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  1. S05.E13: A New God

    Great, Ivar thinks he is an actual god now. Totally a logical conclusion! It also looks like Freydis is showing herself to be just as brutal and deadly, although more cunning right now too. I suspect that Hvitserk won't be the sacrifice despite the tease, but Ivar said it had to be someone important, so I wonder who it will be? The Floki plot continues to spin its wheels. It basically feels like it's always about the two families; whose names I don't even know, so I just call them House Viking Edge and House Viking Dyson (because Kris Holden-Reid will always be Dyson from Lost Girl); squabbling, killing one another, trying to make peace, and then it all falls apart again. Sounds like the pregnant daughter is now missing, so everyone is going to blame each other for it, while Floki sits by a waterfall and mumbles to himself again. Yawn! Ubbe and Torvi being baptized could be interesting. Bjorn's still being a whiny prick, but hopefully Magnus returning might shake things up with him. Lagertha seems to only be here to moon over Headmund, which is disappointing. Totally rooting for Harald now, even though I suspect that it ain't going to happen. But he has gotten way more interesting lately.
  2. S03.E08: Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak

    I clearly play way too much Fallout, because as soon as the sirens began blaring at the end, I was waiting for Ron Perlman's voice to declare "War. War never changes." Because at this point, I would expect anything to possibly to happen on this show, and being a prequel for a nuclear apocalypse series would not be far-fetched at all. But, of course, the real reason might be even better: basically, Hiram has created this entire scare because he wants Riverdale to be quarantined, so he can basically rule it. He even is calling himself the king! I hope he just goes all end, and when the show he returns, he's just walking (or being carried) around with a crown and cape, and has everyone calling him "Your Majesty." Maybe he can even force someone to be the court jester! Just go full-blown medieval on this joint, King Hiram! So, Betty actually wasn't corrupted after-all and ends up turning Ethel, and has now sprung everyone from the Insane Loony Church Place. Good for them, but what in the hell are they going to do now, since it sounds like half of the patients don't even have parents. Fun seeing Veronica and Cheryl team-up, even if there wasn't as much sassiness, like I hoped. But we did get interrogation by syrup, so I guess it all evens out?! I really don't understand why Fred doesn't just go with Archie. It's not like he really has anything left in Riverdale anymore (or is he still doing the whole construction thing? I can barely remember, at this rate), so why wouldn't he want to be with his son? Gladys/Gina Gershon was fun here. I do wonder if more went down with her "talk" with Penny. Jellybean was hilarious. And a hell of a shot, apparently! Remember the biggest lesson this season, folks: table-top games are actually just fronts for mobsters to take over the world! When someone offers you a roll of the dice, just say no!
  3. 2019 Awards Season

    Definitely been hearing some complaints about Bohemian Rhapsody getting an ensemble nomination, but while I do think Rami Malek was a step above the rest, I still thought the acting in general was good; especially Lucy Boynton and the three actors who played the other Queen members; so I'm not that upset over it. Still, if it ends up getting a Best Picture nomination, I can see this film being the one with all the backlash, which will be interesting. I agree with the stuff above that the A Star is Born group must be loving this, because most thought it would be the one that had the vocal detractors, but despite being a frontrunner, it is somehow almost skating by quietly, while the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book seem to be courting all of the controversy. Glad Sam Elliot got a SAG nomination at least and will hopefully get an Oscar as well. Regina King's absence is a little surprising, but it seems like the SAG just wasn't all that into If Beale Street Could Talk. It looks like BlackKkKlansman is actually building up a little bit of steam lately.
  4. Tobias loses Khalil as a an ally, so he recruits a bookworm played by RJ Cyler, which checks out, because he was totally Billy from the new Power Rangers film! Underestimate him at y'alls own peril! Especially you, bouncer who called him a nerd! Jefferson and Lynn are not handling this well at all. At least Lynn is keeping most of her freaking out inside the house, but Jefferson was this close to just blasting out of there in broad daylight, with no suit. Crazy! Good thing Gambi showed that he's still got some moves in him, or that could have been bad! Jennifer is continuing to be resourceful and could even end up being the most powerful person in the family, once she gets her powers under control. But while she saved Khalil from the poison, I have to think the other shoe will end up dropping. Especially after they declared their love for one another, which rarely ends well for anyone. Who is this new teleporting guy?
