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  1. Seems like her every day life is high stress, for whatever reason...
  2. Mykelti

    That is a less awful combo of lulano clothes, but, her pose is crazy!!!
  3. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    She is only 5'1"? I am a half inch taller than she is! I consider myself "petite", which is a proportion, not a size - Petites go up to size 16 in some stores. I don't consider her "petite" by proportion, but, I guess its possible.
  4. Say hi to your cat! He is very wordy, haha. Mr. lookeyloo used to get frequent migraines til he and a doctor figured out his particular triggers and he used to say that if he were sentenced to death he would request his trigger foods and then he would be begging for them to pull the switch, so I do understand. If Robyn gets migraines that severe, I too can't imagine having a little kid in bed, maybe having to make sure she doesn't get into mischief. Unless, like you said, the older sisters could be looking out.
  5. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    That looks so much fun! If I didn't have elderly fragile bones I would consider it. We have a Six Flags very close but have never been.
  6. AND she felt well enough to take a picture.
  7. S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    agree, and, we really do not know what goes on in their every day lives without cameras. I thought Will was very appropriate in the class with the translator/teacher -maybe because it was one on one, or maybe, in real life, at school, etc. no cameras, he is just more in control of himself because he knows it is expected of him. Plus Bill didn't have easy access to clown around. Who knows if Bill prods them for the outrageous behavior while filming is going on. In these scripted reality shows, there is always more than meets the eye of what we see edited down for an episode, in my opinion. YMMV
  8. Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    https://amomama.us/97951-sam-elliotts-daughter-isnt-allowed-mothe.html I remember reading about this a while back. Hope it is all resolved now.
  9. Ratings and Scheduling

    You know, I had the same thought.
  10. And that's why ABC keeps her.
  11. Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    Maybe she truly doesn't care. She doesn't seem to have passed along any fashion sense to her zillion daughters. I know a lot of women who really don't care. Covered up is good enough. Really.
  12. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    I gave up that yummy Jake Tapper for Nicolle Wallace. I love her show. And, I listen to Michelle Collins on SiriusXM now and then and find her very enjoyable.
  13. Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    Cute pics!!!!
  14. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    If you have a space problem the 8 qt is large. I am happy with the 6 qt. We are two people.
  15. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    If you have a space problem the 8 qt is large. I am happy with the 6 qt. We are two people.