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  1. If you haven't seen Stephen's interview on WWHL, you should. It's the best Andy has ever done, by miles.
  2. The interview w my love Stephen Colbert was the best Andy's ever done! Kadooz Mr Cohen!!! I ever went & watched all of the after-show clips I could find.
  3. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    It's all I could see, the awful makeup. I said out loud (to my dog & cats): that's what happens when you wear too much of the wrong makeup, it makes you look older. And I think both G & Robin are so naturally pretty.
  4. S03.E06: The Source

    Thank you @ketose!
  5. Damn. Where have I been & where is my stfu ring?
  6. S03.E06: The Source

    I'm very tardy to this party. I've watched seasons 1-3 over the past 2 weekends & read all of the comments (bc I get confused :)). I'm going to watch Season 4 this week, but I *have* to know (and feel free to PM me the response): do we find out who killed Hanna? If so, I don't want to know WHO did it but I do want to know if we get resolution on this. TY in advance :)
  7. Sonja is nasty. NASTY. I have 2 dogs & 4 cats. My yard & house are NOT full of poo, nor is there any smell. I wouldn’t touch any surface in her house much less eat or drink anything. She is gross.
  8. That candy store?! Whut??? MJ exercising! Good on her! I know it’s bc she’s getting married but I’m sure Reza’s newfound slimness is also motivational. There is something wrong w Vida. She can be kind to everyone except her daughter. New guy being honest is somehow wrong in Mike & Reza’s eyes. pathetic. ALS, #5: it was recorded & will be on tv. congrats to Mike & MJ on their new homes! I am side-eyeing the exclusion of GG & Adam (?) from the bridal party. Especially the way it was announced. Did they say another of Shalom’s wives was there??? TEAM GG on this one. I need GG’s long necklace. And yay! Shahs food porn!
  9. This is confusing to me. Why would Carol need to be in the closet, or otherwise coy about her sexual preferences? She lives in NYC, it's 2018, she's Carol (! sarcasm).
  10. I've never created a new topic before! I don't have the official synopsis, but: Fredrick goes to St Lucia (& acts like he's never been anywhere fabulous before), Ryan looks at more than one home (for himself!) that is more than $10million, and Steve looks hot & foine as his company shuts down. Anyway, "Can I help you with that?" Ryan: "NO." ROFL!!!
  11. A dickie?! What the everloving fresh hell??
  12. S03.E18: Unsolved Mystery

    I've been meaning to say that 'blooming onion' & 'crocodile donedon't' should be nominated for Peabody awards!! ETA: & Corpse Reef!! Also, I belatedly saw everyone else LOL'ing!
  13. They were talking about the new chick (dating Mike) & that she’s a pharmacist (dr) & MJ starts yapping about how she’s not a ‘real’ dr. Sit down MJ.