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  1. Really, I should have known that they would get Danny Trejo to play Rosa's father. Because there really would have been no other acceptable casting choice. Enjoyed both episodes, but I really loved the first one. I thought they did an excellent job with Rosa coming out to her parents and less then perfect reaction to it. Also like how they have the parents on different positions on the path to accepting her, and going a bit in an unexpected way, with the hardass father being more supportive then the more openly loving mother (likely because it sounds like she really is obsessed over wanting Rosa to get married and have children.) All of the scenes were great, and Stephanie Beatriz and Trejo were fantastic. Also loved Jake's involvement and how supportive he was, even when he was getting dragged into awkward, uncomfortable situations. And that final moment with Rosa and Holt. Yeah, this was one of my favorite storylines this season. Of course, the other big news was Gina finally returning. And it went the way I expected. I chuckled a few times, but really, I just find her too mean to really enjoy anymore. In particular, it was painfully annoying watch Amy of all people talking about how they'll miss her and kissing her ass. Maybe Amy's a secret masochist. That's the only answer I'll accept at this point. And of course they have her be the one that somehow makes the cyber guy cower in fear, even though Rosa would have made way more sense. At least the second episode was better since they had Terry flat-out call her out and she even actually seem to act like she felt guilt about lying him. Sure, they explained it way about it being her struggles with being a new mother, but I guess for her character, this is progress. Any fangirling over forms is classic Amy. Loved seeing the Amy/Rosa pairing again. The Nine-Nine thwarted Seamus' plan, but now he basically declaring war on Holt by threatening Kevin. Seamus must be destroyed!
  2. Archer after hearing that Fred's hospital bill was $86,000: "Dollars?!" No, Archie. Riverdale Medical only accepts payment through maple syrup or Jingle Jangle. And since the syrup business is a bit dry, it's time to start asking Reggie for some more of that Jangle, buddy! I swear, that kid really is daft at times (and by that I mean, 90% of the time.) Taking everything at face value, Svenson being the Black Hood is quite underwhelming, due to barely even knowing the guy for only about two episodes. That said, there is a whole bunch of questions and other off moments that make me think there is way more to this. Right now, I'm keeping my eye on Keller because him suddenly showing up and shooting him dead seems suspicious to me. Or maybe it's just me being shocked that he's actually a good shot, because that would mean Keller is actually good at something. As much as I love the main cast, I really could watch an entire episode about the Blossoms. Cheryl is obviously my favorite gorgeous, ginger ball of crazy, but Penelope and Nana Rose are just as delightfully nuts as she is! Jughead's getting just a wee bit too close now to going all Sons of Anarchy on this show. FP will probably end up being right that he's done is made Penny an even bigger enemy for life. Veronica uses her parents credit card to pay for Fred's bill (way to keep an eye on your stuff there, Lodges), and is getting even deeper into whatever crazy shit they are up too. Unsurprisingly, Archie and Betty kiss, but it seems like it was just an one time where Betty is already too occupied with everything else and good old Archie the Goofus has already forgotten about it now that Veronica has finally admitted that she loves him back. You know who probably didn't forget that kiss? Cheryl! Reggie only had about one line, but still cracked me up. Kevin and Josie sang a bit, which I guess is.... nice?
  3. Yeah, I had a feeling Sonya/Dreamer was only temporary since Elena Satine was only listed as recurring, and as soon as she was captured last week, I knew it was only a matter of time. Whenever three regulars and one guest get captured by the baddie, that means someone has to die and it ain't going to be the other three! I do wonder if Campbell will still be able to resurrect her as one of his mutant zombies, but I'm still a bit bummed since I enjoyed the character, flaws and all. Although Clarissa's reaction was a bit over-the-top, since she only just stopped hating her episodes ago. Of course, no one really won here since Sentinel Services and Trask Industries just got royally fucked up by Esme and her "family", which seems to consist of two identical twins, who aren't mere telepaths, but can actually control minds. Now, those are some dangerous mutants right there! A bit too cliched though that Jace someone gets inadvertently spared. Coby Bell's got the special plot armor thanks to being a regular! Honestly, neither one of the Strucker parents really impressed me with their pitches. Only reason it worked was because Jace's wife was there. It's only a matter of time before Marcos and Lorna go down their separate paths. They're basically becoming Xavier and Magneto, only with 100% less wheelchairs and 100% more pregnancies between them!
