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  1. S04.E12: And the Echoes of Memory

    My take on the finale is that only missions that specifically involved Nicole or her actions were changed or didn't happen. Others either happened as we saw them or were changed just a little. I don't know if Jenkins could have still body-swapped with Jeff if he was still immortal, but maybe he could (I like to think he did become D&D master with that little group!). I also think that Jenkins (maybe because he is immortal and is so tied to the Library) knows at least a little of what happened. That's what I choose to believe and it helped me enjoy the season (hopefully not series) finale. I'm not usually a fan of re-writing history to fix things (the only show that I think ever did it pretty well was 'Eureka'), but I wanted Jenkins back (and immortal) so I'm okay. He told her to still drink the potion, but to use the time given to her in a different way (to help the Library instead of working against it).
  2. S03.E09: On Shaky Ground

    That was hilarious! Talk about a back-seat driver! I had a heart cath procedure done a few years ago and watched it on the monitor, but it was kind of like watching an x-ray and it didn't seem like it was really 'me'. That's the closest I ever want to get to observing my own surgery! How did April and Choi know where to find the girl? There has to be lots of pockets of homeless in Chicago.
  3. S04.E14: A New Dawn

    Maybe it was just me, but I figured out pretty quickly that the Not-Taylor (Butler?) mayoral candidate's people had something to do with the 'terrorist' plot (although they didn't make it clear as to whether or not the candidate knew about it). I don't know if it was bad editing or I missed something, but how did they know where to go to catch the bad guys? There was a scene where Sebastian said he would continue to examine the electronics salvaged from the blast (the radio-control parts, maybe?) to see if he could figure out where they came from. Then, the next scene showed them getting out of the car at the suspects' house.
  4. The Baking Topic

    I want to make something to take to work next week for Valentine's Day, but I frankly don't have the time (or motivation) right now to do something complicated (although I know I have recipes stashed away for holiday foods such as fancy cupcakes, candies, etc. I'm in the mood for something chocolate and cherry-flavored. I found a recipe for a Black Forest Poke Cake (chocolate cake with hot fudge poured over, then a layer of cherry filling and whipped cream on top). But, I've found that any time I take something to work that requires refrigeration it gets overlooked (even when I put a sign on the fridge and send out an e-mail). So, I've settled on a Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake recipe that I found online (from 'The Chew', I think). It looks easy, so that's what I'll make unless I found something else before the weekend. (My other choice was some type of chocolate-cherry brownie, and I might still decide on that.) I'll post the results early next week!
  5. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I just watched this episode. It sounded like they said 'run the code'.
  6. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I'm not absolutely positive, but I just saw this one last week (I'm recording the three episodes shown each weekday) and I'm in the middle of re-watching season two. I know that the patient (before they knew she was in labor) was reciting the various holiday food she had eaten so I knew it had to be around Thanksgiving or Christmastime. After checking imdb.com and looking at the guest cast photos, I think it was 'Dead of Winter' and she was played by Linda Lutz. (It's the same episode where the 22 children were found in the one small apartment and it was the first appearance of 'Rudy' Rubadoux.)
  7. Discontinued Foods You Miss

    I'm glad someone else remembers those. I loved 'em. I used to mention them now and then to people I know, and no one else ever seemed to remember them and thought I was making it up.
  8. Chit-Chat

    I'm not one for making and keeping/breaking New Year's resolutions, but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf beginning today (only a month or so late!). I went back to my doctor for a routine check-up after postponing it for almost a year (and, he did scold me a little). Even though I haven't gotten as active as I would have liked and haven't lost weight, my lab numbers were surprisingly good (even though I yo-yo'd with my eating habits, I guess I had enough days of oatmeal, brown rice, fresh foods and lean protein to make a difference) . No problems with BP, blood sugar, cholesterol, and various other body parts were functioning well. I promised to come back in six months (and I will) and promised to get more active and lose weight. I let myself keep the old habits through last night and starting today I'm going to really work to reach some goals in six months (nothing radical, just slow steady progress). Be warned, I'll probably vent here now and then when the going gets tough. I'm going to try to keep as busy as possible, and started today by getting an early start on my spring cleaning (the same cleaning that I started and didn't finish in the fall, unfortunately!). It'll probably also help that I've got some new projects coming up at work and some deadlines to meet, so I will be busy there as well (which helps me take my mind off food).
  9. Chit-Chat

