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  1. What's That Book?

    I sometimes checked out Christian books from the library that tended to be part of a series. A couple of different ones have crossed my mind for whatever reason. They are likely from the 1990s. -a bland, nice girl and her friends had a "book club" at their high school. It was really more of a youth group, but calling it a book club was a way to get it approved by the school. Some popular girl was interested in the bland girl's boy friend who was also a member of the book club so she wanted to join. They were reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and the popular girl sneered over the name of the character "Wormwood." That is all I remember of this book. -for all I know this was the same book, or it at least had a somewhat similar conflict. A bland, nice girl and her friends go to a Christian camp. A popular girl comes along. I don't know if she first pretended to be nice to the other girls or not. I remember the girls receiving some kind of beaded necklaces and the popular girl really wanted one. They had some special reason for getting them, but I don't remember what. Anyway, the popular girl (gasp) lied in order to get her necklace. This was found out about and she was confronted and I think acted similar to Suzanne Hanlon in the Sweet Valley High books. Does anybody know what these (?) are?
  2. I read a news story about a lady who had such a fear of heights that she was unable to drive over a bridge and a police officer had to do it for her. That made me think of a movie I saw once, but I can't remember what it is. I don't remember if it is English, German or German-dubbed from some other country. I also don't remember if it is live action or animated. Let's see if anybody else can figure it out from the following: a male(?) character I do not remember liking very much had a fear of driving* over bridges. He would get to the bridge and then freeze and have to turn around. Of course there was some conflict that eventually forced him to have to face this fear and drive over the bridge. I think the fear came from him being in some sort of accident with one or both parents (?)in which they fell from the bridge into water. I think he had occasional flashbacks of this. I think I at least found the character otherwise so annoying that this attempt at making him sympathetic did not work for me. That may be why I don't remember the movie. Does anybody else? *It's possible that he had to walk over the bridge rather than drive.
  3. I'm happy that Germany did so well. Nobody expected it to come in first. That it placed as well as it did is a win. Apparently Austria was even less expected to do well and they nearly won. Strange. I guess the song was inoffensive enough, but I forgot it almost immediately. That was the case for quite a few of the songs, such as Bulgaria. Every time they played their clip I felt like I was hearing it for the first time... I appreciated Denmark's staging, but the singer strangely wasn't dramatic enough. I wonder if he was having an off night. I wanted to like The Netherlands' song once I found out he was from The Common Linnets. It sounded authentically like country music. I don't really like country music. I might see what else the singer has to offer. Otherwise the only ones I might listen to again would be perhaps Italy, Germany (maybe for sentimental reasons, but it was okay) and the winner from last year. His performance style is odd, but entertaining and I actually liked both of his songs.
  4. There is a new talent show in Germany called It's Showtime. Its first episode was last Sunday and featured Steven Brundage, Vello the contortionist and a 66-year-old pole dancer named Greta Pontarelli, who I swear was also on AGT. All did somewhat okay but some run-of-the-mill Austrian dance group ended up winning the episode. I'm not sure how many episode it has, but it looks like Kenichi Ibara (hope I got the name right) will be in an upcoming episode. If it's not him than somebody is seriously ripping off his act. The show itself is no masterpiece, but I do like that at least last weeks episode had no children and no singers!
  5. Books We Never Finished

    I never finished Alice in Wonderland and even deleted it from ny Kindle, because I found Alice so incredibly annoying that I just didn't care anymore. I tried Cold Mountain but didn't get very far into it. The lack of punctuation drove me crazy.
  6. Unpopular Opinions

    I don't know if I would go so far as to say I hate the book Heidi but I'm no fan of the main character. I'm sure she's probably supposed to be full of “child like innocence,“ but she comes off as moronic, especially when she's in Frankfurt (the kittens, hoarding the white rolls, giving Peter's mother her hat, as if it would really fit, etc.) While I know that she was not brought to Frankfurt under the nicest of circumstances, she could have been nicer there. It wasn't Klara's fault (I remember preferring Klara even when I was younger.) I also hate Peter's Grandmother and her constant complaining and passive aggressive put-downs toward Peter and his mother (“I'm glad you can read, Heidi. If only Peter had learned....“) She so did not deserve her white rolls. I think the Alps are great, but not nearly as much as the author, who apparently thinks that they are full of healing powers. The Alps and dear little St. Heidi as well. “Fun fact:“ The English translation is...not perfect. They have Heidi's full name as Adelaide instead of Adelheid. How would the name “Heidi“ come out of Adelaide? It also puts in the word “gape“ instead of “yawn“ (Klara “gapes“ when she is bored in school.) Additionally stupid things are added like a mention of Heidi's “angel face,“ which is absolutely not in the German edition.
  7. Cast in Other Roles

