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  1. All About Unhappiness

    Believe me, I know exactly what you mean. It took me awhile to open up myself. I can relate to the physical illness putting that extra strain on your mental health. I almost had a breakdown a few weeks ago due to persistent back pain. If you feel more comfortable with one-on-one-conversations, I'm available via PM as well. :)
  2. All About Unhappiness

    Welcome @Bookish Jen! The folks in this Everything Else forum area have been the kindest, most non-judgemental folks and have helped me work through some of my issues surrounding my depression. Feel free to share what ever you feel comfortable sharing.
  3. S01.E09: Trapped

    See, now Angela Bassett and Aisha Hinds know how to sell a predictable TV trope. With any other set of actresses, I would have just smiled through out the whole handcuff scene. With Angela and Aisha, the chemistry is so great and authentic that I actually straight out laughed. That whole scene was too awesome. I knew when they started with the musical montage at the end that it was over for Abby's mother. I'm kind of relieved that storyline's over.
  4. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    90's Rapper Craig Mack died of heart failure at 46 last night. This was his best known hit: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/bad-boy-rapper-craig-mack-has-passed-away-news.45574.html?_amp 46 is way too young. RIP Mr. Mack.
  5. S08.E11: Dead or Alive Or

    Wow...barely a page of posts. Just last season we would already on page 3 an hour after the episode ended. The ship, she indeed is sinking.... I hate Tara. Such a useless and pointless character. I can't stand Alanna's smugness about still being a cast member while far more interesting characters and better actors have left/been written out of the show. How the fuck is Tara still around and not Carl? So annoying. All I can say is that The Walking Dead is slowly inching closer to surpassing Sleepy Hollow when it comes to being a prime example of How to Royally Fuck Up a Good Thing and Piss Off Your Loyal Fanbase. AMC should cancel TWD now to save face, but it won't. I am cringe-watching this thing from now until the bittersweet end.
  6. Just because someone is older than you doesn't make them necessarily more mature than you. Work is just paid high school for adults.
  7. Roseanne Revival

    That sounds about right to me. I picture Dan as one of those "What do I need a smartphone for?" type guys. Especially given how overpriced they are nowadays, I just don't see Dan/Roseanne seeing it as worth the expense.
  8. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Aww. Yup, that just hit my nostalgic sweet spot. I love that Dan and Roseanne are laughing in unison this time. And I'm glad we're back to the rotating-the-camera-around-the- table credits. I didn't care for the morphing pictures opening credits.
  9. Post Your Pet Photos & Pet Discussion

    It's unusually cool weather for March here, and Ella wants you all to know that I'm the worst pet parent ever because I will not let her outside to frolic in my front yard. Somehow its my fault that she lost her privileges due to the fact that she decided that she was going to experiment with playing chicken with cars the last time I let her out (she used to just sunbathe on my porch). She has been meowing at me in protest every 5 minutes for the last 5 hours. My usual "go to bed Ella" routine when she gets worked up like this isn't working. I have a cat harness and leash for her, but just didn't feel up to sitting outside with her tonight. The windows are open but she's not satisfied with window watching tonight. Cats are such divas, smh.
  10. Chit-Chat

    Meanwhile, its been a perfectly gorgeous "cool" 70 degrees without a cloud in sight here the past few days. Before you all hate me, just remember I have to deal with the quintessential "Florida Man" in various forms daily. I also have to navigate getting to and from my destinations somehow while trying to avoid being run off the road by some clueless elderly tourist or some idiot text/videochatting while "driving". The pros and cons level themselves out.
  11. S01.E08: Karma's a Bitch

    I loved the play on the Cecil the Lion story. That may have been my favorite television storyline in recent months. I knew Hen's adultery would come back to bite her. She didn't bother to help the ex out with her parole hearing, but had no problem sleeping with her the 1st minute she came calling. Did she really think the ex wouldn't be bitter over that? I'm glad that Athena is filing for divorce and attempting to move on.
  12. Pet Peeves

    Not just a SV thing, sadly. It peeves me when I walk into an empty Starbucks or Chipotle and the workers don't even acknowledge me (sometimes for over 5 minutes or longer) because they are working on online/mobile orders. Some that have even come in AFTER I'd been standing there, waiting to be helped. Why rush to service a customer who isn't even in the building yet vs getting the single in-person customer out of the way? I especially do not see the point of the Starbucks mobile app--won't the hot drink be lukewarm or the cold drink diluted/melty by the time you arrive? Plus, I like watching the barista make my drink to ensure its made to my liking. YMMV, of course.
  13. It depends on how much the lie matters to you and how much you care about maintaining a relationship with the person in question. I've feigned ignorance and pretended to accept the lie before, but it always backfires on me because I'm the type of person who would dwell on it and let if affect me until I eventually blow up and call them out on it anyway. If you can't cut the person out of your life, its just best to try to approach them calmly and rationally to expose their lie. Try to remain matter-of-fact and emotionless. If you think that you would be placing yourself in danger by confronting them, then bide your time and waiting until your safe to do so.
  14. Chit-Chat

    Thanks!! I was wondering what the scam was all about. Yeah, I paid outright for my little jalopy so I have no plans on trading it in for a more current jalopy that comes with a car payment. I'm good.
  15. Chit-Chat

    I got a phone call today from a used car dealership in my area. The message stated that they have a customer looking for "a vehicle like the one your driving" and they were hoping to speak to me ASAP because they are willing to overpay me for my car. They also texted my phone with the same information. I'm hoping they have the wrong number, otherwise I find it completely hilarious that they expect me to believe my car (a white 2002 Hyundai Sonata with 106,000 miles on it) is in hot demand. Especially in city like Ft. Lauderdale, where people place high importance in driving flashy, expensive cars.