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  1. She actually doesn't post many selfies anymore, but she's saying she's not with her phone as much anymore? Gimme a break! She posts VIDEO on Snapchat and instagram stories every time she is doing anything puckering up her duck lips. Even the other night she and Kanye were eating Popeye's and she was standing in front of a mirror holding her phone lol
  2. That was such a genuine moment. There's a lot of fakery in the Kardashian world, but that hug and Kanye's tears was so real. Knowing the history of Kanye and Virgil and how far back they go, it was very sweet.
  3. Khloe

    LOL I'm joining you in hell! little Prince looks like his mother, True is ALL the cheater her father.
  4. I always loved that clip too (IIRC that was the scene where Kim asks if she wants another brother or sister) For all Kim's faults and always being glammed up she's actually always been very affectionate with her children and you can see that in North now. Even Saint who is seen more now she's always kissing him and the way he looks at her he really loves his mommy.
  5. LOL my mom called me and asked if they were going to be pairing up Ciara and Ben. I said I believed so. Mom said "why? He deserves better than that brat". I was going to ask her if she remembers he's a killer. Then I realized Ciara is just that obnoxious!
  6. Not only is North constantly surrounded by makeup now and is always seeing her mommy get glammed up, but North had makeup pushed on her a couple of years back when Kylie had special edition lipkits named after North and Penelope and special Kylie Cosmetics items made especially for the girls for Christmas. I remember the Snaps of Kylie putting all this makeup on the two of them when they were like 3 years old.
  7. Khloe

    You would think with all the work they went through to get noticed they could have at least pretended to look like they were having fun. I was thinking of all the crap she dished out on Revenge Body. God does she look like the biggest hypocrite.
  8. Well damn. I'm indifferent to Lani but the end really got me. Valerie holding the baby's footprints broke my heart.
  9. Khloe

  10. This is the same idiot that said "my work here is done" when Kylie turned 18 and when talking about Kylie and Kendall a few months back bitched about "carting them around for 23 years". Father of the year right there.
  11. Kylie

    The shoes are Yeezy so we can blame Kanye for the ugly ass shoes (Yeezy season 5). They don't even look like they fit her right.
  12. Oh no doubt one of the problems has been Kanye working too much, he even said in a tweet that she acts up when she wants him to play with her..but since her birthday celebrations have started both Kim and Kanye have been doting on her. Kanye even stayed back at the house when Kim had to hop on a plane the night of the unicorn party (Kim said he had to miss the award ceremony because he had to stay on 'daddy duty'). I guess my biggest problem is the tantrums in public. That just screams 'spoiled'. Demanding to be carried a couple of feet into a restaurant, both Kim and Kanye were holding her hands before the outburst. North has been celebrating her birthday like most kids can only dream of and she seemed perfectly happy in all the video and pics of her numerous dinners/parties. IMO she's also been around the paparazzi cameras enough to know how to play up to them.
  13. Khloe

    Yep last week, the party was for Tristan's friend Savas. Khloe and Tristan were both posting Instagram stories from the party. Khloe was also at game 3 of the finals.
  14. If this article is remotely accurate, and there are photos there so I guess its true - North sounds like a spoiled brat. Throwing a tantrum demanding Kanye carry her to dinner..wow. And the pictures from earlier in the morning she was on his shoulders. Spoiled daddy's girl. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/north-west-throws-epic-tantrum-12720360