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  1. Season 6 Discussion

    HOLD UP. Contessa had a double mastectomy & went home THAT DAY?! Got damn.
  2. S07.E09: Sex, Lies, and iPhone Videos

    Vida is THE WORST.
  3. S07.E06: Emeralds Aren't Forever

    That sucks Reza was robbed; sure it was stupid, but it sounded like it was his prized keepsakes & not just a bunch of tv’s, etc.
  4. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Maybe in Pittsburgh ;)
  5. S06.E02: Foam, Party of One

    I think the ‘fiancé ‘ is/sounds Eastern Euro? So she’s getting paid to be his beard? It’s 2018, come on out!
  6. Everyone's Talkin': Industry News

    😳😳😳. That’s crazy!
  7. I had to point & laugh at all of Kate’s fake ‘hair’. Not even close to real looking.
  8. HA! He confused Andy (which...) but thinks he is SO VERY SMART with his 1x1. NOPE.
  9. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    I mean, hasn’t it been established that they’re YUGE steeler fans?!
  10. S08.E03: Forbidden Fruit

    As long as it’s not that wretched Tom Cruise.
  11. Ditto for how Elle McPherson looks. Supermodels indeed!
  12. Yesssss, I lover her, bad behavior & all. God DAMN she’s gorgeous. And Cuba’s comment about flying her assistants coach?! I howled!!
  13. I think he took his Twitter account down.
  14. Season 6 Discussion

    OMG! I’m blaming my typo on my hideous headache!
  15. S07.E06: Emeralds Aren't Forever

    Emeralds are my favorite stone. I almost fainted when I saw the size of that one. They can vary in color & they are very delicate. I have 2 smallish rings & then at the Tucson gem show one year, I got a 2.67 carat stone :) I had it set into a pendant rather than ring bc of the softness (& my tendency to smack my hands & jewelry into things).