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  1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Damn, Gunn! For now, I truly believe they were jokes and he really doesn't believe any of it, and I certainly not against dark humor at times, but those were pretty messed up. And this was certainly the absolute wrong time to resurface. Curious to see what they'll do with the Guardians going forward. I know some are already throwing the Russo Bros and Taika Waititi's name in the hat, but I wonder if Disney/Marvel will bring in a fresh face instead. Or, hey, maybe they can make another attempt with Edgar Wright!
  2. S05.E10: The Warriors Will 2018.07.17

    Wonkru is some of the most wishy-washy, pushovers on Earth, apparently. One minute, they're letting Monty of all people convince them that Octavia is a liar and are getting ready to revolt. But then all Octavia has to do is burn down the garden, and suddenly they're back to meekly following her. What is to stop them from just overthrowing her and following someone else? What a bunch of wimps! But, yeah, so Octavia basically showed herself to truly be a dictator out for herself, by finding out there was a true alternative option to war, and simply getting rid of it, so war is now the only option left. Indra pretty much had her number about it being all about her. Who knows how many will die all to prop up her ego. I would say there was no going back here, but since next week's episode is finally going to look into the "Dark Year", I suspect the show will try and use it to explain why she is the way she is. I will give her credit for calling out Bellamy's former alliance with Pike, because that will always be a major blemish on his record, but she is certainly showing that neither one of the siblings are really good at decision-making. I was pretty much rooting for Madi to knock Clarke out and flee, throughout all of their scenes. At least Clarke found her mom again... who is looking like shit. I see Henry Ian Cusick directed this one. Episode automatically is downgraded due to the absence of the Cool Group a.k.a. Raven, Murphy, Echo, and Emori. They're pretty much the only ones I like at this point.
  3. S06.E11: You've Come a Long Way, Baby 2018.07.16

    That was a pretty crazy case, with almost everyone being a bad guy on some level. The biggest surprise was that Roger Bart was the least worst! Really, I think it only real offense was hiring prostitutes. For most Roger Bart characters, that is pretty damn tame! I guess that's one way to keep Moriarty in play, despite Natalie Dormer not being available to come back. I did get a kick out of Wrenn Schmidt playing her representative, because it reminded me of the character she played in The Americans, where it felt like she was only really there because Margo Martindale wasn't available to come back in her role. Still love her though (currently rewatching Person of Interest, and seeing her again as Reese's therapist in season four.) But I do wonder if we'll be seeing Moriarty and Morland again down the line. I did like that Bell actually was doing some investigation on his own and even figured stuff out. I like that the show always made him and Gregson pretty good as their jobs, and don't always need Sherlock (and Joan to extent) to bail them out all the time.
  4. Patient Zero I feel like I've heard about this movie for a few years now, so I guess it is good it is coming out. Looks a little different compared to other zombie films, but I wonder how Natalie Dormer was allowed to keep her normal British accent, while Matt Smith seems to be stuck with a bland, generic American accent?
  5. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018)

