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  1. S03.E06: Kamsahamnida

    When Kevin was telling Randall how much he admired him for going after what he wanted, I was hoping Randall would take it differently. The fact that he flits from project to project without any consideration of his wife and children, is not a good thing. And his final conversation with Beth was disappointing. Beth deserves a real talk about her problems, not an offer to be part of Randall's political aspirations. "Let's get you elected." Yeah, how about no. Feels like they pulled this plot out of thin air. Not really feeling Kevin and Zoe this week. It's like seeing Rebecca and Jack's first date; we already know what's going to happen. We've seen Kevin and Zoe on a plane to Vietnam, so I wish they would just get on with it already. I'm not there yet, but this show doesn't grip me the way it used to. And yes, it's getting tedious. I fear that this is exactly what will happen.
  2. S03.E05: Toby

    I was looking forward to meeting the famous Sophie, and you could tell this was supposed to be a major plot for Kevin. The problem was that the actors had no chemistry and it showed. It was bad when Kevin had a better rapport with Sloane, (someone he knew for five minutes) rather than Sophie, the love of his life who knew him better than anybody else. But as a couple, they were blah, viewers weren’t into her, so there was no point in keeping Sophie around. So the writers quietly shuffled her off and ended their reconciliation. Unfortunately, the writers painted themselves into a corner. Sophie was a huge part of Kevin’s life, including his teenage years. Now they have to scramble and deliberately not mention her, even though there’s a well-established history. Maybe they should have recast the character.
  3. S03.E05: Toby

    Well said. It's hard to have a good perspective of Randall when it comes across like pity and condescension. He really didn't learn anything from Deja. It's difficult to "just be people" when others remind you that you're different. Whether it's through overt racism or a microaggression. Sure you can ignore things, but it still wears on you. Those constant reminders in the show mirrors what happens in real life. Look at Randall going to his prom. He was just an excited teenager going to a dance with the girl that he likes. But the reaction from Allison's father reminded Randall that he didn't belong there. Suddenly, it is a racist issue, although Randall hadn't expected any of that to occur. And I doubt Zoe wanted to deal with a racist cashier, but it happened. This kind of racism happens more than you think. I do think the show was more deft in the first season at showing the racism Randall experienced, along with his own feelings of doubt and insecurity. But the issue itself is important and I'm glad the show discusses it.
  4. S03.E05: Toby

    Can't add much to this, but amen to this whole statement. The fact that Zoe told Kevin about the cashier and the pillowcase was important. Those are private details, things that will happen with Zoe and not with Kevin. If Kevin was just a booty call, Zoe wouldn't bother telling him any of this, because it wouldn't be worth it. But the bolded is true too. It's not Zoe's job to educate Kevin on Black Life, or Black Women's Hair, and it's tiring to do so. Sometimes it's not worth it to try. The fact that Zoe did talk to Kevin means she credits him more than she thought.
  5. S03.E05: Toby

    Poor Miguel, trying to have a Jack-style moment with Randall. At least he tried. It's poignant to see teen Kevin passed out on Miguel's bed. Years later, Miguel says he knows that Kevin doesn't like him. :( LOL at Randall getting dismissed by the crowd. He hasn't learned anything from his conversations with Deja. As much as I wish this would be the end of it, I know Randall will just persist all the more to win this election. I'm not looking forward to the dirty laundry that could be aired over this. And this was mentioned before, can Randall even run in this district if he doesn't live there? Poor Beth, breaking down during the interview. She's going through a major shift herself and she doesn't have anyone to talk to. Time to start up that phone tree, Beth! Maybe Miguel will listen. I loved how that executive was all "Well, stay happy" when Kate told him her Sad, Sad Story. I didn't blame him, I would have gotten the hell out of there. Meh to everything else.
  6. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Nailed it, especially the bolded part. I like the Vietnam plot, but not Jack's side of it, because I'm so tired of hearing about him. That's why the episode really started when Nicky appeared. The brief scene showing the lottery was more suspenseful than the first twenty minutes of the episode. While Jack's reasoning for enlisting is noble, I honestly don't care anymore. I would rather know about Nicky and his experiences in Vietnam. This episode had to introduce him, so now we know who he is a little of what he's like. I'm hoping we'll get him telling his own story.
  7. S03.E04: Vietnam

    The episode picked up once Nicky showed. The first 20 minutes were pretty boring. I'm wondering if Robinson (the man who got his leg blown off) is the same man Kevin spoke to last week, when he was searching for Jack's friends from Vietnam. But the draft scene was well-filmed, because it was so disturbing to watch. Went from a noisy bar to dead silence. And you could see the bottom drop out from the Pearson boys when October 18 was called. Michael Angarano has come a long way since Will and Grace and did a good job introducing Nicky, who seems like a lost soul. He's a guy who clearly looks up to his brother, but doesn't know how to make it on his own.
  8. S2, E2: Under the Surface

