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  1. S02.E09: Picasso: Chapter Nine 2018.06.12

    Ms Lark, thanks for the share about the subject of the upcoming season, now THAT's one I'll be very interested in. I was really glad to see the last of Picasso. What a self-involved ass!
  2. S02.E08: Women's Work 2018.06.06

    Ok, we've been shown again and again all the horrors of Gilead. I'm ready to move forward into the revolt part of the story. Any time now. Getting tired of waiting for some plan to be laid out and steps made toward implementing it.
  3. S02.E13: Bye

    More than odd, ridiculous! He would have been unconscious and maybe brain damaged after having his head beat against porcelain. I was completely taken out of the scene by the sheer unbelievablitly of it. And his scars being neatly covered by a hat? There would be bruising spreading all over his face if he even survived HAVING HIS HEAD HIT REPEATEDLY AGAINST PORCELAIN!!! Not to mention raping by mop handle. No walking normally for a long time after that and probably internal injuries that would require surgery. All so stupidly written just for drama's sake. They could've cut back severely on what was done to him and still made it be the catalyst to set off this ticking time bomb of fury. Also, I could hardly watch with the group hug for Clay at the dance. Soooo cheesy to me. Guess I'm heartless. Tony the 30-year-old high school junior LOL! Well, I must have liked the show well enough because it certainly kept me watching, all stupidity in plot and character actions aside.
  4. S02.E10: Smile, Bitches!

    Thought it was crazy Sheri went undercover at the clubhouse without anyone standing by for her to call on if things went bad. In fact, it seemed she didn't even tell the two guys what her plan was at all, simply got up from the booth and scurried off. Just more dumb illogic from the show writers. Any normal, sane person would have her friends ready to back her up. I have to say for someone as supposedly "friendless and alone" as everyone keeps saying Hannah was, she sure had a buttload of friends. Really quite a lot.
  5. Season Two : All Episodes Talk

    this is one of the few shows on my dvr that I watch right away, while others drift down toward the bottom of the list. Don't know why its so unpopular. I'm very invested in the characters, even the (many) unlikable ones. Even though I detest the cheating story line, my heart still bled for blonde girlfriend (I'm terrible at names) when she was clearly going to bomb her interview for SNL following being outed as a cheater. Yet another opportunity for her to get ahead snatched away from her. This time a disaster of her own making. Also enjoying Clark Duke's story of achieving TV success as a punchline rather than for his stand-up. Likely it will not be renewed so I hope they wrap it up sufficiently.
  6. S02.E09: North of the Border

    See, I have a real problem with people who can't just say "no" to other people. ie. when Al let himself be dragged all over town by his barber, although, granted, he needed the rest of his hair cut. I think many, many people are too afraid to flat out refuse a request and then not deviate from their stand. It's a personal peeve of mine. If you continually make a doormat of yourself, others will wipe their feet. Tracy needs to be told to leave. Period.
  7. S08.E16: Wrath

    Did anyone else finally take the plunge and remove this show from recording on DVR? I actually stopped it in the middle of Rick and Michonne's final speech. I'm truly quitting now. And I had already removed FtWD. Although, perhaps, maybe just maybe, I'll use On Demand to catch the opener because Garrett Dillahunt! He tried to kill Kim Dickens' character Joanie on Deadwood, maybe he can succeed this time!
  8. S01.E05: We've All Got Our Junk

    THIs, this, this! Everyone knows no one EVER touches a conductor's baton. It's unpardonably rude. Lou is the sort of guy who thinks he can do anything and apologize later. He's just the sort who would push himself on a date and then claim he didn't know she wasn't into it, so sorry! He's a real butt crack in every way. It would be a real magic trick if they can get me to like him now. I'm all for dislikeable characters having a great character arc that brings them from douche to hero, but I get the feeling the writers/creator don't even realize how nasty they've written Lou. ETA, it would help if this actor was doing it for me. He is not. I don't feel warmth, charm, soul, underneath those supposedly expressive eyes. Nope. Not even a little. He is not selling the character of Lou.
  9. S01.E07: Special Sauce

    BEcause I love the actresses I will put up with a lot, but they'd sure sell me the idea of their need better if they didn't waste money the moment they got it. I hate the idea of people throwing away cash on dumb things instead of saving for the future. They don't know this is going to last. it's like music or movie stars who think they're going to be rich and famous forever. How many stores are in their area that they believe they can carry on their return scam for very long? And who would think it a good idea to have twenty-some strangers involved? That's just nuts (ahem, I mean poor writing). I think all of this will be very difficult for the writers to sustain for long. I predict it will get even more outlandish beyond what I can bear. If the trio of actresses weren't some of my favs and so good at selling it, I would not be hanging on.
  10. S08.E15: Worth

