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  1. S16. E03. Boom

    I found myself cheering when the parcel thieves blew up. It was karma to me. Be careful what you steal. I dislike parcel thieves.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I believe Michael/Jerry also had an arrest record in Texas for a couple break in/robberies. He did not live a clean life after. I did not believe him. I think his call to his buddy told his true feelings about his girlfriend. I would not be surprised if he was the one that buckled her in. She had on both belts done up and it was twisted. He undid his before he attempted the landing. She was trapped. He loved her but took time to get out his belongings and the money. But not her? I don't believe he even tried. I think he took the opportunity to ditch her and take her money. He can act like they were Romeo and Juliet. But Romeo would not have left her.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Why is Andrea doing so many of the episodes? Also her jacket in the interviews was too tight. I was distracted by how it pulled above her boobs under her arms. Dateline must really be scraping the bottom for crimes. This one was not done well at all. I was another one re-winding to see what I missed because the arrest made no sense. Plus I wanted to hear more about this barbecue and when she left and they did not give any details.
  4. I do not believe they had wine coolers at that time in the 80's.
  5. S05.E01: Your Funeral

    I would like the victim to be Oliver. They are calling for Oliver and Connor when we see the flashback. Maybe he doesn't show up.
  6. Catherine and Lyle deserve each other. They might as well get married and go away. I feel for anyone that gets involved with them in the future. If Catherine & Lyle married other people they would probably sneak off and bang anytime they crossed paths at a party. It would be the thrill for them. They have convinced themselves that they are destined to be together. Yet I don't think they even like each other.
  7. S07. E.11 State of the Union

    Was that a snuggie that Mia was wearing? I never saw her feet in that blue thing. And why is Tristan always swaddled in a blanket? Do they not pay their heating bill? It might just be his way of keeping Mia away. He blocks her off by covering every inch of his body with blankets.
  8. S05.E10: Week 6: Season Finale

    I noticed that Shu's blue nail polish perfectly matched her blue earrings. I was bored listening to her and Robby.
  9. I just did a re-watch of season one. I was trying to keep track of Jessica's relatives we are introduced to in the first season. We meet nephew Grady in the very first episode The Murder of Sherlock Holmes. I really like the pilot episode. It also introduces us to Preston Giles who does return later in the series. In Birds of a Feather we meet her niece Victoria and future hubby Howard. Cousin Abby is introduced in It's a Dog's Life. In We're off to See the Wizard we meet her niece and family in Kansas. Jessica's brother Marshall (Dr Fletcher) and her niece Pamela are in My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean. We also find out she had an uncle Cyrus that is dead in Sudden Death. There are numerous old friends and work related people in the other episodes. Jessica really knew a lot of people. In the final episode of the first season Funeral at Fifty Mile we meet Seth playing a different character. I am so glad they replaced Ethan with Seth in this series. I really didn't care for Claude Akins in the show.
  10. The Bachelorette in the Media

    This season they did not travel enough. I was disappointed about that. I always liked Jillian's season. She had a great group of guys. I did not agree with her final choice of Ed. But otherwise she did have some great guys.
  11. Jason is the best kisser ever. If she doesn't pick Jason her final guy will love to hear this.
  12. I like to play along. But it is almost impossible when they are playing for laughs instead of answers. Mama Doris gets away with stuff because she is an older female. If a male acted like her they would be in big trouble. She often goes for the sexual part and even jumped on the one man's back one week.
  13. S14.E07: Week 7: Bahamas 2018.07.09

    Who could they pick out of this batch to be the next Bachelor? They are trying with their crazy past stories. But I am not buying any of them as Bachelor material. They either have to go back to earlier booted guys this season or past seasons. Maybe someone shines in Paradise. Right now I am just waiting to meet Blake's mother. That was a story I was not expecting.
  14. S14.E07: Week 7: Bahamas 2018.07.09

    Becca is saying on twitter that she excused herself to use the bathroom. The editing monkeys made it look like she ran off after Colton said he was a virgin. Colton is agreeing with Becca about the cute edit.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Just One More Thing

    I just did a rewatch of all the Columbo episodes & movies. It was sad to see how old Peter Falk looked in the last couple ones. I normally prefer the original series. But there are a few of the later movies that I do enjoy. I did find myself sighing every time his wife Shera Danese showed up in one. She did 6 of them. I know he used some actors in more than one of them. But she really was overdone. I enjoyed seeing Robert Culp or Robert Vaughn among others in multiple shows. But I did not have the same opinion of her. I did notice that in the earlier ones Columbo often ended up in a projection room. I did not realize how often till I watched several in a short period of time. He should have been able to run it by himself with all the time he spent learning how to run a projector. He loved his dog and his chili. He also loved "This Old Man". I found myself listening for that tune in all the movies.