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  1. S16.E07: Carne!

    So they never judged Sara’s scotch egg at all? I don’t see how a Scoth egg can possibly be considered a re imagined hot brown. I don’t think many of the quickfire fit the challenge honestly, but a Scotch Egg?
  2. The Pioneer Woman

    I would throw Sandra Lee into that category as well
  3. I really believe that Mika is wearing clothes she believes are non descript and take “being physically and visually appealing” off the table. Joe wore fleece. Poshertz is a wreck. Kornacki is always disheveled. Other men wear uniform level shirt and jackets so that is never noticed. a woman can do the same. It’s boring but if she were wearing low cut or tight sheath dresses she would be trading on her body and sex appeal. I don’t even think she’s doing it to add to her Cred as a journalist. She’s making a point that women newscasters don’t need to dress like hottie mchots to be on tv. I actually give her credit for this. Not that her looks aren’t important to her However, It may be a point assumed into by the current crop of young female journalists. You don’t see them broadcasting from the White House lawn or in halls of the Senate wearing stilettos and tight dresses as in a decade ago. Its their choice how to dress and feel professional. Like Donny Deutch likes to be a peacock w his clothes. Others don’t. Given the proliferation of talking heads, panel discussions and pundits on our TVs over the past 3 years there are so many women on the news shows we can now see all manner and dress. I even think it’s evolving to dressing in a beautiful clothes that fit and flatter and that doesn’t mean you are trading on your sexuality as a woman(see Stephanie Ruhle example) Mika may think she is fighting a battle, making a point for women but I think she’s fighting a battle already won. She’s late and out of date par usual That said I wish she would add back the scarves they were fun to talk about
  4. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Oakville, I’m so glad your back with your recaps. They’re great!
  5. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Oakville, I’m so glad your back with your recaps. They’re great!
  6. The Kitchen

    I’ve been enjoying the show lately but the re run I’m watching from 1/13/18 has classic crazy Sunny’s wig is similar to no one’s hair on earth. Blond,crimped,elbow length, extremely heavy bangs. False eyelashes so thick her eyes look like Japanese anime. Her lipstick is the color of her skin and she’s wearing a pink velvet robe. The overall effect is that not of a human woman but a animatronic character. An exaggerated cartoon come to life. When she starts screaming and freaking out when the guest chef from Puerto Rico is introduced the peak Sunny is reached.
  7. S16.E06: Roaring Munchies

    I think the mean spirited comments about Brother back in the house were producer shenanigans. I think they were asking “do you want Brother, someone you don’t know, in the house with you or would you have wanted Nini who is your friend?” Feel free to speak up about Brother who practically won a different season being put into the competition with you!”
  8. S07.02: Top of the Class

    I really hate the visual editing of All Stars. Runway is all quick cuts from dress to designers. We don’t need to see the designers faces multiple times when the dress is walking. Here to see the garment. Even when Alyssa is talking it’s cut, cut , cut. Can’t get a clear look at anything. Maybe I need a bigger tv.
  9. They are dying his hair. He is certainly gray and they are going an unflattering ash blond for him. Willie gets Eddie Munster black for some reason.
  10. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I do believe this is an equal opportunity snarking forum. We comment on Joes clothes and hair, Podhertz’s sweaters, Willies dye job etc. it’s these people jobs to be looked at and we comment on what we see. I don’t believe we disrespect the women anymore than the men. Visual snark
  11. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    This show is so much better without Mika.
  12. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    So she did wander in on her way to the kitchen. Fun!
  13. Holy god they run that ad for the Gingerbread Showdown constantly! I can’t flip the channel fast enough! Why do the think Marcela kinda creepily shouting I’ve got a surprise for you! is enticing? Her mouth doesn’t even move while she says it!
  14. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Ugh acckkk Christ on a cracker why can’t Mika read the TelePrompTer in any coherentent way. I can’t get over it. I can’t get past it. Make the whole show seem amateur, parody, fake, unwatchable. Let willie do it. Let Joe do it. She has to be able to do it better than she does. Why why why does she think stuttering thru introductions and news stories enhances her effing value? Intolerable
  15. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    7:06 am. Heidi P. “ we have sat around this table many times, or remotes, talking about this” lolllll “or remotes” !!!!! Good one Heidi!