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  1. Forget electricity, fire, or weather powers: truth power truly is the most dangerous one yet that can totally cause damage beyond repair! It does feel like the show is setting Anissa up for a downfall, even though I didn't feel like there was necessarily anything wrong with her celebrating with the citizens at the end. If she started showing off while in the middle of saving people, that would have been more of an issue, but it's nothing that the likes of Spider-man or whatnot haven't also done. Although her treatment towards Grace wasn't very nice, and I'm that is being addressed. Jennifer just shoving Khalil off the roof made me love her even more. Hopefully Lynn is smart enough to always keep an eye on Agent Bill Duke, because that guy is so shady. At least Jefferson gets to remain a teacher, but I have to imagine some kind of drama is going to go down with this new principal. Tobias is cleaning house! Could that make Gambi a target?! Disappointed that after the reveal last week, Henderson was a no show here.
  2. S05.E02: Blocked

    Holy shit, y'all! Barry and Nora actually went ahead and told everyone the truth already! This is amazing! Unheard of! Miracles can happen!! Anyway, I'm still enjoying Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora, but right now it is already feeling like another variation of Barry/Ralph, where Barry finds himself having to play mentor towards a somewhat immature, potential protégé, who keeps going off half-cocked, screwing things up, and then gets all pity-party about it, and needs a pep-talk to recover and help save the day. They've at least done a better job establishing why Nora is like this (Barry not being in her life, so she idolizes him), but I really hope they handle this better and do something new. As of now, I'm way more interested in whatever is going on with her and Iris, because she clearly made a face when Iris said the whole "Go Team WestAllen", so this is way more then just her wanting to be closer to the parent she never knew. As of now, I guessing it will either be a) Iris falls apart when Barry disappears and becomes a burden, b) Iris spends all her time trying to find Barry and Nora feel abandon or c) at some point, Iris will move on and find someone else, and Nora resents her for it. Erin Cummings looked way different with that blonde look. Always love seeing a former Spartacus actor in the DC shows, but her character ended up being kind of dull and unremarkable. Damn, Caitlin, what did Cisco do to you to warrant putting him through the torture of having Ralph be his support system for his break-up with Gypsy?! Kind of kidding! I really hope they don't drag out Caitlin's undead father though. Noticed that Joe seemed to not do much physical movement in this episode: he even wasn't at the crime scene like he usually is. Granted, I only really noticed it since I was bored with the Joe/Cecile stuff, since it really jus boiled down to Cecile having to accept that you can parent your child without reading their minds. You know, like pretty much every other parent in the world. So, big baddie is called Cicada, and his dagger has a nifty power that seems to damper meta power, and allows him to kill them. Also, he might have some kind of history with Nora since he stopped kicking the crap out of Barry and friends, once she showed back up.
  3. S07.E01: Inmate 4587

    Well, I guess Oliver's opening dream sequence will have to quench the Felicity's haters thirst for now, especially since nothing like that will ever actually happen now. Of course, I saw that Kirk Acevedo is a regular now, so I guess Diaz is here to stay. I really wish I could understand why the writers seem to think he is the one that should a long-term villain, while the likes of Chase get bounced after one season. Question: was there something wrong with my streaming service (on the CW app), because I didn't actually see Argus come in and help Felicity during her fight. I saw Diaz getting the upper hand and smirking, the one prisoner giving Oliver the message, goes to commercial, and when it comes back, they're already at the Oliver/Felicity scene. Overall, solid enough return, but I'll continue to remain cautious, since it seems like the DC shows have a bad habit of starting off with potential, but then tripping over their own feet when they get to the finish line (except the Legends! Because they apparently just turn into a giant Beebo and jump over the line!) But I enjoyed them bringing some old-school villains like Brick and Bronze Tiger into Oliver's storyline, Felicity preparing to fight back is awesome, and all of the scenes involving Oliver and Felicity (separate and together) where well-acted as always. That said, not enough Diggle for me, and too much Noobs. They weren't as unbearable as they normally are (no Hoss heard!), but I am so not interested in Dinah and Rene's stupid bickering over going after or helping vigilantes, or Curtis becoming another long line of motormouth tech whiz who works for a shady company, only nowhere near as likable. Hell, I enjoyed Felicity's coffee customer more then that lot, which means he's totally going to be evil. Bring back Ragman, dammit! He was a Noob I actually kind of liked! So, the flashbacks are actually flash-forwards this time, and it's back in Lian Yu, and involves an older William and.... old man Roy?! Hopefully they don't drag out the Green Arrow 2.0. reveal for too long. Don't want another "Whose in the grave, damnit?!" or another variation of all the freaking times that shit happens on The Flash. Hey, someone actually told James Bamford to keep the camera steady at least half of time during the fight scenes. Yay! Welcome back, Arrow! Even when you falter, I always respect the O.G.!
  4. S04.E01: American Alien

