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  1. Marcella Season 2: All Episodes Talk

    I tried but I just could not get into this season. I bailed before the season was over. Too bad, I liked the first season.
  2. I was 100% on picking the right ones this time. That never happens. So they must have been obvious this week.
  3. I enjoyed this episode. It was the whodunnit in a hotel cut off by a storm. I suspected that either the wolf howler or the deputy would be the killer. We didn't see enough of the other guests to suspect them. I did like they finally got Zoe & Kurtis together in the escape room. I have to say I am surprised they broke up the couples this soon in the season. I did laugh when it was obvious the engagement ring was big when Angie put it on. But all of a sudden she could not get it off. Sure.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I was also worrying about the dog. I expected the dog to be mentioned because they talked about him so much. I did not think the guy next door was guilty because of his reaction on camera. I thought it was a normal reaction when told a body of your friend has been found. We often hear people don't react enough. He looked stunned. I now think he is the killer. But his reaction was not the reason I feel that way.
  5. S14.E02: Week 2 2018.06.04

    Jordan is like the Courtney from Flapjack's season. She kept reminding everyone she was a model. She did the skinny dipping to get an edge. Jordan is doing the underwear walk.
  6. S14.E02: Week 2 2018.06.04

    Did Lincoln cheat in the first competition? I was curious if he was the first one in the ice tank or not. The guys seemed sure he cheated.
  7. FUN Bachelorette Quiz!!!

    6 I did a lot of guessing.
  8. Season 1 Discussion

    I enjoyed this one. I figured out who was Chris' killer early on. But I had to keep watching to figure out why she wanted to kill him. I figured everything went back to the school fire. But they had a lot of red herrings that kept confusing me.
  9. The Bachelor in the Media

    Becca was on The View the other day. The hosts were telling Becca they think she was too strong a woman for Arie. Joy was mentioning that Arie and Lauren had just been on the show to talk about their wedding. The hosts mentioned that Arie sat with his hand on Lauren the whole time like he was controlling her. They found it odd and uncomfortable that they would ask her a question but he seemed to be controlling it all. They did not feel Becca could be controlled like Lauren was. Interesting observation why Arie might have preferred Lauren. I just find Arie & Lauren have an odd relationship. In the above article Arie even had to call the reporter on Lauren's behalf. He told the reporter that they would not be continuing the interview because Lauren was upset. Who was really upset?
  10. S02.E10: Smile, Bitches!

    Clay annoys me so much. He always wants everyone else to come out and tell their story. Yet we did not see Clay going to the authorities about his beating in the locker room. He doesn't report getting driven off the road on his bike. He can hide what happens to him. But he expects everyone else to be so open about what happens to them. I am still laughing they couldn't find the clubhouse. It is just a few yards from the playing field. Where did they think it was?
  11. All Episodes Talk: Just One More Thing

    I don't remember anything about pelicans. But I might have missed it. They were reciting poetry.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Just One More Thing

    The Conspirators from 1978. This has always been an episode I prefer to skip. I don't know if it is the annoying Irish accent that is used by Clive Revill or just the storyline. But I think it is just an odd Columbo episode. I watched it today looking for something to enjoy about it. Jessica Fletcher's nephew Grady (Michael Horton) is also in this one. We do learn Columbo can hit the bulls eye on a dart board. He has a funny scene in a book store with a big erotic art book. I chuckled when he sat in the middle of the seat in the tow truck. Plus it was satisfying to see the look of horror on Devlin's face when the bartender brought him the exact bottle of whiskey from the crime scene.
  13. S01.E06: Etoufee-faced

    Tamica is the pretty package that is ugly on the inside type. I thought she was very attractive on the first episode. But she gets more unattractive every show. Free Barry.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I tried watching this case. But I just could not get into it. I blame Andrea Canning. I am not sure what she was trying to do. But telling a good story was not it. She had me confused and then my mind would wander. Two hours of her is hard to take.
  15. S01.E08: In the Name of the Father

    This series could have easily been done in about 4 episodes. They are dragging it out so much. I feel like I have been abducted for weeks. I refuse to watch this show live. Recording makes it easier to fast forward the boring parts. This episode that was most of the episode. Did we really need to see the entire confirmation ceremony and party?