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  1. S03.E06: Broke From The Box 2018.07.03

    They seem lost and have no continuity which makes me think Scott Speedman left them in a lurch and/or the best writers jumped ship too.
  2. S03.E06: Broke From The Box 2018.07.03

    Good riddance Nicki. Now I just want them to be rid of Lena (at least her camera time) and do some exciting jobs like they used to do. Smurf's story is DOA.
  3. S05.E01: Everyone Is Implicated

    I was thinking Dre sure has evolved into a supervillain quickly. He went from being a good errand boy just trying to look after his daughter to having plans for total domination.
  4. S05.E01: Everyone Is Implicated

    I wasn't sure if Tariq just needs to be somebody's bitch--from Kanan's to Ray Ray's to now Dre's--or if it was part of the plan. I guess it was since the nod makes sense like what @FuriousStyles posted. I love this show and am so glad it's back. Enjoying the development of Angela and Tasha working together as well as Kanan, Ghost, and Tommy.
  5. Agreed, although I think that was driven more by Carole being a spineless follower than seeking out victims to prey on like what B gets off on.
  6. S03.E03: The Center Will Hold 2018.06.12

    I was riveted for the first 2 seasons. I've been having to force my attention to stay on the show this season.
  7. S06.E10: START

    This criteria necessitates believing they are "assholes" for what is involved in serving their country as spies in a time of war. I can't reduce their parenting and patriotism to that black-and-white view, nor could any of the spies themselves, which is why they did what they did, and why Elizabeth thought it acceptable to enlist Paige and nurture her expressed need for political activism and greater meaning. It was manipulative to shield her from the gory details but I don't think it makes her an asshole parent, just a flawed one (and maybe even fairly typical only in the sense of selfishly wanting your child to follow in your footsteps). Yes, before she became a parent Elizabeth didn't want to be one, but many parents all over the world do have children for utilitarian purposes. They may not want them initially but may grow to love them (like Elizabeth grew to love hers). Maybe I should add that I am coming at this from the perspective of someone whose parents were abusive in every way. So when I see P&E I don't see "asshole parents;" I see non-asshole parents doing the best they can. I would have just stayed out of their business and had a life of my own.
  8. S06.E10: START

    This reminds me I noticed Paige's reaction when Philip told Stan Elizabeth uncovered the plot against Gorbachev. Paige was her usual wide-eyed self but she also seemed to be looking her mom up and down, as if reevaluating her black-and-white characterization of her mom from their last exchange. At least, that's what I like to believe for why it was her and Elizabeth in the frame for this reveal.
  9. S06.E10: START

    I agree completely. It was a long tease amounting to an anticlimatic finale. They played it as safe as they could, deciding next to nothing. When Paige wasn't on the train I thought, finally, something is happening but nope, she just walked off and wandered off to the safehouse.
  10. S06.E10: START

    Asshole parents do that, but I don't see any evidence that P&E are asshole parents (just in a highly compromising profession but doing the best they can with it). Paige certainly doesn't blame herself for anything and I think as Henry grows up (he's already mature for his age) he will be as well adjusted as one can be given his circumstances, and will realize his parents wanted to salvage whatever they could of his childhood so he could still have a bright future.
  11. S06.E10: START

    I can't find a quality screengrab, but it happens at the 8:34 mark.
  12. S06.E10: START

    Maybe Stan didn't need to believe what Philip was selling; he just needed to not be able to shoot them, especially not in front of their child (whom he's known since she actually was a child). Philip rightly called his bluff. It kind of recalls how, much to his surprise, Stan called Oleg's bluff correctly and was allowed to walk away.
  13. S06.E10: START

    That makes perfect sense, especially when she tries to recover with something like, "Maybe we would have met...like on a train...." Some residual regrets about what happened to Nina may have factored into Stan making the decision to put his gun down. The priest interrogation scene dragged on too long. Also, was there a mistake in the photograph? Why was Philip photographed in disguise with his eyes obscured by dark sunglasses? As far as I recall, he was wearing spectacles, as he always has in that particular (non)disguise. I didn't hate it nor could I love it because it was so simple. I can appreciate that they stayed true to the restrained quietness that is this show but there always was enough of a long-game payoff. I didn't get it this time--the time that it matters most.
  14. I hate how Bethenny says and does whatever shit she wants and then cries to diffuse and distract so she ends up being babied as the perpetual victim. I can't stand Carole and Ramona but am Team AnyoneButBethenny. Even Heather isn't looking so bad to me these days.
  15. S06.E09: Jennings, Elizabeth

    Yeah the term is anachronistic but the parenting style would have had an equivalent even then. Maybe as keeners or overachievers.