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  1. S15.E07: The Perfect Stormi

    Yep. https://youtu.be/jcKJy4zDiaU I can understand if you truly believe your friend is innocent, but to defend him even though you believed otherwise? Sickening.
  2. Going last isn't a guarantee you're going to win the season but I can at least take a guess it will be a showstopper dance. I can recall a lot of football players, but off the top of my head I honestly only remember 3 or 4 winning. I think we've had just as many Olympic athletes competing/winning.
  3. Shes probably not getting asked because while not directly from Kim, there was a statement from Kim's rep denying/ trying to clarify his comment. That was probably the best way to handle it. They were all in Chicago together up until yesterday based on video he was posting and video fans took.I figure Kim had to get back to LA with North for the fashion show and Kanye had to stay for the White Sox game.
  4. Kim may never will, but I'll give Kanye some credit for doing so a couple of times. Most recently I remember a month or so ago he posted a picture of her play area and how she was very creative. Eta: this was it https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/8473230/kanye-west-north-cardboard-house-photo-twitter
  5. S15.E07: The Perfect Stormi

    I wonder how Kourtney would feel if her son or daughter spoke to her 20 years from now the way she spoke to Kris? This therapist seems to be turning her into an angry, nasty person.
  6. BTW for those like me who didn't even know what "Thrilla" is this is what North was dressed like. Her whole outfit is exactly like the actual character right down to the red lipstick and bare midriff..so much to my surprise this is the kind of toys being geared to little girls today.
  7. I saw a quote from Kim that North is obsessed with LOL Surprise and that she said she just had to be part of the fashion show. Uh OK. Kid looks like she rather be at home playing with her LOL Surprise dolls in her jammies.
  8. Kanye is so much more tolerable and likeable when he's in daddy mode. This was such a cool thing for sweet little Saint to get to do
  9. Khloe

    And the ass next to her is even bigger.
  10. Spoilers And Shockers

    It didn't sound like James Scott (the person did sound groggy so idk) but if we do see EJ I expect it to be a recast anyway. If it turns out to be Jack after all would the promo indicate that Sami thinks she found EJ but its not? The promo went by so fast but the part with Sami was confusing. The voiceover is Sami saying "my husband is really alive". They first showed someone from the back in a wheelchair and you can see their hair and that they are in regular clothes but when they show Sami by the hospital bed and she says "EJ" and he responds with "Samantha" that person is all bandaged? Confused!
  11. Spoilers And Shockers

    Holy crap! Now that is a promo! Bwhaha Brady? Rex. Ah What the hell! Lol CIN! Eric and Nicole! I'm gonna need to watch it again to observe the quick scenes better.
  12. Khloe

    Leopards don't change spots. There's an innocent baby involved here so maybe, I hope, Khloe has been giving him the benefit of the doubt so True can be raised with her mother and father. Nah. Who am I kidding? khloe is desperate and needy, and delusional. She should have kicked his ass to the curb when he refused to see a couples therapist.
  13. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Just the little bit they showed of him dancing in Fuller House he can definitely move (and he played the lead in a production of Saturday Night Fever) but of course how that translates to the ballroom remains to be seen. So many people with potential bombed, I have hope here though!
  14. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Juan Pablo getting salsa already? Couldn't they have waited until there was less fodder there? On the plus I'm fully expecting that to be a stand-out dance. Ugh at the same dances with different songs.