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  1. What's For Dinner?

    BBQ'd pork chops, little potatoes browned in the oven (with some butter and paprika) and some Snickerdoodles.
  2. What's For Dinner?

    I worked hard this week (in front of a computer and pushing book carts around), so I'm having a ribeye steak (cooked on my countertop electric grill), some mashed potatoes and a couple of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for dessert.
  3. I Need a Recipe!

    I thought about a Mac and cheese recipe. I've never made one from scratch, mainly because it would get expensive to get enough cheese to make it really, really good. I'll definitely keep that in mind. Ummm, homemade pimento cheese!
  4. I Need a Recipe!

    I had a historical society meeting tonight and had volunteered to bring food (we were planning wine and cheese). I was told to prepare for 40 or 50, so when I couldn't find a decent cheese platter already made up at the store (I waited until the last minute, of course), I bought a big block of sharp cheddar and a block of Monterrey Jack and cut it all into cubes. (I also brought some green grapes and a couple of kinds of crackers). Anyway, we had about 25 people show up, so I brought about half of the cheese home. I like cheese, but that's a lot of cheese! Any ideas on some recipes to help use it up? I know you can freeze cheese (realizing that the texture will change somewhat, but I would be using it in recipes, not just for snacking). Also, tips for how to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible would be good, too.
  5. Chit-Chat

    It's mainly the loud music that was the problem. I don't mind a bunch of people talking, laughing or kids running around yelling, screaming (they way they do) or even a dog barking (unless it's right next to my bedroom window late at night--which I've never had happen. At least, so far). The voices don't penetrate into my house (and I wouldn't even mind it if I was out working in the yard). But the music just thumps itself right into my bones.
  6. Chit-Chat

    I could just be over-reacting, since he hasn't played the loud music lately (I tend to stew about things, which can keep me up at night). I had an errand to run earlier this afternoon, and when I got out of the car I could hear faint country music coming from his back porch. It was great--he could hear it, but I could only barely make it out. I just hope it continues. I'm sure I'm not the only neighbor who said something. I don't know who lives behind them (I think they are fairly new to the neighborhood, too--but I haven't heard anything from their yard), but the neighbor to their north is an older woman who has company now and then and has a yappy dog, but she seems to be quiet, so I'm sure she likes the quiet. I forgot to add: Another reason why I think that other neighbors may have said something, is that my new neighbors were real homebodies when they first moved in. It seemed like all their friends came to see them, which contributed to the loud music at times. But, they seem to be gone a lot these days (particularly on weekends days), so I figured that they realized that if they wanted to have loud outdoor parties, they would have to go to other friends' home a lot of the time. That's my guess, anyway.
  7. Pet Peeves

    I hate it when I manage to lose a potato or onion in the back of the pantry (they drop and roll sometimes) and don't realize it until it begins to rot. I hadn't had a potato or onion mishap lately, but I got some veggies from my dad recently and didn't realize that I had left one small bag with some yellow squash in it in my laundry room until today. Whew! What a rank smell! It's kind of a combination of B.O.,, sweat, and bad breath. I threw out the gooshy bag (it had been kind of hidden behind some other stuff and I missed it) and sprayed air disinfectant, but it might be a while. I have one of those candles that is supposed to help get rid of smoke and cooking smells. Maybe I should light it up.
  8. Chit-Chat

    I hate that I had to disturb one of my cats who was sleeping on the computer table right up against my chest (I have to lean forward so she won't fall off--which is heck on my back but we have to do what we can for the furbabies, right?), but although I can work the mouse in this position, I can't type. I don't think I've posted about my new neighbors since way back at the end of May, but I wanted to update. I think my last post about them was when I had to say something to the guy (husband?) about his loud music outdoors on his screened porch. Well, since then, I think they've only had one (maybe two) outdoors parties since then with loud music. I didn't say anything about them because I wanted to pick my battles (although the music was loud enough at times to shake the dishes in the cabinets). But, I don't think he's played loud music outside when he was by himself (I hardly ever see his wife--she stays inside with the baby and the toddlers, I guess) since I complained (unless he plays it when he knows I'm not home). His new 'thing' is that he has a little sporty-type car and I guess he installed some honking-big speakers (no pun intended) in the trunk, because the bass was loud from it a few weeks ago. He stopped after about 40 minutes, so I didn't say anything. Since then, I've heard him coming home from work with the bass blaring a couple of times and he had company the other day and was thump-thumping for a few minutes. If it's just occasionally, I can live with it. They are very nice people, and I guess I could have really worse neighbors (at least I don't have loud teenagers playing basketball in the driveway, coming and going in loud cars, causing vandalism, and the adults don't have screaming fights and their loud music is not all--the-freaking-time). The only ongoing problem is that I'm never sure if the relatively quiet will continue. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. And, I'm a little ashamed that I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that their SUV is gone (especially on a late morning on weekends), which usually means that they are gone for the day. I guess I'm just getting old and set in my ways! (if they live next door long enough, I guess I'll have to eventually yell at the now-toddlers 'hey, you kids! Get off my lawn!' -- and maybe shake a cane or walker at them? :) )
  9. What's For Dinner?