  5. S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    And so Elseworlds ends like most of the D.C. shows tend to end: the bad guy is defeated thanks to Barry running very fast, Kara flying real fast, and Oliver making some kind of sacrifice that will no doubt cause not just him, but those he love major hardship, but gosh darn-it, that's the only way Oliver knows how to do things! So, Deegan's new world basically made all of the good guys either become bad guys or considered bad guys. Carlos Valdes really seemed to be enjoying playing "Mr. Ramon" in particular. And Tyler Hoechlin was great at playing "Deegan as Superman." Really made him feel like the polar opposite of Clark/Supes. Glad they worked in how important the Kara and Alex relationship is, because it feels like that has been missing this season on Supergirl (because we need more time for the show to crush us with anvils reminding us of today's current, political events, dammit!) Also liked how the majority of the cast showed up in roles, although I missed Lena. They really couldn't find a way to work her in? So, the Legends do find a way to work themselves into the crossover through Gary. Who, of course, is totally into Oliver and Barry as a Crime Duo. Classic Gary! I guess Clark and Lois going to Argo City for good is one way to make an excuse why he isn't around to help Kara and the gang once shit really hits the fan later this season. I guess Batwoman is going to pop in from time to time on Arrow? Because right now, I'm not very wild about any potential spin-off with her. Crisis on Infinite Earth is next, huh? Overall, a fun enough crossover, but one of the weaker ones that was mainly held together by the chemistry and banter between Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, and Melissa Benoist. If nothing else, these things show that the casting directors struck gold with these three. Which is why I want to hold out hope that maybe Ruby Rose has it in her somewhere to even have half of their charisma combined.
  6. S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    Whelp, it is midseason finale time, so it's time for the Legend of Tomorrow writers to get drunk, put up a bunch of random ideas on the board, throw darts at them, and see what happens! And I wouldn't want it any other way! Yep, as figured, Constantine and Charlie kept breaking the timeline in the craziest ways possible. First, Ray/Mick/Nate form some kind of A-Team like squad (with Ray pretty much cosplaying as Rambo) because Sara got killed by the unicorn. Then it's Sara, Ava, and Gideon (in human form!) forming a Charlie's Angels group after the guys get murdered by the Fairy Godmother. That is followed then by everyone turning into puppets because Mick and the Fairy Godmother team up and go a spree (ha!) And so, so much more that we didn't have time to see. I can only imagine what craziness happened in the other timelines! Great casting with the Zari Cat. I love all of those scenes, even if it meant that Tala Ashe had to be off screen for it, naturally. Still, I love that Zari was the one to finally get Constantine to do the right thing, and basically take control of the situation. She continues to make a good case at officially being Sara's First Officer, if they ever do need one. While I knew it was all going to end with Constantine having to reunite (and basically sacrifice) Desmond again, Matt Ryan continue to act the hell out of it. And I really liked how Charlie ended up being significant and that it was the team never meeting her in the past timelines that led them down more violent paths. But now she realizes how important she actually is, and how the team is already accepting her. Looking forward to seeing how she fits in going forward. D.C.'s Puppets of Tomorrow needs to happen. Complete with cameos from a Grumpy Puppet Oliver and Over-hyper Puppet Barry and Puppet Kara! I continue to wish the show would find a way to have Gideon maintain a human/robotic/holographic form, so we can get more Amy Pemberton on screen! Aww, Ava and Mick are bonding! That was strangely sweet. Also, Mick apparently gets published, because I've read on the net that his pen name (Rebecca Silver) is the author's name of the book Nate's Mom (and I think Nora too?) were seen reading. Ha! So, I'm guessing they're setting up the demon to be the main big bad for the rest of the season, and he's still in Desmond's body. Oh, this is going to complicate things! Great mid-season finale, but waiting till April is going to be brutal!
