murder a toothpaste commercial with her lack of talent.) I don't know how the writers could have made it work but I wish they had paired off characters with someone talented enough to carry those who are lacking, though in all honesty, the past 2 seasons have been cutting the talent endowed like rag weed. The story is starting to funnel, Dany, Jon, Arya, Bran are likely going to be the drivers of the plot, but they are played by actors that cannot carry the show. Sigh. I'm glad to hear this, I don't need Sansa to have the most screen time, a good c-storyline would satisfy me. I can't see her rebuilding Winterfell before the War with the Dead is settled. I guess we could get a few scenes of her in the Vale and then the rumored scene with Cersei in the Throne room. I've given up on predicting anything Sansa related in Game of Thrones though. Well, I can't say I'm not intrigued. I think PD could sell it, if it went that way. ST seems to take her cues from whoever she's working with, so I don't doubt she would be believable. Time will tell.
  3. Meh, I have a weird thing with the Sansa character. I find her VERY interesting in the book, in the show, it depends on who she is paired with. It's why I actually do hope that Sansa is kidnapped and held in Kings Landing with Cersei. ST isn't a "good" actress but she is serviceable. Pair her with Cersei, Margaery, Tyrion, Ramsay, Theon, Littlefinger or Joffrey and Sansa becomes much more interesting to me. I really do think it's dependent on the actors she's paired with. Dany scenes go over like a lead balloon for me, Jon is nothing but good hair (when it's out of the bun), Arya is a graveyard for charisma. I'd love these 3 to be sequestered together and the other characters given respective B-Plots. I know the idea of Sansa being imperiled makes some people think "Sigh, again?" But so far the season sounds like it's going to be non-stop Dungeons and Dragons nonsense. I'd be interested in seeing what scenes between Cersei and Sansa are like at this point in each characters story. LH is the only good actress left on the show, she is going to need more to play off of then Qyburn and The Mountain for 6 episodes.
  4. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    I don't think I will ever truly forgive Netflix for cancelling this show. Every would be television/movie writer should have to watch this series and take detailed notes. I usually watch shows and become attached to maybe one or two characters, how is it I fell in love with ALL of these characters. Detective Mun and Sun. OMG Yes. He's amazing and so is she. Wolfgang/Kala/Rajan, I would not have thought it but both men love her enough to share?!?!?! I look at this special as kind of an performed version of an outline, I have no doubt there would have been much more nuance and character beats had the show been allowed to progress as intended. I am so glad it was a happy ending. This is the only show that has ever had me truly BELIEVE a family had formed. With most other works of fiction, it's so often lip service. And the sense of character evolution I felt with so many of them. Sun was one of the most closed off characters I've ever seen when we first met her. We saw her lose everything and over time gain so much more. A surrogate family, she came to love and whom loved her, more then the remainder of her biological family and a true love, in the most unexpected of places and circumstances. When Mun showed up and saved her from those guards, I swear I swooned. "I could do this all day with you Ms. Bak." LOL, HOTTEST line ever. Kala went from a passive, sheltered, naive, would-be-stepford wife, to someone that was determined, strong, daring young woman who is now capable of exploring in ways she never would have dreamed. While I grew to appreciate her and Rajan, there is something about her and Wolfgang, when he was about to kill himself and Kala threatened to jump off the terrace if he did? Swoon again. How much do I love that even that little moment in the end showed that Will/Kala still have that big brother/little sister vibe to them. Wolfgang on the surface and taken at face value is nothing but a criminal and brute, but when we learn about him, he's also so much more then that. Someone fiercely loyal to those he loves and though not easily done, someone who is capable of connecting deeply with others. I was shocked at the truth about his Father and Mother/Sister. And his love for Kala and Felix always proved he was capable of more then violence and hate. Also, hello Wolfgang's rocket launcher, it's sent many a bad hat to hell. I'm going to miss these characters so much. All of them. Even the supporting characters became more then I ever expected. Daniella (talk about character evolution), Diego, Jela, Neets, Bugs, Hernando. Just imagine what could have been if we had the intended 5-6 season story. Sigh.
  5. There was a leak not to long ago that claimed there would be a scene of people piling up dead people in front of the Red Keep wasn't there? I just checked the last few pages and couldn't find it, but I would swear I remember reading something about it. Could that be what the scene rumored to be from Ep 2 or 4 detailed above is about? If that's true, I wonder how much of the outline that first mentioned the scene is true, it had a few surprising character turns if I recall.
  6. My thoughts exactly. But the latter half of your statement is what I think will be the driving force of equitable screen time. Kit, Emilia and pretty much all of the combat characters, are lacking in terms of charisma and pronounced talent. Lena, Peter and Conleth are pretty much the only one's that can hold anchor the show acting wise. So I think we'll see Kit swinging swords (his best event), Dany shouting "Dracrys" (her best event), Maisie doing her "Kill robot" but we'll also see Tyrion, Cersei and Jaimie with a sizable amount of screen time themselves. I'd bet money on it.