  4. I had a feeling since near the beginning that Pierce was actually going to be the true brains of the "Sinnerman" arc, but I was a little surprised that he ended up being Cain from the infamous Cain/Able story. Hopefully this will go somewhere interesting. And Tom Welling will be more fun soon. I definitely think he's better when he's playing a character with more of an edge to him (Red Kryptonite Clark), so maybe this well make him less stiff and bland. Trixie! Loved that she got to interact with some different characters like Dan and Charlotte. I do like that Dan really does try to be good to her, even if he makes mistakes like most parents do. And her interactions with Charlotte were fun. And it all ends with Dan and Charlotte agreeing to "have dinner" and Charlotte finally deciding to make contact with her own kids again. Trixie really is the best! Glad that Maze is getting back to her normal, torture-happy awesome self. Ella was back to being obnoxious again, and Pierce finally yelling at her was actually understandable. It sucks since I really like Aimee Garcia, but she really is not given much to work with and I suspect is being directed to act like she is playing for the cheap seats in an off-Broadway play. Episodes ends with Chloe pissed at Lucifer.... again. I feel like they've already done this way too many times. Maybe now is the time to bite the bullet and make Chloe find out the truth. Someone give poor Dan an actually present instead of a severed head or fake bomb! Looking forward to the origin episode in three weeks.
  5. While I usually don't get too concerned with the Globes since they're always a bit wacky, I'm bummed that The Big Sick got shutout. Hopefully it will fare better with the Oscars. Of course, now that I think about it, the Globes combine both Original and Adapted Screenplay for their category, so I still think Big Sick at least has a shot of getting a nomination there. While I doubt he will win, I do think Christopher Plummer will at least get a nod and while I'm sure he will be good in it, part of it will be the Academy's way of saying "Fuck you for being a horrible person" to Kevin Spacey. For the Globe actors, I'm pretty sure the comedy trophies are going to James Franco and Saoirse Ronan (unless Margot Robbie slips in due to last minute momentum), but I have no clue who will win the drama ones. Same with the supporting actors. I know Dafoe is the frontrunner, but I can easily see the Globes going another direction (see: last year where Mahershala Ali lost to someone who didn't even get an Oscar nod.)
  6. "Do you ever shut the hell up?!" OK, I'll give you that, Rick. Of course, you ruin by managing to get Lucille out of Negan's hands and you then precede to hit him with the FUCKING END OF THE BAT!! I don't know, why not hit him with end covered in FUCKING BARBWIRE?!!!! Idiot!! Anyway, an hour and a half episode for the winter finale, so naturally that just means there was a lot of slo-mo shots of the characters starring into the distance (with maybe half of the actors actually pulling it off), and lots and lots of speechifying. Negan, naturally, but Simon also gave him a run for the money and it felt like it took Eugene an entire hour to basically say that he's helping Gabriel escape. Yawn! So, basically the Saviors are more or less on a rampage now. Alexandra's fucked, The Kingdom is likely fucked too, and Hilltop is back under Savior control. Actually, not really since Maggie is finally doing something interesting and killed one of the prisoners to counter her man dying. This is probably going to make Simon look even worse in Negan's eyes. Oh, buddy! Ezekiel finally wakes up and helps the rest of the Kingdom get out of dodge. He's now a prisoner though, but it seems like Morgan might be gearing to help him? Enid and Aaron are apparently on a quest to try and get Oceanside back on their side, but Enid just killed one of them, already. Seriously, at this point, Oceanside deserves to unleash hell on everyone else here, and I'd root for them full-stop. What happened to Jerry?! Did he go with the Hilltop, gang? I want answers!! Hey, Michonne is slowly getting back to her normal self! So, the grand reveal is that Carl was bitten (I guess when he was walker hunting with new guy?), so baring him miraculously being the cure that everyone was looking for, he's a dead man walking. I guess they'll drag out his death for a few more episodes and maybe he'll get to go out in a blaze glory, but I have to think he's done for. I don't see them jumping the shark and making him somehow survive. Favorite part of this hour and half was whatever that new AMC show they were briefly advertising. Have no idea what it's about, but it's got Ciarán Hinds and Jared Harris in it, so I'm already sold! And... I've got the Talking Dead on and someone probably should explain to Scott Gimple and Chris Hardwick that Chandler Riggs actually isn't dying.