  7. S07.E09: Elseworlds Part 2

    OK, I enjoyed how they didn't simply didn't have Barry/Grant Gustin do the opening voiceover, but even inserted him into some of the Arrow clips as well. Well played, show. They finally made me enjoy Diggle again, when they had him basically say "Yeah, considering all of the crazy shit I've seen, I guess this really isn't too weird" about the Oliver/Barry switch. Just makes Team Flash come off like even bigger doofuses. Of course, he still squandered it by not just going along with the "Keep Felicity in the dark" idea, but being so dumb about it that he doesn't even think to give Cisco or Caitlin a heads up about it. At least commit to your dumb decisions, Diggle. Really though, Oliver was being a major moron by once again keeping a secret from Felicity. Is he ever going to learn that? I honestly wonder. It's too bad because I did think his speech at the end was great and it looks like they're in a better place, but I can't help but wonder if he's going to just mess it up again. Holy recon, Batman! Iris automatically believed that "Oliver" was actually Barry? That didn't happen in the episode I watched, Cisco/Caitlin! Sure, she figured it out before you two did, but she still needed some major convincing until she did. Do the writers not get the scripts from the past episodes that just aired a day ago? This iteration of Gotham was fun, at least. I love that Oliver seems to hate it and how it's basically the city that everyone seems to agree is the worst of the worst. I guess Ruby Rose was alright as Kate Kane, but she was very uncomfortable as Batwoman. I want to give the benefit of the doubt, but if they are really going to go with a full-length show, I just don't know if she has the charisma to pull it off. I suspect it will either live or die by the writing (gulp!) and whoever ends up being the supporting cast. They better get some heavy-hitters. So, after doing the whole X-ray thing, was Kara's remark about Kate having more tattoos than she expected meaning that she was looking at her entire body? Since when did Kara become a perv?! Didn't miss Rene, Dinah, or Black Siren. Curtis didn't bug too much, but having him and Cisco in the same show just shows how similar they are, except Cisco is way, way, I'm talking 100 times way more awesome than Curtis. Barry's ultimate fear being the Reverse Flash checks out. I guess Malcolm kind of makes sense for Oliver, although I would have probably gone with either Slade or Chase. But, really, Oliver's fear is happiness. He refuses to ever let it happen for long! Ah, so they're going down the whole "the villain isn't actually the true villain!" route, where the Monitor is claiming he is doing this to prepare them for an even bigger threat that is to some. Still not sure why he felt to give the book to Jeremy Davies of all people, but maybe it will make sense later on. Oliver and Barry now being criminals and targeted by another version of Superman was a fun way to end things. Still entertaining, although once again a lot of it was due to the chemistry between Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, and now Melissa Benoist. Those three clearly love working with each other.
  8. The show got on AV Club's Best TV of 2018 list at number 21. Really enjoyed the write-up for it: I actually think they nailed why this show works as well as it does. It isn't just the wacky hijinks or far-out moments; which, don't get me wrong, are certainly awesome in their own rights; but how a lot of the craziness comes from the characters themselves and how they react to whatever insanity is sprung on them. Despite the goofiness and hilarity, I actually think that this show is the best out of the D.C. line-up, when it comes to actually writing their characters and having them react naturally (in their own way!), instead just being shoved into saying or doing things to make plots or stories work. I honestly can't think of many times where I ever felt like someone was written out of character or did something they normally wouldn't. I think that is why it has easily become my favorite. Now if only more people would watch it...
  9. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    I enjoyed it more than I expected, mainly because Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin are just so hilarious and great together, and can make almost anything work. They're really nailed down the whole "annoyed, older brother/goofy, younger brother dynamic, which really works for the characters of Oliver and Barry. I definitely loved those moments like Oliver refusing to make the "lighting rod" comment and Barry getting his revenge for the arrow in the back thing! Still, admittedly a few issues here. I definitely was pissed with Team Flash for how they handled the initial reveal. I just always get annoyed when shows that are set in universe where so many bizarre things happen, suddenly decide that a certain thing is too hard to believe, even when it really isn't. This reminded me of last season when Team Flash was acting like Barry was a nutter because he thought DeVoe was up to no good. All because he, gasp! Was in a wheelchair! So, now Team Flash finds it hard to believe that two heroes somehow got their minds swapped, despite living in a universe that has dealt with alien invasions, time-travel, numerous Wells, different Earths, metas every week with far out powers, and mind-controlling gorillas? Maybe that's why they decided to have the Legends sit this one out, because they would have heard all of this and been like, "Yep, just another Monday for us!" While I don't necessarily think it is on purpose and there might be some truth to what is being said, I do get a sense someone in the writing room just doesn't like Oliver. Again, I get Iris not wanting Barry to become him because she loves him for he is, but cosplaying as the Green Arrow and doing the "You have failed this city!" line once, doesn't mean Barry's suddenly becoming Oliver. And even then, they're acting like if he does, it would be a kind to turning into Darth Vader. Oliver has his demons, but he's not the worst of the worst. Chill, Iris. Oliver's not even the worst of your friends. As much as I love him, y'all invited Mick Freaking Rory to y'alls wedding, and he tried to kill Barry... several times. AMAZO was a dull villain. Basically your average killer robot/sentinel. Yawn! And, seriously, ARGUS is the worst. I think I would even pick the League of Assassins over that lot (but not the Children of Liberty, because fuck those guys.) The stuff on Earth-38 was fun. Playing the Smallville theme was a hoot and Tyler Hoechin continues to be a great Clark/Superman. Elizabeth Tulloch was fine as Lois, I guess. Certainly more lively than the majority of her time on Grimm. So, the true cause of all of this is because this Monitor dude has gave an all-powerful book to Jeremy Davies, which is certainly bad news, because Dickie Bennett is the last person I want in control of a book like that! Davies also had a recurring role on the actual Constantine show, so I guess Constantine/Matt Ryan himself is the only thing that is canon over here. Off to Gotham now!
