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  1. Why is Mariah Carey so strange?
  2. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    I was fast forwarding through commercials, and after the part where she think in the water holding his hair and then the next scene was them in the past at the coven, I thought I maybe fast forwarded through a whole 15 minutes of show...
  3. S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

  4. Skincare and Suncare

    Ahh, see I have dry skin, so it seems to sink in pretty well. I use Timeless Vit C (+E + Ferulic) but I might try the hydrating serum (since I only have about 3 serums already JUST FOR am!!!).
  5. Oooooooh, lawd. When dark curly headed girl started talking about her molestation, I started boo hoo'ing with her. Got DAMN. AND you need a witness?! Oh hell no. Leah & Mike deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
  6. I only saw the first 15 minutes or so & had to go to bed :( I can not WAIT to get home & watch this!!!!!
  7. Thank you! Hunh.
  8. Who in the audience did Mondays guests keep shaking hands with?
  9. Skincare and Suncare

    I bought the Drunk Elephant Sukari Baby Facial & have used it 2x now. My skin is soooooooooooooooo smooth. LOVE IT. I bought a small starter kit with their oil from Sephora w my 20% off :)
  10. Yaaasssssss! {bowing down} might I add, the trump to her Obama!
  11. S07.E13: A Very MJ Wedding

    Messy & sloppy. Sloppy & messy. STFU during vows? Bitch, please.
  12. SHUT UP!!! MANBUN about town?!?!? I screamed w laughter & swallowed my gum! GENIUS!
  13. Atlanta in the Media

    Waaahhhh. When is Season 2 coming out on Hulu or somewhere?!?!?!?! Free.
  14. Season 1 Discussion

    I watched this last night/this am. Verrrrry convoluted. i think maybe Sophie was hoping Bobby would get killed during their confrontation. And, I guess he did. I guess MCH’s time on Dexter prepared him for all that skulking around! ?
  15. S07.E12: Bless This Mess

    I want to know more about why Tommy left his bio parents?
  16. S08.E08: Soujourn

    Bwah! Thanks! Oh Ryan...
  17. S08.E08: Soujourn

    What was that whole robotics crap?
  18. Beauty Tools: What Works & What doesn't?

    I just bought myself a nuFace, based on Angie’s reviews. Excited to try it out!
  19. It didn't seem to me that she was actually JUDGING Ricki. I thought she (like I) was amazed at how much crazy stuff Ricki's done/been thru in the past 10 years.
  20. Aw, I thought Juliette was fun!
  21. STOP! I'm sitting here, out of the lingo for a while now :(, & thinking 'who the hell is Miss Cabbage???' Then I said it out loud!!!! Made my Monday!!!
  22. S05.E03: Workin' the 'Ween

    I laughed the entire time. Scully & Mulde? Perfection!!
  23. S07.E09: Sex, Lies, and iPhone Videos

    This info is all so interesting & I had not one clue. Good on you! xo