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  1. All Episodes Talk: The Absence of Light

    Thank you!!
  2. All Episodes Talk: The Absence of Light

    Thank you!! I will see if I can figure it out,
  3. All Episodes Talk: The Absence of Light

    I find them as bad as the British woman doing a Valley Girl Meghan Markle in The Windsors. And Regina's is so very clearly heavily accented English. Netflix only offers this version which is a shame.
  4. All Episodes Talk: The Absence of Light

    I just watched the first episode and while the subject is fascinating, I'm really distracted by the dubbing. Not only are the voice "actors" poor, the English seems to be spoken by non-native speakers. I'd vastly prefer watching the original German version with English subtitles. Can anyone reassure me it gets better?
  5. I think it gets tricky if the mom doesn't work or is on maternity leave, and dad is working. Not that mom does nothing but stay home and eat bon bons, but dad needs some sleep to function in his job. I had a co-worker who breast fed all four of her children. Both parents had jobs so this is how they worked it out - Dad got the baby, changed the baby, delivered to mom to be fed, and returned baby to crib. It apparently worked out well for them. I'm assuming he dozed while she was feeding the baby.
  6. "The View" Week Of 5/21/2018

    But does Meghan even understand that? I'm willing to bet that Meghan thinks Ana is given more time because she's "turned on the party" and is only a RINO.
  7. "The View" Week Of 5/21/2018

    I thought debutants went to finishing school. Meghan must have been rejected.
  8. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

    The girls always have wet looking hair, but it's a lovely auburn shade. Does anyone know the status of Brandi's pregnancy/birth? I understand why they shared a bed - fear of the other dying, sleeping together in an attempt to avoid being molested by mother's pedophilic friends - but I hope they've been able to separate to separate beds. I love these two and hope them only the best. I'm concerned that they've allowed their mother into their lives to such an extent. I hope Brandi doesn't allow her to babysit. Care to share?
  9. S36.E14: It is Game Time Kids

    I think Dom did far better (excepting the eye rolling) because Wendell gave up. He got pissed and ignored Dom and turned totally defeatist. The guy even gasped at the first vote he got because he thought he had blown it. I think some of the votes Wendell got were people who took the game personally and were butt hurt. Sea Bass: You were so mean! Yeah, dude, I was totally voting you out of the game in a blindside, but I'm a lover and you're a meanie. I hope to never see Sea Bass again. I'm surprised Kellyn thought Wendell was the strategist when it was Dom calming her high-strung ass down all the time. And Wendell's "saving" Laurel was for show. They knew how the votes were going but it probably won him the game. I really liked Wendell, although it sounds like I don't, but I preferred Dom. I'll get over it the longer I go from seeing Wendell's sulking at tribal. I think Laurel presented her case in a very smart and strategic way. It just wasn't enough.
  10. On their website - linked on the previous page - this is quoted: "Exotic Animals – Walk on the Wild Side. Come see a Tiger!" I didn't see the t-shirts, but I stopped looking after the tiger.
  11. Can I just say how much I hate that they show exotic animals. A tiger has no fucking place in Oregon. In a cage.
  12. I've been waiting for the teams to switch up. If the majority still rules, the stars will still control all of the voting.
  13. Why is there tension between Audrey and Amy? I stopped watching not long after Audrey showed up. I remember Amy saying she was struggling a little because she liked the previous girlfriend so much and had been close to her, but I remember Amy being kind and inclusive with Audrey. Is it possible that Audrey is the type to hold on to that one statement of Amy's?
  14. I religiously watched this show for the first six or seven seasons before my dislike for all of the bickering caused me to slowly wean off. I actually thought it was cancelled until caught one episode a year or so ago. I once was interested in watching again, but TWoP (I think it was pre-PTV) was filled with comments of how awful everyone was, and how they let Rocky die out in the yard in the rain. Through my years of watching, it was pretty clear (to me) that Amy despised Matt. Matt was disgusted because Amy was a slob. The teenaged twins had grown into angry assholes who were disrespectful to their home, belongings, their parents, and anyone else they encountered. The twins swore constantly, and Amy did nothing to deter any of this behavior, in fact she all but encouraged them to treat Matt this way. Matt cared about the behavior but did little other than yell. Anyway, if Matt was cheating and Amy was heartbroken and sobbing her heart out, as suggested upthread, it's because it ruined the story line. Even in the first couple of seasons Amy clearly disliked everything Matt did, said, thought of, and every expression on his face. Right now they're starting to look a little bit like Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in The War of the Roses. Matt is no innocent and I am not blind to his faults. But I'm not falling for the story of: Woman who gave her life to loving a man, he lost interest in the devoted wife and had an affair, she bravely goes on, daring to love again. They were toxic together. ETA: I'm a nurse, so Matt's bitching and whining about his limitations never bothered me much. I understand that others may have a lower tolerance. I had an auto-immune disease as a child, so I know how this type of thing can affect the rest of your life. Some things are hard to shake off.
  15. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    It's not that he's a jock, at least not for me. It's that he affects the metrosexual vibe as well. So he's the macho guy with swagger, with the prissy sashay caused by painted on pants. When I think of Babe I think of Narcissus. Jingle better watch that he doesn't stare at himself too long. Oprah once had a guest who complained that instead of her husband looking at her during sex, he watched himself in the mirror above the bed. I try not to think of these people's sex life, but it wouldn't surprise me if Babe watched himself pose and flex his biceps as he cheered himself on.