    Aww, man, Vicky's already been sent back to The Bad Place! I got all excited when I saw Tiya Sircar's name, so of course it was just an one and done episode for her. At least she got to use a British accent this, compared to her (purposely) bad Australian in that one episode of The Good Place! Glad to see Supergirl is back doing what it does best: tackling politics and social issues with the subtly of a sledgehammer. Really, the show means well and I appreciate it, but I still giggle when there are moments like the big dramatic reveal into commercial break where Kara learns the horrible truth that their are horrible, racist people out there! On the internet!! Granted, there are days I wish I could be as naive as her on that front, but it still makes her come off sheltered. But, hey, I guess everyone has flaws. Barry keeps fucking up the timeline. Oliver has a bad case of always blaming himself for every little thing and pushing people away. And Kara is just an privileged alien, who needs to learn the harsh truths about this world. Get woke, Supergirl! Not surprised that Lena got drawn back into her mother's world in order to save James. Equally unsurprised that Lillian would quickly go from shock to being proud when she found out her daughter was using her. Oh, those crazy Luthors! Still miss Winn, but I'm enjoying Alex and Brainy. What's the over, under, before J'onn drops the peace act and starts kicking ass? I guessing Fiona's death will be the catalyst. Whelp, President Lynda Carter has been exposed. That can't be good. My prediction? Morgan Edge is going to return and they're just going make him a full-blown Trump-like character, who tries to be President. Looks like the Bad Guys this season are Racist Rhona Mirta and some masked dude voiced (and played?) by Sam Witwer. Fun!
  5. S09.E02: The Bridge

    Love you, Michonne, but is Gregory really the guy that's making you suddenly be concerned Maggie is going too far? It's not like she executed him for stealing: he did try to stab her at the end, even if one where to look past him sicking Earl on her. And as she said, she actually gave him plenty of chances to change, but he didn't. Really not seeing why everyone is walking around on eggshells around her. They're acting like she's becoming the new Negan or something. Meanwhile, Rick.... means well, but he really needs to realize that his "everyone works together in perfect harmony!" plan is not going to be that easy, and he either needs to find better ways to have the factions get along or know when someone just isn't working out. It's bad that I actually think Negan has a point. Even Daryl is doubting him and that's never a good sign. Well, Jadis and Father Gabriel is apparently happening. This is totally one of those couples that is so weird, but actually makes total sense because both of them are just so kooky. You do you, guys! Ezekiel's crestfallen reaction over not getting to do his speech for the proposal was hilarious. I'm sure it was a grand one! One that he no doubt practice in front of Jerry each day, and also got a cheery thumbs up from him! Maggie talking about her dad/O.G. Hershel hit harder then normal due to Scott Wilson's passing. Aaron really can't catch a break, huh? Credit to Enid to handling getting tossed into the deep end as well as can be expected. So, someone is apparently taking Saviors? It looks like the guy recognized whoever it was. Hmm.
  6. Dispatches from K'un L'un: Iron Fist In The Press

    It's too bad since it improved by quite a bit this season, but part of me wonders if either a) they're planning on moving the characters elsewhere or starting a Heroes for Hire/Daughters of the Dragon spin-offs or b) it's only done for on Netflix, and it will move to Disney's new streaming service. Or maybe it will be a combination of both. Either way, it wouldn't surprise me if this isn't end for the actual characters (or maybe they'll be cruel and have Danny show up in Avengers 4, only to have Thanos punch his head off with the Infinity Gauntlet...)
  7. S02.E03: coMplications

    And that's why if you start developing mutant powers, it is best to try and find someone you trust, and don't just keep it to yourself. Otherwise you could end up burning up the steering wheel and crashing the car with your daughter in it! So, now another group has entered into the picture (Morlocks, apparently), who don't hide that they are Mutants and actually live underground in the sewers. And it looks like the leader has roped Clarice into being a spy for them. I'm sure that won't cause any issues with her and John! I figured Reeva would maybe try and put on a good show to maybe swing Marcos into the Inner Circle side, but they seemed quite content to treat him like shit and make him even angrier. Nothing else really to say except I hope the face-off between them and the Mutant Underground next week actually goes somewhere.
  8. S01.E03: Every Last Minute

