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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    I agree with everyone else, too cliched, too rushed, too much (retreaded) plot shoehorned in the very first episode. I love theater shows so I'll continue to watch but I know I'll always be grumbling about these things. Football player secretly wants to sing...sigh, not again! Couldn't they make the least effort to try a different spin, something fresh? One nitpick that REALLY bugged me was the switch to Spring Awakening in the middle of working on Grease. Everyone who knows anything about theater knows how expensive it is to rent a show. A poor school like this would not be able to afford to just change their minds. Plus it takes time to contact the company, sign a contract, and get the new scripts sent. They aren't just lying around willy nilly! The school was financially committed to Grease. Not to mention the cast would have gone berserk if someone pulled the rug out from under them by cancelling. They would have had their parents involved so fast Teacher Better-than-Grease's head would spin. Imagine the divas in your local high school being told, "nope. Forget it. Your role is gone." Also, the parents would have to be contacted about the serious subject matter and waivers would have to be signed. Period.
  2. S16.E01: Auditions

    I liked the judges. They seemed to give good crit and no one was freaky or annoying like in the last few seasons where you had the likes of Steven Tyler and the horrendous season with Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. I don't enjoy Katy Perry's singing voice AT ALL but I did like her as a judge. I'll admit I haven't finished zipping through the first episode yet, but the few singers I watched were satisfactory. I'd put'em through. Except for the stage actress who only seemed to know how to Broadway belt. Her type is not a fit for this contest as the judges were correct in pointing out. As much as she said she was used to auditions and rejections, she did not take it like a pro. Perhaps a bit of confrontational acting there for the sake of the show? How much do the producers control what goes on on stage? ETA: I just watched a few more acts and I take back some of my post. The country girl and her little sis and the "never been kissed" boy were awful and took up way too much time. Not worth watching.
  3. I loved the story personally and the cuts to those shared moments that every family has: birth of a baby, cooking together, etc. I thought it was all beautifully done. One peeve though, their apartment was WAY TOO NICE! Yes, I get that it was Grandma's apt before she died and they inherited it, but if the mom was drinking and drugging for very long, they would long since have lost the apartment, or at have sold off the decor at least. Doesn't help that I've finally gotten around to watching The Wire. I'm on season 4, the one where they focus on the kids. None of their homes look that nice. When a family is dirt poor and someone is drug addicted, everything that can be sold is sold right down to the food in the fridge. To me, this was a sanitized version of that sort of life.
  4. So, like any politician, Lee is full of grandiose, rah-rah, let's join together speeches without actually outlining HOW the poor of the city should accomplish their goals. sigh. They really do write the citizens of Gotham, both poor and wealthy, as lemmings carried along by whoever is speaking to them at the moment. Perhaps they all deserve the city they've created. ;) Almost too many characters now to give everyone their just screen time, but when each character is trotted out and allowed their moment to shine, they sure rise to the occasion. Love love this wacky show. Also, considering one of my pet peeves is the way teens acting out are portrayed on just about every show, I really don't mind seeing Bruce act like a petulant brat. If anyone has earned the right to sulk for a while, it's him.
  5. S02.E16: Vegas, Baby

    I meant why didn't Randall and Beth notify the soc worker. But maybe he felt it would seem a betrayal of Deja's trust to phone in the situation. Then just tell the guy what's happening for God's sake! Which they eventually did but they could've done it before bailing on the party so he knew it had nothing to do with him. However, no one in TV shows ever actually says things or there wouldn't be drama for us to watch. It's always "It's too complicated" or some such about matters that could be boiled down to a few points in a few sentences.
  6. S01.E06: Day 51

    So the woman with the shot fingers is the ONLY ONE who knows how to type?
  7. S02.E16: Vegas, Baby

    Ditto to that. Although actually i do talk about some personal things with the one of my sis-in-laws who lives close but we've never gone out together without our spouses. I have plenty of sisters of my own, know what I mean? I like that Toby and Kate come right out and admit to being co-dependant and having hardly any friends. That's because the writers wrote you guys that way :) Love that the relationships between inlaws and the siblings was explored. Interesting stuff. Agreed that the social worker should have been notified rather than Randall just handing out cash like Santa Claus. Beth must make piles of money at her job to be able to afford to keep up on their regular lifestyle AND buy Randall's dream project tenement. Also, how could they possibly spare even a day to go to L.A. with that whole tenement renovation hanging over them? Sheesh. Stupid Kevin not to have the mini-bar cleared out rather than trying to challenge himself to resist. Stupid, stupid. And he sat there brooding instead of calling his sponsor. Just realized I listed mostly negatives but I really did enjoy the episode.
  8. S01.E06: Ascension

    Agreed at their inept bungling. Yelling out "stop that man!" when they had a chance to get up close and simply nab him was bad policing. But then the detective is generally doing forensics, not street work and John isn't a professional anything. Cyrus should've been stationed down on the street where he could do close work, chasing, grabbing, strong-arming a guy into submission, whatever. The "useless" Sarah and Kreizler could've been observing at a safe distance, from the roof top. Also, I did NOT BUY that the killer would return to nab his intended victim when he knew the police where right on his tail. He'd be too clever for that. Also, noticed they showed dirty fingernails when he touched Stevie's face, signifying a working man, which is pretty much what Kreizler had said--he come from a similar background as these boys. I feel pretty sure Kreizler's dad destroyed his hand in a fury. Maybe slammed a piano lid on it or mangled it in some other rage-induced act. Clearly Kreizler has dad issues. And as for his slapping Sarah, I'm sure its a family pattern he's tried desperately to avoid over the years, even going so far as to refuse to have any relationships with women (Mary) lest he turn out to be like daddy. To me his cold manner makes perfect sense in that sort of context. Guess we'll find out next week what his full back story is. Also, how many more episodes?
  9. S01.E04: These Bloody Thoughts

