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  1. S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    I don't like nasty when it borders on hypocrisy and is mean. Christian Soriano was snarky, but it wasn't mean. I think someone--Leanne, the winner of Season 5? Or Korto?--made a COAT out of seatbelts. I doubt that ... after all, it's not like he's doing much now.
  2. Season 3 Discussion

    Since he works in the music industry with prima donas, his inability to work with fat midlife ladies is of no consequence.
  3. I dunno ... Southern California isn't kind to aging blondes desperate for children.
  4. Watch What Happens Live

    Actually, as a single woman without children, I was glad she mentioned an ACCOMPLISHMENT of her own. I remember once when actress Felicity Huffman was asked what was she most proud of, having her children or being nominated for an Academy Award. She looked as Lesley Stahl and said (paraphrasing), "I won't answer that. It's a trap for women. If they say children, it diminishes whatever they are working for in their careers. If they say actress in my case, I'm a bad mother. Would you ever ask a man that?" Gabriella is Michael Corleone... the one everyone is proud of. From what we've seen of celebrity parents (Hoda Kotb, I'm talking to you), the MINUTE they get a kid, they take on more work responsibilities than ever because they are more bankable and noteworthy since their mugs are on the cover of PEOPLE talking about how they are the first women/men to have a child in the history of the world. Guaranteed that the kid will be there for photo ops and then Andy will be "working." The only ones who walk away are the actors/actresses whose careers are on the wane anyway or they're having a contract dispute.
  5. Figure Skating

    I saw his performance and he really seemed to struggle with endurance. But IIRC he did land a beautiful quad toe....
  6. Gymnastics

    Absolutely! There also is no reason why we couldn't have scooped up a Russian coach too ... Lack of funding etc. does not contribute to the sloppy landings and loss of concentration mid-routine. I remember when US coaches complained about the Karolyi's snatching away Marilu and Julianne and Bela getting a "sponsor's pass" to be on the floor (near competition area) at the 1984 Olympics and when he was asked about the other US coaches and their attitude, Bela simply said, "Gentlemen, produce!"
  7. Uh, their failure to get married tells me that they are broke. This way, one or the other of the Terrible Two could declare bankruptcy over say, medical debt, and the other could keep all of his--er, HER, assets. And say she has no assets, she and her spawn are eligible for Medicaid. Wouldn't be surprised if they already collect food stamps (in California, your eligible income level can be higher than most states).
  8. S06.E03: Santa’s Toys

    I agree 100% with all of your suggestions, ESPECIALLY since there is a Santa Claus Christmas Store right in town! That store got very positive reviews and when I read them, it seems THAT store follows Marcus' advice: it has a Santa Claus available for photos and kid visits; it smells of gingerbread; so many unique products that people spend 2 hours there. I wonder if there is some rivalry with Santa's Toys; otherwise, Marcus could have marched the owners just down the road to see what they're doing right. One interesting thing: one reviewer said they have a lot of toys ideal for special needs children and the staff is very knowledgeable. For heaven's sake, why isn't that a banner or a category right on the home page? That alone could be a huge niche in the toy world! Instead, the categories were dull and the one they called New Arrivals was in desperate need of some categorizing: it had 45 pages of toys seemingly placed there without any thought. And no effort to say that the toys got there first or they had them in stock before anyone else. I also winced at the category called Girls and Dolls. I would have renamed that in a minute: Dolls and Home Play? I think he recognizes that he will not be able to modernize/update this business with this management. He will get what he put in and withdraw faster than you can say Santa Claus ...
  9. Gymnastics

    And let's face it -- she could be an event specialist on the MEN'S team. High bar? Vault? Floor? TOTALLY. If nothing else, maybe her presence would stop the US guys from continually choking. The US men cannot stop their self-destructive ways championship after championship.
  10. She's sounding awful, though. Like a bad actress. Slow and mumbly. She's definitely self-conscious on TV.
  11. It looks like she has a BUTTON on her chest. Or maybe it's a valve to de-flate them.
  12. S13.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Please. Based on what we originally saw in their first season, SHANNON was the control freak, wouldn't let him eat chips before dinner, had to feng shui the entire house, was mad at him about not using the right silverware at dinner... Back then, I was thinking, "HE needs to divorce her." And really, how could you take seriously the comments of a man whose voice registers right up there with Mickey Mouse?
  13. S10.E07: Episode 7

    It will get clogged up with snow. I know they claimed it will go through snow--but so do my car tires and they get crusted with snow all the time.
  14. Media: All for You

    Gee, nobody you know will give you their login and password? I'm up to 3 Netflix accounts in my streamer trading group! Each one of us gets a service and trades with the rest....
  15. S13.E19: Reunion Part 1

    And remember, she's an ER nurse and can work long shifts just 3 or 4 days (or nights) a week. Plus, Ryan retired because of health issues (I think he had back or hip surgery a couple of seasons ago) so I'm certain he retired with a military pension, even though he didn't make 20 years in the service. And military pensioners GET THEIR PENSION IMMEDIATELY. So he could be bringing home $40,000 a year WITHOUT a paycheck.