    Good old Ron Rifkin certainly' has gotten the stuck-up, corporate bigwig who clashes against the hero role down pact, huh? He is good at it, though. I get what they were going for with Sharpe's storyline, but I found the couple to be so unnecessarily rude, that I wanted Sharpe to just cut it short and be like "Fine, leave then. Good luck fighting that cancer!" Which is why I know I could never be a doctor, because you have to be way more professional and mature then that! I noticed that this show really seems to like having Frome and Kapoor team up and do their own thing, away from everyone else. Still, Tyler Labine and Anupam Kher do work well together. I think this was the first time Bloom and Sharpe really interacted, which was cool, although I always wonder what it is like when there are two British actors/actresses, and one has to fake an American accent, while the other can use his/her normal one. Like during takes, Janet Montgomery is like "Damn you, Freema! You don't have to add this on top of all your other acting choices! You are so lucky!" I couldn't figure out why Max's big deal at the end was because he didn't want to miss out on the birth, because isn't NYC only about two hours from Connecticut? I'm assuming her parents would contact him once her water breaks, and he'd still have time to get there in time.
  9. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    Riverdale is back and it's.... gown full-blown supernatural, now? Floating babies? Creepy cults with carving, bones, and other things that feel like they came straight out of the first season of True Detective? That's.... one way to do it, I guess. I should have known Archie's trial was just going to end with him taking a deal, because he feels guilt not over the murder he didn't do, but all the other stuff he did last season. Oh, you silly, dumb fool! But I still can't hate him, because is dumb nobility is at least coming from an earnest place. But I sometimes wonder how he's even survived his pre-teen years, considering how much of a dolt he can be. Of course, I can't see him staying in juvenile detention for the entire season, so I guess he'll somehow have his innocence proven: wherever by Betty/Jughead/Veronica or the Just For Men's Hot Dad's of the CW organization consisting of Fred, FP, and Keller. Love you, Veronica, but I'm not getting my hopes up with you finally breaking away from Hiram, because I felt like you have plenty of opportunities to do so, but haven't. Speaking of Hiram, he really is the most immature mobster of all time. It is hard to really find him threatening when he's letting fucking teenagers get under his skin like this. As for Hermione, I really can't figure how what to make of her, because it feels like this show can't decide with they want her to be a victim under Hiram's thumb or a mastermind in her own right. Polly and Alice are right about Betty not addressing what happened with Hal last season, but it still doesn't make the whole Farm less cultish and creepy, and that's not even including the floating babies. I'm guessing that is all connected to the Sabrina spin-off, or Betty was just hallucinating. Congrats to Charlie Melton and Vanessa Morgan being upgraded to regulars, even if that doesn't mean too much these days, since Josie gets about five lines total, and it feels like Kevin is just here to mainly provide overdramatic reaction shots. They sure went all out with the fan service, with all of the guys going shirtless scenes, and the gals getting to rock their bikinis. Got to love season premieres! All in all, I kind of suspect this season might be the one that really goes off the rails, but as long as I can keep looking at Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch, I ain't going anywhere!
  10. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    I'm not saying they should actually do it, but I'd actually watch an entire episode of Eleanor and Simone debating who is better between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock (my personal two cents? The Rock. Even before he became a big movie star, I always liked that he was willing to put less famous wrestlers over/sell and make them look good, and I thought he was stronger at playing both a babyface/good guy and a heel/bad guy. And that's the end of my pro wrestling thoughts for the day!) I can't believe that the whole "less famous Hemsworth" from last week wasn't simply a sight gag, and we've actually got Larry Hemsworth, the less famous of the bros, who is insecure and awkward, because while he might look like Ben Lawson, he still feels like he can't amount to Thor or Gale... err, Chris or Liam! Hee! I know Chris and Liam are probably too expensive, but since Luke does television (Westworld), I would love it if they somehow got him to cameo, and really show the dynamics between Larry and the rest of the Hemsworths! Loving the Michael/Janet pair and how they worked together to try and fix things, but I'm glad that it is looking the entire group is going to be back together next week, and with the other four knowing something is up, since they've now seen the door to Purgatory. I actually wouldn't be surprised if "Heir B&B" was actually a thing, if maybe in secret amongst all the 1% and other bigwigs. I enjoyed this episode since Tahani was featured heavily, and as much as I love everyone, I think I can officially say that she's my favorite. Jameela Jamil was a real fine here. Is it sad that this show is actually making me want the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the Superbowl? I usually could care less about football, but I want it to happen (especially since they were so close last time, but only thwarted by that damn team that includes Tahani's ex!)
  11. S2, E3: 36 Hours

