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  1. I do know that in Canada we are a week behind. We got a rerun a couple weeks ago. That put us a week behind the US. So we don't see the finale till next week.
  2. It was funny they kept showing Dr Jessica's face when Bobby & Danielle were talking about their relationship. She had the most sour look. I also laughed when Shawniece asked Danielle who Henry was. Danielle was acting like she loved Henry. Shawniece was completely confused. Anthony & Ashley do seem the most normal of the couples. I want to be a fly on the wall when Bobby's family watches this show. They must know by now that Bobby is not happy with Danielle. Bobby might pretend they are a 10. But he is doing all the giving. Danielle isn't even that hot. She sure won the MAFS windfall.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I was just infuriated watching this. That police department was a disgrace. They had to bring a retired cop back to straighten it out. I was also not happy that they waited till about 40 or 45 minutes into the show to reveal the ex husband had been a cop. They wanted us to be suspecting the guy that fled to Alaska or the live-in boyfriend. I kept wondering why they never mentioned the ex who was the father of the kids. He should have been a suspect immediately. They sure loved their sunflowers. Both the land lady and one of the women on the stand was wearing one. They also decorated the grave. I suspect sunflowers might be the flower of that area. There was just so much left out of this episode. They always seem to make the wrong episodes the one hour ones and then drag out the two hour episodes. I wanted to hear what the land lady said about her husband and his relationship with Cassy.
  4. I thought it was strange that Paige had such dark roots for a 10 year old.
  5. OK experts it is time to ask Bobby if he still rates his marriage a 10.
  6. Does Danielle work 7 days a week? She probably is home at least a couple of days a week. Is she sick all day when she is at home? Poor Bobby. Danielle finally feels well and he takes her out for a nice supper. Then she says she feels too full for sexy time. Bobby looks so defeated. Anthony and Ashley seemed a lot happier this week. The old funny Anthony was back. Jephte just makes me shake my head. Shawniece deserves better.
  7. Vicki shouldn't cross her legs in that ugly dress. Her spanx were showing. Gina is obsessed with attacking Shannon. Tamra looked truly evil when she blew up at Shannon.
  8. Season 2 Discussion: Cristal-lite

    I just don't buy this Blake and Cristal2. They just appear to have been put together and I am not buying it at all. I don't see the chemistry. I miss Liam too. I don't care about the baby plot.
  9. Danielle wants everything her way. It is like she forgets Bobby is part of her marriage. Danielle never seems to notice that Bobby has a sad look on his face. They have such an uneven marriage. Jephte is not ready to be a father. I guess I expected a school teacher to have a little more idea about children. Shawniece had to do everything while Jephte just seemed to stand around getting in the way. I did think Ashley and Anthony seemed a bit happier together this week. The dance lessons were a great way for Anthony to lead. At least Ashley admits her problems. Something I do not see Danielle doing.
  10. Isabella will be the problem in every relationship she is in. I feel sorry for any man that ends up with her. It was interesting that the only thing Isabella and Tyler liked about each other was looks. They fell in lust when they saw each other. But their personalities clashed. Brandin is another strange one. She treats Jona oddly. Even the way she played the blindfolded game was odd. She doesn't like PDA with anyone she is dating. But she feels quite open to touch everyone she is not in a relationship with. She seems to think very highly of herself. Shannon and Kimber might have a chance. But there is that baby issue with them. I really do not expect any of these relationships to last.
  11. Danielle and Bobby. They never fight because Danielle gets her way all the time. Bobby just gives and gives and gives. I am waiting for him to blow up one day. That family dinner was very uncomfortable. Danielle was not happy that Bobby's family is not as easy to manipulate as Bobby is. Bobby could not name one thing that he has told Danielle "no" to. And she could not name one time she did not get her way with Bobby. That was a very telling interview. Danelle is not a nice person. She is selfish and Bobby is being taken advantage of. This is not going to end well.
  12. Isabella really thinks a lot of herself. The way she talked to Tyler(?) was disgusting. I wanted him to just walk away from her. He can definitely do better. She has shown herself to be a bitch on both MAFS shows. I doubt that will change in her next relationship. It is obvious why she is single. She never once thought of his feelings. It was all about herself.
  13. Dynasty in the Media

    I am one of the people that was hoping Steven would be re-cast. So I don't mind the actor leaving. I do kind of miss original Crystal though. This new one seems out of place. I don't really understand why Blake has just moved her in and depends on her so much.
  14. I rarely like dream episodes in anything. So this was not a good episode to me. I was bored and just wanted the episode to end. I was so happy when Sabrina's dream ended only to realize I had to sit through the rest of the house having their nightmares too. Hopefully I will enjoy the next episode more.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    The Landing - I think the wife had more reason to want Heather dead than her husband. Once his wife knew about the affair he didn't really have a reason to kill Heather. The wife however was angry and wanted revenge. She did not want Heather to have a baby that would be a reminder of the affair. Everyone in town would know and she did not want that. The cheating hubby went along to make his wife happy. Mr Lake kept saying the wife was scary looking.