    Damn, that kid was annoying. I’m glad he got rescued, but he was so annoying. Captain Sullivan speaks Spanish? Such an unexpected twist!
  9. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    I'm wondering if Randall's career as a weather tracker is going to be like Kate's job as a PA, something promising that was dropped without another word. And it would make sense if Randall had been unhappy. But he hated the firm, not the job. Why didn't he apply elsewhere or strike out on his own? That whole year was strange. It's like that house was on pause after William died. The only topic was fostering/adoption and Randall wouldn't hear anything else. I did Rebecca drying a plate that still had suds on it. I think the rest were rinsed off. Maybe she and Jack were too caught up in each other to notice, lol.
  10. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    I actually thought this was much better than last week. It's still manipulative, but they're fleshing things out. Toby was stupid to throw out his pills, but at least he's letting people know why he was taking them. Kate wants her father around, but she can't stay in Dreamland with him. Stuff like that. But wow, I really hated how Kate turned the tables on Randall when she never clarified what she meant by that stupid remark in the first place. Genetics or not, it was a stupid thing to say, and she owed Randall an apology too. Can Randall even run for office if they don't live in the district? Does this mean they're moving to Philly, now that Beth is also unemployed? Poor Beth. Forced to be the rock all the time, but no one for her to turn to. William would have listened, but he's gone now. It's not just Beth being fired, she's got to deal with the painful realization that despite her 12 years at the firm, she's not worth much to them. That had to hurt. Ngl, I didn't feel bad for Kate when she was getting railed on by her teen self. Older Kate just sucks so much, and that opening scene with Randall put me off of Kate for most of the episode. Finally, we get some backstory to Rebecca. Not much, but it's enough to show why she would look up to her ex's mom the way she did. What was the guy's name, anyway? That was a bad pornstache he was wearing.
  11. Glad to know I'm not the only one who wasn't a fan of Gina. Nothing against Chelsea, but Gina could be awful, so I won't miss her. Best of luck to Chelsea, though.
  12. More on characters besides the Pearsons. I know they're the foundation of the show but can we spread it a little? We know William back and forth, what about Randall's bio mother? What about Beth's family besides Zoe? Miguel is married to Rebecca yet we never see him. Hell, what about Tess and Annie? I don't count Toby because we're learning more about him through Kate, namely his depression. Stop introducing plots/ideas if you're not doing anything with them. Beth said that she hates her job, but there's no mention of it beyond one episode. Kevin paints well but we never see it again. Randall has been unemployed for a year, and it looks like Beth is the only one making any money. How's that apartment building full of tenants we never see?
  13. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    Regarding what Kate said, Kevin may be a privileged pretty boy, but he has worked to be taken seriously. He left The Manny, he did an off-Broadway play to work on his craft, and acted in a serious drama headlined by a respected director. Furthermore, he's made an effort to be more mature and take responsibility for his actions, even when it doesn't benefit him. Kate knows Kevin better than anyone, so her casually throwing the idea that Kevin can't pass on Jack's legacy (through children) had to sting. He's made some momentous changes in his life, so why wouldn't a child be among them? And as willingly as she dishes it out, Kate can't take it. When anyone pushes back, she gets upset and bails. Would she really have listened to Kevin or Randall if they had said some awful things like that? I love William, but his appearances are like Jack's flashbacks: well-worn territory that's meant to pull at the heartstrings. He had a beautiful farewell, so I'm tired of them going back to that apartment. I did like meeting Chichi. You know who else I'd want to know? Randall's biological mother. Sure, she's dead, but so are William and Jack, and we see them all the time!
  14. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    It really was a thoughtless, cruel thing for Kate to say about her brothers, hormones be damned. In Randall's case, that's twisting the knife deeper. Just how long has Kate felt this way? Does have any influence on her not wanting to adopt? Insecurities or not, I understand why Randall would be upset, and probably overthink this.
  15. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    I would also like to see Randall interacting with Tess and Annie more. Or Beth with her daughters. Oh, hell, anything with Beth. As usual, Randall means well, but he is pushing his adoption and identity issues onto Deja. It's his nature to give 100% whenever something is going on, but he needs to just let her be. Deja's not trying to run away, she wants to be there. Speaking of which, I'm really not into this community center thing. They already bought an entire apartment building, now Randall wants to tackle the neighborhood? Being landlords is enough, slow down. I wonder how all that is going considering that Randall is still unemployed. I'm guessing rent from the tenants is supplanting his lost income? And I'm sure he got a great severance package, but if Beth is the only one bringing in money, it could be why she's so stressed. It's been a year since William passed. Although Rebecca did deserve the dressing down from Toby, I still feel like she gets shit on more than anyone else in that family. I thought it was at a college party. Kevin gave Randall some pick up lines so he could talk to Beth.