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  1. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    Here here! The worst part of every season for me is hearing the THEME underscored over and over by Jeff. So very annoying and ridiculous as clearly every human has a mixed bag of stuff inside him or her. Even when I kind of like the theme--ie. the generational divide which actually interested me--I still hate that the point is driven home ad nauseum. Makes me wince iin annoyance. Agreed, idols are as plentiful as weeds and as easy to find. That's just annoying. Why-oh-why didn't the guy just shove that rock down his pants and keep searching along with the other two? Unless one of the girls spotted him as he found it, there's no excuse for sharing the news. People keep doing that and it almost always comes back to bite them. NEVER tell anyone that you have an idol, no matter how much you think it might strengthen your alliance with them. I've wondered for years how interesting a snowy/cold environment would be. No bikinis, just slugging it out with the environment. Maybe not as much fun as we think. There is something great about the viewer being taken on tropical vacations every season.
  2. Season 2 Discussion

    Don't you know that there's real life money and TV money? In so many shows the $$$$ seems to be raining from the sky on average families. See Parenthood for a prime example. There would be a few episodes worth of talk about financial troubles and next thing you know the entire clan is going on some sort of road trip that would require skimping and saving. Sort of like the babies or pets that only show up when it is convenient to include them in a plot and are never wailing and whining and demanding attention at any other time. *sigh* Oh to live the TV life. Somehow it's easier to accept magic in a show than it is to accept the unlikeliness of the "real life" aspects.
  3. Season 2 Discussion

    Just have to say how hilarious I thought it was that Zahid's "roommates" were his parents. I got a huge kick out of that reveal. I know he's only meant to be comic relief but his character is very welcome and I like how they've expanded it.
  4. Renewed?

    Its better than ever IMO. I want to know the answer to this too.
  5. Season 2 Discussion

    THANK you! I absolutely turned laundry duties over to my kids when they were in about fifth grade or so. A monkey can do it. Kids don't seem called on to do household chores by lots of parents. I do not approve. I'm not finished with the season yet, but liking it better than the first so far, perhaps because the characters are well established now. I've never been a fan of JJL's acting but that's ok. There's always a character in every show you feel ambivalent about or are even turned off by. She's it for me. I'm all in for another season!
  6. S01.E02: Part Two: "Little Women"

    This was what I disliked about the first installment, no time to see the development of the friendship between girls and Laurie. It was just sort of foisted upon us as a fact. I did think the show got better in the latter half. And I liked this Bauer better than Gabriel Byrne. He seemed like a good match for Jo, less patronizing and paternal and annoying (minus the bit about pulp fiction being horrible pap that will destroy civilization as we know it. I write romance novels so when intellectuals sneer it hits too close to home) I just returned from a trip to New England which included touring Orchard House, the Alcott's family dwelling for a couple of years, just down the road from the family's best friend and benefactor Emerson. Until then I hadn't been aware there was yet another version of Little Women. This one did not really move me. I almost turned off after the "mellow out" anachronism, and didn't care for Hawk's characterization of Jo at all. But I watched it all so i guess I must have liked it well enough. Next up, I understand a release of Little Women set in modern times is about to be foisted upon us. WHY????
  7. S01.E08: Milk

    I turned it off and deleted it so quick I never saw the scene hidden in the end credits. Getting pretty tired of shows and movies that do that. I had to drag it out of the trash can to watch, and then the scene wasn't worth it. My first question, which i figured would be answered better by reading the book and seeing her pov, is why Camille went along with her mother and allowed herself to be poisoned. To sacrifice herself for sis is not a good enough reason. To gather intel so she can prove this is going on is a tiny bit better. I understand her severely screwed up relationship with Mom might make her fall in with her wishes because perhaps she feels she "deserves it", but that isn't a good enough reason either. With her sister in danger, Camille's behavior is just bizarre. I need to see inside her head. I wasn't shocked by Amma being the murderer. I called Alan early on, then changed my mind several times and even considered Amma at certain points. Did not call accomplices though. By the end montage it was obvious a twist was coming so how could the reveal be shocking? What shocked me was how pure white those fake teeth were. Way to go props dept. creating the fakest looking human teeth ever!
  8. S01.E07: Falling

