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  1. The Good Podcast

    I'm constantly forgetting that The Official Podcast is actually based on episode-by-episode, because they don't really talk about that. It's probably the inspiration for who Marc Evan Jackson schedules for guests, but conversation tends to go all over. Which is fine, it gives them a backdrop to talk about but doesn't hold them to it. Perhaps once guests start coming back for a second and third time they'll be more on-topic as the general stuff has been covered. By contrast, Forkin Bullshirt goes through the episode very methodically, discussing anything of interest - especially relevant philosophy. And then does it again because the first time was done without revealing the end-of-season spoiler. I think that's a totally unnecessary concern, but I admire their commitment.
  2. Season 14 (2018) Discussion

    Apparently CWSeed is only hosting every other episode. Perhaps the people who run the website and the ones who schedule the shows don't talk. The new Jonathan Mangum one is great. He always brings the physical comedy, and seeing the overhead set again was really awesome if they don't beat it to death in every episode. Also Film Dub, underused and lots of fun. I also laughed a lot at Andrea Navedo's episode, although less due to intentional jokes and more about Wayne covering for the unexpected. Aerial view indeed.
  3. All Episodes Talk

    Interesting. I'd be shocked if there isn't at least one lawsuit involving The Casery. Charlotte put so much money in and got nothing out while Matt used it as a personal account. And then Marcus made them look bad on the air while stealing two key employees. Easily enough there to get through the first couple stages of a suit.
  4. S06.E01: TankFarm & Co 2018.06.12

    I saw an interesting post from someone on reddit I thought I'd copy here:
  5. S06.E02: The Casery 06.19.18

    I wish this show was about business and not the ego of the week. However, the talent departing the company to partner with Marcus is really interesting and is something I wished to see in bad companies of the past. As is frequently the case, the investment timing is all exposed as fake as well. Marcus writes the check, but it didn’t exist because the later check with the royalty demand was the only one he wanted back. I think he’s clearly in the right here but that doesn’t help appearances. Phone cases seem like an oversaturated market for low cost providers. I’ve never paid over $15, rarely over $10. But then I don’t have an iPhone either. Be proud of him. He came off very well.
  6. This was a half-season. The rest are coming this year but weren't quite ready. Rumor is they had to push some out when they did in order to qualify for Emmy season. (Which is a little too optimistic in my opinion.)
  7. Oh, it can be on after "Manny's Mix-And-Match"! Contestants listen to him talk and they try to guess what food he was describing. I actually agree it's not really Rebekah's fault she was stuck with the burgers, and she mainly did herself a disservice by describing it as something she could make at home. But that bothered me for a different reason. If you're doing "Destination Food", isn't that rather like saying "Come on out... or don't bother!"
  8. On the plus side, they're leaving the studio. Apparently the budget is up at least a little from past seasons.
  9. He definitely has said as much. The LA Dogworks guy was a real piece of work and all Marcus did there was trying to get him to act human. (Well, and some extra retail products for the storefront.) But this was different. He might like to help someone improve, but being in the middle of a couple is probably unsolvable. The only possibility would have been to buy one of them out. (The woman might have agreed but not at a reasonable price.) I wonder if Marcus "knows how to help people improve" for the same reason he "knows how to cut an onion". He just thinks he does and doesn't want to admit it might be beyond his skill set (or interest).
  10. S06.E01: TankFarm & Co 2018.06.12

    I think he did, and you're right. At Kroger a can of peas labeled "Kroger" brand would indicate cheap and generic. At a Nike store a Nike product would indicate I'm standing in an outlet.
  11. S06.E01: TankFarm & Co 2018.06.12

    My good/better/best price points on a t-shirt are $5, $10, and $20. So maybe their low-end could pass for my high-end, but that's about it.
  12. Marcus must want another t-shirt designer since Dilascia imploded. But I predict this won't go well for him. If the bossy brother was so obnoxious that both office workers wanted to quit, there's no way he's just going to turn around on that.
  13. The title of the episode was "Main Attraction" so I assume he was cast to represent the side show.
  14. Comeback Kitchen

    Tregaye was always toned down. She cartooned it up for Bobby & Giada because that's what they wanted. As several pointed out, Adam was the ringer all along. I don't think they wanted to advance Amy at all, and I noticed that Valerie said "You're not making this easy"... to her. Not to both of them. To me it was as if they wanted to dump her but she did too well on the last task. Has he seen this show since he was last on? It isn't anyone's path to a high-profile show.
  15. Season 14 (2018) Discussion

    Then you must really hate when they sing a song about the guest. I love Heather Anne Campbell. She's not very jokey but throws herself into a scene very well.