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  1. I hate to break the trend but I actually liked this episode. Lots of customers meant it's less about nagging people and more about efficiently serving dishes. It's also nice to see food purchases mattering as well. Those things are what I want from the show. While I don't particularly want the Worst Cooks crew to win, I think they're likable enough (and working hard enough) that I was happy they didn't get eliminated. Not that I disliked Chop Shop but I didn't ever feel the same urgency from them. However, I would have liked to follow the New England team a little more closely. From what I caught of the storyline, the guy knocked his mother unconscious and then they sold 50% more than any other team. While it's amusing to connect those dots the story doesn't really play out for me.
  2. I don't mind an honorary performance, even if it doesn't seem as smooth as it would from the original. But I thought Penn's reception of it was lukewarm as well. He didn't mention "Mr. Electric" or the guy's real name, only "we know the trick". That was weird to me considering how much he has gushed over others in the past. Maybe he was just being brief though and I'm reading too much into it. I really liked the blank cards trick, even if some of the moves weren't done with perfect smoothness. (Especially with the close up camera work.) That's one I know I'll seek out to watch again. It surprised me they guessed "force" for the puppets. My instinct was "assistant", although I'm probably underestimating the effort involved to make that happen. Someone on reddit pointed out another possible method, which I admit is plausible.
  3. Small Talk: Sell Hi

    In some of those cases, notably Swanson's Fish Market and The Simple Greek, nobody looks good. I'm not really compelled to take either side. But that Inkkas case at the end is pretty damning. I've long thought the "handshake deal" isn't a kindness but a sleaze tactic. "I want you to put me in charge of everything without me actually having to commit to anything back. That's just how I do things."
  4. S14.E01: By Land and Sea

    Make a Food Network Star be the second host on this. They can't keep the spot filled anyway, so give one of the rookies a workout.
  5. S14.E01: By Land and Sea

    Yesterday I considered starting some predictions about what goofy stuff we would see. Decided not to, but if I had, my first one would have been someone using an orange rind in the dish. I think boiling a banana peel comes close. I don't know if I can watch this. The show may have beaten me.
  6. I'm sure there's a lot more to it than we ever see, but it's probably not that interesting. Getting permits for each city is just paperwork. And I can see legit synergy, if the food truck adds to the business instead of taking away. This is reinforced by the case this season where the store owners were fine with it but the property owner chased them out. It also seems reasonable that food trucks selling different types of food might benefit from being in a specific area. The same reason gas stations are on opposite corners, car lots are in the same part of town, and mall stands like being in the food court. Being clustered attracts attention. (Especially if the newcomer brings the excitement of a TV camera.) That last part though probably shouldn't be underestimated. "Can I park here?" "I don't know..." "It's for Food Network tv." "Oh, OK I guess." I don't know if it's enough pull to get you a warning instead of a ticket, but it certainly makes everything sound more official and approved even if you're a clunky amateur.
  7. It's teambuilding / forced fun / "look how quirky we are". Depends on the character of the business. Could be "we know we're working hard right now, so this is a reminder not to take everything so seriously." Or it could be less-than-a-token gesture. I don't know if the producers were behind the first apperance, but the camera was definitely well-positioned on the Wings truck to catch the guy pulling up.
  8. I think the guy may have been even worse than I remember. Nice that Marcus straight-up admitted he tries to be Oprah.
  9. In past seasons, haven't teams been pre-warned which blocks they can and can't park in?
  10. For 1.3 million flavors Sonic, those drinks actually sounded rather repetitive. I appreciate the show trying to make it seem like the Worst Cooks team didn't sell anything, but this one was pretty pre-ordained.
  11. That's more interesting to me, because not only do you get bigger numbers but you also have issues like resupplying. The biggest tactical decision we've seen so far was figuring out they shouldn't have spent all $500 on 3 hours of food in the first episode. (Which seemingly no one did anyway, because they have no experience.)
  12. I'm surprised P&T didn't say "thumper" on the mentalist. Certainly they haven't objected to that guess in previous seasons. That's the problem for me as well. Knowing it's safe means there's nothing to the trick. I guess it was showy though for people who might not know that. I rather liked the P&T trick. Not an astounding trick, but what better way to use a stooge than to swap roles and play the stooge yourself?
  13. S14.09 The Newest Star

    Manny is the most naturally likable out of the bunch, but his pilot was terrible. Every 6 words he would pause as if waiting for a new cue card. He also had some big mistakes in the prior rounds so I can't feel he was robbed. Christian continued to look like a slob even in a suit. One button undone is enough thanks, even if wearing clothes that fit so you can tuck in your shirt is out of the question. Jess hasn't been that likable, but she did a good pilot. Also I'd been thinking that they've never had "Star Salvation" or "Comeback Kitchen" matter, and now it has. Box checked. So I guess the network has two more people they won't use. Congrats?
  14. S05.18 Baby Bump/Kool Kids

    That reminds me that they had beignets. Which reminds me that this is the first time I can ever remember food during the restaurant negotiation!
  15. S14.08 Who Gets a Pilot?

    If you did that on purpose I am very impressed. For those who don't know: