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  1. S06.E02: Queork

    We've seen a lot worse from owners than being boring, so I can't hate on Amanda too much. She's probably good at non-communication things. (Unfortunately communication is pretty important for a boss.) Although it was touched on a little, I was surprised they didn't push the environmental/vegan angle more. One of the big selling points of cork is that it's not leather, and while I don't think Marcus is necessarily wrong to want to pair it with other materials that also seems like exactly the wrong direction for this segment of the market. It must be intentional that Marcus never says "People, Process, Product" anymore. He even touched on all 3 here but not in a list like that.
  2. S22.E10: Bike Parade

    I laughed my ass off at Santa asking for Mr. Hankey. Of the many good callbacks and subtleties, that was the best. The main plotline felt like a copout more than a resolution. Nothing Bezos did in this episode actually made any difference. Nor did the people actively involved in striking or in scabbing. But as copouts go, "everyone got too high to care" is about as good as you get.
  3. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    And not a single Golden Girl? Could be, although all of that is now in question too. The altruism question made sense when we thought she was just under the threshold. But when literally no one makes it in, her motivation wouldn't have made a difference anyway.
  4. S 10 E 08

    I will never again complain about the "same old products" if the variety alternative is a pimple popping simulator.
  5. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I don't know much about the Emmy process. How much of the show do decision-makers actually see? My concern is that if you only saw this episode, it's hard to realize just how well D'Arcy is doing at capturing the others because you haven't seen their characters. Only if you've seen a lot of the show can you really appreciate how Chidi that Janet was.
  6. Season Five Episode Talk

    I have to say, you kind of made me want Panera there. Product placement works.
  7. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    It has been a plot hole for me since episode one. It seems like the kind of person who would deserve The Good Place would never be happy knowing people were tortured and not trying to fix it. So the more screwed up the whole system is, the less of a plot hole that actually becomes.
  8. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    I'm guessing they don't get a lot of mail, either.
  9. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    So here's a theory: What if your points are adjusted with a basis on what percent of the population they affect? Easy for a caveman to get 10,000 points. Nearly impossible for anyone once we reached half a billion. (Which would be around 500 years ago.) Mindy's unstated idea might have helped literally everyone.
  10. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    Did he say they were in the good place, or did he simply say they were not in the bad place? Either could be explained away, but the latter leads to even more interesting possibilities.
  11. S03.E10: Janet(s)

    Well that was a lot of fun and a fantastic performance by D'Arcy. Kristen Bell is probably the hardest to copy and even that was really good. A lot of us had expected that nobody gets in, but I surely would have thought that meant "no one ever", not "no one in 500 years". It could be very interesting if that means the "Good Place Committee" is stuck in the mindset of 1500. But assuming the show sticks with the tradition of not following any one specific culture/religion, I'm not sure how that would translate. (I mean if Schur decides to blame it on the Renaissance I won't be that disappointed, but it's far more Euro-centric than they usually go.) All things considered, 4 humans with Janet powers were very restrained.
  12. S22.E09: Unfulfilled

    Was it the 1954 accelerated depreciation rule? If so, that's kind of a just-so story. It counted for literally any building but we don't tell the story of the tax break that inspired dentist offices and movie theaters and donut shops. It was probably more of a cultural thing. We became a car society and people moved to suburbs. A mall is a downtown that you can build in the middle of nowhere, enclose, and not have to worry about people who live there.
  13. S22.E09: Unfulfilled

    Lots of great stuff in here and an intriguing conflict. I hope they don't drop the ball on resolution.
  14. S06.E01: TBA

    Yeah I was definitely seeking bagels this morning. Lots of choices near me, including "New York Water Bagel Company", "Broadway Bagel", and of course several "Manhattan Bagel". (I'm not in NY.) So Marcus was right on the branding. But I also appreciated Corey who wasn't being stubborn for no reason. He didn't want to take the existing customers for granted. It's possible that wasn't an accident and he was trying to honor lost children by including them.
  15. S06.E01: TBA

    It was basically an hour of discussions over a name change. Which I get is a big thing that would naturally take a great deal of discussion. But I might have enjoyed some other changes to mix it up. Maybe some actual discussion of the math instead of him just hinting at margin and ticket size.