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  1. S02.E06: Double Dutch 2018.07.15

    I agree.They have Desna acting like Dr. Ruval was her only shot of happiness, and he then betrayed her to work with/screw around with a white woman. The two of them laughing last week like Desna is some ugly idiot really pissed me off. Like "She really believes you wanted to marry HER?HAHAHAHA" made me sick. In reality, Desna/Niecy has a body that won't quit, and on paper is a successful small business owner (I mean, the shop is still running and doing good business). There is no reason why Desna wouldn't have a ton of single men lined up around the block to be with her, and there has to be a decent fish or two in the sea,even in Palmetto. I think Ruval is double-crossing Zlata, but I don't care. He's still a POS that isn't fit to like Desna's bootstraps.
  2. S02.E06: Double Dutch 2018.07.15

    Yes, that was Niecy's daughter playing Teen Desna. Niecy's daughter is definitely her twin, and Niecy's HER mom's twin. Strong maternal genes in that family. I loved the Mrs. Wallace scenes too. I also don't get the communal property thing with Ruval and Desna. Desna doesn't really have shit on her own, it doesn't make sense. I feel like they can crank down the white trashiness between Jen and Bryce by a couple notches now. They are pushing them way over-the-top this season. Not looking forward to the Hank The Stalker crap. Oh, Quiet Ann.......Bless your heart.
  3. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    I guess that because last week was his episode to shine, we only got like 5 minutes of Pray Tell this week. Which would be fine if this season wasn't only 8 episodes long. Boo! Even though Stan stuck out like a sore thumb at the ball scene anyway, that night's particular theme probably just pushed him over the edge sooner than he was expecting. Damn Stan, you could've given Angel the place for the rest of the month before clearing it out and placing all her stuff in a garbage bag. Cold af. Loved the "My Two Dads" clip and that Stan's boss was unbothered by the fist fight--of course, he would love/approve of such antics. I also loved Shannon's "Let The Music Play" in the background. I was wondering if/when it was going to show up on this series. That song is forever my jam. Well, Electra, you can't say he didn't warn you. Men with money and power will never have a shortage of women looking to fulfill their fantasies for the right price. The fact that he replaced her with someone younger and lighter was not lost on me either. Just another kick in the face. Someone as street savvy as her should have known better. Now I'm scared for Angel's life. Why is she on the piers and not at the peep show?! I'm afraid that she is going to get in the car with wrong person and get hurt or worse. Go back to the peep shows, Angel!
  4. S03.E08 Come, Clad in Peace 2018.07.18

    Never mind. I was confused about the episode title but a Google search tells me that all the episode titles come from a Maya Angelou poem. How very Oprah.
  5. Pet Peeves

    This peeve combines two of my peeves in one: blatant liars and shitty drivers. I was on my way to work in my ACO truck as I was on call last night. I was driving straight and all of a sudden this idiot (talking on her phone of course) turns into my lane from the left and cuts me off within inches of hitting me. No one was behind me so I know she did it on purpose. I honked my horn and she brake-checked me. The next lane was clear as well as in front of her so I swerve around her to get away from her. I go on my merry way, go to the next left turning lane, when the next jackass going straight decides he wants to turn left at the last minute and also cuts me of within inches. So I also gave him a quick honk to say "Hey, watch it". I get to work and find out the first idiot filled a complaint, saying I was driving recklessly in and out of lanes, didn't use a turn signal (I did) , and that I was honking aggressively, expecting everyone to get out of my way.Two quick honks to say "Watch it" is not aggressive. I explained what happened, and he agreed that it was likely was a set up between both parties to try to cause an accident with a county vehicle. I WISH the county would put dash cams in our trucks as its our word against these idiots, who are usually too busy on their phone to pay attention to the road. I'm so annoyed with having to defend myself when I'm the careful and present driver.
  6. S02.E05: Vaginalologist 2018.07.08

    I think it's the latter. I think that Ruval initially showed interest in Desna so that eventually she would come to work for the Haitians. He could see that Desna is a loyal,hardworking solider and that is a valuable asset. Between Uncle Daddy bitching about and Desna likely praising/admiring Zlata, it piqued his interest in her.
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    And a tailor. He always looks like he slept in his suit the night before.
  8. S03.E07 Study War No More

