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  1. S03.E10: Somebody to Love

    This has got to be one of the best reviews I have read on PTV, thank you Jeff Alexander. I spent all night disliking the ambiguity of the ending ("Inception" much, eh?) but your review turned my entire opinion around.
  2. Am i the only one who feels like they have found in Seth Meyers a reasonably satisfactory replacement for Jon Stewart? (Sorry Noah...)
  3. S03.E04: Sabrosito

    Thank you for a really well written review,
  4. S01.E01: The Bone Orchard

    Chore for weekend: figuring out how to get on Starz. Seriously, I loved this book. Just when a reader thinks that there can be no new plots in the world, Gaiman shows up with American Gods that has a concept and plot that is simply amazing. Knowing he is on board this production makes me relax a little.
  5. S03.E02: The Principle of Restricted Choice

    Everyone is analyzing the technology thing, but I think it has something to do with Gloria's failure to be able to trigger an automatic sensor. Also, unless I am mistaken, when she talks on a cell phone, her message does not get through to the other party on the line. (Didn't that happen more then once so far? I know there are Eagle-Eyed Forum Spotters who could tell me this.) And this is why she did not use computers in her police station - it isn't that she isn't tech-savvy; it is that they don't work for her. I'm not saying that she's an alien BUT.......... Irv did what he did because he is old and back in 2010 oldsters were not aware that clicking on an attachment could bring down a system. Hell, in my office someone did that just last year and mucked everything up for weeks.
  6. S03.E02: The Principle of Restricted Choice

    I agree with you that Nikki is cray-cray, but while you are thinking she is much more calculating than she looks, I am thinking that she is just a dope, plain and simple. She thinks she can compete at bridge on a master-level because she is deluded (maybe narcissistic behavior?). I mean, she believes that her boyfriend's chi is holding her back. and that indicates the level of her delusion. Perhaps she thinks that she got a bad deal in life so karma owes her something wonderful - to be a master bridge winner. Preemptively blaming Ray's chi may be a way to set up an excuse when she fails at bridge. ("See, it was him , not me that led to this disaster.") But the while thing with the tampon is SO out there - no matter how angry or frustrated I may be at any given moment, the idea of whipping out a tampon as revenge would NEVER cross my mind. Besides, DNA, anyone?
  7. S03.E03: Sunk Costs

    I haven't put this together yet, but I am sure this whole Chuck/Jimmy pissing match is getting us to Saul Goodman. Somehow, Jimmy will agree to sign a plea deal that James McGill never practices law again in the State of Arizona, and then changes is name to Saul Goodman since Slippin' Jimmy would not see that as violating the agreement.
  8. S11.E14: Battle of the Beasts

    Hee. TA Son and I used to critique McKenzie's outfits each week, but I have completely resisted this season. Perhaps it is because TA Son is now at college, or maybe it is that I have gotten used to the fact that shorter and tighter and glitzier is better where McKenzie's stylist is concerned. Yes, without a doubt, she can pull off those super tight super short and super sequiney dresses, and she seems like a lovely woman, but she also looked lovely in jeans the few times she has worn them, and these dresses make her seem more like a Price Is Right model than the host of a show focused on skill, creativity and imagination. Just sayin...
  9. S11.E14: Battle of the Beasts

    I LOVED this season, and then disliked the finale show. It felt rushed. It's really nice that they have the make-up photos at the website, but dammit I wanted to see them closer during the show, pre-winner announcement, so I could make my own completely amateurish decision based just on what I saw. And I wish I did hear some criticism, or at the very least, the rationale behind picking Cig. Not saying he didn't deserve to win (I kind of liked his dragon the most of all of them - from what I could see) but what set his apart for the experts? From my standpoint, and in agreement with ENOUGHCATS, it seemed to me right away that if you got stuck with a bird, you were working with a disadvantage. When they got their picks, I thought, "Well, now, tiger and dragon...Cig's got it in the bag." If I had heard what the judges thought, the choice of Cig might not have seem so predestined.
  10. All the News: All Episode Talk

    The Andrea Martin article in New York says that the inspiration was that Tracy Wigfield's mother used to drop in on her daughter - at work - all the time, and that Tina Fey thought this was hilarious. So, I guess the premise has some foundation in fact and not mere pandering to comedy audiences. BUT, I must say, the idea of a mother dropping in on her children at work seems to me to be the basis of a horror movie, rather than a sitcom. Will I watch this thinking, "just tell her to go home, for pete's sake" because this is taking helicoptering to a new non-funny level.
  11. S03.E01: The Law of Vacant Places

