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  1. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Yeah, he's been gone and Neil Sandilands has definitely been back, so I think we can reasonably conclude that Ralph gets taken by DeVoe and he uses him to get his old body back. In that case, we probably won't see Ralph until the season finale (assuming he's not actually dead and they're able to rescue him once they defeat Devoe). I guess they could just kill him, but...I kinda don't think that'll happen. I bet Ralph's cells allow him to survive inside Devoe somehow.
  2. I thought this was the worst episode of the entire series.
  3. S07.E06: Species Jump

    Supposedly her disorder helps her to figure things out and see things no one else can see, as she spelled out a couple episodes ago. I have not seen a shred of evidence of that over the entire series.
  4. S07.E06: Species Jump

    Hey, the guy from The Americans! I love that guy. I love how the show constantly displays how actually awful Carrie is at her job. She spent the entire first half of this season being played by a Russian double agent and helping him undermine the country, and she trusted him so fully that it was Max of all people who had to convince her she shouldn't tell him about the surveillance just because he was FBI. I'm choosing to blame it on her medication imbalance, because otherwise she's just really fucking things up for no reason (she doesn't even work for anyone!)
  5. Nah, she's not leaving. She was also talking in these interviews about the 2024 newspaper article they have to get to and how the next step is for Barry and Iris to have a baby. She's just being glib I think.
  6. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    If they have Iris be pregnant in the finale though, that means she won't have to be pregnant on the show that long, just the first third of the next season. She'd probably give birth in episode 8 or 9. A pregnant Iris for 8 episodes is doable. I can see them doing that when they decide to do it.
  7. Relationships: Speed Dating

    Still waiting on that Barry/Iris love scene.
  8. S04.E16: Run, Iris, Run

    It's probably their way of re-introducing the idea of Iris as a journalist, but I'm guessing they won't get into that in a bigger way until next season. Todd Helbing pretty much said so in one of the interviews today. They should use the chance to make her a TV news reporter though, since they confirmed she doesn't work at CCPN anymore. Might as well start her on a new career. How the hell are Barry and Iris paying the bills if neither of them are employed? That is such an obvious, glaring question that I feel like they really should tell us if Barry's sitting on a pile of insurance money from his father's wrongful imprisonment or will or something.
  9. Scheduling & Ratings for The Flash

    Yeah, they probably will. I really HATE the schedule in the second half of the season. It's so erratic, you never know when a break is coming or how long it will be, and it hurts the ratings too!
  10. Maybe getting rid of Kreisberg was the better for the writing. The last two episodes were the first of the season where he was not involved at all.
  11. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Probably 21, which should start filming Friday.
  12. I think she must be their daughter, but no one has guessed the reason for why she's there or what she's doing. But as to her identity itself, I'd say the vast majority of fans are assuming it is Dawn Allen. Frankly, anyone else would be anticlimactic now, since that's the possibility that people are most excited for. He also said Iris's speedster colors (purple) are for a reason, and the Tornado Twins comics costumes were purple, so... I don't know, I think if it's anyone else it's less interesting, since people are looking forward to the future speedsters, and are hoping for Bart Allen to show up eventually. And like everybody said, the fans DID get it right on all those other characters- they pegged fake Jay Garrick as Zoom, the real Jay Garrick as the guy in the mask, and Barry as Savitar really early. So I still think this is Dawn. Maybe her name isn't Dawn though- maybe they named her Nora or something. Wasn't sure if they'd really go with the names "Don and Dawn" for the twins anyway.
  13. S04.E15: Enter Flashtime

    I'm sure I'm in the minority on this and I normally never think this about him, but I kinda thought Grant Gustin was a tiny bit over the top in that last scene with Iris...or maybe I was just a little distracted by all the sweating and crying on top of her, which looked a bit funny. It's probably me though, because I didn't feel any suspense over what was happening, knowing of course they'd stop the bomb. I liked the concept of the episode though. I gotta be honest, I think these superhero shows benefit a lot from these kind of standalone episodes that don't necessarily tie into a season long villain. I think there ought to be more of them, frankly.
  14. I remember when they used to constantly make jokes about Jack Nicholson, then George Clooney. Now it seems Meryl is the go to one, because she happens to be there almost every year.