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  1. A friend posted this on FB so I'm sharing here. Diamond is addicted to Temptations, so today begins the work of weaning her off of them. Sharing here for all cat owners. Apparently, cats are getting sick and dying from these treats.
  2. That was so annoying to me. I am an Animal Control Officer, and aggressive dogs are not always killed to be tested for rabies. The dogs have to be showing symptoms and/or die within a quarantine period for it to be tested, in my state at least. Sending specimens to the Dept of Health lab to be tested is not cheap. Also, aggressive dogs won't be distracted by cheeseburgers if a human is looking like a whole meal to them. Um, I'm guessing not, based on the previews. This is show is completely outlandish, so I am going to just bask in the gorgeousness that is Angela Bassett until it gets cancelled. It's not like anything else is on anyway.
  3. This. I'm giving the show the benefit of the doubt because of this alone.
  4. @bilgistic They actually went to a rescue a couple weeks ago. The rescue is still working on socializing them enough so they can be adopted out, I think.
  5. Man, could that girl be Sara's real life daughter or what?! She's the perfect mix of David and Darlene, looks-wise. I am going to reserve judgement on Becky until the revival actually airs. Yay! The chicken shirt! And LOL at Rosie and Dan still sharing that little bed. Not going to let Roseanne being a Trump supporter ruin the show for me. I will try to drown out the politics or FF any political conversations if I find them offensive or annoying.
  6. I'm fine with Jerry being retconned out of existence. He was only added to explain away Roseanne's real life pregnancy. I haven't heard any casting news about Andy---perhaps they will write it as Jackie and Andy don't have much of a relationship or something. Hard to believe Andy would already be 24!
  7. They really did look fantastic and they still have great chemistry! It must be the lighting in the promos that made John look not well to some people.
  8. Be careful where you get your Fake Uggs from, also (articles are not for the squeamish, putting it in spoilers):
  9. I'm solely here for Angela Bassett. It wasn't the worst pilot I've ever seen, but it wasn't good, for all the reasons that were mentioned above. Hoping it gets better along the way.
  10. I drive around my county for a living. I can assure you that their are more people texting/video chatting/Facebooking while driving than not. Its scary and definitely makes you think of the pros of self-driving cars. I've even seen the truck drivers in the big rigs do it and swerve all over the highway. Its insane how addicted people are to their phones.
  11. This is standard South Fl driving. They even pull out with very little distance between your car and theirs--many times I just miss hitting them by inches. My other favorite is when people turning right when drivers on the other side of the intersection have the green light on the left turning lane. I just love being mid-turn and having some idiot turn right without looking and then having to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting them.
  12. I didn't dislike it; just felt like the cookie thing was played out by that point.
  13. My New Years Eve date last night and the one whose head and cheeks I kissed at midnight <3
  14. I heard fireworks until about 3:00am but I was in such a blah mood I didn't really care. I was just hoping to fall asleep and get the night over with already.