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  1. S02.E13: Original Sin

    Oh, shit, Breckin Meyer! He's on the same show with Paulo Costanzo, even if they didn't share a scene, which means we're just a Seann William Scott and DJ Qualls away from a Road Trip reunion (although I'd vastly prefer an appearance from Amy Smart instead.) Nora Zehetner! Always enjoying seeing her, even if a lot of times it feels like she is wasted like, in this case, milking a thick Russian accent as Damien's former handler. Anytime Maggie Q shares a scenes with the detective played by Dillion Casey, I always wonder if they reminisce about Nikita and much more fun they had on that show. I really doubt that every single talking head in the media would be giving Kirkman shit about that video. Sure, a sizable portion will, but I would imagine some would still defend him or at least trying to explain why he is just a wee bit off. And even then, it's not like he's going all "I will kill you and those you love!" here. They're acting like he's freaking Thanos or something. Only thing I will say about the conflict involving that tribe was that for the longest time, I thought the lead lady was called "Lazy Cousins" instead of Lacy. Apparently being a traitor actually gets you some sweet digs!
  2. S08.E12: The Key

    Best episode of the season! Why, you ask? Because I literally just watch a show where a grown-ass man was screaming, panicking, and, I swear, close to crying because his baseball bat got lit on fire. And he's suppose to be the scariest bad guy on the planet or some shit. Oh, Negan! If you weren't such a boring dolt, I'd might actually find your twisted relationship with that damn bat sweet. But, anyway, despite Rick getting the drop on him and even flipping his car over, Negan still escapes because now Rick suddenly can't shoot for shit. You had one job, Rick! You blew it! But now Negan's been taken by Jadis of all people. Man, between his overlong bellowing and her slow-ass style of speaking, their scenes alone are going to take up to two hours each episode. At least they'll certainly feel like it... Meanwhile, over at Hilltop, Maggie, Michonne, and the gang meet a bunch of new people (again), who really love vinyl records, barter with "knowledge", and lead by a folksy lady played by Jayne Atkinson a.k.a. Catherine Durant from House of Cards. Totally don't blame them for not automatically trusting them, but of course they had to take it to the extreme by kidnapping them (more or less), and even considering stealing their shit, until Michonne talks them down, because she's apparently the only person on this show who isn't an impulsive idiot. With Negan gone, it's now Simon's time to swing his dick around, and his grand plan is to basically keep doing the same thing, only finish off everyone for good. I doubt it will work, but at least he seems to realize that it is hopeless trying to get Rick, Maggie, and the reset to do their bidding. Of course, with him relying so much on the shifty Dwight and Negan now knowing he went against him, I really don't see Simon lasting for much longer. In the past, I use to roll my eyes over AMC using this show to try and rub some of its shine on its new shows, but I'm now I'm at the point where the trailers for The Terror are becoming the highlights. Hell, even the spots for Fear the Walking Dead were kind of fun since they had Garrett Dillahunt in a cowboy hat and Morgan.
  3. S01.E09: Trapped

    I also thought that the hoarders story sounded vaguely familiar, so I'm not surprised it was based on a true event. Chimney gets major points for working in a Die Hard reference in there, even if Buck didn't get it. Poor Buck. He doesn't know what there was a time when Bruce Willis was actually in good films and gave a damn about acting! Athena getting handcuffed to her new beau and having to call Hen to help them out was great. Even though it's only been a few episodes, Angela Basset and Aisha Hinds really have done a great job at making these two characters really feel like they're close friends, who can laugh with one another, sometimes talk tough if one is making a mistake, and always look out for each other. Not surprised Abby's mom ended up dying. Not sure what this will mean for her or her relationship with Buck.
  4. S02.E12: AKA Pray For My Patsy

    I was just thinking that this season hasn't had its required Turk appearance! I love how he pops up in all of the Marvel shows. I should have known better to underestimate Jeri. After a brief moment to feel bad for herself, she quickly gets down the business, and gets her revenge. Doesn't even pull the trigger herself, but tricks Inez into think Shane wasn't loyal, hands her the loaded gun, and lets nature take it course. Oh, and calls 911 at the end. You fuck with Hogarth, you might as well bury yourself! Looks like Trish isn't out of the woods, yet. I'm guessing she will get powers after all, but she will quickly learn that it isn't all that it is crack out to be. Not surprised that Jessica couldn't pulled the trigger. I'm guessing Alisa is taking her some place off the grid in order to try and be a legit family again. I don't see that happening!
  5. S02.E11: AKA Three Lives and Counting

