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  1. Finally got Internet/TV back! Whoo-hoo! I've returned from the Stone Age! My heart goes out to anyone who lives or has relatives in Puerto Rico or the USVI. Between Maria and Irma, this has a been devastating past few weeks for those islanders. Add that in with the Mexican earthquake and the other natural disasters in recent weeks, and its just too overwhelming. Mother Earth is definitely sending a message. Here's hoping that message doesn't fall on deaf ears with the people who need to listen.
  2. So thrilled! I finally got power back on today after 8 days! Still no internet/TV but that's OK because I have my phone and books to read. I want nothing more than to forget last week. I will just say this: I now firmly believe the air conditioner is the greatest and most essential invention known to man...especially if you are a Floridian. On the plus side, my renters insurance is covering my food loss due to spoilage after the storm! Now I just have to wait for Comcast to get around to servicing my area and fixing their frayed cables, which means I probably won't have service till the middle of next year LOL. @bilgistic I'm so happy you are taking a vacation and treating yourself to a little R and R. You've had a rollercoaster of a year and I'm glad you are allowing yourself time to decompress!
  3. So Irma was a hot mess. Even though we only got the outer bands, the storm stayed over my area for almost 36 hours. Lots of downed trees, including a tall palm tree across the street from me that that got tangled up in the electrical wires on its way down. There are 3 downed power poles on my street. No electricity expected in my area until Sunday and that's IF they can repair these poles. The downed palm tree is still there and no one wants to move it. Most of my county's streetlights are out as well. At least I live on the FL east coast. My friend on the west coast told me that Florida Power & Light sent her a text message that she won't have power until Sept. 22! Just wanted to check in with y'all quickly. Looking forward to catching up on posts when things return to normal!
  4. @2727 I feel your pain. I don't freak out about hurricanes, but even I damn near had a panic attack when they said it would come up the middle of the state as a Cat 5. Some parts there have been reports of tornadoes Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and WPB tonight and we are just getting outer bands. And now the storm is slowing down--moving at just 6mph- and so the chances of losing power increase the longer she sits around. I am so hoping to wake up with utilities on tomorrow but not counting on it.
  5. Irma update: Thank goodness (for me) that she shifted west. We are still getting the outer bands of the storm and are on hurricane warning until early Monday. My county put everyone under curfew starting at 4pm. The storm isn't expected to pass us until Sunday PM. Its going to be a LONG 24 hrs. To make everything so much better, when I returned my work truck to retrieve my personal vehicle, my battery stalled (luckily I was able to get a jump) and I have a flat tire. So now I have to deal with that first thing after the storm passes. Not sure how much longer I will still have power...hoping it will stay on but 24 hrs of those wires being ravaged by wind doesn't leave me feeling hopeful. Concerned about my friends on the West Coast of FL....but thankfully she has been downgraded from a Cat 5. Southeast FL really dodged a huge bullet.
  6. @bilgistic I am so, so sorry. Its just been a really shitty past few weeks for a lot of us on this board. I'm glad you got all that extra time with Bilgisticat these past few weeks. I don't think I know more devoted pet owners then you and BASTET. Hugs to you, my friend.
  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry @bilgistic! My thoughts are with you and Bilgisticat tonight.
  8. Of course it will. Evenwhen you ended things with your ex on friendly terms, we all get that little pang of bitterness over seeing them happy with someone else. Like you said, it does tend to remind you of the good times with them. Rationality will return by tomorrow,I'm sure of it.
