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  1. Well, if he's convicted and in prison for a few episodes before being released, then this story arc is already longer than Flashpoint, which was a single episode. Personally, I don't think he can be hanging around in prison much longer than a couple eps, that puts The Flash out of the action for too long for a significant amount of time as it is.
  2. It will be, I bet. He'll be convicted at the end, in jail for two episodes, and somehow get out in 4x13. And since they also skipped over releasing the title of 4x14, I'm guessing it's another spoiler, something like "Acquittal of the Flash," or "The Flash is Released" or something.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I think they'll have a trial in 4x10, then he'll probably be convicted (temporarily) and be in prison for maybe 3 episodes? At least 11 and 12, possibly 13. I think he'll be cleared by episode 14. No WAY does it go longer than that though, imo. Frankly, having him in prison/court and out of the suit (presumably) for even three episodes in a row will feel lengthy and different. So I don't believe it will go much longer than that.
  4. Well, yeah, I get that, but again, why wouldn't they have a moment where Betty actually SAYS she's not ready yet? You'd think it would come up given that they almost did it before and have already said they're in love, etc. Instead it's just been sort of (conspicuously, imo) ignored.
  5. I know that on this kind of teen show the couples have to be on/off, but I'm getting the sense that the show really doesn't know how to do Betty and Jughead right, or maybe they got them together too early, and now they're struggling with material for them. Their scenes together are very minimal, which is odd to me, considering they had only recently gotten together. They haven't had sex apparently, which isn't necessarily weird on its own, but considering the fact that they almost did in the finale, and brought it up like twice in the premiere, only to have the issue completely disappear for the next 8 episodes, that's kinda weird to me. I mean, it'd be different if Betty had said that she wasn't ready or something, at least it would have been acknowledged between them...and they've already said they love each other, so I think acknowledging that is sort of necessary, especially with Archie and Veronica getting it on all over the place in contrast. It feels like they're holding back and not sure exactly what to do with them or when. If that makes sense. It MAY have been better to introduce the attraction last season and drawn it out a little longer this season, tbh. I don't usually love will-they-or-won't-they, but if these guys can't think of anything else to do, it might be a better route. Then when the couple finally does get together, they feel like they can go all in with it, rather than...whatever it is they're doing right now. On the other hand, Alice and FP have crazy chemistry and I want them to have an affair. Lol.
  6. That's my question too. But the showrunner over there, Todd Helbing, has been co-running the show since Season 2, so maybe they're on more secure footing? He had been saying that they planned out the entire arc of this current season for the first time over the summer, so maybe that's been more helpful. Have Supergirl's other showrunners changed every year? Aside from Kreisberg, I mean, since he went back and forth.
  7. I'm thinking this has to do with a delay in Supergirl's production schedule, due to the firing of Kreisberg. They're also getting an extra long filming hiatus for Christmas this year (the show wraps today).
  8. Possibly, but I still think a delay in Supergirl's production schedule makes more sense as a reason for them to pull such a weird move like this. And that's the only thing that could explain it, isn't it?
  9. Oh, wait! This may have to do with Kreisberg's firing and Berlanti needing to come back in and work with the writing staff. The production and writers on SG need more time, probably and that's causing delays. Funny, I figured that The Flash would be the one more affected, but that doesn't look to be the case. Supposedly Berlanti was going to come back to both, but maybe he's choosing Flash first (his fave) and that's why Supergirl is getting delayed?
  10. This is an odd move. Makes me feel like Supergirl's in trouble, maybe? Or maybe not. I don't know. As for the Olympics, still not sure if the rest of the shows will air during that time. Supergirl ends its winter episodes right before, so it could just be Legends that's getting put there to run straight through. Guess that also explains why Supergirl is getting that extra long filming hiatus for Christmas. Maybe they're in the process of trying to figure out how to run all of their shows without reruns to help ratings (although I don't know how that helps these two in particular).
  11. Definitely sounds like it's Wally. I'm sort of annoyed though, I'd prefer him back on The Flash, but I guess he can still show up sometimes, since Legends has less episodes.
  12. The writer of the episode said on twitter that Barry and Iris had first look photos for their wedding. I didn't know this was an actual term, but apparently it is. It's set up by the photographer for the bride and groom to see each other in private for the first time a few hours before the ceremony. So I guess we have our explanation for the wedding picture! I kinda wish that was a deleted scene from the crossover. I wish they would release all the deleted scenes from the crossover online.
  13. They released the title for episode 15, called Enter Flashtime. They skipped over episode 14, like they skipped over 10. So I'm guessing here, but is it likely that episode 10's called Trial of the Flash and episode 14 is something like Acquittal of the Flash? Lol. Just flat spoilers, probably.
  14. Since there was once again zero sexy times for the honeymoon, which was offscreen, the only thing I can hope if for a reunion when he gets out of prison? And if I'm right in predicting Iris will be pregnant by the season hopefully they can find it in them to give Barry and Iris at least one love scene before that happens.