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  1. Caitlin Snow

    I actually think that was Danielle Panabaker attempting to make it come across that way, so that there was a chance she'd be bumped to main love interest for the lead. She'd occasionally tease a possible Barry/Caitlin pairing in interviews during the first season too.
  2. So, do you guys think they're going to try to do the Brainy/Kara romance from the comics? I kinda want to see it. I know he's not the typical romantic lead for the heroine (on one of these kinds of shows), but that's actually what I like about the idea. Then again, aside from Alex/Maggie, this show has been really bad at writing romance. But Brainy gives them obvious story potential for an artificial being experiencing human emotions (I alway like that trope). I don't know. I hope they try it.
  3. I want Lena to go evil, because I think Katie McGrath would be a good villain.
  4. I think the problem with all these regulars on The Flash is that the show spends way too much time in Star Labs as it is. It felt cramped and crowded last season, with only 6 regulars and some recurring characters. More salaries to pay may mean less for locations/sets, and now I just imagine getting even bigger crowds of people squeezed into Star Labs, and cutting everyone's dialogue so that each person is sure to get at least one line. I'm concerned.
  5. That sounds like way too many regulars imo. The show feels cramped enough as it is. Hopefully some of them won't be appearing in every episode.
  6. MLB Thread

    Anybody else excited about the Mariners this season?
  7. The biggest problem with Ralph last season was that every episode that focused on him had almost the exact same storyline, repeated over and over again. And they were doing that because since he was new, they felt like they had to focus on him extensively so that his "death" would actually mean something by the time it happened. That won't be the case this time, so I think he'll be a lot more bearable in a supporting part. I bet his only significant subplot will have to do with Sue being introduced, which is fine with me.
  8. I like Brainy but I think he ought to stay in some sort of alien form. I had a feeling they were never happy with the makeup they came up with for him, and that's why they decided to suddenly have him in human form now, but I think they should just fix/change it and have him stay blue. If he's supposed to be a kind of Data-esque character I think he should look alien.
  9. I wouldn't have a problem with these spoilers! Ralph has a wife named Sue in the comics who's been around since 1961, so I knew they would bring her in if they were keeping Ralph on the show. That doesn't surprise me at all. Connecting her through Iris is a good idea because it can bring in the journalism stuff. And the rest of that sounds pretty good to me, honestly.
  10. I wonder if Hartley Sawyer or Jessica Parker Kennedy will be regulars or just recurring. I thought at least one of them would be made a regular.
  11. This episode really wasn't good for rage suppression. I cannot stand those idiots and liars who make it their business to sow division and ignorance and fealty in a segment of the population. These are the tactics of the old Soviet Union and they work, like John said. You can blame the people I suppose, but the creation of outright state propaganda in the media like this is horrifically irresponsible and unpatriotic. It's appalling.
  12. Huh. That doesn't seem like any delay for her Broadway schedule at all. I'm guessing that Arrow and Flash will have the same schedule as Supergirl, since they have the same number of episodes?
  13. I don't think this is a writers thing, I think KL doesn't want to be a regular on one of these shows.
  14. I don't know if I can watch the show anymore. Because I know she didn't mean that apology. The joke wasn't a slip of the tongue, it was written out ahead of time, maybe days ahead of time. It was seen and approved by the network ahead of time. Sam clearly does not think there was anything wrong it, neither did anyone else. Men have said this many times about women and suffered nothing in response. So the only reason she's doing this is I guess because of the reaction, maybe the sponsors dropping out or something. But it's fear of them, of the reaction. It's cowardice. I'm so disappointed in her for not standing up for herself. She had nothing to apologize for. And now I can't see her the same way. But I guess this is all about network TV. She should be on HBO I guess.