  7. Time will tell. Though I'm confident the non-combatants will have plenty to do and a suitable amount of scenes. I feel like TPTB know that it's the politics and more human interactions and developments, that put this show on the map. Look at previous seasons, how much time or forum space (here and elsewhere) is spent talking about Dragons, Faceless Men and Zombies? I feel like those are not the selling points of the show and HBO knows it. Those will be a backdrop but I doubt we'll have 6 episodes of non-stop Dungeons and Dragons. HBO is also VERY award conscious (even if it's chances are non-existent at this point), Kit and Emilia do not have the talent/charisma to rule the screen alone. Lena and Peter will DEFINITELY have plenty to do. The writers will also know doubt dilute with helpings of Melisandre, Varys, Euron, Sansa, Robin Arryn, Qyburn and Theon.
  8. Oh wow, it's cool to hear Natalie Dormer still keeps tabs on the show. And I remember her saying that now that Margaery is done, she's was hoping Sansa would come out of the saga in a position of power and how she was really looking forward to seeing how Sansa's story unfolds. I miss Margaery and her scenes with Sansa. I always had the impression that ST's favorite cast of characters was the King's Landing set. As someone who suffers the Sci-Fi nonsense for the rare character/human moments, I would be perfectly fine with Sansa having dialogue heavy scenes with Cersei this season. They were the best part of the BlackWater episode in Season 2. I'd be interested in how they interact after all of the changes both have gone through.
  9. Was that rumor of Sophie Turner filming on one of the Walls of Kings Landing ever debunked. I remember many didn't give it credence at the time (I was one of them) because everyone was under the impression Sansa would be in the North but the girl who posted it was adamant that Sophie was filming in Kings Landing with Kit and the show runners were working hard to keep it discreet. Could Cersei be holding Sansa prisoner and that is the reason for Jon's parley with her in episode 3 or 4? I can't think of many reasons he would meet with Cersei in a civil manner after finding out that she won't be helping against the White Walkers.
  10. S02.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

    But Hermione is FAR from innocent. It wasn't until someone entered her home and tried to kill her, that she became less enthused. Before that she planned to move forward with torpedoing the life of Fred. She knew and was complicit in Hiram's prolonged manipulation of Archie. She, unlike Veronica, never quailed about grinding the Southside Serpents into dust. We saw her scheme to use Cheryl as a guided missile so that she could take out Sheriff Keller. She didn't want to be seen playing dirty pool so she let Cheryl take the lead (and the fall in Kevin's eyes). I think she's just like Hiram, only she's motivated by equal parts ambition and self-preservation. If it's in service to her she'll work with good guys or bad guys. Outside of Veronica's safety the well being of others doesn't seem to mean much. I still remember Hiram and Hermione talking about Jughead and Hermione saying Jughead was a dog, and Veronica through him a bone to keep him busy (when Veronica was covering for Archie about telling Jughead that Hiram owned Pops). Hiram is motivated by those things as well, but I'd also say there is a good amount of seething hate in his cocktail too. He can be more charming then the Blossom's but he holds grudges and seems to have held quite a few, going as far back as when he and Hermione went to school at Riverdale. He loathes Alice Cooper, Mary, despises The Blossom's (though he'll scheme with them if he gets what he wants), Hates Fred Andrews and disregards the existence of FP and Sierra McCoy whenever possible. Veronica turned on him for these people/their kids and the price he made her pay for doing so, shows just how much his hatred has grown. I expect things to get even uglier next season. And I don't think Hiram plans on breaking up the core four, I could see him scheming to turn a good portion of the rest of the populace against them. Time and tide will tell.
  11. S02.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

    Ok I have a headache from rolling my eyes so hard. The Andrews home being turned into a hostel for Serpents. Sigh. Whatever. I think Veronica is VERY foolish working against her own family in such a way. Does she realize losing Hiram means losing her exquisite wardrobe (minus a few questionable skirts), imported cupcakes and town cars? I don't think she needs to agree with everything her family does but she should remember where her bread is buttered and it's not going to be in some tacky "Speak Easy." When Hiram started talking about dissolving the trust fund, I sure would have backed down. Throw every Serpent in Riverdale out on their a$$. The little Princess clearly has no respect for the value of a dollar. IF she and Archie were to go the distance, does she really think she'd be happy with him, Father Figure Fred, Milkshakes with The Serpent Prince and his Bubblegum Girlfriend? Veronica is not cut out for middle class splendor. And there is nobody in her life worth surrendering all the advantages Hiram afforded. I'll still love her for her wardrobe but, ugh. Maybe I'm just in a mood. On a small scale level, I'm glad Hiram didn't let Veronica steamroll him. He's managed to turn most situations to his advantage in one way or the other. If Veronica was going to stop him, he was going to make sure it cost her. He reminds me of Wilhemina Slater from Ugly Betty. She did unspeakably evil things, even to her own family (Sister and Daughter) but he won't stop until he wins. Though he won't stop, even for his daughter, I thought MC played those scenes very well. If anything can hurt him, it was the defection of Veronica. His feud with Archie looks like it will be quite memorable. The only thing Hiram likes as much as money, is revenge. He's the Sultan of Scheming. Final shallow note: Hermione looks EXQUISITE in glasses. I was not fond of her blouse but those glasses saved the whole look. Flawless Madame Mayor. The rest.....meh.