    Whelp, I saw it earlier today and I think I have finally recovered now! But honestly, this was truly one of the more beautiful and emotional movies I've ever seen. It really shows just how special Fred Rogers was, what a great and sincere person he was, and why he is still such an important part of a lot of people's lives fifteen years later after his death. He truly embodied not just what a good Christian should be, but any person should be. It was obvious that his love for helping children (and some adults) was real, and it brought him joy to be with them. I did like that the film didn't shy away from some bumps, like how he definitely seem to get a bit more grumpy and impatient when he got older. And, of course, the way he handled Francois Clemmons' sexual orientation was definitely dated, but I do believe him that it wasn't out of homophobia, but more concern for any impact it could have had on the show. I did read an interview with Francois that Fred later apologized for how he handled it, so I'm glad it sounds like he became more enlightened on that front. But I still came away with the sense that Fred really did accept everyone for who they were. I forgot just how long his career was, but damn! He really was on television in some form from the Vietnam War all the way to 9/11. He really was there for the children during such massively challenging and changing times. All of the interviewees were great. Really got a kick out of the set guy. I do think Betty Aberlin's absence was noticeable, but it sounds like they tried, but she just didn't want to do any interviews. I agree that the only part that didn't work for me was the animated Daniel Tiger stuff. The Senate hearing moment truly was a case of "truth feeling like fiction", because it really comes like something you would expect in the final act of numerous films, but only this time, it totally happened in real life. And with Fred Rogers the one behind the mic, I can actually believe it! Moviegoing wise, my showing was surprisingly crowded, and truly one of the best and interesting experiences yet. It was just so silent most of the time, and, yes, the tears and sobs certainly happened at other times (including myself.) Another big one was there was legit hissing during the moment where they showed the FOX News assholes going after him. And I'm actually in the south which is admittedly more right-leaning, but everyone in the theater was totally seeing them as the soulless monsters that they were. I just have to try and remind myself that Fred would likely not me to spent to much time hating them, but they really are the worst. Fantastic film. Simply one of the best this year. And Fred Rogers will always be a legend.
  6. The Terror gets completely shut out? Whatever, Emmy voters. As far as I'm concerned, it was one of the best of the year. And Jared Harris gave one of the best performances of the past few years. I wonder if both Game of Thrones and Westworld getting in Best Drama could actually hurt both of their chances.
  7. Aw, don't fight, Saoirse and Margot! Y'all saw who your true enemy was this year at the Oscars: Frances McDormand! I'll definitely see it, but judging from the trailer, it does look like Saoirse Ronan is going to outshine Margot Robbie by quite a bit, even though I do like the latter a lot. Some of it might be because it looks like Mary's going to have more meaty material, while the biggest takeaway I got from the Elizabeth stuff was them pushing another classic "Hey, watch us ugly up the impossibly gorgeous Margot Robbie!" thing. And while I didn't see him, that was totally David Tennant's recognizable voice as John Knox! I would have issues buying him in that role if this was during his Doctor Who period, but now thanks to his role as Kilgrave on Jessica Jones, I have a feeling he's really going to nail this role!
  8. S05.E09: Sic Semper Tyrannis 2018.07.10

    Was the director drunk for this episode or where they behind schedule and had to rush the fight scenes? Because almost all of them were incomprehensible. Way too dark, so many damn cuts and shaky camera work... completely took out any fun they could have had. But the general idea is that Diyoza, Kane, Shaw, and the Murphy/Rave/Echo/Emori crew are off in the woods now, and now McCreary is in charge, has Abby, and is out for blood. At least Abby still has Psycho Vinson! Meanwhile, everyone over on Wonkru is just sucking right now. Bellamy and Indra go against Clarke's wishes and puts the chip inside Madi, so Clarke screws them all over, and now they're likely going to get put to death/fight in the arena. And, of course, Octavia go against her promise to Clarke and actually did try go have Madi assassinated. Lovely person, that Octavia has become. But I guess her tearing up in private over having to kill Bellamy is suppose to make me feel bad for her? I really will not be surprised if the eventual series finale is just everyone killing one another and the entire human race goes extinct. We really are our worst enemies, huh?
  9. S04.E11: The Beginning (2) 2018.07.06

    Surprised that most everyone got a happy ending here, but I'm not disappointed. Sometimes it is nice for the heroes to win, and considering all the losses they had, they more then earned it. Loved the montage with how everyone fared in the new timeline, with Jennifer going on to bioengineer unicorns (Ha! Of course she would), Ramse reuniting with his son, Deacon and Old Jennifer hanging out at a bar, and Jones getting her family back. And while a minor moment, I liked seeing that Alder and Lasky will still become friends. Still not sure about the logic and science behind Cole surviving besides it being Jones' last act and Jennifer claiming that "time" was just going to let it slide this time, but I'm glad he and Cassie finally (hopefully) will have a peaceful life together. Of course, it was happy news for everyone as Olivia got all kinds of fucked up! A brutal way to go, to say the least. Fare well, 12 Monkeys. I still remember thinking this was a bad idea on so many levels when it was first announced, but it went on to be a pleasant surprise, and I'm glad SyFy at least let this show actually wrap up on its own terms. Great job on everyone's part. Looking forward to seeing what the cast does next, but I especially hope Emily Hampshire goes on to big things, because she was an amazing casting choice here.
  10. Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