    I knew Kilgrave was going to come back on some level, but I wish they kept David Tennant's name from the credits, because it would have made the reveal that much sweeter. Still, it was great to see him again.... well, a variation of him, at least. While he was a great villain, having him somehow be alive would have been too much, so I like that he was a hallucination in Jessica's mind, goading her over having to kill the prison guard, and trying to make her do the same to Karl. Glad Jessica was able to fight him off and send him away, but he'll probably always be a part of her now, or as he elegantly put it: "I'll be here if you need me." So, Trish actually wanted Karl so he could do the same experiments that he did on Jessica on her. Yeah, Trish is just pure nuts now. Well, actually she's unconscious after the experiment fucked her up, but I'm sure she'll pull through. And be greeted by a pissed off Alisa, who will no doubt hold her responsible for Karl's death. Poor Malcolm getting stuck in the trunk of the car for God knows how long. Had a feeling he and Jessica were going to "break-up", considering how much worse her treatment towards him was. She really has a knack at pushing those who care for her away. I hope she can make amends before it is too late. Only two episodes left. Have to think shit is really going to be hitting the fan now.
  6. S02.E10: AKA Pork Chop

    Ouch, Inez and this Shane guy were actually playing Jeri this entire time, and pretty much robbed her blind. To top it all of, this means Jeri still has ALS, so this was just a bad episode for her. I wonder if they'll find some way to track them back down. Trish has pretty much gone off the deep end now. I understand not fully trusting Alisa and now wanting Karl to go free, but this feels more like it is driven out of some kind of bizarre jealously or need to prove herself, instead of actually wanting justice. And poor Malcolm has now gotten himself involved. Jessica is forced to kill again, after she takes out an asshole prison guard. I'm sure this will mess with her already messed up mind.
  7. Ah, Pryce. You would be the one to try and take Alisa out with a sniper rifle. Luckily for him that Jessica still has a moral compass and would let her mother kill him. Not only that, but she was even willing to turn her in to the cops. Did not see that coming. But I imagine this isn't the end for Alisa this season. Trish ends losing her shit over the radio and quitting, only to get a job from the news station. But, sure enough, the inhaler is finally out of juice or whatever it is, so I can only imagine what she would do now. Jeri blackmails the guy into healing her. Lets see if it works!
  8. S05.E13: Principia

    At this rate, Deke better hope Fitz doesn't find out he's actually their grandson, or Fitz might get a vasectomy in order to prevent that. On a more serious note, Deke's reaction when he found out the truth was well done. Curious to see what he will do with that information. Fun getting to meet Mack's former buddy (Jake Busey!), and learning more about him back in the academy. The MC Hammer jokes were easy, but I still laughed anyway. But I liked that the show remembered Mack normally hates violence, so Caine was actually pretty shocked over watching Mack dispose of those robots with ease. And Mack even brought some robotic arms home for Yo-Yo! Aww! The agent with the scar (Davis?) earns points with his "I can hear you, and yes, I totally agree with you" remark when Coulson said he wanted May to stay behind, because he trusted her more to fly away if shit went sideways. He knows what's up! Glad Yo-Yo finally got a moment to really react to what happened to her. At leas Simmons was around to comfort her. Took me a while to place Alex von Strucker. They certainly are bringing back a whole bunch of characters from the past. It now looks like he's joining Hale's little gang with Creel and Ruby, but Ruby seems to have her own plan. Uh oh!
  9. S07.E13: Knightfall

    Was trying to figure out where I've seen Captain Ahab before, and quick jaunt to IMDB says that the actor (Chad Rook) played Karl on Timeless, so that's probably it. He was fine, but I kept getting the sense that the story would have made more sense if Hook was dealing with Blackbeard again instead. Then again, I don't even remember what happened to Blackbeard. And I'm guessing bringing in Maori's hook was to now connect Moana into this crazy universe. But, anyway, this wasn't a bad flashback, but basically there to show how Hook got cursed due to letting his pride prevent him from going straight back to Alice, and Gothel taking advantage of that. Robert Carlyle seemed extra campy this go around as Dark One Rumple. It's like he's been so bored with the majority of this season, that he is glad to let loose again. I don't know if I'm kind of impressed or scared over how quickly Lucy used Victoria's death as an excuse for why she suddenly didn't want Henry and Jacinda together anymore. I'm certainly not going to shed tears for good old Victoria, but that is quite manipulative of Lucy. Drizella is back and now wants to try and be a better person know. I doubt it will work out, but I'm all for watching Adelaide Kane continue to be one of the best things about this season. So, now, Alice/"Tilly" is a "suspect" for the Coven murders, even though both Hook and Rumple doubt it. You know, the whole "Operations" theme always was kind of silly, but seeing Regina and Lucy preparing to do one suddenly makes me yearn for the times when it was Emma and old (err, young?) Henry.
  10. LA->Vegas, Baby: All Episodes Talk

    Everything involving Parking Lot B was cracking me up. I totally could see someone like Captain Dave living there. Not surprised that Ronnie inadvertently caused havoc in there, but I enjoyed their interactions and, despite what Ronnie claims, "mentorship." Speaking of which, Nichole helping make Colin a better professor by basically teaching him stripper moves was hilarious. I do like how the show is letting the different characters interact with one another. I do wonder if Nichole was making a play with Colin at the end, which I'm not sure I want to see happened, but I really wouldn't blame Colin because Nichole is awesome. Alan is sure full of surprises, huh? Where did the red door go?!!
  11. S04.E14: A Dark Knight: Reunion