    OK, so Darla is 100% a better person than I am (or maybe just more of a doormat) because there is no way I would have let RA just drive off giving me the stinkface at the corner store. I would've called out to Blue and introduced myself to Trinh, all while pretty much ignoring RA. Darla needs to go to the courts STAT to work out this custody agreement. I also don't see why Blue had to stay all day and night at an adult family member's birthday party. Blue could have wished happy birthday to Vi and then went off with his mother after about an hour or so visit. RA was just being his usual POS self...ugh. Remy is another one that makes me sick. When he stood in front of the sink, I wanted to grab those glasses from Nova, fill them up with water and dump it all over his pathetic head. He really has no shame, going from one sister to the next. Why is Nova not questioning his insistence on weaseling his way into this family? I've been Hollywood in a May/December romance myself. Its not easy when you are trying to create life experiences with a partner that's been there, done that and has more than a little bitterness in them. Hollywood's mom is on point. Hollywood really needs to take some time to think about what life experiences he's willing to miss out on in order to be with Vi. The prison reveal is not shocking but realistic and heartbreaking. I like the twist for storyline purposes as it gets the whole family involved. I really hope the Bordelons win this David vs. Goliath battle. Sadly, I see no chemistry between Romero and Charley. I do hope she continues to play the field though. I also hope she slaps Nova upside the head one good time for even entertaining the thought of Remy.
  9. Pose in the Media

    I'm so happy! I need my Billy Porter/Pray Tell fix! One season isn't enough.
  10. Pet Peeves

    @bilgistic If it was at all possible, I'd offer to swap you with my neighbor. I'd love to send my neighbor to your apartment so he can deal with all the noise. If you were my neighbor, you'd be in sunny South FL living in a quadplex with 3 other quiet people and no dogs, smoking, etc. We could sit outside on our patios and have daily bitch sessions about all the rude jerks, dumb drivers, etc. My neighbor has a huge tree (it's truly beautiful) that blocks his view of our block and you'd get to see squirrels, birds, and our neighborhood stray cats all stopping by for a visit to sit on/underneath the tree's shade.
  11. Pet Peeves

    There is no sexual element to my neighbor's harassment as he is firmly gay. He is abusive to everyone around him because he never got therapy for his own self-hate. From the phone conversations I've had no choice but to overhear as he has all his calls on speaker, he is a staunch Catholic that hates his own homosexuality. He also has health issues and is homebound, so the going-ons of his neighbors is his only source of entertainment. Did I also mention that he is a racist? When I first moved in, he loved the fact that we are both from Italian descent and was very kind and neighborly. Once he found out most of my inner circle consists of people of color, all the BS started. He is just a rotten apple, through and through.
  12. S02.E05: Vaginalologist 2018.07.08

    I really hope that the show doesn't go down the usual soap trope of "Getting shot made him realize that Jen is important to him and will call off the divorce". If anything, this should reinforce to both of them how dangerous Zlata/their lifestyle is, and Jen should take the kids and get the hell out of Palmetto for awhile. Polly is exhausting, I couldn't imagine having to live with that. I would have told her off early on. Its not loveable or cute after awhile.
  13. S01.E06: Love Is the Message 2018.07.08

    I cant believe I almost slept on this show. Tonight's episode was amazing and both it and Billy Porter deserve an Emmy nom. I'm 35 and was just a infant/toddler during the worst of the crisis, so I love that the show is teaching my generation what it was really like and what folks really went through. I feel for those in Pray Tell's generation that had to live with the idea that HIV/AIDs would kill every one off before the disease became manageable. I was privileged enough to really come of age in the mid-to-late 90s when information, treatment, and resources were available almost everywhere. I think this is a really important show for both straight and LGBTQ youth to learn from. I also love that Stan isn't blaming Angel for his marital problems. I was so afraid that he was going to attack her. I am glad hes exploring his sexuality.
  14. S02.E05: Vaginalologist 2018.07.08

    Damn Densa. I knew she would likely find out about Ruval after the proposal but didn't think it would be like that. When shit goes down, maybe Desna and Ann will be cell buddies and can commiserate over their betrayals together. In other news, Vanilla Bryce's storyline has reached its zenith for me so I'm meh on whether he lives or dies.
  15. Pet Peeves

    Update: She made him remove the floodlight and put in a regular lightbulb. It's still kind of extra bright but not glaring like yesterday. I have to tread carefully with complaints as I am month to month and he is on a lease. She treads carefully with him because he is disabled and she is afraid of an ADA lawsuit. I love my place otherwise so I brought a face mask for the smoking and earplugs for the noise. I think part of the reason I'm paying $850/mo for an apartment now worth over $1200 is for tolerating this jackass. However, the minute he puts his floodlight in again, I will be going to Code Enforcement.