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  1. Arrow is not the only one. Apparently Supergirl cast also skipped major interviews. Including TV Line, LA Times and i didnt see anything of Supergirl on ET either.
  2. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Willa basically said at a con she doesnt want to continue be an actress.
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    wow that is such backward thinking. Felicity can be pregnant and kick ass.
  4. But doesnt KC play character who is name Dinah Laurel Lance ... which i was told by comic fans is BC. She has the same powers and skills. And i find it hard to compare the characters from other shows because they have not been treated as the character Arrow used and then banned them from using . Honestly i am just tired of the constant fighting between the fans of different canaries that still are fighting who is the rightious owner of the mantle. And the shows like Flash keep the flames alive.
  5. Yeah and there are no plans to introduce a GA in the DCEU for a while. And by the time they will the show will definetely be over. The only thing is we know how WB likes to take away characters from Arrow once they have plans for the DCEU and want to start to merchandise the characters in the movie verse.
  6. Well didnt KC already do an interview basically offering herself to play BC. From what i read they will start filming the movie in January 2019 ... it might be too late by then. Speaking off. Did Kc even show up at the parties?
  7. I dont know maybe they in a competition who is the best Canary now that BC is gonna appear in DCEU.
  8. Wonder how many Canaries pics we get this SDCC?
  9. From what i seen they have early call time for make up and hair...
  10. From what i seen most of them prefer the BC played by Katie Cassidy. At least on reddit.
  11. Well he isnt a series regular. But the one recurring villain that is left over from previous season.
  12. I dont think that means that. Arent these actors playing the characters who just stayed on for s7?