    Yep, the Falcones are totally about family! Sure, it sometimes requires you to smash your sister in-law's hand or, really, put out a freaking hit on your own father, but family, am I right?! Sofia is just as unhinged as every other villain in Gotham and I love it. But I do think she is wracking up way too many enemies now, and her downfall will happen soon if she isn't careful. Sucks for Lee though. Peyton List seemed more comfortable this go around, but Ivy still isn't that interesting of a villain. And it's really hard to be invested in the relationship between her and Selina, because they've barely interacted since the earlier season and, again, Ivy's gone through three different actresses in a span of four seasons, and no chemistry has ever really been developed. RIP, Nygma and hello Riddler, I guess! Can't wait to see what kind of plan he and Oswald will cook up. And I have to think Jerome will factor in somehow. They really should have had a reason why Grundy wasn't around for the Sofia/Lee sit down. Maybe have Sofia secretly start shit in the Narrows and he was off taking care of that. It just didn't make sense that Lee would have had him around. Glad Bruce and Alfred are back on good terms and Bruce is ready to accept who he is. Is Bullock going to rejoin the GCPD, now? Hope so! Jim could really use him.
  12. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Well, damn, sure looks like a lot of the heroes are getting their asses handed to them here! But trailers usually like to be misleading, so if there are any major deaths, I suspect it won't be the ones we saw in peril here (Thor, Dr. Strange), and it would be unexpected ones. Still fearing for both Steve and Tony the most. Great final trailer. Some more tidbits and new interactions (never knew I wanted to see Peter and Strange. Really, Peter with anyone is probably going to be pretty damn funny), but enough is still not shown that it will hopefully pay-off in the film (Steve and Tony better reunite, dammit!) Best part was Steve stopping Thanos mid-punch, but still struggling to hold it together. Great way to show how powerful both of them are, and how brutal this battle will probably be. Poster: called it wrong. I had Josh Brolin getting the special "and" billing on it, but he ends up settling for one of the "withs", while Chris Pratt gets the "and." Never underestimate Star-Lord, I guess! Also surprised Chris Evans is fourth behind Robert Downey Jr. (well, that I figured), Chris Hemsworth, and Mark Ruffalo.
  13. S03.E17: Let Pinhead Sing

    At least they fooled me with the killer, only because I didn't know who the hell she was. I'm guessing she was one of the people they interviewed after the crime just happened, but I don't even remember what her position was in the singer's entourage. And her threatening everyone at the end with a knife lacked any suspense. A gun would have made way more sense. So, after being a Debbie Downer for a bit (complete with awful singing), Cain/Pierce is now hoping that Chloe could "redeem" him somehow, so he is now finally pursuing her, right when Lucifer finally decides to admit to himself he still cares for her. Go figure. Meanwhile, Maze is just becoming an unlikable brat now, and she and Dr. Linda are just being wasted in this subplot. At least the episode let Luci/Tom Ellis sing again, which is always a plus.
  14. S02.E08: AKA Ain't We Got Fun

    Dammit, Trish! You just had to get Malcolm hooked on that inhaler too! I do not see this ending well. And Malcolm totally seemed to be getting into the groove of things by finding a way to pit Jeri's partners against one another. I really can't wait till Jessica hopefully finds about all of this crazy shit. You know, once she's done dealing with the crazy hit involving her mother! They're clearly bad people on a lot of levels, but Alisa and Karl are strangely romantic and even, gulp, cute at times. Still need to be brought to justice in the end, but it's interesting seeing more regular and sympathetic antagonists, compared to Killgrave last season. Totally knew Jeri was going to hook-up with the nurse. And I'm guessing she will end up getting healed by that guy, but there will be an unexpected cost to it.
  15. S02.E07: AKA I Want Your Cray Cray

    Oh, shit, Jessica used to date Connor from Revolution! Knew he wasn't going to make it out of this episode alive. Still not sure if he was being sincere at the end with his claims that he was just offering up Jessica to get the guys off of his back. I do think he truly cared and even loved Jessica, but I did get the sense he wasn't against using her to get what he needed to open the bar. Still a brutal way to go. And Jessica blamed herself even though it was actually her mother! "I Want You Cray-Cray" might be alongside Hakeem's "Drip Drop" from Empire as one of the best bad songs in television history! So auto-tuned that I wonder if Rachael Taylor sung it herself, since it really wouldn't matter if she had the pipes for it or not. But like with the song mentioned above, it is totally a song that I think would totally have been a hit in real life considering the way pop songs are now. So, Alisa really did have to get her face changed due to being so badly burnt by the accident. Decent way to explain why Jessica didn't recognize her. Interesting seeing he origin story and where this will lead. I do think she is sorry for what she did, but I don't blame Jessica at all for not wanting to forgive her. Loved all the Jessica/Trish stuff. Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor really work well together.