    Can't find the post but someone mentioned not realizing Amy Adams could do dark drama. Check out this very good movie, Sunshine Cleaning from 2008: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0862846/ Also, I can't imagine how they're going to wrap all this up in one more episode. This is only an eight episode drama right?
  9. S01.E07: Falling

    I can see him believing he's helping her confront her past because he had no idea how extremely traumatic it was. I immediately thought that too, and could only surmise that maybe she didn't do all the cutting. She was talking with John about how his little sister bit people, including him. Maybe the carving on her back was done by her little sis as a way to vent? Maybe Camille asked her to and told her what words she wanted there? I'm buying into two separate killers, the later one mimicking the former. And considering John's sister probably bit her ear, Ashley's as likely a suspect as anyone for that murder.
  10. Here's my guess about the Kid's "touch". It unlocks and enhances whatever seeds are already within that person so in that respect he is maybe more like a catalyst than straight up Evil with an evil agenda. So the bad prison cellmate who has a "cancerous" personality is abruptly riddled with real cancer. The poor, well-meaning guard was already depressed as hell about conditions and his inability to effect any change so the touch set off violent urges that would normally not have gone beyond the realm of private dark fantasy. Maybe devil boy identifies as neither good nor evil but is simply a mindless force contained in a human body.
  11. Season Two : All Episodes Talk

    I can add some insight here. Just borrowed the book on interlibrary loan because I didn't want to buy it. The story is very specific about a lot of 70s up and coming comics who hung out and worked together at The Comedy Store (Mitzi Shore is the real woman's name) and the Improv. The characters in the show are definitely invented and composite types more than anything else. The book spends a lot of time describing how the comedy scene migrated from NYC to LA due to the Tonight Show relocating there. Tells a few personal tales about the various comedians, and in the last part digs into the strike and the founding of a comedians' union over several chapters. There is a suicide late in the book. I won't say more in case you decide to read it but no it isn't Freddy Prinze although he is mentioned too.
  12. S03.E07: Low Man

    Just looking forward to all the characters ending up dead or in prison at this point. There is no redeemable person in the entire case and that includes J, who i won't cut slack just because he's young. After those two dumped the dementia lady off at a bus stop a few episodes ago, my last hope for some spark of a soul was extinguished.
  13. S02.E11: Holly 2018.06.27

    THANK YOU! It drove me batshit that she went straight to the impossible--ramming the door with the car--before trying every other option to open the door. Locks, keys, de-icing with hot water, finding an ax or sledgehammer and battering it down,. Anything but that ridiculous ramming. Which I know was meant to represent her inner turmoil finally raging out but still. And this: I hope you're being sarcastic about the latter half of the sentence. Of course you can drive without a carseat. A law and reality are two entirely different things. Hide baby on the floor wrapped in a blanket or whatever it takes to get across the border into Canada. This entire season has been a buildup to what I imagine will be an eventual revolution. I keep waiting, thinking every week that things are finally going to start to happen. But they don't. Ready now for June's escape to Canada and the planning of an invasion/rescue squad.
  14. S02.E10: The Passenger

    IMO the show became too convoluted for its own good. This felt like an ending to me so I'm going to pretend it is and delete from DVR.
  15. S02.E03: Russian Navy

    Absofrickinlutely. I have no doubts about that. My recording cut out a few seconds before the end with Desna and Gregory cooing at each other on the phone. I was very certain the pull back shot would be of creepy Dr. Greg prepping one of those young girls for some surgery or maybe checking the state of her virginity prior to selling her, but I guess that would have been a horrifying step too far even for this crazy show. I'm sure we're going to revisit the topic of those three "saved" orphans. Me no likey.