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  1. I'm interested in the Nation's reaction to this episode. I just did a search. Other than a number of articles about the episode itself, I couldn't find any official response/backlash from Nation of Islam. This has to have ruffled feathers. Here's hoping at least some of those who attend have just become aware what their hierarchy is up to!
  2. And then never listens to their advice and does exactly what she wanted to anyway. LOL
  3. I assume they're heading in the direction of no romantic couple at the end. Rebecca has given lip service to finding herself as a solo person yet she's still looking for a "one and only" kind of romance. Should end with her being finally TRULY content to be alone. I'd like that.
  4. S03.E08: Six Thanksgivings

    Speaking of periods. How annoying that Toby was all flustered when telling Kate. He seems like a modern enough guy he'd simply say, "hey, your niece is having her period. I think she needs your help." It's so old-fashioned to have male characters go all embarrassed and fumbling when "lady things" are mentioned. Hate it, show. It's outdated! I've liked and felt bad for Miguel since the beginning. Not easy being a late addition to a family, especially the Pearsons. I'm glad to finally see some of his back story and struggles. Agreed, the writers really overdid the "His own kids HATE him!" scene. It was ridiculous. As so many scenes are in this show, the point is hit with the subtlety of an anvil on the head. I feel like the writers have little confidence that their audience will get it if they use a more delicate hand. Personally I am invested in the Vietnam storyline and eager to see where they go with it. I suppose this show is too middle of the road to make it as dark as I would anticipate. It is network TV after all. Guy should quit immediately. He is not being allowed to do his job. I hope the story goes an unexpected route and Randall fails miserably at the polls rather than moving up the political chain to run for President some day. He is not good politician material, is too blunt, too unwilling to compromise, too honest, all of which are great person qualities but once you're in the arena, you can't accomplish your goal without bending and compromising. Sad but true fact which I'm sure many idealist politicians have learned.
  5. I was very interested in the emotional aftermath story. After spending a life acting and believing a certain way, one doesn't instantly change. Leah's crusade to expose the church could easily become unhealthy for her in the aspect of being driven to DO SOMETHING at all times. That insane work ethic was instilled early and could be nearly impossible to shake. While a strong work ethic is great, the inability to ever let up and relax is problematic. Down time, play time, is a good thing. The part about screaming abusive words at children to teach how to not react--or maybe to react by digging in and growing hard and emotionless--was an enlightening bit.
  6. I'm not completely rude, just very curt. "I already have a religion. I'm not interested." Shut door. Ignoring knocking or doorbell ringing is not an option IMO. For one thing my dogs will go nuts until the person on the doorstep goes away. But I also think the "visitor" needs to be sent packing in no uncertain terms. I'm glad they covered the JWs and hope to see more specials about other cults and fringe religions included on Leah's show. She can morph the original show into exposing the unpleasant truths about any or every religious organization. I'd keep watching.
  7. Spoilers and Speculation

    I realize this is not a "catch me up" thread, but I stopped watching show after last year's disorganized mess. Of course I saw ads for the countdown to "Rick Grimes's last episode!!!!" but I refused to start watching again. Can someone just please tell me in a thumbnail sentence the circumstance of his death? And is it a verified death or one from which he can return if they so choose?
  8. I didn't feel like the episode was filler. Through her nephew, Rebecca sees herself. And through his cahoots with Nathaniel, she sees her own stalker behavior reflected. I believe each episode brings her a baby step closer to changing her own ways. Baby steps with a lot of slidebacks in between. Also I've wanted to see Paula dealing with the effect her own bad behavior has had on her family for a long time. Finally treated to a view of what happens when you neglect family at the expense of feeling "needed" by your messed up gal pal. Paula is also baby stepping her way to change. I really don't mind the side characters and stories at all.
  9. S02.E10: Trust No One

    In one of the last few episodes, maybe the very last one, Zellner says she believes the blood could only have been planted by the killer, NOT the cops. I think she's moved away from the whole "cops did it" thing. It certainly would make more sense and be easier to execute. Bobby doesn't seem as sub-intelligent as some of his kin, I could see him figuring out what he has to do to frame his uncle and following through. With Scott's help or not, I don't know? And did younger brother witness some if any of all this? Who knows. It all remains a big snarled mess.
  10. S02.E10: Trust No One

    ghoulina, I don't know if this is the case, but you sent me down a rabbit hole of looking and it was the best I could come up with: https://www.innocenceproject.org/cases/ada-joann-taylor/
  11. S03.E06: Kamsahamnida