    Better then the first one, and while it probably is still one of the more straightforward and, yes, "smaller" films/stories of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I really do enjoy it for what it is. It truly is the little (sorry) things that just put a smile on my face. I like that the main storyline is more personal and the entire world isn't at stake. I liked that the villains aren't powerful megalomaniacs bent on taking over the world, and Burch was really the only bad person here, since Ghost was more someone who was driven by tragedy, pain, and desperation to do what she did. I like that Scott's ex and her husband continue to actually be decent folks, who care for Scott and actually want him to have a good relationship with his daughter. I like the small glimpses into what it is like being an ex-con and readjusting back into society. And I love that Hope is clearly the biggest badass here, and there isn't any jealously or postering from Scott over it. Again, a lot of this isn't exactly breaking the mold here, but in this day and age, it has actually become kind of refreshing. While Paul Rudd has gotten to the point where he really can't disappear into a character anymore and is just Paul Rudd, I really can't think of anyone else who could be Scott/Ant-Man. He really is the perfect choice. And speaking of perfect choices, I continue to be amazed over how perfect Evangeline Lilly is as Hope/Wasp, after not being blown away by her in either Lost or The Hobbit films. But they struck gold with her casting. And while I'm not wild about the romances in most Marvel films, I'm digging the chemistry between Rudd and Lilly. Rounding out the returning players, Luis and Scott's friends continue to be hilarious, and Michael Douglas is just such a dominating presence as Hank. As for the rest, Walton Goggins is always a welcome sight, and I wouldn't mind if his character pops up again as one of the smaller, recurring criminals in this universe. Between this and Ready Player One, I'm certainly glad studios are realizing the awesomeness of Hannah John-Kamen, and I hope it continues once her time in Killjoys comes to an end. Laurence Fishburne and Michelle Pfeiffer didn't have much to do, but hopefully they'll be expand upon in future films. All the action stuff was fun and entertaining, especially with out they messed around with the various changing in sizes of items (and people!) Also liked the effect that they used for Ghost's fight scenes. Good humor as expected as well. I think my favorites where all the stuff involving the truth serum (especially leading to one of Luis' infamous recaps), Janet taking over Scott's body, and all of the Giant Man sequences. Granted, I probably would just watch an entire segment with Scott thinking up of punny nicknames for all of the ants he works with. I knew what was coming in the mid-credit scene once I saw that Scott was going off on his own, but that was still hard to watch. Hope, Hank, and Janet all get dusted! Damn you, Thanos! I hope you feel the wrath of Ant-Man!! A few minor quibbles aside (mainly that it was wrapped up too nicely. I would think Janet would be suffering some major PTSD), I really enjoyed it and had a fun time. I still can't believe that this concept and hero actually works.
  11. S05.08 How We Get to Peace 06.26.18