    Marcus was in his gf's place. That was her family or someone she shares lodgings with on the other side of the curtain. She's poor. They used to stuff tons of people into one apartment. Then he returned home to the space he shares with his brother afterward. Edison was not the first to invent the moving picture. That was Lumiere in France "The Lumieres’ device projected films onto a screen, a development which expanded the audience for motion pictures. Among the Lumiere’s more noted early films were “Workers Leaving a Factory” and “Arrival of a Train,” which caused some audiences to fear being run over by the locomotive. In response to the Lumieres, the ever resourceful Edison obtained the rights to a projector invented by C. Francis Jenkins and Thomas Armat in 1896." I'm loving this show and have no knowledge of the plot since as I recall I only read the first chapter when the book came out. I found it slow going. Can't wati to see what comes next.
  10. S04.E10: Chapter Seventy-Four

    Could be a contrivance. Perhaps he met with his ex as an old friend. You notice he kissed her on the cheek not the mouth (I think) or if he did kiss her it was lightly not passionately. I don't think we're finished with Alba and Jorge yet.
  11. S06.E06: Beneath Still Waters

    Now I too will always think of Debbie Gibson when I look at Gunnar, LOL. I hope Scarlet stays at the horse farm and we never have to see her again. Her character has bugged me since day one and I'm not quite sure why. Actually, yes i am. It's because she seems so weak and pathetic and sad even when she has no good reason to be. Or maybe its her voice, speaking not singing because I do like the way she sings. Girl just rubs me the wrong way. So how they gonna wrap this up? Wouldn't it be great if Juliette realized on her own that she didn't want to be in Bolivia, cult or no, and came home to her family? That'd be refreshing. Also I loved the Love is Loud song. it was catchy as hell.
  12. S02.E15: The Car

    I think they actually do a good job of dispelling the Saint Jack image by showing that his behavior is not at all perfect, ie. indulging Kate too much which is actually unhealthy for her in the long run, doing these grand gestures rather than treating his wife like an equal partner in their decisions. These are flaws masked as "awww,, isn't he a wonderful man". Not saying that he wasn't wonderful of course, but these instances show imperfections rather than strengths IMO. AS they continue to build and build on the fractured Randall/Kevin relationship, I'm excited for the future episode in which they, as young men, finally heal that breach. Of course things still aren't completely patched between them even from the beginning of the series, but seeing the absolute disconnect in their youth, you know there must be something that happened to finally get them over the main hurdle. That's an episode I'm eager to see. Also, I agree Rebecca probably didn't think twice about Randall wanting to wear the watch to be close to his father. It wasn't a big deal until Kevin made it one. Guess they should've had joint custody over the thing--oh, but Kevin ends up with that necklace so he did get a memento. Do we know for sure they got rid of the dog? is that mentioned in one of the episodes? Just because they discussed it doesn't mean they actually ended up rehoming it.
  13. S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    She's always sad. I want to like this character but I've had enough. She says "give me one day a year to mourn" but she mourns all the time. I truly wish they'd show more moments of her and Toby interacting in a cheerful, playful way so we can see why they'd be good together. Right now their relationship looks like co-dependency. He needs her to need him type of thing. My wish for Kate--to get an upbeat story arc in which she can show strength and growth. Side note: I hated that she cried and froze up during the fire rather than trying to save her ass. I don't buy it. Falling apart is for after getting out of the house. Also got taken out of the story by the fact that Jack's hair didn't burn off his head. Hair is really flammable. With a fire as big as they showed, he would've been seriously burned all over his body and his clothes should've been burnt. But whatever. It's the typical non-logic of a tv show. (like never having real, heavy snow and naked trees as notcreative enough posted! or the fact that in shows they never have screens on their windows. Anyone who lives in any other part of the country beside LA would know you HAVE to have screens or insects would take over your house. Most of the country does not have a desert climate, Hollywood folks) Also I hate that he risked life and limb for memorabilia. just dumb. But all negative moments aside, I really did enjoy the episode, particularly Kevin not being sure he was at the right tree. Those moments of levity are much needed and appreciated.
  14. I dont think they're done withe Valencia, and trust she will get a storyline and song all her own very soon about her new relationship. I still love Scott Michael Foster due to Greek and will literally watch him in anything he's in so I root for him to stay in the cast. (ok, I lie. I did not watch the short-lived Texas family soap drama a couple of years back. Blood and Oil or something?) But maybe there is no end game romantic relationship for Rebecca. That's not really the point of her story. Again I trust the writers to go in an unconventional direction.
  15. S01.E02: A Fruitful Partnership

    Fingerprints! Whenever characters in a historical movie or show use cutting edge things like fingerprints, they always act like it will solve everything, But without a fingerprint database to compare to, the bloody fingerprint on the pocket watch would be of little use. That is all. Otherwise I really enjoyed the show, much better than the pilot. Agreed that the sex scene with the forensic guy and the socialist girl was very obligatory. Gotta put in a sex scene you know. I loved the line about the (non) difference between capitalism and socialism. It made me LOL. Either way man exploits man. There's always some ass who wants to be top dog and push others down no matter what social construct is in place in any given society.