    Ha! Good call. I forgot about that. So martial arts is okay with Beth but boxing not because it's considered more of a contact sport? Although at the end, the entire family is on the couch enjoying the sport together. Show geography (almost any TV show you can name) is not real life geography. People can suddenly be across country in a heartbeat. Expense? What expense? Travel time to, let's say, Australia. What travel time? Let's not even go there about time of day--when one character's story arc is happening in daylight and another one's at night, or one day versus several days. To me, that nonchalant attitude about time/space for the sake of plot points the writers want to make is just lazy lazy writing. Set a frickin' timeline and stick to it. Details matter. Consider the cost of travel (and amount of time it takes) and make it believable to the viewer. Think about living expenses for the average person and make your characters worry about finances like real people do! *end rant*
  12. S03.E06: Kamsahamnida

    One of the things I came here to post! They can't continue living at the level they're at without fresh income. How long can they live on a severance package? I don't buy that the job search wouldn't be top priority for this family for at least one of the two breadwinners. Maybe they're going to make Deja get a job and support them. I understand they wanted to make the point about smiling at your opponent when he's thrown a good punch, but really dumb! to let him know you plan to win Korea town. I have to say, adding in the Korean angle made the political campaign storyline marginally more interesting to me. Even though the set up is highly unlikely. Plus hot new campaign manager is a plus. I don't recall any mention of Kevin's new gf being a documentarian last season. Did they mention it? Pretty sure they added it just so she'd have a perfect reason to travel along with him on this roots journey. Glad they finally gave Kate an opportunity to be a strong shoulder for someone else and to admit out loud that she's been too willing to be taken care of all her life. This is a new Kate I can get behind. Sidenote: I fully expected that dog to eat another rock when Toby let him off leash LOL.
  13. S02.E10: Trust No One

    Even in season 1 I wondered why they didn't spend more time on Bobby. It seemed to be accepted at face value that he "went hunting" with very little questioning. He was one of the three people on the property when Teresa was there. I always thought he was complicit in her disappearance in some way. Now I feel really quite certain. On a purely speculative note, it is not a stretch to see young Bobby as a sociopath given the materials on the computer, I can totally imagine him doing nefarious things like torturing and dismembering a neighbor's pet and perhaps graduating up to wanting to feel what it's like with a human victim. What about these supposed human bone fragments found in the quarry? Aside from this case,, shouldn't someone be doing some sort of testing or opening a case to discover why there are cut human bones in more than one place in the quarry? That alone is a matter worth looking into if they are indeed human remains. Time to break out the cadaver dogs and do a thorough sweep of the entire quarry, searching for anything suspicious. It really is a perfect dumping ground for anyone trying to get rid of evidence in any missing persons case in the area, Human BONE fragments, people! That's not something to be glossed over. Watching Brendan'd confession tapes, I can imagine he drew the images he described from murder porn he'd seen. Don't tell me his brother never said "Hey, look at this" or that Brendan didn't at some point see those images while using that computer. It may have been Bobby's computer, but doesn't mean it wasn't shared. Such horrific images and vids would leave an impression. When asked for murder details, Brendan could very likely have drawn on electronic images he'd seen--not real ones. OR real ones, I'm not completely discounting the idea that several men conspired in rape, murder and body disposal. Brendan could indeed have been a witness to who knows what...or a participant. The uncertainty is so frustrating and this case might have been solved for real if all leads had been followed seriously and to the very root. No one will every likely know what happened. I don't see the killer(s) or the conspiracy to frame (if that is what happened) being unmasked at this point. ETA: Here's a new interview to check out: Zellner murder theory Below is the part that really seized my attention
  14. S02.E01: Number 18

    Whatever anyone discovers will not serve to convince me Avery is not guilty of this murder. Too much evidence that I refuse to believe was planted. Dassey a witless accomplice or completely ignorant? I'm still unsure on that. Except for the suggestion of something severely awful that happend to him which he hinted at to his female cousin (forgot her name) tends to sway me back toward the idea he was involved at some level. What about his brother who remained oblivous to all this in their trailer? I forgot his name too. But I can't help but keep wondering about him, and his refusal to visit BRendan in prison.... Hmmm.
  15. FYI: long pig noun a translation of a term formerly used in some Pacific Islands for human flesh as food.