  10. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Damn, Clint's face was something. I have to imagine that his family was dusted and he's on the warpath. Curious to see him and Natasha team-up, again. Notice that we have both Tony giving a final (or is it?!) message to Pepper and a shot of Steve looking at Peggy's photo. Suspected that they were going to try and end things on a lighter note, and sure enough, good old Scott is here, asking to get buzzed in! Good trailer. Still mainly keeping their cards close to their chests, but showing enough to be intrigued over how the Avengers will handle this and if this will be the final mission for some of them.
  11. Creed II (2018)

    Saw it earlier today. It ended up being what I figured it would be: not as good as the first Creed, but still a great continuation of the next big boxing franchise, and did a solid job at balancing out Adonis, Bianca, and the other new players, along with the old-school folks like Rocky and the returning Ivan Drago. I think my biggest issue was that it was a bit too overstuffed and I would have preferred if they maybe saved the Adonis/Bianca baby drama and Rocky's issues with his son for a later film, and focused more on Ivan and Viktor, and how Adonis' decisions to fight Viktor effected Bianca, Rocky, and Mary Anne on a more personal level. Instead, everything was generally great on a technical, emotional level, but just felt too short. I know there has been speculation over if this is it for Sly's time in the franchise, but I definitely got the sense that at the very least, they're beginning the process of phasing Rocky out, by having him reconnect with Robert at the end, and possibly setting it up for him to enjoy the rest of his days with his son and grandson. This one just had more of a "passing the torch" vibe. If so, I'll miss Stallone's more nuance and realistic take on the older, world-weary Rocky, but I'm glad this will allow Adonis to truly take over, and for Michael B. Jordan to continue to shine. I really like how he and the film allow Adonis to not be perfect, as he can be impulsive, hot-headed, and stubborn, but he is truly a good man that loves his family, and he learns from his mistakes, and grows as a person. I'm looking forward to more of his journey. Tessa Thompson continues to be a delight as Bianca, Russell Hornsby was a fun surprise as Marcelle, always enjoy Wood Harris, and Phylicia Rashad does so much with so little (the look on her face when Adonis told her he was accepting the fight barely had any movement, but you could just see how much it shook her, hearing his decision.) Florian Munteanu didn't say much, but still did a decent job despite his inexperience as an actor. As for Dolph Lundgren, while I won't say he's a thespian or anything, I always thought he was bit underrated as an actor (likely due to English not being his first language), and I thought he was great here. He really showed how Ivan's loss to Rocky harden him even more and turn him into a cold, uncaring, and close to abusive father, but he also made it believable when Ivan finally saw how wrong he was, and threw the towel in to save his son more pain. Again, I wish there was more development with the Dragos, but Lundgren and even Munteanu made it work. Steven Caple Jr. did a good job with the fight scenes, even if he didn't quite have the raw energy that Ryan Coogler had in the first film. The training montages were great as always. Curious to see where this franchise goes next!
