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  1. What an awesome show. So glad I watched. Binged to the end. Don't think they should do a season 2 but will definitely watch.
  2. CYBORG? Wow. Love her as a fighter but she's not exactly graceful although she does have good footwork in the cage and I'm sure has rhythm. A couple nimble fighters I'd like to see asked are Demetrius Johnson and Dominick Cruz.
  3. Same. Even though there are designers I root for like Fabio and Ari South, I can't get past the unpalatable package of the show: beginning with a fashion victim who has no business hosting anything but a kindergarten class, followed by a trophy wife whose "luxury brand" was built through seedy coercion, and lastly Isaac Mizrahi who I can enjoy at times but not nearly enough to negate the former.
  4. I just read about the time jump. It's jarring. I feel cheated out of story and it seems to send a message that the show is only about Paige and her growth.
  5. Wow. Mama E spilt the tea. She's worried Vince may hit her "the wrong way one day and kill her." So that confirms he's been hitting her.... I really feel for Tamar. She praised Vince for not being like her ex who abused her so I can see why she's extra ashamed to admit this. She has a mouthiness that escalates arguments but that is never ever a reason to hurt her physically. It was disturbing when she had to grovel and apologize for sneak-posting a pic on her phone one season when they were on vacation and Vince had another tantrum about it. Seemed like she was fearful hence the sudden change to subservience and it was a pattern for this to occur.
  6. Sharna posted the equivalent of a 13-year-old fangirl, gushing about how great he was with her--in the few months they worked together and leading her followers to a BSB page riddled with inaccuracies in a shoddy smearjob attempt. No one knows the truth but them and what Sharna did was irresponsible and a little pathetic imo, because she knows him soooo well and he was soooo nice on the set of DwtS! The reason abuses of power are allowed to thrive are because of attitudes like this--you say her hasbeen status with no "documentation or corroboration" means she shouldn't be "paid attention to" versus a man of greater influence and power. It is "documented" Nick has struggled with drugs and alcohol and has been accused of sexual assault in the past before it was dropped and has been seen violent towards his younger brother and is thought to be the one responsible for all the bruises on Paris Hilton at the time of their breakup. Which is to say neither side has a perfect history so Sharna's butting in to spread to all her followers a smear attempt is shameful, silly, and reckless in my eyes.
  7. I can't look at Sharna the same way anymore after she has butted into the conversation regarding her former dance partner of a few months Nick Carter and his alleged rape of Melissa Schuman.
  8. Don't be sorry. I've lost hope in these characters but I didn't think the show would jump the proverbial shark this early into its run. There was SO much potential with these characters and this universe and this--PLL land--is where they decide to go with it? This is the kind of story a series would take on in its later years when they've already well developed the characters, are bored of them and exhausted other options. I don't get it, and more importantly, don't believe any of it, and only watch for the nostalgia of Archie.
  9. Was a little jarring seeing Kentaro's very humble comments getting back a slew of "I should have won" sore loser-y. Generous of him to say "We kind of helped each other" when all the footage I recall is Brandon asking for help from him, not the other way around. OMG, more Liris. Ya'll weren't kidding about her hustle, lol. Agree that Amy was a great co-moderator and credit to her for being the one whose line of questioning got an accidental admission of guilt from one of the despicable duo. She's twisting her story now that she has time to formulate one even though we all saw her admit it on camera. How zeitgeist-y of her in these trying times.
  10. "Mush" is what no one wants to eat. What a dumb name for its connotation and denotation. However, I was sold once they described it and when the Sharks couldn't stop eating it. They were still smacking their lips and licking their spoons after the ladies left the tank. Rohan Oza is a very good addition to the show.
  11. Shirley Ballas was really cute on her Graham Norton appearance. She held her own with the sofa of movie stars. She talked about how Mark told her there was an opening for Len's spot so she went for it. Then she told Mark Wahlberg they raised her son calling him "Marky Mark." She also tried to teach Will Ferrell a bit of rumba. Can view the episode here (hope it doesn't get removed):
  12. (Moved to Mark's thread)
  13. Ronda is not with the WWE (although she guested there once) and they have fake wrestlers, not fighters. She is a UFC MMA (Mixed Martial Artist) and won Bronze, not gold at the Olympics. I don't see her ever wanting to do this show but stranger things have happened.
  14. I would hope no one still makes the false assumption that most will not be swayed by the "words of an idiot." Celebrity or other peripheral modes of persuasion have always proven to be very powerful.
  15. Jordan's win makes me feel bad for Heather Morris. Jordan was fortunate not to have someone like Wendy Williams publicize his professional dance background as she did for Heather multiple times, instructing her audience not to support this "cheater." I agree that people largely voted for Lindsay Arnold, also, partly because she's been waiting "so long," which makes me roll my eyes. She's a pro I enjoy but I don't think she's a Susan Lucci by any means. She still feels newer and this "it's my turn" entitlement rubs me the wrong way. Karina waited I don't know how long--wasn't it over a decade? I'm sure the show is super happy Lindsay has reached her potential in filling the bubbly beautiful blonde role they tried very hard to fill after Julianne retired.