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  1. S11. E03. Right On Target

    Probably the only way we’ll ever be free of Cleen.
  2. I’ve scaled back to every 2nd or 3rd episode because of this. I think even the higher caliber of talent in the first season or two would have the same results with theses parameters and this stupid strength tests. And now for my controversial opinion. I like Doug and he seems like a nice guy. But I’m tired of the it will keallll tests. Knives aren’t just instruments of death; they are tools. It would be nice to see tests that don’t involve Doug wildly slashing and stabbing with large arcs from his side. Outside of being in a knife fight, who does that? Use the knife for a task that it’s intended for.
  3. S11. E02. Not On My Watch

    I usually don’t mind Dave as a tiebreaker. Unlike Ollie and Nunez, he does tend to vote based on the art and not the artist. He is the only judge who has consistently held the contestants accountable to the challenge requirements - Ollie and Nunez both have a history of applying that arbitrarily. The only knock I have against Dave as a judge is he can be swayed by the subject material.
  4. S04.E04. Forgiving.is.Living

    Of all the things that there are to complain about on this show, this one seems so obvious. Yet it’s why I’m out. The way women are portrayed on this show is disturbing. Only Charles's wife and whoever Spence is currently sleeping with are portrayed as intelligent, supportive, and independent characters. Everyone else is a gold digger, shrill, manipulative, and just unpleasant. Jason’s girlfriend is the woooooorst. I know I’m expecting too much out of a show that’s basically Entourage for professional athletes, but I just can’t anymore with these stereotypes. In the end, I could’ve survived the weak writing, even weaker acting, and the presence of Russel Brand.
  5. A few weeks ago, he was talking about how “good” he cooks. His grasp of proper use of the language he teaches leaves a bit to be desired.
  6. S09.E13: Just For The Halibut

    What does it say for this show when this conversation about our ovens is 100000 times more interesting?
  7. S09.E13: Just For The Halibut

    I’m as far from a millionaire as you can be, but my kitchen is my one indulgence. I wear shitty clothes from target, do my own mani/pedi, am still using my IKEA furniture well into my 40s, all so I can afford a luxury kitchen. I had Viking in my last house. Never again. Very poor quality for the price. It was so finicky, and the oven was so inaccurate. My little brother built out his whole kitchen with Viking appliances (he didn’t listen to me, nothing new there). The Viking fridge apparently was so horrific that’s he pulled it out for a Home Depot special after 6 months. I have a Wolf range in my current house, costs the same as a Viking, but it’s night and day.
  8. S09.E13: Just For The Halibut

    When Gordon was demonstrating how to filet a halibut, I counted at least a dozen “oh my god” exclamations. Seriously? That’s what leaves the idiots awestruck? It had more to do with a sharp knife and less to do with some superhuman skill possessed by Gordon. It’s taken me awhile to get here, but STFU Emily. Your playing up Wisconsin like some kind of culinary desert is so disingenuous. You don’t know how to filet a fish because you don’t have opportunities there? Yes you aren’t going to be catching halibut, but there is no chance she hasn’t come across someone who fishes. I learned how to clean a fish when I was 8 by going ice fishing with my uncle and grandfather in Wisconsin, and pretty close to where Emily lives. There is something I dislike about Bowen that I could never articulate, so I’m not surprised to hear this. But still, gross. I have been pleased that he has been invisible lately. Let’s hope it stays that way.
  9. Season 6 Discussion

    A few thoughts: I was never onboard with the Piper Hare and didn’t see why she was such a divisive character. However, I was surprisingly happy to see her released so we hopefully don’t have to see (much of) her next season. I think I’m just over her entire arc. I fast forwarded through the wedding. I couldn’t bring myself to care. Thought I’d miss the rest of the cast sent to other prisons, but I didn’t. The ensemble got too big. I found Badison pretty obnoxious but I was supposed to, I guess. The insecure bully angle was pretty overdone and one note. The only part of her storyline that was interesting to me was her flashback. It was sad that while in that scared straight program, the leader/teacher/counselor/whatever was trying to give her the life advice to get over her insecure need to win the bullies over, but instead, he inadvertently guided her into realizing her full psychotic potential. Tragic. Mackenzie Phillips was inspired casting. If you read her book, she’s detailed bug visions while high, so her hallucinations in medical with Nikki seemed very well done.
  10. S09.E10: Rise or Fall 2018.07.25

    Every time I see Ramsey do something egg related, I realize that I’ve been eating my eggs overdone my whole life. And I don’t feel bad about it. Most of those soufflés looked undercooked to me, with the way they were running down the sides of the spoon. Not appetizing. Also - I’ve always cooked soufflé in a water bath. Is that not necessary? Not a single person did it last night.
  11. Only Gordon has an ego big enough to make himself the star of someone else’s wedding. I don’t know if I’m getting crankier in my old age, but everything about Gordon irritates me these days. I’m not questioning his talent, but he is insufferable.
  12. General True Crime Shows

    Watched this episode of Fear Thy Neighbor on Saturday: My favorite part of some of the ID shows is how disparate the reactors are to the real people, and this episode was heavy in talking heads from the real people. All I can say is, really ladies? This is the man you fought over?
  13. S09.E07: World Cup Dishes

    Did she though? It seemed all of her talking heads were, "I make this for my husband all the time!" And "my husband loves it when I cook it this way". She seemed like some purple haired stepford bot whose entire identity relies on validation from her husband. I wanted her to blink twice to let me know she's OK. Glad she is gone.
  14. S09.E06: Trouble Brewing

    I only watch this show so I can come here the next morning to read your most amazing post. Stunning!
  15. I think this is really the crux of the issue. The final weapons are becoming more and more esoteric, featuring many different elements. The really talented people at the beginning made a signature knife without weird twists using commonly available steel. They progress, they got a saber, which they are probably familiar with and have knowledge of making something similar, even if they had never tried before. Now contestants have to make hatchets, using less commonly available steel, in difficult to manipulate shapes. Those who survived (barely), get a bizarre lions spear, which is part axe, part blade , and almost certainly something they wouldn't have been familiar with. I'd like to see the challenges go back to the first seasons, even if it means repeating. Only then can we really compare the skill levels.