    How many times now has someone been alone with Negan and not just snuffed him out. Period. So ridiculously prolonged! And this latest bit of trying to introduce some last minute bits of humanity in Negan so we can have a kumbaya moment in which PEACE PREVAILS! is just terrible, stupid, awful writing. There are some situations in which peace cannot be forged and a dictator needs to be eliminated. My biggest wish for the show right now? that next week was a series finale instead of a season finale. I want this all to be over. I want to delete the show from my DVR for next season yet somehow I know I'll find myself still watching. This is like the limping last two seasons of Dexter. Holding on to a show you once cherished. Show, why can't i quit you? ETA to say I just noticed I basically repeated what TV Fan 17 said. Seems many of us are in the same frame of mind
  11. S01.E03: What Flowers May Bloom

    I straight up gasped when he denigrated all the plays ever put on in the theater department before him. What a slap in the face to Tracey. Super asshole. Hate him. And while I'm all for character arcs and growth, I don't think he's been established with enough appealing traits for me to root for Lou. Maybe if he showed more flashes of humor he'd be more palatable. Maybe if the whole show took itself a little less seriously and was less preachy. Jason Katims hits so many of the same beats he did in FNL and Parenthood that this all feels way too familiar. Also, he carries on the Parenthood tradition of people considering themselves special snowflakes whose needs and/or visions trump everyone else's. It has all the negative aspects of Parenthood and so far, none of the heartwarming moments that made me keep tuning in (even through the stupid storyline of what's-her- face having cancer then immediately running for office as well as juggling a toddler and autistic son). I mean, I'm all for drama, but there can be drama in small moments. It doesn't always require huge, over-the-top, situations to illustrate someone's character or inner growth. Take a cue from My So-Called Life, so natural, so low-key, so real.
  12. S01.E04: Atom Bomb

    Yeah, these three actresses make it worth it to me. I just wish the crime stuff was a leeetle more plausible. TNT's Nails level of plausible so you could at least sort of buy it and hand wave the more obvious absurdities. I didn't notice they were in a Cloud 9. LOVE that! Also, are we supposed to feel strong magnetism between Rio and Beth? Will that go somewhere physical or not? what do we think? Considering that Annie is supposed to scan twenties at her store, how could they not expect a big box store to do the same?
  13. S01.E02: Most of all to Dream

    Awww, Jumbotron! call back to Friday Night LIghts. All i can hear is Buddy Garrity getting all jacked up at the very thought of a jumbotron. Hee! So it's a recycled plot device to demonstrate the crazy disparity between football and the arts. I still love it. Says everything about peoples' priorities. Feeling better about the show this week. Having trouble tolerating Lou and I think much has to do with the actor. His deer in the headlights stare isn't doing it for me. A different actor could pull off the role better imo. And yes, how dare he with putting down Rosy Perez's character (whose name I'll never remember) when she's been in this department for years. She knows how to handle a distraught diva properly and give her some credit to know how to stir the pot and get some money. I'm also feeling better about everyone running around with scripts right after he made the decision to switch shows. I remembered that Spring Awakening is a play. They could buy the book to get started but eventually will have to pay for rights to the company that provides the official scripts-- which probably come in those little yellow booklets I well remember from theater days. Or maybe they have different packaging now. Also, for everyone who wanted to see a switch up of an athletic son dealing with an arts father rather than the other way around, we got our wish. I think the son is not just drinking. Given the current climate and the repeated reminder of opiods, I'm pretty sure he's on drugs as well.
  14. S01.E01: Pilot

    I agree with everyone else, too cliched, too rushed, too much (retreaded) plot shoehorned in the very first episode. I love theater shows so I'll continue to watch but I know I'll always be grumbling about these things. Football player secretly wants to sing...sigh, not again! Couldn't they make the least effort to try a different spin, something fresh? One nitpick that REALLY bugged me was the switch to Spring Awakening in the middle of working on Grease. Everyone who knows anything about theater knows how expensive it is to rent a show. A poor school like this would not be able to afford to just change their minds. Plus it takes time to contact the company, sign a contract, and get the new scripts sent. They aren't just lying around willy nilly! The school was financially committed to Grease. Not to mention the cast would have gone berserk if someone pulled the rug out from under them by cancelling. They would have had their parents involved so fast Teacher Better-than-Grease's head would spin. Imagine the divas in your local high school being told, "nope. Forget it. Your role is gone." Also, the parents would have to be contacted about the serious subject matter and waivers would have to be signed. Period.
  15. S16.E01: Auditions

    I liked the judges. They seemed to give good crit and no one was freaky or annoying like in the last few seasons where you had the likes of Steven Tyler and the horrendous season with Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. I don't enjoy Katy Perry's singing voice AT ALL but I did like her as a judge. I'll admit I haven't finished zipping through the first episode yet, but the few singers I watched were satisfactory. I'd put'em through. Except for the stage actress who only seemed to know how to Broadway belt. Her type is not a fit for this contest as the judges were correct in pointing out. As much as she said she was used to auditions and rejections, she did not take it like a pro. Perhaps a bit of confrontational acting there for the sake of the show? How much do the producers control what goes on on stage? ETA: I just watched a few more acts and I take back some of my post. The country girl and her little sis and the "never been kissed" boy were awful and took up way too much time. Not worth watching.