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  1. I remember hearing rumors that Brandon Beemer was gay and Nadia was acting as his beard.
  2. It's the last season. Emma Kenney posted a picture of her with Sarah Chalke: Aww.
  3. Heh "Lieutenant Underwear Model." Tom Welling actually does it for me more now as a beefy 40-something salt-n-pepper Daddy type than in his 20-year old Abercrombie days. His face was almost TOO pretty for me back then. I like the older, more rugged look he has now. It'll be interesting to see what he'll be after that reveal.
  4. That's my interpretation of the movie's ending. They change their mind, but they ultimately resolve to work together to solve her daughter's murder. I wanted to find out the perp, but it really wouldn't have fit the movie if they had. It wasn't a murder investigation movie. It was about the social mores of a town that is being challenged by an angry woman to wake out of their social complacency.
  5. Dave Franco has three expressions he does a lot. 1.) Cocky, sly grin with narrowed eyes if he's playing an asshole 2.) Bashful puppy dog 3.) Wounded puppy dog He really does know how to work those big brown eyes of his.
  6. Jake's body got insanely awesome though, and he doesn't seem to mind showing it off. (He had a crying shower of sadness in at least three movies I can think of.) Maggie seems to have been generally discarded by Hollywood once she got too old to be the young ingenue who inspires the lead to live life. It's brutal, but honestly, in her case, I don't think it's a great loss. She was fine enough but not someone I think deserves a long career. Maggie to me is like Chloe Sevigny. They are both 90's/2000's ingenues who both got cast as beautiful, sexy girls and I never really got it. I mean, I will always love The Last Days of Disco, but I never got the constant fawning over her looks back then. It's kind of like the Rooney Mara thing. Am I just missing something? People seem to treat her like she's Audrey Hepburn level beautiful, and I just don't see it. Her sister Kate I find much more striking, and possessing a lot more charisma.
  7. I'm guessing it's a combination of realizing that he really does need to pass the torch, and the fact that Sly is dealing with sexual harassment allegations? (Although for now, this one doesn't seem to be getting much traction. ) Drago still seems like he's going to be a big part of the plot.
  8. I think New Ciara kind of looks like the first teen Hope, who was played by Tammy Taylor in 1981. I'm guessing she wasn't very well-liked in the part, because it seems like she only lasted about a year. (And like with Ciara, the short-lived stint of a teen actress was after a child actress had a long run in the part.) Sonny seems really, really desperate. Honestly, I'm kind of enjoying it.
  9. Wasn't there a girl who was like a sorority girl character that knew one of the core teens (I think the Abbie/Melanie Salem U era) who suddenly got a lot of screen time, and then just as abruptly left the show? I remember that she was rumored to have been sleeping with the producers and then someone stepped in and stopped it.
  10. James Franco honestly looks the best I've seen him look in YEARS. For awhile he looked pretty haggard- I'm guessing he scaled back his work to a normal human rate and started getting more sleep?
  11. This is my favorite picture of him: I think this was taken somewhere in his early 30's. His total peak in looks, in my opinion. (He seems to agree with me that this is the best photo of him, because he uses this as his profile on his Twitter and Instagram accounts even though he doesn't look like this anymore.) The looks thing is kind of interesting, because as cute as I think Dave Franco is, the only thing he could have possibly been a model for is a gay twink porn site. He's apparently playing Montgomery Clift in a movie called Zeroville, which I can buy. James Franco is now nominated for a Golden Globe and a Sag Award. I'm definitely rooting for him. (I haven't seen Call Me By Your Name yet.)
  12. I'm really cringing hardcore at Cheryl and Josie, and her attempts at seducing her. It also reminds me of Party of 5, where Julia decides to flirt with the idea of lesbianism after having an abusive boyfriend. There was also a plot in Higher Education where Kristy Swason's character decides to go into lesbianism after getting raped. I'm really not comfortable with the messages this stuff seems to be saying. I would have felt a lot more comfortable if Cheryl had been canon bisexual before her sexual assault. Archie's singing is kind of endearing to me now. I hope he starts writing angsty songs again now that the Black Hood stuff is done. And...a strip-tease to "Mad World". This show is bonkers and I love it.
  13. Oh, that parody was PERFECT! Well-done, Jimmy. Clearly he watched the show and understood it.
  14. Jughead becoming all pro-Serpents in the span of a half-season makes zero sense to me. We never did meet his foster parents, did we?
  15. I remember reading a gay slashfic about Nick when I was a kid. It's kind of funny to think about. He did play a gay character later on a show called Reunion- he played a closeted movie star. Guy definitely aged pretty well. Almost every dad on the show is a DILF. LOL.