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  1. Khloe

    Khloe is the most obsessed with excessive airbrushing so much to the point its hard to know what she (or True for that matter) really look like at this point. It definitely looks crooked. She got a bad butt implant job so maybe she got a botched nose job lol
  2. Yeah she took her kids to Disney. There were comments on instagram saying she did it for a photo op to look like a caring mother. And when she's seen without the kids she's slammed as someone who ignores them. Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.
  3. Same here. Its extremely hard to cope with and you can't force medication and care on people. The only way you can forcibly do anything is if the person proves to be a threat to themselves or others. No one knows what the family is trying to do beyond social media or how they are dealing with it away from cameras. Try living with someone with any kind of mental illness and I want to see how easy it is to make jokes and throw around so easily what "they" should be doing. A lot easier said then done.
  4. I think Ariana apologized for 2 reasons. And it was a half assed apology. For one she's close with Kim and she has not one but two ex boyfriends with mental illnesses/depression one who recently died of an OD and she's still getting hit with some blame so she threw out that "sorry if I was insensensitive" tweet out there. The apology was to cover her own ass.
  5. He does need to get off twitter and get back on his meds, but he's not wrong about mental health being mocked. Ironically Ariana's ex Pete Davidson just posted an alarming message saying he doesn't want to be here anymore. Go check out some of the vial responses he's getting. For every post giving the number with the suicide prevention hotline there's 5 calling him an annoying attentionwhore.
  6. Its fine to be doubtful of anything Kanye says especially during a manic episode but IMO there should also be doubt regarding all these articles that don't even name actual sources and just drop the word "sources". Makes it awfully easy to print attention grabbing gossip. But of course anything that sounds juicy is automatically believed.
  7. Sorry I see nothing wrong with what Kim said. I normally roll my eyes at the lengths she will go to defending Kanye but she isnt saying anything his fans aren't saying. If your husband or family was threatened you wouldnt be pissed and be a little on the defensive? And I obviously dont agree with what she said about thinking he's the most brilliant person, but thats her husband and her opinion. I zero issue with her feeling that way about her husband. I said above, it sounds like Drake has a history of pulling shit like this making threats whenever a feud starts up. And of course now all these unnamed "sources" will pile up now fueling much loved drama.
  8. On Twitter he's ignoring him, but he's made a dig on his Instagram story and allegedly called Kanye twice, once apologizing and a 2nd time threatening him because Kanye didn't give him song clearance. That's how this mess started. "Free" messaged him saying Drake wanted him to clear "Say Whats Real" for a sample despite Drake ignoring him for months. Kanye is clearly not right in the head but if you look at some of the answers he is getting he may not be wrong with some of the things he's putting out there regarding Drake. Drake isn't innocent in this either. Even the alleged threat is apparently something he does when he's involved in feuds.
  9. General Gabbery: DWTS

    I know the glory days have been long gone but this last season has felt like the beginning of the death knell IMO. Not only was the winner controversial but I have to wonder with so many good dancers going home early if some of the pros have even just said "screw it" and don't feel like all the hard work they put in is worth it. Even the good winners leaving too soon is par for the course this season just felt so messed up. I was an Idol fan for years and cried when it left FOX. Yet I couldnt care less when it came back on ABC. ABC will learn the hard way that when all is said and done it wasnt worth it.
  10. Kendall

    Nah she jumped the shark when she posed completely nude on a horse. This nothing new for Kendall though. She's gone out before (just out shopping and red carpet events) wearing completely sheer tops/dresses. The kicker though? She bitches and moans about how she hates having sooo much attention on her. Boofuckinghoo. Stop walking around naked if you hate attention! I find her to be the most hypocritical of all the KarJenners for that reason.
  11. That certainly explains why even with all her expensive skin treatment her skin is a mess. You would think someone would advise her how stupid that is. These pictures though, are adorable. Chi always has the best expreasions. Trying to take family pics with multiple kids is hard but these are really cute especially the last one
  12. Khloe

    Khloe proclaimed "I don't see color". Khloe then proceeds to lighten True's dark color with every lightning filter under the sun. Of course she doesn't see color!
  13. I thought it was hysterical how when Ben was walking away yesterday they cut to Ciara giving one of those "damn he's hot" looks even taking a deep breath in. Yeah don't you hate when those serial killers have to be so damn pretty?! Back in the day it became pretty well known that Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell hated each other, apparently for years. I was a huge, huge Bo and Hope fan so at the time it crushed me. But more than anything it amazed me how well they covered it in front of the cameras. You would never know it. Now that I know about Billy and Kate I guess I'm looking for little signs that they are miserable together lol
  14. S15.E16: Break Free

    In all fairness though Alice is also giving Kim most of the credit. If you listen to her interviews she makes it sound like Kim was a lot more involved than what we realize and that may be so, but still I don't think I ever heard her in these interviews (maybe once during her first press conference) thank her lawyers but she has constantly thanked Kim (and Kanye) and has called Kim her savior and her "war angel". I do agree the legal team should be getting most of the credit.