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  1. OH1 This has gone on entirely too long! I don,t recall the past seasons to be this dragged out. I,m not even watching the feeds, I just came here after a week of being gone just to read up on who will take who. I don,t care who wins. I don't like any of the three that are left. I lost COMPLETE interest when Vic left, but I havn,t been AT ALL into this season as I have all the others. I just wish they didn,t bring back Nicole or James. They ruined the season in my opinion.
  2. I havn't been watching this new season with the 20 year old case of Jon Bonet, but I don't know what I was watching when my dvr recorded those shows last week. I have had it programed to only record new shows, but last week was n't the new season. Oh well , I got pretty disgusted with how he was treating every single guest! I suppose I will tune in today just to see how this season looks and how he acts to last season. Those shows last week were just so hard to watch! I was so angry at him! And I use to kind of like the guy, (NEVER, I mean NEVER cared for her though). If I get angry again today, Im done.
  3. I lost all interest since reading Nicole won the Veto so I'm not up on anything, but am curious if they are considering keeping Vic because that MIGHT get a bit more interesting, (not much) but it may keep me tuning in a little. I just can't anymore with James and Nicole. Both those vets make me sick!
  4. I went out and now its blank again! WTF! NOTHING!
  5. Am I the only one that is so damn sick of Nicole and Nat using the word "literally" in every fuckin sentence! GEZUS!!
  6. S18.E36: Power Of Veto 12

    Someone in production tweeted and strongly hinted that Cory was told what to do by another contestant. (@kennaymart #BB18)
  7. I notice when he accuses these poor guests that are on their to get some sort of help, they look at him shocked that he would yell out that "NO! " That,s not what they said or did and brings out his staff to prove himself right. Some of his guests are literal jerks that deserve to be called out, but these past shows have really angered me on the way he has come across. He's a big blowhard who has let his success go to his head and that trying to be forever young little miss walking off the stage with him each day looks ridiculously like a little girl in her glamorous ensemble walking off the stage with daddy, but close up of this woman is terrifying. Also, I can,t forget one day last season my daughter, who NEVER has time to watch any T.V. just happen to have this on one day and texted me to watch Dr. Phil. She (my daughter) watching Robins phoney behavior when her hubby "surprised" her felt like vomiiting) because her act was repulsively OTT ridiculous! I don"t know which of these fools disgusts me more.
  8. What the hell happened to this man? Id be afraid to speak about any problem I had. He just yells at everyone , calling them liars when they say that's not what they said or what happened. Or he brings out his staff to prove you a liar. He is an asshole and his wife sickens me! These two shows this week just happened to tape because I set my dvr to tape only new shows a couple years ago. I won't be watching the new season. And why are they saying all new shows start next week. What are these this week?
  9. Dr. Phil is a total asshole! Like the poster said no answer from mother and son addict was going to shut this insulting show off for the viewer's mouth! He's no Dr. , he's a complete joke! Is this a new show btw? The old doc is looking pretty pasty. I can't stand his piggy little eyes!
  10. Nats only mistake in this game was hooking up with James. He has zero ability in stratitizing, winning comps, etc. I just don't get why the casting people thought we would find Nicole and James AND Day for that matter a big draw this season! I never cared for any of them.They didn't do anything at all worthy of a second chance. I thought it was sweet in the beginning of this season when Nat and James began, but as time goes on I only see James being hurt when the show is over and they just became boring and she" doing nothing but whining her days away. She is good at comps, but it doesn't look good for either her or James at this point.
  11. S18.E32: Nominations 11

    Why O why was this whiny, stupid bitch even brought back? I just can't stand listening to her voice in the diary room anymore! Oh, and James is stupid.
  12. OMG! Whats with the word "LITTERALLY" I have to mute this bitch!