  12. S03.E07: Chapter Forty-Two: The Man In Black

    Snarky, Sinister Voiceover Betty might be my new favorite character. If they ever decided to do a gender-swapped reboot of Dexter, I'd toss Lili Reinhart's name into the hat! Oh, Archie! Now, there's the silly, high school, horn-dog doofus I remember! His relationship with Veronica has barely gone cold, and he's already getting hot over the next pretty girl who is nice to him, and blabs everything to her. Classic Archie! To be fair, Riley Keough is pretty awesome (loved her in Mad Max: Fury Road.) I wonder if we'll see Laurie again. Speaking of which, Veronica is doing what she does best, which is get all mad at Hiram and declare she wants nothing to do with him anymore, only to end up following his advice and even pulling a stunt that would make him proud. She really can't seem to fully escape him: probably because she is a Lodge through and through, even if she doesn't want to admit it. I am enjoying the Veronica/Reggie pair (and I'm apparently out of the loop: are Camila Mendes and Charles Melton dating in real life?) I'm guessing Cheryl, Kevin, Tori, and Josie where off playing their own G&G game during all of this? Anytime I heard "Sister Woodhouse", I kept thinking of Woodhouse from Archer, and that caused me to imagine what a crossover between Archer and Riverdale would look like. Honestly, it probably wouldn't be that far-fetched. At this point, let us just say Hiram owns the entire state now. Ethel has completely drunken the Gargoyle King kool-aid, and now it looks like even Betty has been broken. We'll see, I guess. Maybe Dark Betty can fix all of this!
  13. S05.E12: Murder Most Foul

    I might not be the most knowledgable when it comes to religion, but I'm not sure doing the sign of the cross is going to be enough to earn God's favor after you just murder a cardinal in the middle of a freaking church, Heahmund. Or maybe it does work. I guess you know more about it than I do! But, really, that guy was an idiot to write the letter in the first place. Did he really think Heahmund wouldn't silence him? Is he the only person on this show who couldn't see that the guy was always a few fries short of a Happy Meal? Yeah, this stuff with Alfred's future queen and Bjorn was incredibly shallow and felt more like a cheap romantic fantasy, instead of actual drama. Bjorn's ability to somehow attract every woman in the vicinity is head-scratching. Maybe Judith will be next! I did like that Alfred realized that Bjorn is likely a lost cause, and is now trying to get Ubbe on his side. The guy's smart, I'll give him that. So, Floki's just crying and being over-dramatic beside a waterfall, while everyone else on the island suffers. This has not been the dream anyone was hoping for! Oh, Freydis! I'd be very careful, if I were you. Ivar is the last person I would try to pull something over on. RIP, Margrethe. I'm definitely on the "Season needs more Harald" boat, which is something I didn't predict when he first showed up.
  14. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    Safe to say that this was definitely D'Arcy Carden's episode. Her playing versions of the core four while they were stuck as Janet was brilliant, and she nailed all of them. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably go with her version of Eleanor since there where times I honestly thought Kristen Bell was doing the voice, but her Tahani was also pitch-perfect as well. But, again, all four of them were hilarious. Special bonus to the "bored, mundane Janet from accounting" as well. In a just world, she'd get an Emmy nomination out of this (but that depends on voters doing more than just tossing a nomination to Ted Danson only, even though he's totally deserving as well.) I see Mike Schur's love for making fun of accountants hasn't gone away! Stephen Merchant was another great casting choice as the Head Accountant. As was the poor guy that was stuck with "sex acts" duty. Yeah, that would be a task only the strong can handle! But the reveal that no one has made it to the actual Good Place in over five hundred years is interesting. Are the demons from the Bad Place meddling, after-all? Or is someone up in the Good Place not want anymore people in? Or is something else at play, here? I was about to say that the main cast had it a bit easy here, but then I read that article above that they actually performed the scenes for D'Arcy to study. It would be cool if we could have see some of those moments as a bonus feature or something. Looks like they finally made it to The Good Place! And not only is this season still not done (hell, we aren't even in mid season finale mode yet), we will be getting a th one as well! I really can't wait to see what insanity this show unleashes next!
  15. 2019 Awards Season

    Actually didn't scratch my head as much as I normally do with the Globes (I heard that A Star is Born decided to submit in the drama category, but I am surprised that Bohemian Rhapsody is considered drama too), but I'm disappointed Sam Elliot didn't get a Supporting nod, and hope that isn't the case come Oscar time. Yeah, at this point, Claire Foy is probably the only shot of First Man getting into any of the major categories. It might still land a few of the technical and sounds nods, I guess.