  9. Your Cheslea and my Diamond could be sisters! Grey tabby owners unite!:
  10. That is so sweet and awesome of you. After a stressful past few days, reading this has restored my faith in humanity! I am ok so far. Luckily my area is just a few blocks west of the evacuation area so I can stay put if I want. I was going to head to my dad's house in the western portion of the county but now it seems Irma is heading west (fingers crossed--sorry west coast Floridians!) so I will wait until tomorrow's advisory to see what I'm actually going to do. A little annoyed that the lantern I ordered on Amazon didn't make it here before the storm but I'll get by without it. Its been extremely hot the past few days, so not looking forward to losing power for weeks on end. No generator at my apartment and landlord doesn't want me to buy my own. Today is going to be a long day. Woke up at 6:30am to get to work by 8am to help transport our animals out of state. Thankfully, secured most of our parking lot outside cats in cages inside the shelter . 2 were no-shows,1 was too elusive to catch. They are traumatized and don't realize its for their own good, poor things. On call all day today--hurricane emergency coverage doesn't begin till tomorrow AM. Will try to wake up early as possible tomorrow to return my work vehicle. Will definitely post here after the storm (and maybe during the storm if I can) to let y'all know what's what. To all my fellow FL peeps, be safe. One way or another, this is going to affect the whole state. Agreed.
  11. LOL As if anyone watching this show doesn't know that Roseanne is BSC. Do they not realize that we watched Season 9 and are fully aware how BSC she get?! We love the show despite her flaws.Erasing 6 years of Tweets is pointless.
  12. Well at least the second part is guaranteed. Boss let us go an hour early tonight, so I went to the laundromat earlier than expected. So glad that I was able to go around 10:30p instead of midnight, like I planned. At 10:30pm there was just 3 people there. As I was getting ready to leave around midnight, 5 cars showed up. Guess we all thought no one would be there at that hour, and everyone ended up showing up LOL.
  13. @DeLurker I am waiting for that to play out too. I am disgusted at all the overbuilding. Should be interesting to see how the newer complexes fare out. We had a rash of heavy rains earlier this summer that flooded Sawgrass Mill mall and it was forced to close for 3 days. It will be interesting to see what happens when we get any part of this storm. Luckily I'm in central Ft. Lauderdale, living in a quadplex that was built in the '50s, so I know my building has been tried and tested through multiple storms. We got hurricane impact windows installed 2 years ago, so those aren't a worry and I'm so glad to not have to put up shutters. A little concerned about getting roof damage, and the two trees in my yard falling, but not going to worry too much over things I can't control. Just hoping the 24 hr laundromat isn't flooded with people when I get off work tonight, so I can get my laundry done before the storm comes. Glad I stocked up on water Fri before the mad rush. The cats have food and litter for up to two weeks. Went to the bank last night and got some cash. I probably could have brought more canned goods, but honestly, I hate eating that stuff and didn't want to get too much of items I would never eat otherwise. Gas tank is filled. Now its all a wait-and-see. Work is going to be chaotic the next few days. Our local Humane Society just took in dogs from Harvey, and now they are shipping those dogs/cats plus their own to a shelter in California so they can take in dogs/cats from the Keys. Those poor Harvey animals are being uprooted yet again---poor things. My shelter has suspended adoptions and is only taking in strays at the moment. No owner surrenders,which will create havoc for the people trying to get rid of their pets prior to the storm. Sigh...just gotta get through to next week when the storm will be over.
  14. Irma is a no-win situation. I am glad that Irma seems not to be headed towards the Gulf since they just don't need it. Of course, I don't want a direct hit in my area so I'm praying for a sharp turn up the east coast into the Atlantic. However, then that would mean it would pose a threat to the Carolinas, and I would feel horrible that my (online and real life) friends would be getting hit with it.Like BooksRule said, why couldn't this storm just stay out in the ocean?!
  15. Well, thanks to Harvey,everyone in South Florida is in a panic over Irma. I've never seen anything like it. We are usually notorious for waiting until the last minute for supplies. The storm hasn't even reached the islands yet and water is sold out everywhere, lines are around the corner at gas stations, and plywood and generators are sold out everywhere. This kind of hysteria is only seen usually when the storm is within the 3 day cone, not the 5 day cone. Last year, I was able to get gas quickly and other supplies at the gas station when Matthew was right off the coast. Highly doubt that will be the case this year. I just spent 30 minutes waiting at the pump--5 days before the storm may possibly hit. I guess its because Irma is a cat 5 and will possibly hit as a cat 4. Still praying for a swift turn where it barely goes up the Gulf Coast. Ugh. At least I have hurricane impact windows, some canned goods, water and a full tank. Just need go to the laundromat at some point before Friday and the bank and I'll be as prepared as I can be.