    Aww, they killed Cooper and her death pretty much meant nothing, sense Octavia's plan is actually to use the worms' eggs and not the actual worms themselves. Granted, it's not like I really liked Cooper the character, but I always enjoy Kyra Zagorsky. Hopefully she'll find another role soon. So, it certainly is getting close to the classic "Everyone kind of sucks" stage, that tends to happen with The 100 characters. Octavia still comes off like a tyrant, who really cares more about herself then her people, and will totally sacrifice them in order to get a "win." Then there is Clarke and Bellamy being idiots, because wow, did their idea have so many holes in it, and basically just made thing worse. Monty whines about everything, but still helped even though he is certainly well in his rights to have just told them to fuck off, and now he and Harper are pretty much taking their balls and going home. Even Raven and Echo are preparing to be dicks, and are possibly getting ready to kill poor Shaw. How is that fucking Murphy of all people, is the only one not preparing to actually kill someone and is actually forming alliances? Diyosa is alright, at least. And while wrong, I'm kind of digging Mike Dopud's character. Sure, he's apparently a psychopathic serial killer, but he's jus so gosh darn polite with everyone! Biggest takeaway from this is episode is that the location for the Kane/Diyosa scene was gorgeous. Really need to visit Canada.
  12. Clyde is back! Oh, yeah, and Morland too, but I'm just glad for a Clyde sighting! Also happy that Sherlock actually has plan for his next owner, since he'll likely outlive both him and Joan. Good to know Sherlock's got his priorities in order! The case kept me guessing at least, since they were wise enough to cast both Julian Sands and Dylan Baker as suspects, since both of them usually play nefarious characters. Still, I figured it would be Baker. Those sunglasses alone screamed untrustworthy. Bell got some good lines in this one. So, apparently Moriarty has actually escaped and is now gunning for Morland. Curious to see how this plays out. A lot of it likely depends on if they were/are able to convince Natalie Dormer to come back. Then again, I guess a recast could always happen. But I hope it is Dormer again. And I really want to see some more Moriarty/Joan face-offs. Noticed Lucy Liu directed this one, which means she's at least directed one episode of this show for the past four years. She also did the premiere of Luke Cage, so she seems to be taken an interest in this aspect of filmmaking. She seems pretty good at it, I think.
  13. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    Whelp, despite being underwhelmed by Jurassic World, I gave this a go, and cautiously hoped that they would course-correct a few things. I had hoped that at least getting a director like J.A. Boyenga onboard would be a sign they were going to shake it up, and I did think he was by far the best thing here. The film definitely had a more distinctive look, and the action sequences were really good. I really enjoyed the more horror like elements he added. And that brachiosaurus scene was a true highlight, and one of the most emotional moments out of the entire franchise. But other then that, wow, did I think it was lame. Even by blockbuster standards, everything was just so dumb. The story was dumb, the poor excuse for characters were dumb, and the film didn't even make the dumb stuff entertaining. It was likely they personally took everything that I didn't care about in the first film, and amplified it. Once again, we get the big finale being a dino hybrid, instead any of the OGs (a.k.a the dinos I actually want to see.) Again, we get more stupid, one-note villains whose grand plan is to weaponize dinosaurs, because, I don't know, they're idiots, I guess. Claire and Owen's romantic tension was nonexistent, filled with banter that feels like it came from a different era, so we got more of that, which somehow makes the usually likable Bryce Dallas Howard obnoxious and somehow zaps half of Chris Pratt's natural charisma. I can't think of a couple I find more dull (interestingly, I see a few interviews with them, and they actually are fun together in real life. Is it the writing? Or are they just not clicking on screen for some reason?) Seriously though, I really can't think of any redeemable human characters here. Franklin was probably the worst excuse of a "comic relief" character, and after what felt like the 20th time he screamed and freaked out, I was hoping a dino would just put him (and me) out of his misery. Zia fared a little better, but was still mainly one note. And the villains were the absolute worst. It was cringing over how badly wasted Ted Levine was here (although, I hope he had fun.) And as much as I love James Cromwell, they might as well have called his character Diet John Hammond. I know this isn't the most important aspect of a summer blockbuster, but give me Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm any day of the week (well, to be fair, Ian was here for maybe a minute...) Blue is still awesome. I would be perfectly fine if the third was just her with subtitles. Rexy can be there too. They just be wrecking stuff, while making fun of how dumb the humans are. But, hey, it's already made over $900 million worldwide, so what the hell do I know? Clearly, they'll keep putting these half-ass, "Syfy quality with an A-list budget" products, as long as they keep printing money. At least there will always be the first Jurassic Park.
  14. Incredibles 2 (2018)

    Finally made time to catch a few movies today, and this was the first one. Overall, I still think the first Incredibles is the best one, but this was still a fun follow-up. On the Pixar sequel scale, it wasn't as good as the Toy Story sequels, but miles better then the Cars franchise and Finding Dory. The animation was beautiful and the action sequences could easily rival a lot of live action superhero films. I know Brad Bird has been getting some criticism on the net lately due to perceived political views some of his films, but the man knows how to direct an animation film. I also give him credit for not using Edna's fan favorite popularity as an excuse to overload the film with her, and she was once again used sparingly, but effectively. The story was entertaining enough, but it was so obvious that Evelyn was going to be Screenslaver. Pretty much called it when they had the brief exchange with her and Winston, where you could tell she was as high on superheroes like he was. Granted, I know it is a family film, so it's not like they're going for complicated twists here, but even by that standards, it was pretty telegraphed. I do get a kick out of someone pointing out that this is the second recent film of Catherine Keener's, where she is playing someone using hypnotize for nefarious reasons! I did like that Winston ended up being on the up and up, and even helped out in the big finale. Not all eccentric billionaires are evil! Bob Odenkirk was a highlight here. Great seeing all of the Parr family and all of them shined, although Violet and Dash did seem to take the backseat in this one. Jack-Jack was awesome. But I think Holly Hunter gave the best performance here. So, it's definitely making a crap ton of money. I'm guessing a follow-up won't have to wait fourteen years!
  15. S06.E09: Nobody Lives Forever 2018.06.25

    Way late for this episode. Always glad to see Alfredo and I like how his issues/relationship with his brother led to Sherlock opening up about his own feelings towards Mycroft. Glad he took the step to reach forgiveness with him, but sadly it sounds like Mycroft has passed away and it won't be another fake-out. The case of the week was pretty fun, although the owner's son wasn't that shocking of a choice.