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  1. I definitely agree with that. Like I said she her fashion is a fruitcake and it needs to be deconstructed so you can see all the pretty elements. There is a picture of her on Instagram in head to toe Gucci and 3 crossbody bags. Individually they are all really pretty and special pieces but she looks a little clownish wearing them all at once
  2. More than willing to share!!
  3. I guess I'm an ugly American because I'm not choking down food I don't want. I would not make rude comments or faces but I see nothing wrong with a simple polite "no thank you." Plenty of people come to this country and nag and complain about our ways our customs our food - how come they are not "ugly foreigners" I think it works both ways. I know how I am with food so when we travel out of the country we stick to hotels that advertise "American breakfast" (yes there are places who do that to attract us ugly Americans) and foods I find familiar and comforting. After spending thousands of dollars on travel and accommodations I am not about to ruin my vacation by experimenting with food so I won't hurt someone's feelings whom I will never see again. I did eat one snail in China that tasted like pasta!
  4. Agreed. I can get a little militant and part of me is upset because these HW who really don't always deserve my defense LMAO .. I'm all for snark but there are always a few racial undertones (intentional or not) that comes across with the Atlanta women. I've heard "ghetto, nappy head, horse hair" just to name a few and while I generally enjoy the jokes and laughter of the board I would feel remiss to read those type of words in reference to black women and say nothing even though that is probably the best course of action.
  5. Ponytail is a hairstyle worn by women from all walks of life. Like I said I FIND it offensive - only speaking for me. Horse hair is generally used to describe weave in a black women's hair that people find unattractive or its obvious it's not hers. I'm moving on. You can call it whatever you please nothing I can do to stop you.
  6. I guess I'm alone on this island but I would love to get my hands on Marlo's luggage. Her ugly personality aside she be serving some looks that I love. I do wish I could see what she would do without all the labels. But that Fendi sweater and those pumps last night? I was here for it .. I will walk of shame myself to another thread.
  7. Understood. Black women get so much grief and negative connotations associated with their bodies their mannerisms their hair. Colorful hair on an AA woman - clown and ghetto. Kylie Jenner wears a green wig and she is "setting a trend." Hair is either 100% human hair or its synthetic (like braid hair) and meant to but used temporary and cannot be manipulated with styling products and heat. More than likely Eva was wearing crochet braids where rows of hair is pre-braided then sewn on to her natural hair. That is probably not individual braids in her hair. It probably is a lot of work but I find it odd that if a woman is black all of sudden long hair presents all sorts of problems when other women have hair to their ass and not only is it never compared to ANY ANIMALS HAIR no one seems to find it gross and uncomfortable. *hop off soapbox*
  8. No offense but it really pisses me off when people refer to black women's weave/extensions as "horsetail" or "horsehair" Braids are only heavy the first few days after installation and a ponytail as sleek and thin as Marlo's is not heavy at all nor is it made of horse
  9. Yes. Every last one of them. Way too many examples to choose from. This behavior is not unique to the black ladies. I will say from my personal point of view, the black ladies make more of an effort to tolerate each other.
  10. She into exactly what they said she into except she didn't want Porsha LMAO She turning urine into lemonade - chiiilllle I'm not here for it but I will read the comments, talk about it and follow the hashtags
  11. Of all the franchises I think fame has changed the Atlanta cast the most and in the most negative way. It makes the show hard to watch knowing they are all just jocking for their next gig (Nene), slapping their name on something for money (Porsha, Cynthia) or trying to sell tickets to a concert no one asked for (Sharami, Kandi). Every other franchise that fake a trip at least give it a fake purpose (charity, magazine, business venture, concert) but for Eva to just say "I'm taking everyone to Tokyo" as if she just got it like that. Bravo can't even come up with real reasons for these women to spend any time together Porsha is 97 types of crazy out of 100..but I really wish Kandi would move on. You don't like her and you don't care if Dennis is shady or has ill intentions. You are 100% in this so you can watch the eventual downfall of the entire relationship. At least own that part. Porsha's reaction aside, it was an idiotic set up whether you were aware of it ahead of time or not. I just don't understand why she continues to water a plant then yell and scream about how she does not want it to grow. I'm also calling B.S. on how the lie Phaedra put out about the sex dungeon was affecting her, her brand and her career. I've never seen someone revel in these type of charges. Saying she is going to take shade and get paid?! First of Miss I CAN'T TALK UNLESS MY TEETH ARE TOUCHING how is sexual assault charges reduced to being "shade?" She didn't take those lies seriously and neither did anyone else. And now she is using it to make money which is just gross.
  12. True Life

    Agreed. At this point people are way too aware of what being on television could potentially mean so it all seems so calculated and scripted. None of it seems authentic
  13. True Life

    I personally suspect the 17 year old is an emotional blackmailer. I can see him threatening to harm himself /using his sexuality to guilt his parents. They seems loving, supportive and exhausted. Especially the father. Their kid is a jerk and that handful of ass should not have cost $8,000.00 The military wife - her ass should have been the least of her worries. The hair, the junkie apartment, the clothes. She had several struggles that should take precedence over getting butt surgery. I did want to get a spoon and eat up those beautiful babies of hers Instagram model - let me just say this - I have a big butt. Mine is DNA and squats just like hers. If I had to choose between not having one and having one I would choose my big ol' booty. Yes, lots of men like "giant asses." My body may not be attractive to everyone but I'm working with what I was given. I agree buying one is beyond ridiculous and 100% of women with FAKE giant asses look ridiculous. But I'm not going to knock or fault the girl because of her body just like I wouldn't body shame someone who was thin. In the urban market, I can see where she is making money. Most black men that I know prefer a "healthier" looking woman with curves and a butt. There are exceptions of course My hubby (who is white) once wrote me a love letter with a top 10 list of reasons he loves me and #1 was "DAT ASS" hahahaha