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  1. What I loved about it is that there's so much history there. It took them a long time to be able to call themselves friends because of all the shit that went down. And you just realize how much JJ has grown up. Gabi going full evil is hilarious. This feels so RC.
  2. Honestly, I saw a touring version of Cats and I thought it was total shit. Maybe I needed to have been a little kid when I saw it? "Memory" is pretty much the only worthwhile song in that musical. Everything else feels like I'm having some kind of 80's acid flashback.
  3. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Don't forget watching his own brother die from AIDS.
  4. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    I remember someone saying in the Superman thread that apparently, Zach Synder wants to Superman to basically boil down to a monotone roid rage jock who can just barely keep himself in check. Which is definitely how Henry has been playing it, but my question is why? Like, seriously? I don't get it. I don't get why you would take Superman, who's supposed to stand for truth, justice, and the American Way, and then turn him into whatever these past two movies have turned him into it. Did they really go the foam muscle route for Zachary Levi? Pretty funny. They were going to do that with Christopher Reeve but he thought it would look stupid so he just agreed to gain the muscle instead.
  5. I really thought that the little girl in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was going to be Laura Dern's daughter. The photo album seemed to show a little blond girl toddler in the early 1970's, which would be about right for Laura Dern's age.
  6. Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

    Did the stabbing scene remind anyone else of the slapping scene from Airplane? Just like more melodramatic?
  7. You mean King Arthur. And yes, it was ridiculous.
  8. If I'm being really honest, I feel like I was over watching movies about gay men getting tortured/punish/dying for being gay a good 10 years ago. That is pretty much what I loved about Call Me By Your Name- it managed to be Oscar bait about non-straight people and it managed to avoid 1.) gaybashing 2.) angsty outings 3.) gay conversion camps, 4.) gay suicide or suicide attempts, and 5.) Death by AIDS. (Or in the case of a movie called the Trip, death by diabetes.) The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which reps the lesbian side, seems to have a bit more levity but I've developed this weird aversion to Chloe Grace Moretz. I'll probably wind up giving both movies a shot but we'll see. Honestly, I feel like even that wouldn't have been enough. The reasoning is sound but the trans movement is REALLY heated right now. I know a draq queen who got booted from his show at a coffeehouse in Philadelphia because he wore a beard in character and a trans barista found that transphobic and refused to even talk to him about it, I feel like some are just too far heated to respond to logic. Another interesting twist to that whole debacle are the subset of lesbians who feel like they're getting "erased" by the trans movement and that ScarJo's character was a butch lesbian, not a trans man and it's revisionist history/lesbian erasure to pretend otherwise. Boy Meets Girl was another movie about a trans woman played by a trans woman that got completely ignored as well. A Fantastic Woman does seem like it's been well-received (it won the Best Foreign Film Academy Award) but it also only made about 3 million at the box office.
  9. Race and Ethnicity in the Movies

    When I was watching The First Purge, I thought, "Of COURSE the black female lead has lighter brown skin and pretty European facial features." Man, I've been reading this thread too much. It did stand out to me though given that the movie is making a statement about racism yet they made sure to cast a girl who's just black enough for the street cred but not so black that she looks too far away from Western beauty stands.
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    Pocohantas was basically the last Disney movie I gave a shit about. By 1997 I was pretty much all about the WB as well as teen horror movies so I didn't really catch the late 90's era of Disney. Even now the only recent animated movies I liked were Inside Out and Zootopia.
  11. Movie Star Crushes

    Well, damn. It looks like Tab Hunter passed away on July 9th at the age of 86. Happy trails, handsome.
  12. Matthew Rhys is set to play Tom Junod in the Fred Rogers biopic. The real Tom Junod looks a lot like Joaquin Phoenix but I'm guessing they didn't want to deal with the actor's eccentricities.
  13. That was just a joke about how they treated Andrea like a sexless granny except for the time she got knocked because the real actress wanted to have a baby before she turned 40. I did like FauxGabrielle's shell-shocked reaction to how bad the original pilot was. And you can tell FauxShannen was having fun with the part.
  14. Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Seriously though- doesn't West Side Story have some pretty big restrictions on how it's allowed to be performed? I read somewhere that sanctioned productions are not allowed to switch "Cool" and "Gee, Officer Krupke" because apparently the owners hated the movie. It also kind of feels like odd timing because Spielberg is apparently prepping to direct a new movie version. Fathom is running another Newsies special showing, although the theater I wanted to go to is sold out.
  15. The Divergent Series

    That right there is a great example of how much they screwed up these films. They put so little of Will/Christina in the first film in order to focus on Tris/Four that it really didn't matter when Will got killed because there was so little development there. That is where this adaption differs from the first Hunger Games or the Maze Runner series, which actually made you care about the characters they killed off. As an aside, the guy who got his eye stabbed out in the first one and then got written out of the second movie even though he was supposed to be in that is now known as A Christmas Prince, a cheesy Netflix movie about a reporter who falls in love with the prince of a small country called Aldovia. (No, no, not Genovia. Completely different countries.) Good for him, I guess.