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  1. Figure Skating

    I love his attitude. And remember, when he lost to his training mate, Javi, at Worlds, he was nothing but gracious.
  2. Please. He can reinvent himself easily enough. He did each time he changed networks... During the last election, he ran a campaign to find the worst Congressional representatives in the country--those who never showed up and skipped votes, those who were under indictment, those who sold their votes to lobbyists. Every single one won re-election. In my state, Chris Collins WHO IS UNDER INDICTMENT won re-election (although that may change as absentee votes are counted) in a heavily gerrymandered district. Can't blame him for being a bit cynical.
  3. S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    Well, I certainly hope Lifetime publicizes it better... it is a GREAT show but nobody knows about it. I've done my part, though... I promoted it to a friend and she binge-watched it and recommended it to HER friends.
  4. Every single housewife show has one of these scenes, like it is mandatory. Ick. DEAR YOUNG & RESTLESS, GENERAL HOSPITAL and the rest of America's Soap Operas, I would like to apologize to you. I used to think you were boring because of all the same storylines. I thought these reality shows were so much more interesting because they document how the rich REALLY live. lnstead, all we get are endless facelifts, divorces, bickering lunches and dinners at some of the nation's nicest restaurants. And Victor and Nikki Newman are a LOT MORE INTERESTING than virtually all of the sad cast of New Jersey. Love, AuntieDiane
  5. S01.E09: Candace

    Oh, yes!! And I tell my friends that YOU is Dexter + Sex in the City. I blame Lifetime. Every episode is ONE AND DONE. No 1 am or Wednesday night repeat or Saturday marathon ... Lifetime just shows the episode ONCE and not everyone gets the On Demand channel. And it's on SUNDAY NIGHT... a night when there is a lot of TV competition AND everybody is getting ready for the week. The show should be on a Tuesday and then repeated on Friday night with a Sunday marathon of episodes before a new episode. I remember when Bravo started the Real Housewives juggernaut. Those episodes were repeated morning, noon and night until eventually they grabbed the audience. This should be the same! At least I'm doing my part. I introduced it to a pal AND to my cousin, who's having wisdom tooth surgery tomorrow. I told her it was the perfect recuperation show!!!
  6. S13.E16: Twin Tweaks

    Yes. And a storyline. As another poster pointed out, Shane's two daughters are actually older sisters to Emily's daughter. My niece has two younger half-sisters. The younger girls really love her and the older girl was thrilled that her big sister invited her to fly to Chicago for a visit and to take her to a college football game. They couldn't be closer if they were 100% related.
  7. What are you talking about? She got not one, but THREE BRAVO SPIN-OFFS!! Her wedding, Kandi Factory and Kandi's Ski Trip! She may be a great businesswoman but she's sort of ... boring on TV.
  8. Figure Skating

    OH, YES... those "old men" lyric ... what were they thinking, giving that depressing music to a skater LONG past his prime? He should have ended the program with Cecilia or something like Kodachrome to get the audience behind him ...
  9. Listen, if they get in trouble with bullies etc. all Gia, Gabriella and Audriana have to say is ... "Melania Giudice is my sister."
  10. S01.E08: You Got Me Babe

    Boy, do I wish Penn Badgely as Joe had met Dexter ... both of them determined to get rid of bad guys - one bad guys in his life, the other criminally bad guys... Joe could have advised Dexter on how to court Rita (RIP).
  11. S01.E03: There Won't Be Blood

    Yes ... I remember that episode. He thought that Phil was coming on to him and Phil was only looking for a guy friend. Exactly! As for the Einstein reference above, the kid could have named any other scientist and who would know? He could say he was the scientist from Back to the Future. I would tell my kid to dress as he or she wanted and we'll come up with some creative answers in case the costume is questioned.
  12. Gymnastics

    Non-Worlds celebrity note: Mary Lou Retton announced on Dancing with the Stars that she has gotten divorced. She and her husband, Shannon Kelly, have 4 daughters. I think her daughter Mikayla is on the LSU gymnastics team.
  13. S13.E15: The Day After

    Maybe they could make a Hallmark Christmas Movie with that title. I can see it now ... a RH crossover show! Gina is crying about her ornaments and Vicki calls her friend in NY, Dorinda Medley, who scours the world to find Christmas Divorce ornaments only to be upset because Gina isn't grateful to her on camera. Meanwhile, the one Dorinda gives Shannon has a twist top -- it's a VODKA-FILLED ORNAMENT! Only Bethenny Frankel gets livid because it wasn't filled with Skinny Girl Vodka. And at the end, the giant tree with all the ornaments is knocked over by Archie playfully and happily wagging his tail.
  14. Figure Skating

    Yes, she is coached by Belmore ... I think she needs a first-tier coach. SHE needs to go to Brian Orser. She reminds me of Surya because she can muscle her way through jumps but without the artistry.
  15. S10 E03

    AMAZON isn't selling it for $119 ... "other" sellers are. The ones that press the button on the page that says, Sell Yours Here (or whatever.) They are just board flippers ... For those who want plastic, I would just cover mine with those silicone sheets, like the ones for rolling out pie crusts. But actually, IKEA sells something similar. It's a plastic board with a built-in strainer. The strainer is removable so you can rinse your produce.