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  1. Lol she definitely doesn’t look 55 that’s for sure!
  2. Regarding the woman who has a blog because "growing up, nobody looked like her." It never really struck me as strange because I just assumed she was a from a small midwestern town like mine where we had literally one person of mixed race in our entire graduation class of 350+ students. Yes... one. IDK. I guess I see both sides. Yes sometimes the "younger" generations seem to have a larger sense of entitlement (although I'm sure OUR preceding generations said that about us...) and it can be annoying. But at the same time, when self harm and suicide seems to be rampant in our society, I guess I'm OK with somebody thinking that they are "fabulous." It's better than the alternative.
  3. Omg that’s one of my favorite Friends episodes and YES that was 100% Tinsley in this episode!! 😂
  4. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    Did Kathryn say he was a "good lover"? I must have missed that. I have my issues with Kathryn but it never occurred to me that she would lie about hooking up with Shep.
  5. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    Unfortunately, Shep is far from the worst thing she was doing after Kensie was born.
  6. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    Oooh that was some new scoop that Shep and Kathryn hooked up after Kenzie was born?! I assumed their only dalliances were pre-Thomas. Interesting! I liked Austen’s college friend. She seemed cool. I don’t think she’s a fan of Victoria. And speaking of... Victoria seems immature and needy. Not surprising at all that she and Austen are no longer together. I think it’s pretty nervy of her to be cold and bitchy to Chelsie because she dared to grab Austen’s arm on a boat ride when SHE is the one who - imo - committed the bigger faux-paus by dating by her friends ex. I thought Elvis was the neighbors dog? Gah I love Tyson. He’s so sweet and chill. After dealing with a high energy 3.5 month old puppy these past 2 weeks, I have to admit I was a little jealous that he was so relaxed and “never leaves her side”
  7. So sorry for the loss of your sweet dog ButterQueen. :( Goodness there was a LOT to unpack this episode. I didn't think I could cringe more for Tinsley that I did during her fall-on-the-floor-screeching she did a few episodes ago but NOPE. I was wrong! She outdid herself this episode. And girl, come on, even if you do get married again, you'll be 43 and it's your 2nd (technically 3rd since she married Topper twice)--- you do NOT really need the Poofy White Gown Princess Moment, do you? And don't get me started on the eggs. ON that subject... would they really advise you to harvest some more at 42? I thought the idea was to freeze them when you are young--or at least under 35? But tbh, I don't know nothing about freezing eggs. I will sit at a quiet table for one (sipping Ramona Pinot Gris or Vanderpump Rose, natch) thinking that Carole's commentary on Lu's arrest was really not worthy of all the pearl clutching and admonishment I'm reading about. The woman called Carole a pedo and took every opportunity she could to delight in tearing down Carole for dating Adam. So yeah, I'm fine with Carole taking a little delight in Lu's arrest. Not to mention I was watching some older NY episodes recently and happened to come upon Lu's tag line for Season 4... or 5? "For some people, living elegantly just comes naturally." Lu, I'll hand it to ya, you did VERY gracefully and elegantly slip those cuffs! I just assumed there was music being played, but Bravo didn't want to have to obtain the copyrights for it. Kind of like when we see them out dancing at bars, restaurants, parties, they never play the actual music they're dancing to--just layer over some generic instrumental stuff. But IDK--perhaps the no-music is part of the "hardcore- no frills" theme of the gym! It's not just you. I STILL kind of like Tins (despite feeling major embarrassment for her in some scenes) but that line is horrific. It rivals my absolute most DETESTED HW line ever---from the long-canceled RHof DC's Mary: "I don't make money. I spend money." I still want to punch that woman just thinking about her obnoxious delivery of it. OK, the REAL crime here isn't Lu's arrest or Lu's dress. It's that this post doesn't have 1,000 likes yet!! Bravo and kadooz for such an eloquent and hilarious post. OK I am glad I am not the only one whose mind went to Scott relocating to "1 Yemen Road" - classic! Tins and Topper eloped right out of high school; divorced; then properly married later.
  8. Ooh I’d love to see it the pics too! Yes I saw that on Instagram today— I assume new veneers?! They’re quite..white.
  9. S05.E10 Family Ties 2018.06.07

    Yes she is 32/33 - a couple years younger than Cam. Now what I'm confused about is her dad. She made it sound like he wasn't in the picture at all back when her step-dad died. Yet, they seemed to have a pretty good relationship now, based on that scene together. I'm curious how that all played out... I like her too. She seems the most real and down-to-earth to me. She also seems the kindest one out of all the women on the show, maybe with the exception of Liz--but she hasn't really been featured much this season (not that I blame her). What was fake? Do you have scoop that her relationship with Austen was fake?
  10. SURly Staff In The Media

    My reaction to the engagement (mainly to Brit):
  11. ha ha everyone is "over" the Bethenny/Carole fight.... nobody is "interested" in it.... yet there sure are an awful lot of posts about it. Funny how that works. I don't think either of them really overestimated anything, personally. I think that's on the producers/directors/etc who decided to make this a big storyline of the season.
  12. If Carole is a hormonal teenager, wtf does that make Bethenny? A petulant toddler perhaps?? BF doesn’t even threaten to spill her castmates’ secrets—she just blurts ‘em right out. No impulse control whatsoever on ole’ Jabberjaw.
  13. Yeah yeah Carole is lame and immature and extra for not liking Bethenny's coming for her non-boyfriend, Adam. But I'd pay good money to see Bethenny's reaction if anybody dared to talk smack about Dennis - either during an "on" or "off" period. I'm picturing it starting off something like this below, followed of course by endless ranting and angry tears.
  14. So a ring or a piece of paper are prerequisites to care about somebody? My OH and I have known each other for 20 years, been together for 8, and lived together for 5 1/2 - yet we're not engaged or married. Should I not be protective of him; should he not be protective of me? I'm certainly protective of my friends, neither of which I'm engaged or married to. Whether or not Carole and Adam are boyfriend/girlfriend atm, they clearly had a loving relationship at one point and consider each other close friends.
  15. I enjoyed this episode. The shout-out to Primanti Brothers was a bonus!