  12. S02.E09: The General / S02.E10: Chinatown

    Wow. That was awesome. I'm actually not that attached to Rufus so his loss is more "meh" for me. I was stunned when Emma killed both Carol and Nicholas. I knew it was coming. Emma has always seemed more vicious then strategic. Her brawl with Lucy, in petticoats no less?!?!?!?! I was horrified because Emma wasn't going to strangle Lucy or shoot her, she was actually going to beat her to death. I was glad Flynn showed up when he did. Rittenhouse is something else. Carol's dying words were that she's sorry she didn't bring Lucy into Rittenhouse sooner?!?! I don't think Lucy is a relative of Flynn because he would have dropped that knowledge long before now. I think he has actually fallen for her. They have an eye-catching chemistry, I can give them that. If Lucy was his wife would Flynn have been willing to kill her when he took her to that Murder House in Season 1. The only reason Lucy survived was because of Harry Houdini/ Wyatt is an idiot and his blind spot with regards to Jessica could very well be his undoing but I actually believed him when he told Lucy, he's in love with her. There chemistry is oddly touching. Great acting tonight by all. Please give this show another Season NBC.
  13. S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    Good Lord, I would be on the first thing out of Riverdale. This town is NUTS. Between The Jets and The Sharks, I mean the Serpents and the Ghoulies, Serial Killers, Made Men gunned down by Molls, Cheryl Blossom running around like Season 1 Oliver Queen?!?!?! That was some scuffle between Archie and the guy who broke into his house. When Archie flipped him onto the table, I have to admit I gaped Hiram is DESPICABLE. A bastard through and through. I think it's the hotness of Mark Consuelos that allows me to love to hate the character. I know some people think he's a caricature but I think there are people like that, utterly motivated by greed and prestige. For Hiram I think it goes beyond that, there is a gleeful malice towards ALL of Riverdale and it's one of the biggest reasons I'd love to see a Riverdale Prequel. I'm curious about what a young Hiram was like. As of now, he is a villain to his core. During the course of the show and all the insanity, I really felt like Veronica was out of her element. This is a common occurrence for me and I honestly think it's appropriate. She was raised in Manhattan, while everyone else recognized the crazy and was able to dive in, she was the only one that seemed truly taken aback by it all. Hiram and Hermione come across as able to hold their own when in the middle of utter insanity as well. Their little Princess, while able to connive and exchange catty comments with the best of them, isn't up for it when Riverdale goes bare knuckled, junkyard dog nasty. And I think Hiram will put up with being strong armed by Veronica for only so long. He does not lose gracefully.
  14. I subscribe to Sansa being kidnapped during the fall of Winterfell and surprise, surprise, she lives through her time as Cersei's guest. I know ST has said she's missed getting to work with Lena so I'd imagine she's thrilled, if this plays out the way some speculate. I'd expect some truly memorable scenes as I loved their scenes in 2x09 Battle of Blackwater. Hoping I'll get at least one scene with Cersei, Tyrion, Varys and Sansa, Mainstays during the peak Kings Landing years.
  15. I like Hiram as a villain but it is REALLY low, how he's playing on the trauma of a minor. There was a point I wondered if Hiram was going to begin to regard Archie as a surrogate son, but last week and now this week has shown that outside of his potential uses to the Lodge's, Archie mean's very little to Hiram. He's Veronica's stud horse and the son of two people he hates (Fred and Mary). It's also clear he's growing tired of Veronica trying to rock the status quo in terms of how He and Hermione do things. Before the Blossom's set him up, Hiram is painted as having been a prominent member of High New York society. The Lodges motto is definitely "clean hands." They like to let others (seemingly) take the lead and the fall when it comes to their schemes. Hermione used Cheryl as the root of the Anti-Sheriff Keller movement and now Hiram plays Reggie Mantle like a cheap harmonica. Veronica.......lol.......You just KNOW she loved being the star of her own bachelorette. Kidding aside, the last few episodes have shown that Veronica Lodge is a little girl trying to tackle big girl problems. In over her head with her whole life. Commendable that she wants to slide her family into a more honest way of doing things but Hiram isn't interested in doing things differently. Veronica deciding to help Fred Andrews is only going to antagonize Hiram and we've seen, he is VERY vicious when antagonized. The Black Hood's appearance was very well placed at the end of the episode, accept it's Cheryl, arguably, the most popular character on the show. Nothing REALLY bad is going to happen to her. I had know idea Fangs was Bi. I do think he is the hottest serpent aesthetically.