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  1. I admired that Chris took his wife's side and I also admired Monique for wanting to fix it; not wanting Chris not speaking to his mom and although her and that Whitney Houston last week of life week needed to be read for filth. I can't stand when old people use being old as an excuse for nasty behavior.
  2. I thought Chris called Candiace a racial slur by the way she put on that Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice performance. How can you get mad when someone calls you a name you call yourself? Where they do that at? What she said to him was unforgivable. Gizelle is the Lela Rochon character in Waiting to Exhale/Charlotte from Sex and the City. She 100% thought Sherman should be grateful to have her by his side; that she is some sort of prize based on nothing but her looks. She seems like the type that wants people to think "how did he snag her" But as the old saying goes, no matter how beautiful a woman is somewhere in the world is a man tired of putting up with her bullshit. Sherman appeared on a reality show with her but mad over a picture in People Magazine? OK girl, let's run with the story to cut down on your humiliation.
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    I just don't think she's attractive. Like at all. Her or CeCe
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    This affliction is called "this is the only place currently cutting me a check" Jennifer has what is known in reality TV as a good work ethic: 1. Show up dressed to impressed at any and all events to which there will be cameras no matter how insignificant 2. Find a non-legitimate reason to confront someone once you arrive 3. Make sure the target has no idea you have an issue with them 4. Bring back up 5. Have selective amnesia 6. No self awareness 7. Be sure to kick in a few buzz words i.e. circle, loyalty, having my back, petty, shade, messy, bone collector, grown woman, throwing under the bus 8. When you are leaving or in your TH segment be sure to reiterate how you don't have time for this type of behavior because of how busy you are with your brand, running your business etc. and vow to just ignore that person the next time you are in the same space. 9. Call the person a few days later to meet for lunch and rehash what happened and resolve nothing. If you can, make the situation worse 10. The next time you see that person, repeat steps 1 thru 9
  5. Charisse looked like such a fool with that guy who looked like he keeps all in f'cks in a vault and it was a bank holiday.
  6. I'm getting married in a museum right before Christmas so it's already decorated SCORE! Flower budget is $200 - my bouquet and 3 bridesmaids. When my niece got married, my sister spent about $5,000 on flowers and the bulk of them went in the trash. I was heartbroken for her. To alleviate some of her pain, me and other family members took home a centerpiece so it could die with dignity in our houses LOL. We couldn't take it all.
  7. I'm doing that two fingers to my eye to your eye thing to let you know we on the same page LOL
  8. Thank you!! :) I'm still convinced one of the main reasons she is with Chris The Sequel is because he is white and she think it somehow makes her special or superior. My husband to be is of the Caucasian persuasion and I have a friend whose young daughter (she's about 22) is also dating a fair skinned gentlemen. She behaves like Candiace. Always leading off with him being white, saying silly things about him being white etc. The first time I met him she said "Aunt Faye, look I have me a white boy too" *FACEPALM* I just gently explained to her that surely there is more to him than just being white and how would she feel if he introduced her to his friends as "his little black girl."
  9. I get that part. I just don't get why everyone is having such a hard time believing her mother is of means and she can't afford to give her the wedding. Her coming off as a spoiled little rich girl is off-putting to some but if your mother is giving you that type of money for a wedding you are a spoiled little rich girl When my daughter got married I paid almost $20,000.00 for their wedding (nowhere NEAR Candiace's budget but it was still an absolutely lovely wedding.) She didn't want the money. She wanted a wedding. I had the money - she got a wedding. Now I'm getting married (YAY!) and my fiance is paying for the wedding. Even though he has been married before it's my first marriage and he wants me to have a nice wedding. We could do other things with the money but I also want a nice wedding. Again, it's not $165,000 but it's a significant sum of money. It's not that unusual and since I guess I'm guilty of the same behavior as Mother Candy I'm just viewing under a different lens. I never go to anyone's wedding and think in my head of all the other things they could be doing with that money. Just give me my chicken and cake and live happily ever after LOL
  10. I see a lot more than $165,000 being spent on weddings. If her mother can afford it and want to give it to her daughter for a wedding I'm really not seeing the problem. Every single dollar I spend on hanging out, shopping, vacations, nice meals etc COULD BE put towards something else. I'm sure there are people in line at Starbucks every morning who are behind on a bill yet there they are ..
  11. I'm not saying they organized and chaired anything, I'm saying they were at events for legitimate charities. While Robyn's event was nothing more than motivational speaking with food and drinks.
  12. Robyn has a lot of nerve talking about Karen when her "empowerment" event was nothing but a money grab. Exactly what did she do other than stand there and talk about her life story? I'm not empowered by hearing how broke you used to be. That's what blogs are for. How dreadful honey. At least Karen and Monique events were for actual charities.
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    So Tami can make jokes about Evelyn but if Evelyn make jokes about Tami it's because she's a fan? No one on this show possess any self awareness