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  1. S06.E05: The Great Patriotic War

    What would have happened if the kid had run into the room mid-murders? It gave me flashbacks to Black Mirror's "Crocodile" episode. I hope that wasn't Kimmie's first time because now she'll forever wonder if she was that bad in bed. Paige was so cocky after sucker punching two guys who weren't about to hit a girl.
  2. S26: Alan Bersten

    Mirai and Alan are the couple I'm most excited about.
  3. S07.E10: Clarity

    Shirtless, tattooed, mysterious Dante made me forget about Quinn for a couple episodes.
  4. I would like an update/closure on the Kimmy story and agree the actress was convincing and compelling, especially compared to Holly Taylor.
  5. S07.E10: Clarity

    I don't see why this inevitable conclusion couldn't have been reached the season she was conceived. Instead she was filler for when the writers felt it was easier to do Life at Home instead of Homeland.
  6. In The Media: DWTS

    Right, thanks. They were eliminated first so it feels like her first season.
  7. S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    Maybe because I am used to seeing women Elizabeth's weight class executing submissions like rear-naked chokes in mixed martial arts, this doesn't strain my credulity more than...say, mousy Paige wanting to be a spy or being taken seriously as a recruit. Submissions like in jujitsu are most effective when you have the element of surprise like she tends to and when you have the proper technique they can incapacitate someone who isn't able to defend (either because of lack of knowledge or lack of being ready because of the element of surprise) in a matter of seconds.
  8. In The Media: DWTS

    I doubt DwtS has a rule about that. She didn't mention it until her book deal in the climate of #metoo. I don't know if she wanted to before but there would have been opportunity since she regularly participates in media and social media . (She attributes changing her last name because of this, leaving out reports that the family changed their name and moved after her brother was incarcerated for sexually abusing a minor.)
  9. In The Media: DWTS

    I'm grossed out Adam went to Jenna. Does Val have that much influence to get her the favorite in her very first season?
  10. S26: Jenna Johnson

    I hate the desperate mugging and the even more desperate shoving herself next to the Mic when she was subbing in for a pro. Gracious subs at the time did the opposite and would step aside to let the pro stand next to their partner and the mic to be interviewed. Not this girl. Rubs me the wrong way. She seems like a hyperambitious fameseeker, common with her social media first generation. I wish someone else got Adam like Lindsay.
  11. S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    The Russian stew scene reminded me of the Russian caviar scene from Season 1. Then they enjoyed it together but now Philip is too full from American Chinese food--not even the authentic food of a culture but the Americanized assimilated version of it. She is like the millions of politically polarized people in the world who can see/admit to nuance except when it conflicts with their political beliefs. In America, depending on who you ask, they're called Republicans or Democrats.
  12. S07.E09: Useful Idiot

    This episode was taken straight out of the most contrived gimmicks used on daytime soaps. Oleg deserves better. What a shame if Dante is dead but Franny, the most painfully contrived plot device, lives to be whirled out another day.
  13. In the first vid they are literally sitting down with a tabloid to justify talking shit about her and she is not there to defend herself. So they are proving her point that they are ganging up on her by ganging up on her. It's tough having sisters and for there not to be a rivalry. To be fair, she is reaping back some of what she sowed in bragging about how she married a good man compared to them etc. I can't stand Towanda tho.
  14. S09:E24 02.25.18

    In his mind, they are in position and trying to use Shark Tank to better position themselves to cause harm by ripping people off. That's something he's demonstrated he can't stand.
  15. S09:E24 02.25.18

    IMO Mark's giant ego is mostly justified while Bethenny's is not. If you're familiar with her motormouth and persona from Housewives she is like a brat who can't go longer than a few moments before having to hear herself speak (with her acerbic grating voice) and she had nothing substantial to say about it, as it turns out. I agree with Lori and Mark on the hearts of palm pasta being promising for their category. Kelp noodles are also in this category but aren't as convenient to prepare because they need to be softened first or else they taste like eating wires. The konjac and soy variety taste like rubber. The popular zucchini noodles taste like grass to me because that's how shredded raw zucchini tastes whereas hearts of palm are delicious on their own so I definitely want to try them.