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  1. I agree that the Mowry twins not appearing on a hallmark movie was criminal. And Ashley banks from fresh prince (I'll always think of Ali as Ashley :) is the star of hallmark hall of fame .kcke :) just wish the hall.of fame movies were on a better channel since they usually have a higher budget and better scripts.
  2. Tamra loves to make judgements of others that aren't like her, yet gosh forbid someone gives her some.home truths. Shannon on a date...what I wish New York would have done with Ramona. Reality tv gold. Emily vs kelly...hmm..Emily has the height, but Kelly has a lack of mental stability. Watching these shows make me want to mukbang lol
  3. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    Can we hire panelists that aren't so emotional. I can hardly believe Sunny could have been a lawyer with how overly emotional she is and judgmental she is. I wish she'd talk more about her chickens :)
  4. I don't know any of these shows... and the media is questioning why ratings drop year after year... it isn't due to politics being discussed..but because the nominees are in niche shows that most viewers don't watch, or have access to watch.
  5. Loved this mini-series.. and I think Jane Seymour would have been wrong as the lead. She's too strong willed and confident, I could never buy her begging for the love of a priest.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Georgia On My Mind

    I loved Jean Smart as Charlene..but when she left..it was sad..but I liked Jan Hooks as Carlene. I always wonder how her and Delta Burke would have been opposite one another. Missed opportunities :( And rewatching the show as an adult, I didnt realize how good Dixie Carter was as Julia. She was a master of dead pan humor and being dramatic:) She and Jane Curtin were masters of dead pan humor.
  7. Wow, miracle of miracle...they cast some newbies in leads. Ion has done quite well with their diverse slate of movies (and most are filmed in the USA) so about time Hallmark step up. Sadly the quality will be subpar.
  8. S13.E08: Seeing Red

    This is why we cant take these women anywhere.
  9. "The View" Week Of 9/3/2018

    I'd prefer cold abby over snowflake meghan. With that said, this is why I dread sara Haines leaving because now we will have 5 panelists that are unable to see both sides of discussions. People were dismissive of Sara, but she was thoughtful funny and could argue both sides with an open mind.
  10. I'll never get why Brady is portrayed as a viable leading man, his father he is not. Whenever Facebook posts on the cool official page shows a brady/eve video..fans are in love with seeing them together. I love to throw them off by saying Brady is an emotional abuser and that shouldn't be celebrated by the show and the fans lose their minds :) one even told me that she got out of an emotionally abusive relationship and he isn't anything like her ex. You cant debate people in denial (and don't get me started on the Ben and Ciara story).
  11. I say keep Stacy on as Susan, even if on a recurring basis.. and have Eileen back to play Kristen (so that Brenda E can go back to play Ashley on Y & R). Stacy plays Susan more like a real person, and not like a caricature. I always saw it as Eileen did it as a joke, while Stacy is playing Susan more like a human being and a character in her own right. I will say I like the more confident/cold element she is infusing into Kristen.
  12. I want a big fan of Sami during her romantic heroine stage because the show made her indecisive when that was the furthest thing from Sami. I mean this is a girl that was determined to get Austin at all cost, determined to keep Will away from Lucas, and determined to beat Katw at her own game. Plus, I wish the characters would take a turn and slap her especially when she acts entitled or judgemental.
  13. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I'm on my way to go pick that up at my library (I was on the hold list for an eternity for that one LOL).
  14. Since we're discussing the FITA movies, if you think about it.. Carrie's death altered/changed the course of the story.. since had she not passed away than Cathy/Chris wouldn't have been able to live as 'spouses', etc. Out of all the characters in the series, the most tragic and memorable for me was Carrie's. She ended up finding a great guy that loved her for her, but her inability to move beyond what happened to her in the attic ended up being her undoing. Carrie's arc in the Petals in the Wind movie was the only think I thought was done right.
  15. My favorite of these listed was Die Softly...I was a kid and was surprised at how dark it went..and the ending was satisfying. But my favorite of Pike's books was Chain Letter (hated the follow up..which was much darker and kind of regressive in terms of men and women). I liked the earlier books of Fear Street when it was a combination of ghosts and mystery. R.L stine struggled with standalone books...though I recall the first babysitter book was good. I did a book report on Curtains..and it wasn't satisfying and poorly written. There was a short lived YA series I liked called The nightmare club..where there was an under 18 dance club for the high school students to hang out. There were three schools in the town..a public high school, an all girls school and an all boys school. One story I recall was about an average girl that finds. Mirror and everything she wishes for comes true including beauty. But there is a price to pay. Another one involved a girl that was being sexually harrassed by guys at her school..and a mysterious killer is killing the harassers off one by one.