    LORIMAC - I looked up Gus' daughter's name in Fargo 1 and it was Greta Grimly. Also, copied/pasted this from EW recap: After her son, Nathan, forgets the birthday gift Gloria’s stepdad, Enis, gave him, the chief turns around to retrieve the figurine. The scene Gloria finds is a mess. Enis is dead, and he left some scuff marks on the floor. Maurice ransacked the house searching for the stamp, but he happened to miss the stash of old pulp novels hidden beneath the floorboards. (For those of you who didn’t feel compelled to pause, the books are called The Dungeon Lurk and The Planet Wyh, and no, I don’t know what they mean.) There does seem to be some larger significance to the books, however. Enis appears to be a bit of a sci-fi nerd. When Maurice came a-knockin’, he was waking up after falling asleep in front of a UFO movie that very well may have been footage from Fargo season 2’s climactic shootout. Also, the figurine he gave Nathan looks like it was modeled off of the Dungeon Lurk cover. Thanks! If I were a conspiracy theorist, or writing for X-Files, I would say that Gloria is actually an alien - that why her dad is just her "step"dad, and why sensors don't see her. But this is Fargo, so she is probably just a minnesotan.
  12. S03.E01: The Law of Vacant Places

    I don't know, considering the task at hand was a simple burglary, Ray probably chose the petty criminal that he thought less likely to blackmail him or ask for a cut of the loot. And that means getting the guy who would be too stupid or stoned to realice that he now has leverage on Ray. Good point, although I am still not seeing Ray as a guy who thinks that far ahead - for example, how did he think he would get rid of a stolen stamp that really could only be sold to collectors.
  13. S03.E01: The Law of Vacant Places

    Evagirl: Could you see what the model was? I am not sure why I want to know this, but since it matches the sci-fi cover, and since an upcoming character is rumored to be a sci-fi writer, it would be interesting to know. I must have missed something in the scene in the house. It was so dark and that damn soundtrack was completely distracting in that scene. Is it really that hard to turn on the lights? (Maurice did not look like the kind of guy who would have cut the power, and besides the fridge seemed to be running so why not flip on a light?) Anyway, OK, so Gloria is walking around in the dark and finds the dead guy. Then she hears a noise upstairs and runs out to the car to get her gun and secure her son. She goes back to the house and there is no one in it. So who stepped on the loose board upstairs while she was downstairs in the kitchen if we didn't see anyone leave? Also: Just some guessin' here, but I am trying to place Gloria Burgle. If the dead guy was her step-father, could her real father be the Colin Hanks character? Does anyone remember what his daughter's name was? We know Molly married that guy, but he could have died, and Molly could have remarried. On the other hand, if Fargo 1 really was set in 2006 (why did I think it was set in the 90s?) this makes no sense. I suppose I just like the idea that there is a good cop gene that is running through one family. Linking into the looking for links, do we think the old dead guy was one of the two Germans in the opening scene? Finally, the one thing that rang false to me was Ray choosing Maurice to do the dirty work. It seemed amazingly clear that Maurice was stupid - even stupider after pot and booze. Ray may not be a genius, but picking Maurice out of all the petty criminals that Ray must know seemed really bone-headed. Plotwise as soon as you met Maurice, you knew this guy was going to mistakenly kill someone - so that was telegraphed. Loved the scene in the bathtub with the phones and also Ray's missed cue when Nikki stands up in the tub was really well done. Gloria's invisibility to sensors is a great bit, and let's see if it is a critical element in some future standoff. PS: Jeff, Don't you count the splatter on the snow after the AC "accident" as a check on the 'Blood on the Tundra" box?
  14. S34.E05: Dirty Deed

    Oh My God - I forgot how much I love Ozzy!! Oh my darling, it has been a long 8 years, but now I am reunited with your presence on Survivor, and I can enjoy the customary lack of drama/ChallengeMonsterness that is you, my dearest! Alas, I know that as soon as the merge arrives, the rest of the mere mortals will vote your ass off as soon as they can...sigh.... but until then......
  15. Everytime you think maybe Havers/Lynley will snog/shag : CHUG, THEN BARF