  7. I'm not usually about the gifs, but I'd like to imagine this was Chris Hemsworth's reaction when he heard that the film just crossed over the $300 million domestic mark.
  8. Saw this as part of my "Oscar-bait" double feature with Three Billboard of Ebbing, Missouri. So, my first reaction is that apparently Lucas Hedges is everywhere! Not that I'm complaining. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Probably not as much as A24's "coming of age" film from last year (Moonlight), but I really enjoyed how in a lot of ways it was a simple, but realistic story about a teenage girl in her final year at Catholic school, dealing with love, friendship, and conflicts with her parents. Almost all of it felt real and authentic, and it reminded me of several aspects of my life growing up, despite not being from Sacramento or going to a Catholic school (or being a guy.) But while watching Lady Bird get her heartbroken by finding out her first crush isn't what he seems and then going through the bad boy phase, or briefly loosing interest with her long term friend to hang out with the more popular girl, might not be anything new, it was still fascinating to watch, because, again, those are things that probably have happened all the time. I am glad that Lady Bird ended up going back to Julie though. Saoirse Ronan was definitely amazing in the role and I think she could have a solid shot at capturing the Oscar, especially if she still has some support over her work in Brooklyn (where I suspect she would had won, if Brie Larson/Room didn't come out the same year.) I like that she didn't shy away from making Lady Bird bratty, selfish, and kind of mean at times, but still making her someone to root for and be optimistic that she would grow up to be a good woman. Laurie Metcalf matched her scene from scene, and I hope she gets a nomination too. Any scene involving both of the characters were automatically contentions for the best scenes in film this year. The supporting cast was good. Really curious to see Timothée Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name, since he's apparently even better in that film then here (and he was pretty damn good.) Other then that, the standout was Hedges during Danny's confession/coming out to Lady Bird. Curious to see how she'll handle a film that isn't close to how it was like for her growing up, but still a pretty impressive turn from Greta Gerwig: both directing and writing wise.
  9. Finally getting all the award movies in my area, and this was my first watch. Definitely a great first choice. While definitely offensive and dark on a lot levels, I thought it was hilarious, perfectly acted, and found the story and these characters great to watch. Out of Martin McDonagh's work, I've only seen In Bruges before this (need to check out Seven Psychopaths), but I can already see that he has his own unique style of filmmaking and writing that I dig. I almost want to say that it is Coen Brothers-like, but I feel like that is a disservice, because it doesn't feel like he's ripping them off or anything, but taking a similar format, and putting his own spin on it. But I really like how he writes characters, flawed and all. The good ones have bad moments and even some of the bad ones have moments of goodness in them. And while he doesn't shy away from their bigoted views and other offensive behavior, I like that he doesn't seem to either approve of what they are saying/doing or judge them for it either. He just presents them as they are, and the audience can decide what they think. But, damn, that cast! Francis McDormand reminded me again why I still think her performance in Fargo was one of the best of all time, and I thought she gave another powerhouse performance here. I love how raw and emotional she was, and didn't shy away from Mildred's less then positive qualities either. But I still was rooting for her to find the killer (or peace), and I hope things work out for her. Woody Harrelson was bit more muted, but I really like how he made Willoughby a flawed, but decent man, who really did want to bring Mildred justice. And I did not see his fate coming at all. And then there was Sam Rockwell, well at first I was wondering why he was getting singled out, because while good, Dixon was kind of by the numbers at first. But the more the film went on, the more layers he got and then I realized that, yes, Rockwell deserves all the praise. Of course, he's one of those actors that is great in everything. Still remember seeing him first as "Guy the red shirt" on Galaxy Quest. Everyone else was amazing of course. Peter Dinklage rocking a sweet moustache, Clarke Peters and his "Lester Smoove" voice, Zeljko Ivanek, Kerry Condon, John Hawkes being a scary fucker (still forgot that one of the first roles I saw him in was the Sol from Deadwood), and Lucas Hedges continuing to show that he is the real deal after Manchester by the Sea. Only real sour note was Abbie Cornish, who I normally like (even in crappy films), but there was something off about some of her scenes. Maybe it was the accent. Loved the scenery, even if it was Missouri, but North Carolina instead. While I know this film won't be for everyone, I hope it has enough fans to get it a few Oscar nominations. Have to think McDormand and Rockwell are locks at least.