    Considering that I find it hard whenever I have to pull a double at my workplace (which is nowhere near as hectic or filled with life and death scenarios as a hospital is), the idea of doing 36 hours in a row is just mind-blowing. Doctors really have to be on another level. I guess I can have plenty to say about Reznick and her manipulations, but she and Shaun actually seem to be a solid duo when they're actually working together. That was kind of nice. And it was fun watching Shaun dealing with all the awkward moments with the guy and his constant erection! The situation with Melendez, Claire, and Liza Lapria's nurse was interesting and well acted. I think everyone kind of had their good and bad moments. I did think Melendez was being unwittingly sexist with how he dismissed Claire's frustrations and how he said certain things (I totally think he didn't mean for his one remark to be a PMS crack, but dude totally walked into it), but I did think the nurse was picking the wrong times to call him out, and in general, it really is never a good idea to be openly snarky on your boss, no matter how big of a dick you think they are. In the end, freaking Andrews of all people had the right idea of just telling them all to can it, and discuss it later. But I'm not surprised they all covered for one another, because I do think their is still respect amongst all of them, and it was just the long shift causing things to escalate. Still, I'm glad Claire in particular stood her ground about making the final decision. I don't know if it is on purpose, but I still love how Park's main role this season is to apparently be the character who just witnessing all of this drama and wondering if maybe it would be easier to go back to being a cop and getting shot at. Honestly, I love Lim, but I thought he really handled the traffic court the worst way imaginable. Especially since she probably would have been able to get off easier if she just appealed it later on. And I'm not sure I buy her hold claim that the judge was harsh on her because she was also a woman, because I feel like any judge would not have put up with that. I get where Lea is coming from and Shaun was being a jerk for just avoiding the texts, but my issue is still that it never felt like Lea tried to establish a serious conversation when she first return, and was just trying to act like everything was back to the norm. Her clearly not being prepared for this blowback is a hard reach for me. So, Glassman is now seeing hallucinations of his dead daughter, played by Holly Taylor from The Americans. Uh oh!
  12. A Star is Born (2018)

