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  1. I'm loving this show! Love the creatures and the dark humor. I have no talent (or even interest) in baking, but it's still fun to look at her creations!
  2. S01.E01: Keep on Truckin'

    Ok, that was surprisingly....good? Like, I actually enjoyed it. I was afraid they might veer into sappy, but I thought they kept just the right balance of melancholy and funny. That's the thing when somebody dies. Once the shock wears off, you often do start reminiscing in a fond way, which often leads to laughter. I think the writers - and the actors - captured that well. At first I was a little bummed to see that they didn't keep Xosha Roquemore as DJ's wife, but I ended up really liking the woman who took her spot. She was great. I'll keep tuning in, based on this!
  3. S01. E02. Escorpion/Dzec.

    Not to mention, Jax killed her...!
  4. Yea I’m with you. Pretty clear this was filmed as the season premiere. How odd that they would air it as the second one. And yea... that beard was really working for me as well 😎 And Grace running for office!
  5. I've seen the first 2 episodes and I'm into it. Pretty creepy, and solid performances by the actors. I'm not a huge fan of Elizabeth Reaser (sp?) but she seems to be doing a decent job. The only "issue" I'm having is keeping all the characters straight--between all the kids in past and present day--plus the kid's kids and spouses in present day--it's a lot of people to keep track of.
  6. Ok, even though I'm no longer a Bethenny fan like I was in seasons 2 and 3, I think I still dislike Kelly Bensimon more. https://www.realitytea.com/2018/10/11/kelly-bensimon-on-bethenny-frankel-bad-things-that-are-happening-in-her-life-are-a-result-of-her-making-bad-decisions/
  7. Hell just a lot of PEOPLE in general!
  8. What’s not serious—him being deported? Or is that something Tre or Juicy said on the show regarding their “legal issues”? In any case, I have no sympathy for either of them, but I do feel bad for the girls. They didn’t ask to be born to a family of criminals and dum-dums.
  9. S01.E03: Turbulence

    Agreed on the brother and the doctor—and I am also rooting for them to get together. I was excited to see Aderholt from The Americans as the detective—-I hope he sticks around. They need some people who can actually, ya know, act. Yeah I’m pretty sure you are correct. Nooo not only is he a minor, but we know the “lover’s” name is Danny. I was wondering that about Uber. Also about IPads. Agree about Grace. She’s got great hair, but her face is quite meh. And oh my GOD I swear I was literally just thinking tonight as I watched this episode that she reminded me of Agnes. Now, to be fair, I just finished “Maniac” on Netflix, in which she appears in a minor role, so she might have been front and center in my brain because of that. But, I’m glad to have some confirmation that I’m not crazy!
  10. Aww man this article says that Shannon’s new boyfriend is abusive and a deadbeat dad. Very disappointed for Shannon 😕 https://allaboutthetea.com/2018/10/05/scot-matteson-exposed/
  11. Mercedeh "MJ" Javid: A Lush Lush?

    Wow so MJ is actually pregnant https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/mercedes-javid-is-pregnant-expecting-first-child-with-husband-tommy-feight/amp/
  12. S01.E02: Reentry

    I think the music was specific to this episode only. I thought it was because the guys father was one of those guys who plays the violin publicly in NYC - like, that's how what's his face (let's just call him Boring Brother) found out about the case that he oh-so conveniently solved. Yes. They purposely were showing a "shadow figure" in that lady's home before she shot herself. Pretty sure they were setting the scene that Shadow Man = Bad. When whats-her-name (Boring Sister) caught her Sister-in-law on the phone with her lover, didn't she ask her if it was somebody that they already knew, and SIL said no? Or am I completely making that conversation up (it's possible). No.... because that movie is actually good. j/k sort of. This second episode was better than the first. I'll give it some more time. I'm REALLY hoping they aren't turning this into some "new Scooby Gang solves a mystery-of-the-week" type show, but signs are unfortunately pointing in that direction. That would at least be interesting! So it probably won't happen.... ;) But you may be onto something and that may be the reason Grace is saying how "complicated" the situation is! Yep... and he saw the scuba gear in there, so I'm thinking Boring Brother knows that his wife was probably with somebody while he was gone. I think he's just assuming that it was probably a fling that doesn't compare to their great love/happy (or unhappy?) marriage.
  13. She did say that. Which makes it even more ridiculous. A) her daughter already has a sister (or 2? Not sure the gender of the other half-sibling) and B) there is NO guarantee that those sisters would be close. For as many women I know who are close with their sisters, I know just as many who aren’t. Like, my mom and her sister were best friends, but my MIL and her only sister haven’t spoken for close to 20 years. It’s a total crapshoot.
  14. I agree with you 110% Those like me without kids have less than zero interest in seeing kids run around like maniacs, hit their parents, and YES poop their pants. I listen to the podcast "Bitch Sesh" and Casey Wilson, who HAS very young kids, is equally annoyed and disgusted by those scenes. She said something like "Why would I want to watch MY life on TV. I watch these shows for escapism!" Exactly. I am CFBC so I can't even relate to this a wee bit. HowEVER, I still did sympathize with women who are getting older and really do want a baby; and haven't been able to have one yet. Like, I sympathized with pre-Brynn Bethenny on RHoNY back in season 2 when she was in her late 30s and got emotional about motherhood; heck I even sympathized with Kenya on RHoA back when she was single and spoke about wanting to have a baby. But for a woman with THREE young kids of her own--plus 2 stepchildren--to be whining about wanting a FOURTH kid? Ma'am, you can just shut the hell right up. Not to mention, woman approaching her mid 40s who almost died having kids the first time. Just staaaahhp.
  15. Well to be fair, it actually shows what a great job her plastic surgeon(s?) have done with her face! But, otherwise, I agree with you. She's gone from fug to vaguely attractive. Oopps I see hoodooznoodooz beat me to it! ;)