    I've been eating cucumbers most days as well (from my dad's garden). I also have some summer (yellow) squash to eat up. However, I had to work tonight until 9pm, so I just picked up a pepperoni Pizza! Pizza! during my dinner break. I'll have the rest tomorrow either for breakfast or for lunch.
  10. Fast Food: Do You Want Fries With That?

    I'm not sure if this place qualifies as fast food or not, but have any of you ever eaten at a Chicken Salad Chick? (I think it's in the southeast, originating in Alabama). I ate at the original location once and liked it, but I just found out that they are opening one in my area. They have lots of varieties of chicken salad, as well as various sandwiches and other salads. I remember getting the trio, which was three scoops of chicken salad--I got a savory one, one that had some fruit it to make it a little sweeter and one that was a little hot/spicy (and I think it came with a drink and cookie). The only nitpick I have about their salads is that the texture is very fine. I tend to like my chicken (and tuna) salads on the chunky side. But, that won't stop me from eating there!
  11. Disney Films

    I vaguely remember going to see 'Candleshoe' in the theater when it first came out, but probably haven't seen it since then. I would love to see all of the old Disney films again, even the 'live action nature' shows. When I was a kid, we always watched 'Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color' (1960s) every Sunday night.
  12. The Baking Topic

    I just put this cake in the fridge to chill and will cover it with whipped cream (all right, Cool Whip) tomorrow morning. I hope it comes out okay, but so far I do know that the lemon cream cheese layer is good (I scraped the leavings out of the bowl before I washed it). If you don't like to use boxed mixes, I'm sure a from-scratch lemon cake would do fine (as would real whipped cream). I love anything lemon. https://www.greatgrubdelicioustreats.com/cream-cheese-lemonade-poke-cake/
  13. Disney Films

    I usually don't add any of the religion-based channels to my 'Favorites' list, but I made an exception with the BYUtv channel. I found that they occasionally show old live-action Disney films, so I check the schedule now and then to see what's coming up on their playlist. I recently caught the original 'Parent Trap', which I hadn't seen in years and years. It was still a fun movie. This morning, I watched a movie I recorded a day or so ago-- 'The Moon-spinners' (again with Hayley Mills). I had never seen that one. I liked it okay (the scenes filmed on location in Crete were beautiful), but today's Disney fans might find it slow-going. Tomorrow (or tonight, I forget) the channel is showing 'Summer Magic' another Disney (once again with Hayley Mills). That one is fun. I think they also show other ones that don't star Hayley Mills (don't get me wrong, I love watching her old movies), but I wish if they are going to show the old Disney movies, they would air some of the Kurt Russell ones ('The computer wore tennis shoes', 'Now you see him, now you don't', 'The strongest man in the world', etc.)
  14. Chit-Chat

    It's been a hectic day. I had a lunch meeting at a local restaurant, and remembered at the last minute that my new (old one expired) credit card had to be activated by calling that 800 number. So, I checked to make sure I had enough cash for lunch. It turned out to be no problem, though, because one of the guys at the meeting paid for all of our lunches (so nice of him!). I needed to make a quick stop at the grocery store after work (I didn't want to do it right before a holiday, but I basically had very little to eat at the house except for a can of chicken noodle soup and maybe some frozen veggies to zap in the microwave). I left work and remembered that I still hadn't activated the card, so I made a quick detour to my house to take care of it. Well, my phone wasn't working. We had a strong storm this past weekend, and I guess the line got hit (both extensions were out, so it wasn't the phone itself). My cell phone basically died recently (I'm going to try to get a new one on Friday), so I went back to work to get the card activated from my office phone. Then, I went by the store and picked up a couple of things. It wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. I guess everybody was at Wal Mart! So, I'm making a quick dinner of a pork chop in the toaster oven and some kind of green veggie and plan to just relax and watch some of the 'Chicago PD' episodes that my DVR should have recorded for me throughout today (and it's still recording some, I think).
  15. Chit-Chat

    I couldn't work in the yard today (rainy), so I went to the office and caught up on a few things. I need to do housework tomorrow, but decided that tonight I would be a couch potato. I picked up a pepperoni pizza ('Pizza! Pizza!') and am spending the evening shedding a few brain cells by watching the 'Twilight' movies, one right after another. (They're kind of fun to watch for mindless entertainment, although I would have always chosen Jacob over Edward any day of the week, especially after he got his hair cut. :) )