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  1. I feel like any female/female pairing has a great following on social media.
  2. Guess no speedster babies on the Flash. http://ew.com/tv/2018/05/21/flash-season-4-finale-spoilers/
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Honestly i doubt. I heard about some of the things they have planned. And its not something Marc would have a big influence on.
  4. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I think Marc is off vacationing in Asia. I think he was probably the one to advice to do Longbow Hunters in s7. And thats about it.
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    But is Marc even in the know what Beth has planned? I find it shitty that Marc speaks for the future when he probbaly isnt the loop of things to come.
  6. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Also it was an open secret that LAnce will find a tragic ending. Some actors just like to tease some stuff.
  7. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    It wouldnt be the first time that some episodes of the crossover air in December.
  8. It could just mean the first week in December. Also seeing how last year they had a 2 day event i could see them moving Flash after Supergirl on Sunday.
  9. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Well you had David saying someone is dying to fans already in Chicago. And we are still waiting.
  10. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Quentin is dying ...
  11. Arrow s6 DVD will be released on August 14th http://www.greenarrowtv.com/arrow-season-6-blu-ray-dvd-details-revealed/