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  1. Inconsequential side note: is it wrong to hope that Mr. Broccoli has a paternal grandmother, or perhaps a great aunt, named Hedda?
  2. Agreed. OC just really pales in comparison to the NY gals for me. I really like Beverly Hills - they are my 2nd fave after NY. I have watched ATL since the beginning, so I'm still sticking it out with them, but I'm losing more and more interest each season.
  3. Agreed that this episode was pretty dull. I don’t care about the Vicki and Kelly fight, and I care even less about all the family scenes with the small rugrats. Omg. Legit howling. Thank you—I needed this! Yeah she seems fit and is probably like a size 8 in “real life.”
  4. Yes me too!! Her courtroom tantrums are one of my favorite recurring jokes! What was the other name for rum hole—Hooch lube?
  5. Dennis had 3 children, according to that article that was linked. What's the 72 hour rule? I really don't have an opinion one way or the other as to if she knew the extent of his addiction - I could absolutely see it going either way. That said, addicts are experts at keeping things secretive; and sometimes, when we love someone, we only see what we want to see.
  6. I, for one, find the bleeping out hilarious. Ha ha I think it was just "your right hand fingered me in court" - making it even more dirty (and funny!) It was! I love him, but it made me remember that Great News isn't coming back, which bums me out (and now to read that there is no season 3 of Trial and Error!!? What the **bleep**?? Totally from The Jinx!
  7. Wow, this is so unexpected, and very sad. I, too, can't help but wonder if this is a primary reason why Bethenny never fully committed to him. Or, maybe she had no idea. As it's been pointed out, some people can hide their addictions for years.
  8. Agree 100%. There is no warmth there. So sterile. Holy shit!!! Wow. :( Taking it to the Bethenny thread now.
  9. Yes I remember her wearing that shift with those boots in a few episodes (season 3 I think?) and just being like, in awe, of her figure. Especially her legs.
  10. Don't do it Hunter! Margaritas with rail tequila and Styrofoam disguises as popcorn aren't worth it. Because the price to pay is having to endure random screaming and crying jags, personal insults, and awkward penis and blow job jokes. It's probably somewhat altered, but man, I do remember how utterly flawless Lu was in those early seasons. She's still gorgeous don't get me wrong - but she was just... breathtaking (in the good way, not the Seinfeld ugly baby way) in her early to mid 40s.
  11. I don’t disagree that drugs, smoking and a lack of SPF will speed up aging. But in Lohan’s case, I don’t think we can discount “a buttload of cosmetic procedures” as a big reason for her vastly different (and vaguely unsettling) appearance these days.
  12. Yep. As much as B annoys me nowadays, I’ll forever and always take her side in the BF vs. KB saga—Scary Island and otherwise.
  13. Love it. I’m sure if Carole had worn a big clock, she’d be raked through the coals for appropriating black culture. Or Father Time. Or any number of other offenses. #cantwin
  14. Except it didn’t. As others have also verified. Heather was being a bit overbearing, it’s true. But she was coming from a good place in trying to make sure Beth had something to eat. Bethenny is the one who freaked the fuck out and melted down with her “I don’t want any attention on me!!!”
  15. Perhaps you didn’t read far enough down.. “There are 52,000 people who are running this marathon. And I knew Heather and John were running the marathon, but I didn’t know where they are going to be at the start line.” Maybe she didn’t mention Heather on Insta but she most definitely gave her a shout out on her blog about the marathon.