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  1. Agreed. By far the worse reunion looks of all time.
  2. LOL - I understand your reasoning but honestly reading some of the post their feelings don't seem like they come from a place of snark and sarcasm. It's just reeks to see comments like "speak English" "she sound ghetto" etc .. that has nothing to do with snark and ..... You know what; wrong board moving on
  3. I'm really over everyone picking apart these black women's English. We get it - they don't "talk real good." They mispronounce words and use "and I" incorrectly. They are on a reality show and in reality a lot of people speak this way. I can't imagine walking around interrupting conversations to correct someone's English. Ranking in order of you look lovely to chiiiillllleeee Karen (too much boob) Candiace (not sure why she wore those 1st Thanksgiving Air 3's on her feet), Robin (from the neck up), Monique, Ashley (look as if she just climbed out of bed) and CHIIIIIILLLEEEE great value I Dream of Gizelle - she looked the hottest of messes
  4. I think he looks very handsome and she looks beautiful. People should look how they want on their own wedding day. As someone getting married soon I have to keep in mind that my wedding day style is MY STYLE. I've been to weddings where the clothing was not my taste but then I had to tell myself "well it's not your wedding." I treat brides like babies - just can't bring myself to see an ugly one *Kayne shrug* My marriage is also interracial and no it is not accepted everywhere although no one who has an issue with it can give me a clear intelligent response as to why or how it affects them personally. That being said no one is looking to Chris and Candiace as the patron saints of interracial marriage *insert eye roll*
  5. Watching Bethenny and Carol's friendship implode and the absolute glee and pleasure the other women are having soaking it all in is extremely uncomfortable to watch.
  6. And that blooming onion had the nerve to walk over the other ladies and say how rude Ray was to him. His air of superiority over Ray was a disgusting display and it was equally gross of who ever put him up to that nonsense. I thought he was about to ask Ray to see his signed freedom papers.
  7. Alexa please send someone over to revive me HAHAHAHAHAHAA
  8. The two most doable men on this show is Robin's brother and Juan's dad. Personalities aside in order of good lookingness/bangability, since we are always on the how the ladies look - allow me to rank the men Robin's brother Juan's dad Juan Chris Samuels Michael White Chris Black Bill Gates Sherman
  9. All Episodes Talk

    I'm always amazed when Tami claim Evelyn is jealous of her and people who co-sign that nonsense. Not once has Evelyn ever tried to be friends with Tami; it was always the other way around. This whole debacle is 100% on Tami.
  10. S05.E08: The Bubble 2018.07.31

    Oh thank goodness. I thought it was just me because my thought was "when did Pauline find out about Charles and Liza" Also, SWOOOON. I mean just SWOON. *insert witty engaging comment here* And because it can't be said enough SWOON
  11. All Episodes Talk

    Well that was a waste of time filler episode If Tami turns down her proposal, I wonder if Reggie will give her her money back that he spent on the ring She better learn from Sherri Shepard and not give that man financial security for 18 years all wrapped up in a diaper Malaysia's kids are aesthetically challenged
  12. S05.E07: A Christmas Miracle 2018.07.24

    I don't really mind Kelsey but I hated the way she threw Liza's lie in her face to justify what she was doing; own your shit. If you felt good about your decisions, there would be no need to justify your actions thru someone else's misdeeds. I can't stand people like that.
  13. S05.E07: A Christmas Miracle 2018.07.24

    As an aging housewife, if you're going to fall in love, might as well be with a rich prince. Liza's marriage fell apart as well and if I recall correctly, Charles wife walked out on him, not the other way around.
  14. Yeah she was doing so well but I dont blame her for wanting Tamara to own some of it..
  15. I know she probably didn't mean it and will not live up to the words and I will let everyone finish but Vicki Gulvalson had the best apology of all times. It had all the things an apology should be - acknowledgement, remorse and restitution with not an "if I hurt you" in sight *insert clapping emoji"