    That sounds really good, and I will enjoy it vicariously (if that's the right word). I'm really trying to stick to my healthy regimen and just managed to limit myself to healthy choices at a campus event that offered a few of my favorite finger foods. So I feel good and rather proud of myself. I did have strawberries (along with other fruit and veggies), but passed up the chocolate and other desserts (truffles, pecan bars, lemon bars) and the sandwiches with the unhealthy fillings.
  10. Weight Loss Support Group!

    When I went to my doctor last February, my lab numbers were in the 'okay' category, but were getting close to the gray area (for cholesterol and blood sugar issues). So, I promised to get more active and lose weight and come back in three months. I was really going to show him that I could stick to a healthy regimen and show progress. Well, I managed to put off going back until now, but have to go back whether or not I'm ready because I need a refill on my BP medicine. Of course, I have no weight loss to show for all of the months that I planned to lose the weight. I go back on Wednesday and have to face the music. I just hope that my lab numbers are still okay. If not, then I'll deal and have a goal of getting healthier so that I can get those numbers back to a good level! I have been good about my healthy eating since Saturday, but faced a hurdle tonight. I went to a lecture on my campus and they had a nice spread of food afterwards. I started to leave, but I needed to 'mix and mingle' with co-workers for at least a little while. I managed to limit myself to some fresh veggies (with a spoon of hummus), some fresh fruit, one tiny veggie eggroll (they had cut them in half so that helped) and brought two small (dinner roll sized) turkey sandwiches home for later. I left after that because I was facing homemade pimento cheese sandwiches (one of my favorites), croissants with chicken salad (another fav) and lemon squares (another fav, sigh). I know my willpower wasn't going to last much longer. I feel good about myself, though. I didn't eat anything that I couldn't add to my food log for the day. (I still hear those pimento cheese sandwiches calling my name, though!) I've found that the way that has worked for me in the past is to know my calorie range and to stay near the bottom part of the range. I can eat anything I want as long as I don't go over, which means that I'm forced to eat healthy if I don't want to stay really, really hungry. I never could follow any type of strict diet, because as soon as I knew that I couldn't eat certain foods, I began craving those foods. My main problem is that if I want to have a cheat meal, I need to limit to a meal. Too many times I find that it ends up being a cheat day or a cheat weekend. I also need to get more active, but I'm working on that.
  11. Small Talk: County General Is Always Open

    I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but I love this video of the Brigham Young University's library book repair department. I think the final shot with the guy in the Tabasco apron is the perfect touch!
  12. What's For Dinner?

    My local grocery store had their boneless ribeyes for $6.98 lb, so I picked up several So it's a steak for dinner with a pouch of some kind of cheesy/noodle-y mixture and the last lemon cupcake for dessert.
  13. Pet Peeves

    I thought about the brief discussion here a couple of days ago about the talent for finding the bad shopping carts when I was at a Wal Mart a few minutes ago (to pick up a few things that the other Wal Mart I went to on Wednesday didn't have) and noticed that there was a woman pushing a cart with a 'flat'. I don't know why she didn't exchange it for a better one, but I could hear that bad wheel going 'ka-chunk! ka-chunk!' all over the store.
  14. S04.E10: And Some Dude Named Jeff

    I really liked this episode, especially how Jeff's friends just accepted Jenkins' explanation about the body-switching without batting an eye. The end was good as well. I didn't catch what the one friend said about his family and Thanksgiving. Can someone tell me what he said? Favorite line-- Jenkins: 'I'm never going to drink wine and Shasta again, that's for sure!"
  15. I see the heart icon on other people's posts, but not on any of my own.