    Gave this a go earlier due to all the hype and praise, and I'm glad I did. Even though I've never seen the previous films and the storyline is overall pretty basic and straightforward, almost everything else elevated it and made it one of the best films this year for me. Considering all the aspects he was involved in, it really is amazing how Bradley Cooper nailed almost all of them. As an actor? This might have been his best performance yet (no small feat), and he really made Jack a mess that could be hard to watch (him drunkenly insulting Ally was brutal), but he could also be a caring and loving individual, whenever he was able to hold off his demons (even if was only for brief moments.) As a singer? Didn't know he had those pipes and I dug his almost Eddie Vedder-ish style. Co-writer? Again, the storyline treaded common ground, but the way it was told and the way the dialogue flew and was delivered, helped elevate it. And then there was Bradley Cooper as a director that really blew me away. Can't believe this is his first go in the director's chair, because he was a natural. Some of the shots and aesthetics were fantastic, and I liked the natural performances he got out of his cast (including himself.) Really, he didn't just hit a home run, but sent the ball into a completely other stadium miles away. Really can't wait to see where he goes from here as an artist. I was surprised over how much I enjoyed Lady Gaga as well. She probably didn't have as much heavy lifting as Cooper had, and I guess I could see arguments that this was in her wheelhouse, but I thought she gave a very emotional, charismatic, powerhouse performance here. Never gave off any vibes of having limited experience, and played off everyone well. And, of course, her chemistry with Cooper was perfect. Never thought I would ever say this, but it wouldn't be that far-fetch to see her winning a Best Actress trophy, depending on the competition. The supporting cast was great. While his role wasn't as big as the leads, I hope Sam Elliot sneaks in a Supporting Actor nod, because he was fantastic. Not just with the dialogue scenes like his conversations with Ally, but just his face when Jack told Bobby that he was who he actually idolized. Sam Elliot continues to be the best. Andrew Dice Clay (and the talent playing his driver buddies/roomates) and Anthony Ramos (Ramon) fit their roles well, and I grew to enjoy Dave Chappelle as well, once I got past my initial "Holy shit, it's comedian Dave Chappelle!" reaction. Heard that Charlie was played by Bradley Cooper's real dog. Nepotism! Kidding! And, yes, seeing both Greg Grunberg and Ron Rifkin here made me believe that part of this was just Bradley Cooper's way to get a mini-Alias reunion on the big screen. He just needed to get Victor Garber and then it would have been perfection! Despite going in blind, I figured it was all going to end with Jack's suicide, but I still thought it was a well-done moment that was tragic and haunting, but I felt like Cooper avoided romanticizing it by not seeing the act, and having the moment where Bobby tells Ally that isn't her or anyone else's fault, but Jack's. It is still tragic that Jack was so broken to the point that he couldn't see any other option, but he was the one who made the decision. Overall, it was a great experience. Really curious to see how it plays with the Oscars. I have to imagine Best Original Song is already engraved unless some kind of competitor comes out of nowhere ("Venom" by Eminem? Ha! "Out of Ashes" by Celine Dion? Actually, that was pretty awesome but I'm not seeing it), and with him being involved with acting, writing, directing, and producing, I would be surprised if Bradley Cooper doesn't at least win one trophy.
  13. They sure weren't messing around with the big changes and reveals in this episode, huh? Syonide gets killed by Kara (or is she dead for good?), and Kara is now working with Gambi by going after Tobias. Jefferson is forced to step down as principal, in order to save the school. Lynn is now working with the ASA, in order to help the pod kids. Anissa is robbing criminals in order to help the parents of the pod kids get money for a legal defense. Jennifer's powers are all kinds of crazy. And Henderson figures out Jefferson is Black Lightning all on his own. Craziness! Even when they are at odds, Jefferson and Lynn are the best. Cress Williams and Christine Adams have fantastic chemistry. While we didn't see him, it certainly looks like Khalil is still in play (complete with Jordan Calloway being a regular now.) Bill Duke and Robert Townsend showing up? Getting the big guns for this season! The soundtrack continues to be the best out of all television. Welcome back, Black Lightning!
  14. S05.E01: Nora - 2018.10.09

    The Flash is back and the timeline hasn't been fucked up.... yet. Nora could definitely be (purposely) overbearing at times, but damn, they really nailed the casting because Jessica Parker Kennedy not only looks like she could be their child, but she continues to have mannerisms that reminded me of both Barry and Iris. Very well done. That said, she does seem to have more affection towards Barry; probably because she only really knows the idolized version she's seen at the museum and whatnot; while it looks like she isn't as comfortable with Iris. I wonder what that is all about? Hope we see more of her life growing up with Iris as the solo parent, and why she seems to feel that way. Dammit, Barry! You're totally going to keep what Nora told you hidden from Iris, right? What is it with these characters and all of their lying?! Love you, Captain Singh, but you really just let all the cases pile up and not get a replacement for Barry? Dude, that's not cool. Drunk Cisco is great. Not sure if I really care about Caitlin's dad suddenly being alive. Joe doesn't seem thrilled that Cecile still has her powers. Hartley Sawyer continues to be charming, but I'm still unsure if I can handle Ralph as a regular. He wasn't too bad here, at least. Once again, the final tag ends with the villain of the season. Seems to be some guy who hates metas and wants to kill them all. We'll see how this goes. Solid return, but lets see if they can follow through this time.
  15. S05.E05: Warriors

    I'm glad Miller was at the debutante as well, because for a second I thought Jeter and the Burkes somehow got themselves into a "Get Out" situation, and I got very worried for them! So, we've got a time jump and everything is a bit weird. Chandler is going back to activate combat and seems to be pissing off his family and the President, and I'm not sure which one is worse. Green and Foster seem frosty, but at least the latter is equally busy being the one who has decided to hunt down Granderson's ex, even though it almost feels like it less about Granderson's death and more about how evil ex had babysit their kid, heh. No surprise, Wolf is back in shape and he and Kandie are an item, so if they ever have children, they'll either be the most unstoppable forces on the planet or rebel against mom and dad by being the nerdiest children possible. Also, Miller's got it going on with Lucy's sister from Timeless. Or Adilyn Bellefleur from True Blood. Kidding: it's actress Bailey Noble, with a blemish on her cheek from the virus in an attempt to make her not too beautiful. It didn't work. All in all, weird episode. I get what they were going for and I respect what they were trying to do, but some of Peter Weller's direction (and the post-production work) just didn't work for me.