    I was going to say that. I just realized it was him last week. He looks and sounds so different. I know this is far-reaching, but the same episode also had a character named Lucy Fernandez. It is filmed in Toronto. Shout out?
  8. What was I saying about Germany not coming in last? Why is Sweden doing so well? Ugh.
  9. The Netherlands Entry was an absolute masterpiece compared to the rest. I can imagine it getting overlooked though. As usual Germany won't win, but probably will do better than last year. Did not get the appeal of Australis and found Sweden to be the "worst"
  10. Special: World's Got Talent

    When was this in? It sounds interesting. I can say from having Seen the German Version, "Das Supertalent" that it, at times, makes "AGT" look like an absolute masterpiece!
  11. S10.E05: Auditions 5

    I'm a week behind the times. Was there even an episode today? Anyway, enough with the opera singers! I don't care if they're children or adults. It's old and tired! As for the "hyperactive" Tortoise, I have one at home, and he could probably do that same trick, but I know better than to put him on TV. The poor thing looked scared. The trainer did herself no favors. Why was she just holding the strawberry? She should have walked with it and the tortoise might have actually performed. Also, I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to be eating strawberries. What was the point of the "stripping" dog?
  12. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    In the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest I found the winner, Conchita Wurst, to be an extremely overrated and extremely boring performer. The vocals were fine, but...shouldn't the vocals of a professional singer be good (I know that's subjective), the song was one of FAR too many ballads, and she just stood there and sang. It's not like I demand theatrics and dancing, but I'd heard multiple reports (and still do) of what a wonderful performer she is and I just did not see it. She also performed for the Germany qualification rounds last week and also just stood there and this time her vocals weren't even that great (due to an obnoxiously loud vocal track.) Maybe she has a wonderful personality or something, but I just don't understand why people find her a great performer. I am the only person I know who seems to have this opinion.
  13. Well, he didn't cheat, but Andreas Kümmert, who won contest to be Germany's representative for Eurovision certainly confused people after he declined to participate and "gave" the prize to the singer who finished second (Anne Sophie.) I've been looking to see if he gave any statement as to why (besides his initial more-or-less "I'm not the right candidate" statement. Then why did he participate in the first place?) but as far as I know, he hasn't said anything. He was last seen leaving the stage as the audience booed. It was very bizarre, but I must say, very interesting live TV!
  14. I literally witnessed people confusing the song "Through the Fire" (I heard a Helene Fischer cover, but the original is by Chaka Khan) for "Let it Go" (I was with a group of people who had very recently seen Frozen before hearing that song.) I listened to both and I wouldn't go that far, but phrases "Through the Fire" and "Let it Go" do sound almost spot on. I doubt it was intentional though. The rest of the songs sound different enough from each other. There is apparently some Kanye West song that samples "Through the Fire." Did he...have her blessing to sample it, or was that song actually plagarized?
  15. Unpopular Opinions

    I remember seeing "Singin' in the Rain" (which people generally seem to love) when I was younger and liking it okay. I tried watching it again not that long ago, and it was hard to finish. The title song is by far the best part. I realize the problem is that I absolutely hated Don Lockwood, and I could tell I was not "supposed" to. To be honest, I missed the first part the second time around, so I could not remember if Lina Lamont did anything to show her poor character in that time, or if the problem they all had with her is that she could not act and had a grating voice (and while the actress did a good job with it, it was sort of annoying to have to put up with.) From the way that acted about how horrible it was that they had to work with her, you would have thought she had threatened their lives. Yes, she "acts out" later, but I couldn't blame her at that point after all of the scheming they did behind her back. Why I hated Don is that he was the driving force and did not seem overly talented or charismatic even though he was "supposed" to be. People were laughing at him as well in the test screening, and the fact that their film was just stupid. Speaking of, I despised the "Broadway Melody" song and if I would ever watch "Singin# in the Rain" again, that song will always be skipped. I'm not sure what's worse: that it is a part of their movie-within-a-movie, which looked like it is supposed to be a period piece (i.e. taking place well before Broadway was around), or that the entire time the song was going on (which felt like an eternity) Don was supposed to be describing what was happening ("so then he knocks on an imaginary door and bellows 'gotta dance, gotta dance,' as the person who answers the door stares at him speechlessly"). Also: while I "respect" Gene Kelly's dancing and all, his giant grin while he was dancing ...bugged me.