  10. Hey, they actually let Aaron and Emily interact in this episode! Didn't know that was allowed anymore. Granted, they were kind of mute here compared to last season, but still way more interesting then Seth/Emily. The "Three Letter" stuff was actually better then normal, since it allowed for some humor, and was moderately curious to see how they would all play out, even if most of them were predictable. The biggest shocker was Seth not finding some way to stage a "accidental bee attack" for Lyor, because he was at his most obnoxious this go around! So, now it is looking like Damien might be shady, so Hannah could very well have been sleeping with the enemy. If he truly is bad, I'm actually hoping for a twist and it is Chuck that takes him out. By smashing him with a keyboard. Several times. No surprise, the show finds a way to make Forstell shady, by it being revealed he is gearing for a Senate run, so he might be using the case against Alex's mom as political stepping stone. That said, I'm surprised that they are actually having Kirkman admit that even then, what he is doing is legal and what Alex's mother did wasn't, and is even going against Alex here. Not bad, Kirkman! You're wife's been kind of lame (or evil?!) anyway, so stick to your moral guns, my man!
  11. The stuff with the movie set was fun enough. Hell, it was probably the most I liked Weller. Walt from Lost as the actor was awesome. And, of course, Rich would be a fan of all of his movies... even the bad ones! I hope Luke Mitchell enjoyed the hell out of his paid trip to Barcelona. Sure, "work" was involved, but spending the majority of it just walking around the city with a beautiful woman isn't a bad days work at all! Not sure how she and her dad will fit into all of this. Reade sees the light (mainly because Hirst pushes back way too hard), so he's now in the loop. Weller's secret is so bad that he thinks it will doom him and Jane. What did you do, Weller? Tell me you didn't have sex with her daughter! I would take you accidentally killing her over that!
  12. Damn, the "Pamela was inside Andre's head all along" twist totally took me by surprised. I honestly have to reach way back to the classic twist in The Sixth Sense, where I got fooled by the "they were never there" reveal this massively. But it is done in a way that I can now easily see the signs of it since the beginning (she never did interact with anyone else), and it follows with how Andre reacts when he is off his meds. It's too bad that this will likely mean she won't be around anymore since I really liked the actress, but still a great twist. Trai Byers killed it with Andre's reactions (both that and the fake-out "Vegas P.D." twist.) At least Cookie got to Warren, so hopefully Jamal won't be getting locked up anytime soon. But still, Diana's damage has been done. Hakeem is not just separated from Belle, but finds out she's living under Angelo's roof (with the bonus on also losing Tiana, but that's all on him.) Jamal is heartbroken and gone back to drinking (at least he tossed the pills.) And now Andre is a mess. She really has destroyed the Lyon brothers right now. I hope they all bounce back. As bad as Diana is though, I'm really hope Angelo suffer an even bigger fall. He has all the smugness and arrogance of his mother, but unlike her, he's really not doing shit unless it's his mother pulling the strings. It's a case of "Sure, she's evil, but at least Diana has earned her right to evilly gloat." with him. Did like seeing Jamal and Hakeem team-up for that song. It's always good when the Lyon bros are supporting one another. Thirsty continues to be the unsung hero of the Lyon's Empire. Interesting seeing Shine's family life. It is a bit strange that they seem to be going away from his more villainous role last season, but I'm still enjoying his character and how he factors in the big picture. I do hope we see more of the Shine/Tiana team-up, because that could be kind of interesting. Great episode.
