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  1. 2019 Awards Season

    It's never happened! This would be a record.
  2. S05.E11: Seeing Red

    They haven't written any fun moments for WestAllen as a couple this season. If anything Nora interrupted their honeymoon phase and made them both old before their time (that could be a plot of an episode, if the writers cared enough). It's absurd. I also don't think Grant Gustin has ever gotten a handle on how to play a dad to an adult daughter. The Barry/Nora scenes this season don't feel as genuine as he has in the past with other actors- I think he just doesn't quite know exactly how to do it, tbh. You could say that's intentional, like he's not supposed to know how to act, but to me it's not been written that way. They're trying to make Barry the good, all knowing dad. I think he's uncomfortable with it.
  3. S05.E11: Seeing Red

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing, this show can do to make me give af about Killer Frost or Caitlin. Nothing. I scroll thru my phone in her scenes now and miss them entirely and I don't care. I am rapidly losing patience here. With no Cisco and no Joe, I'm really dangling on the edge right now. Barry and Iris act like co-workers, not a young married couple (when was the last time they even kissed?). Cecile is no replacement for Jesse Martin. Chris Klein is very possibly the worst actor this show has ever seen, definitely for one of their villains. My god, is he bad. The Nora stuff is kinda interesting, but halfway through the season, it still feels like an idea that had more potential than something they've actually executed well. Of course we are in the mid-season doldrums where everything has to dragged out as long as possible, which is obviously what's going on with this Reverse Flash stuff.
  4. 2019 Awards Season

    Me neither. In fact, I think it's expected at this point. It's started to pretty much steamroll through all the animated film awards lately. But notably, the Academy almost always chooses the Disney/Pixar movie for this award. Even in 2014, when How To Train Your Dragon 2 won most of the animated awards (including the Annies), they went with Big Hero 6 (not nearly as good a movie). I think the Disney entry has only lost twice in the whole history of the category- the very first year they had it, Shrek won against Monsters, Inc, and then when Happy Feet beat Cars in 2006. I hope their bias doesn't lead them to Incredibles 2 this year just because. That was good movie too but Spider-Verse is the first chance they have to actually choose something else for a change (and not just because there's no Disney/Pixar submission).
  5. 2019 Awards Season

    THIS. Great point! I too think this is having a definite impact. But I kinda like it! Films are made all over the world, they should get more recognition. After Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper, I'm starting to think the directors branch no longer likes movie stars turned directors the way they used to (in the old days, guys like Warren Beatty, Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, and Kevin Costner would have no trouble getting directing nominations and even winning when they made big movies- not so much anymore). I wonder if this might help him to gain momentum in Best Actor though- it feels like Christian Bale or Rami Malek have the edge, but I wouldn't mind Cooper winning. I thought he was great (and I didn't like Vice or Bohemian that much, so it's maybe just wishful thinking on my part. The Academy clearly liked Vice a lot- eight nominations. That one I don't get). I LOVE the acting nominations for Roma! That was my favorite film of the year, I LOVE it and honestly believe it's a masterpiece and one of the great, great movies, so I would have no problem with it winning Best Picture and setting that record for a foreign-language film (and Netflix). But I wouldn't count out Blackkklansman either- it still made it into every important category (Pic, Director, Acting, Screenplay AND editing) and if it were to win SAG this weekend, I think it has a very good chance to sneak through for Picture on a preferential ballot. Plus the love for Spike Lee- I would love to see him make an acceptance speech on Oscar night. He'd give a great one. Green Book's miss in director lessons its chances, even after winning the PGA, imo. It only got five nominations too.
  6. S04.E12: Providence

    Has Ron left altogether?
  7. 2019 Awards Season

    I've been thinking, one reason that the Academy could go another way is due to the fact that it's the only organization that has made an effort to really diversify and increase its membership in the last few years. That could be the reason that they diverged from the PGA winners in 2015 and 2016 after matching it for so long (La La Land and The Big Short lost out to Moonlight and Spotlight eventually). And when all the guilds are split, it may be that you won't be able to tell what will win in the end. If Green Book takes the PGA, Cuaron takes the DGA and let's say Blackkklansman wins SAG (that's my hope), it will very likely be a crapshoot between those three on Oscar night. Especially if Blackkklansman and Green Book both win the WGA too (I think that's what's expected to happen). And then there's BAFTA, but they're not as predictive in Best Picture (they can sometimes call a surprise winner in the one of the acting races). I mean, Moonlight was a real upset, because the only guild it won going into Oscar night was the WGA. And La La Land had taken PGA/DGA/BAFTA, so that shocker could have only been due to the membership difference in the Academy, imo. That could happen again this year, if Green Book really is a divisive choice.
  8. S04.E12: Providence

    In the book, didn't Bonnet save Bree's life by dragging her out of the exploding building? And then he gives her a gemstone, right? I had a feeling they weren't going to let that happen on the show.
  9. 2019 Awards Season

    Green Book won the PGA tonight! Whoa. Looks like I was completely wrong about that scandal taking it down. If anything, it looks to me like it may have actually strengthened its support. In my experience, telling people why a movie they love is bad makes them super defensive, so I think this is a backlash to the backlash happening here. This kind of makes it the frontrunner, but we're going to have split guild awards, because I still think Cuaron is guaranteed to win the DGA, and Green Book wasn't nominated for SAG ensemble, so that's going to be something else. Maybe Blackkklansman? Green Book is smelling like the one to beat now though, imo. The PGA uses the same kind of preferential ballot system the Academy does, so if it can win there, it can win anywhere.
  10. The audience should be dead silent next week when he has that horrible human being on his show. Just sit on their hands, don't clap, don't laugh. Don't do anything.
  11. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    They have to at least let her give birth on her own show (assuming we're all right and she'll be pregnant with twins by the end of this season- I think we are).
  12. S03.E09: Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit

    Veronica and Reggie! I like it. I hope they give it a real shot. Won't even talk about the "cliffhanger," because obviously Archie can't be dead.
  13. S04.E11: If Not For Hope

    It's funny- the show and the writers obviously love Lord John, so I wonder if they'll write him in at some point in the next two seasons. If I'm not mistaken, after this book we don't see him again until Book 7 (at which point he becomes practically a co-lead), but I bet the show would want to have him show up if they can manage it.
  14. S05.E10: The Flash & The Furious

    This episode was boring af.
  15. Spider-man: Far From Home (2019)

    I wish the Marvel movies cared more about romance, because I do think this Peter and MJ have the most potential as a couple than anyone in the MCU since Tony and Pepper. But I'm pretty sure what's going to happen is flirting that doesn't go anywhere. I think Marvel gave up on romance since the ones they tried flopped big-time (Thor and Jane, Black Widow and Hulk). Now any kind of romance is a jokey side plot (even Tony and Pepper have been reduced to that, and don't get me started on Ant-Man and the Wasp) or nothing. But that means they'll never do a movie where the love story is actually central to the movie and the plot, like in the early Superman movies, and the early Spider-Man ones. If they have an actual good couple at the center there could be real potential there, and I think these two could have it. But they won't do it.