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  1. I watched it live. She did make that stinkface at first, as the "I will Always Love You" portion was bad karaoke at best. Once she caught wind that the producers were cutting to her, she started smiling politely. And most of the reaction shots were cut to people looking bored or second-hand embarrassed. I think Christina is a good singer, but this was a trash performance, IMO. Whitney deserved better. I wish they had Clarkson do the tribute instead.
  2. I'm not a fan of the way Diana Ross rose to the spotlight, but dammit if I don't love her songs/style. And at this point, she is one of the few from that era left I don't miss a chance to watch her or Smokey perform and think they absolutely deserve any tributes they receive. She was shouty at points, but she looked great as always, and her grandson was too darn cute. Nice way to end the show.
  3. That Whitney Houston tribute was the absolute worst. Christina sounded almost as bad as Whitney did towards the end of her life. Pink's 2nd-hand embarrassment reaction shot during "I Will Always Love You" was the best part of it. What happened to Christina? That dress was so unflattering and her face looked puffed from bad fillers. Her voice sounded like someone was strangling Kermit The Frog.
  4. That was me! I didn't sleep well last night, so when I saw your newly posted pic, it took me a second to realize I wasn't looking at picture of my own cat LOL.
  5. I saw the clip on FB! Squee! Is it worth it to try to capture the whole episode? I'll slog through it On Demand if you think its worth it! ( I don't quite understand/don't care about this whole Drew thing and find it infuriating that Jason has yet another supposed long-lost brother -I know he and Franco turned out to be not related but still--and it hurts my head that anyone is even questioning that that's Jason.)
  6. Yup, me too. Life's too short for you to have to debate with the retail clerk just to get her to do her job correctly. I would probably post your experience on the corporation's FB page so that it can be addressed by someone even higher than that store. Its amazing that in online shopping era, retail employees still have the gall to be so rude to customers. Like do you really want to lose your job by chasing folk away or something? And I know working retail is a bear (I fucking hated it when I did it) but I still tried to provide the best customer service I could.
  7. I'm SO glad Charley and Remy are over. Bye, Remy, with your controlling ass. Like I said previously, he fell in love with a weakened version of Charley. He can't stand who Charley really is. He doesn't want a woman who can think and handle her business herself. He wants a woman who will let him lead the way and let him make all the decisions. Even if he tried it, he couldn't hang with Nova more than 5 seconds either. The Bordelon sisters aren't about that life. Even if Charley fucks this up, I love seeing her in boss mode. Also, all that fucking drama with Remy and she STILL hasn't gotten laid post-Davis. I hope next year is all about Charley handling her business and random hookups. She's really been shit on by almost everybody this year, and I'm ready to see her let loose and enjoy herself. Nova's ass would have been on the floor had she stood in the way of me getting my things, from my place of residence that I hadn't completely moved out of yet. Or she would be in there fetching for my things---either way I wouldn't be leaving without my shit. I've had enough of meek Darla--she needs to go back on home, remember who the fuck she is and where she comes from, and come back next season bougie as hell with a hot man in tow....and go for joint, if not full, custody of Blu. The Bordelons deserve that for the way they've been treating her. When Hollywood found out he was rich and then immediately proposed to Vi, I was so nervous that one of them was going to fall out due to some medical event during the whole episode. I was just waiting for that soap trope to occur.
  8. @ABay I'm so sorry. Thank you for being his human even when he thought he really didn't need one around. Most feral cats don't get the comfort of a good home for almost 2 decades--he was one of the lucky ones. <Hugs>
  9. After tonight's episode, I am asking myself why I'm watching it. Wrong week for me to see THAT (and you know what I'm referring to). Not a fan of animals being featured on TV shows for that very reason.
  10. Louisiana is an "at-will employment" state, so legally she can fire her for whatever reason. However, as you mentioned, it's not a smart move long-term. Darla is still Blue's mother and needs to provide for him. The Landrys are looking to bring down Queen Sugar Mill anyway they can. What's to stop them from paying off Darla handsomely to bad-mouth the company/Charley on record? The Bordeleon's have already turned their back on her without hearing her side of the story, so there is no reason for her to be loyal anymore. I'm starting to hate how this show is just ignoring real issues for melodrama. They expect me to believe that Charley just accepted that RA is sole heir to the land without putting up a fight? Not a single family member thought about the fact that Darla was an addict back then, and that she wasn't thinking rationally? Not one of them confronted her, at least to get her side of the story? And Darla just stands around all meek, without defending herself? Please. Even daytime soaps have more realistic reactions then this one. They are all going to feel dumb as fuck if a paternity test shows that RA is Blue's father anyway. Regarding Ava's comments about skin complexion/paternity, she's a fucking idiot when it comes to that and definitely needs to take a genetics class.
  11. Yay! I can relate. I had a huge betrayal in my life last week, and it has devastated me. I barely want to get out of bed. I just want to sleep, read and watch a little TV. Last Saturday, was a real low point for me--if it wasn't for this forum as distraction and my cats, I don't know what I'd do.
  12. @riley702 They are gorgeous! Congrats on the new additions!
  13. @GHScorpiosRule Thanks so much! I will definitely need to tune to see Jason and Robin together one last time!
  14. Pet rescue peeve: If I see one more "keyboard crusader" (aka the person who begs everyone else on the FB thread to save a dog/cat but won't contribute money or even share the post) refer to all animal shelter workers as "murderers" I am going to seriously lose my shit. I am having a really horrible week in my personal life (you know its bad when I don't even want to share it here LOL) and I'm scrolling through FB to unwind and I see a friend of friend going on a huge rant about how we are all "killers and murderers". Usually, I bypass these posts with an eyeroll,but I'm extremely emotionally vulnerable right now, so it just pissed me all the way off. Like seriously, how hard is this concept: "Shelter "X" has a mass capacity of say, 300 dogs, and 200 cats. If Shelter "X" gets 600 dogs, and 400 cats within a two week span, where are the extra animals supposed to be housed? How do you justify holding on to people aggressive/feral dog who shits itself at the sight of a human for that long? How do you justify holding a cage for 1 animal aggressive dog when that cage could house 2-3 animal friendly dogs? How do you justify treating a cat that's lost the will to live and is basically dying in its cage in order to keep your euthanasia rate low? I just can't with these idiots. I am all for being low-kill, but no open-admission shelter in a metropolitan area will ever be 100% no kill.Ever.