  13. If Esme isn't a mole of some kind, she's clearly got her own agenda. It definitely looked like it was hinting that she was the one who effected Lorna's dream, so that she would be more gung-ho about taking on Trask Industries. And pretty much every moment where she was pushing hard to go save the prisoners was shown and acted in a way that came off highly suspicious. Something's clearly up. For the most part, I enjoyed Lauren and Andy's relationship and thought it was surprisingly realistic in a lot of ways, but this was the first time where it suddenly got kind of creepy. Not sure if it was the dialogue or the actors, but they started having a chemistry that.... well, characters that are siblings really, really shouldn't be having. Hopefully it won't turn out that the Struckers are related to the Lannisters in any way! At long last, Jace finally gets a victory as he figured out the plan to take out the power plant, so now Clarissa, Dreamer, and Andy/Lauren have all been captured. Uh oh! This is certainly a bad development for them. And, again, I can't help but notice that three of them are regulars while one is only recurring. Bye bye, Dreamer? Will always love Amy Acker, but she was way over-the-top at the end. And while it was probably too late no matter what, Caitlin kind of sucked at her job since as soon as she saw Sentinel Services, all she could do was incoherently scream to get out of there, until Reed had to be the one to tell him "Sentinel Services are here! Bounce!" Yeah, they probably are going to need to no longer let her be in the surveillance position anymore, because when the shit goes down, she falls apart. I usually can take or leave him, but Marcos was actually kind of my favorite tonight, due to some of his reactions and lines. Reed is so going to get his powers back, right? Hopefully they'll be better then just growing fangs and having a lust for blood!
  14. Hmm... right now, I'm in the camp that doesn't think this is the true "Sinnerman" because I suspect it is either going to be a) someone already known or b) played by a more famous actor. I recognize the guy playing him (he was Murphy on The Leftovers), but I just don't see him being the big baddie. Nor do I see the Sinnerman getting taken out this easily, so I'm guessing he works for him, but isn't him. That could be why he made sure Lucifer couldn't do his "parlor trick" on him, so they wouldn't find out the truth. We'll see, I guess. Totally not surprised that Chloe is now starting to fall for Pierce. I wish it wasn't so contrived and obvious (and, with respect to Tom Welling, be such a boring character), but maybe they'll surprise me. Similarly, I'm not surprised that Amenadiel and Linda likely hooked-up considering their history and the way they were acting last week. I don't really see anything wrong with it (well, outside her having a relationship with Lucifer too. Sibling-swapping is always weird), but they certainly are getting into dangerous territory with Maze in the middle of it! I actually kind of like the Charlotte stuff mainly due to Tricia Helfer turning in great work. Plus, it allows Dan to do something other then getting crapped on. But I'm still not happy with the lack of Dan this season. Ella continues to be back to being more entertainingly quirky again, although her cheerleading Chloe/Pierce screams of the writer's desperate attempt to really make that couple happen. Got a kick out of the fake story of a "Hogwart's for angels" school. Although if we were playing that game, Lucifer has to be Slytherin, I imagine. Not sure about Amenadiel. Not quite seeing Gryffindor for him, so maybe Ravenclaw?
  15. Yeah, while I'm sure the worst of it was done by a stunt woman, watching that teen girl getting the shit kicked out of her by that Bane knock-off, was hard to watch. It's weird because I've seen way worst on television, but there was something about it that was so jarring. I know it was likely on purpose to feel that way, but it won't be any scene I'll be rewatching anytime soon. At least she harnessed her powers now, but, of course, it ends with her being sold off to this alien played by Rya Kihlstedt, so no one wins here. With Fitz still MIA, it is clearly up to poor Simmons to be the one that suffers this season. At least Elizabeth Henstridge is acting the hell out of it. On the other hand Daisy's fight scene with the Kree was awesome. Looked like Chloe Bennett did a decent portion of it herself. Of course, it all ends with her just walking into a trap thanks to Deke ratting her out to Kasius. So, Sinara/Kasius' henchwoman actually can speak, but I guess she just doesn't like to for reasons. She sure loves handling those metal balls though (wait, that came out wrong...) Loved the Coulson/Mack/Melinda trio on a mission, and I'm enjoying how they play off Tess. Hope she sticks around for a while. I'm guessing the transmission is going to be from a much older Fitz. Pruitt Taylor Vince is having way too much fun as Grill. He loves playing those slimy characters! I do like how they make Yo-Yo's fast running different from the norm when it comes to superhero speedsters. Next week: Inhuman Fight Club!!