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  1. Quotes: I Have Misplaced My Pants

    Homer (opening a plastic storage container of broccoli): 'Ack! The devil's trees!'
  2. S09.E07: I Bob Your Pardon

    Have we met Marsha and the deputy mayor before? I do remember the farmer. I loved the way the turkey let out that kind of frantic 'gobble' as the car spiraled down the off-ramp! A couple of good lines: Gene: 'Maybe she said cider house. That place rules!' (LOL) Tina: 'Here comes Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!'
  3. Chit-Chat

    The only thing I can find is that the Michael's craft store site is showing strings of 'pinkish-purplish' lights fairly cheaply (only online). You might could get a string of those and just use the bulbs. And other 'home goods'-type stores that tend to have large Christmas decoration sections might have some lights as well.
  4. I've always lived in the deep south where we rarely have snow (when we do, it's never more than about an inch and is usually gone by lunchtime). The only snow shovel that I've ever seen 'in person' was one that my neighbor owned. He used it to scrape mud and accumulated dirt from the gutter in front of his house. He moved out to Texas a few years ago, but I don't know if he took the shovel with him.
  5. Since it had been a while since I watched 'Bones', I started recording the episodes on TNT when the rotation began again. Unfortunately, TNT tends to skip episodes now and then, which ticks me off (they skipped the Christmas episode from the first season-- 'The man in the fallout shelter' -- and I was looking forward to that one). However, I was happy that they didn't skip one of my favorite episodes, season five's 'The X in the file'. I loved the whole UFO story line, from the appearance of the body, the glowing orange eyes (creepy!), the victim's 'X files' ringtone, to the 'UFO' footage. I do have to say that my favorite scene was when the body sits up during the MRI and Booth tries to shoot it. (Booth: 'I won't tell anyone about the scream, if you won't tell about the gun.') One reason I think I like this one so much, is that although I'm not sure if I believe aliens have visited us or not the whole 'UFO culture' is fascinating (and reading about UFOs and aliens is a guilty pleasure).

    Hodgins (rushing into Cam's lab): 'The urine of a red-headed boy!' Cam (looking blankly at him -- along with Angela): 'We're gonna need SO much more than that.' (A night at the bones museum, S5, E5)
  7. S14.E06: Luke

    When Luke saw that Lisa was alright and he then seemed to have a thought as to who it was, I didn't think of Phil. I was worried about Luke's dog Roxy.
  8. Actually, I just got back a few minutes ago! It was a conference in Charleston, but I ended up in full days of meetings and didn't get to do too much. And then, I had some trouble with the rental car (the front 'lip' below the bumper came loose). I had planned on making a couple of side stops along the way home and doing a few errands local to the area before I hit the road for real, but I wanted to get the car back to the rental place before they closed today, so I made a beeline back, stopping only for gas and to get something to eat. I did manage to get to the local Trader Joe's, so I stocked up on my favorite cookies and a couple bottles of cheap wine!
  9. Pet Peeves

    Mine is a 2007, bought in late 2006. Brand new (with around 200 miles on it--that many only because it had to be driven in from another dealer in order to get the color I wanted). I now have a little under 117,000 miles on it. I would have more miles, but I live very close to work and I know a long commute can pile on the miles. Peeve: Website links that don't go anywhere. I'm planning a trip and want to read reviews and check out websites for restaurants, shops, and such (mainly used book stores and interesting-sounding thrift stores). But half the links aren't good anymore. It's a pain when all I have is an address and can't find out if the place is worth making a detour off my interstate route to visit.
  10. Pet Peeves

    I have a Saturn Vue. It's been a good car (although I did just have to get the water pump replaced. :( )
  11. S09.E05: Live and Let Fly

    Gene always has the best lines. I loved "Now squeeze your cheeks and soar like an eagle!" The end credits were great, with all of them flying on the paper airplane. Bob was even holding the blender (with the cord flying out behind him).
  12. Pet Peeves

    Me, too! I've gone a couple of 'time changes' without re-setting it at all. And, to top it off, the clock gradually loses a little bit of time on its own, so sometimes when others are riding with me I have to be sure to tell them that the clock is 10 minutes slow (or an hour and 10 minutes, if I didn't change the 'spring forward/fall back' time), especially if we have to be somewhere at a certain time. I love clocks, and used to have them all over my house. I still have a few, but most don't work. I just like the way they look. But, when I had at least one or two in every room and they were working, it was a pain to have to change them twice a year. Now, I just change three or four (and the two timers I have set up for lamps so I don't walk into a dark house at night).
  13. Chit-Chat

    There is a high of 70 degrees today with 54% humidity and the sky is bright blue. So, I'm taking advantage of the beautiful weather to work in the yard. I'm getting another flower bed cleaned out. I'm just about out of energy now, but I would really like to get at least one big bed cleared, so I'm going back outside. I think we're supposed to get some rain tomorrow (definitely on Monday), so this might be my last chance until next weekend (I had been doing some work after work some days, but the time change this weekend will put a stop to that, since it will be dark when I leave work each day).
  14. S05E06: Pound of Flesh

    That was a fairly creepy Halloween episode. Geoffrey Owens sure didn't have much of a part. Hopefully, he'll be back (I didn't recognize him until he smiled and then I said 'Elvin!'). I'm not quite sure what I think about Pride's 'visions'. I'm liking the new organization of the group. I'm a Bakula fan, but he's settling (kind of) into his new role and I like the new head of the team (Hannah?). Where was Patton? I missed him. The abandoned medical lab looked like Charity Hospital, abandoned since Katrina. That's one creepy-looking place!
  15. Pet Peeves

    I'm going to find some of that. Thanks!