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  1. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Oh god. Now Joe is letting Mika have a shot at a scripted rant. Hilariously she can’t summon her “tone of outrage” with an illusion of extemporaneous speech while stumbling through reading the scripted rant rant off the TelePrompTer. Hahaaaa
  2. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I’m surprised Podhertz is still at the table after Heilemann destroyed him on Trumps thinking on Saudi Arabia. Loved when the lady piled on! “It’s about money! It’s always about money” Frankly absurd that Podhertz would try to claim Trump has a long term vision for the Middle East. Thank you Heilemann for so articulately taking that down.
  3. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    That’s what I was trying to say! Well said. Why is she so comfortable doing a terrible job? So proud of her value. You know, we mock her, Saturday night live mocks her, various media sites mock her but she raises her head higher, nose in the air, does even shittier at her job and lectures women how to be better at life. We’ve probably all known this type of person in our workplaces. Not good at their job, convinced they are the very best because they are in favor with management for some reason and get the promotion or raise. We sometimes refer to this as “ well she knows how to manage up”. Mika’s value is managing up.
  4. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Good god Mika can not read the TelePrompTer at ALL today. Why does she never get any better at it?? I have to believe the production staff is doing something to make it difficult for her. No one can be that bad at something they do every day and are paid millions to do. She emphasizes the wrong words, pauses in the wrong places so much it’s difficult to even understand her. Terrible.
  5. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    What’s with the saying joes gotten so fond of... congresses role “as the saucer that cools the coffee”. What does that even mean? I think maybe Meacham said it first last week and he stumbled over it. Joe’s repeated it frequently since How does the saucer cool the coffee?????? I thought the saucer was there to catch drips?? If the saucer is Congress and the coffee is the President and it is governmental checks and balances that are being referred to, well, then, that is one tortured metaphor Joe must think it makes him sound smart
  6. Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    KAC is using her past sexual assault to indicate that she has sympathy for other victims. She is saying this to offset her actual actions which are the opposite of sympathetic or helpful to victims at all. That’s despicable. Mila is alluding to an assault in her past to get attention, and to try to wedge herself into a currently prominent group/issue. also gross. Nobody has to talk about it unless they feel it will help them or someone else heal. These two, tho. #metoo indeed
  7. Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    https://www.thedailybeast.com/mika-brzezinski-and-chris-cuomo-feud-over-kellyanne-conways-sexual-assault-claim?ref=home Here’s a recap of today’s Twitter storm involving several hosts.
  8. Hi Charlize cat. Part of the secret to Cincinnati chili is actually sort of simmering the ground beef with some water. It causes the meat to become more fine, if that makes sense. The sauce is a bit thinner than a hearty Texas type chili as well. Then a hint of cinnamon and clove in addition to chili powder etc.
  9. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    So true about the Jane Mayer interview. They had no idea what was going to be said.Kasie asks a question about something in the article that states there was more sexual assualting going on at the prep school but Mika cuts it off ok let’s go to commercial. They seemed particularly unprepared and unable to sustain a convo this morning. Ratner showd his charts. Very simple basic charts. Barnicle “ you know I can’t understand a thing about numbers but...”. Hey Batnicle if you are that stupid how bout you STFU? Who does this show target for an audience? Beltway insiders (speaking Truth to Power), average Americans (I can’t understand numbers but lemme mansplain the line graph.), Florida voters (just a country lawyer), Women who want to feel empowered (know your value ladies buy my book)???? like pick a lane people and drive in it. This show is a disgrace.
  10. All Episodes Talk

    Today’s episode. “It’s gonna be a while before Paige and Ladd are gonna be up here for lunch but I have to get the pie in the freezer and before I do that I have to make the filling.” wow. Very informative. Before you serve something you have to make it. Learn something new every day!
  11. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    All I know is the comment Joe made about no one is questioning the boys that are complaining about sec abuse from priests 35 years later and the Abe Lincoln/RBG joke the asshole said in the clip are both memes going around FB. So good news is I don’t have to watch the show. I can just look at what my bored, idiot, partisan acquaintances post on social media.
  12. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Mark McKinnon, putting the ass in ascot
  13. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Mika was in full giggle mode, oddly laughing and making syllablic sounds while off the screen. It was very odd. Odder than usual. It sounded like someone else was talking to her ....or touching her. Ugh I’m sorry but that what it sounded like!
  14. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Fantastic! Who do you think wrote it? Could obviously be Willie Geist! Maybe a exec producer? Lower level staffer? This person has done something incrediblely important by speaking out, telling the American people what’s going on right in front of them from 6-9 am. A true courageous hero! This person is just trying to preserve their legacy for their grandchildren. He/she should speak out in public and let the world know what Mika and Joe are doing behind the scenes so we can all rise up! no, this person is a coward and subverting the proper and long standing democratic principles of morning tv. Morning show hosts are the leaders of the show! By cutting Joe’s mic or feeding Mika complete sentences he/she is enabling this shit show to go on! Band together with the other resistance fighters and resign en masse! This type of subversive resistance from within could destroy morning show principles for decades to some! <<crosstalk>>
  15. All Episodes Talk

    God I am so sorry I missed this episode! Crap gastric again food AND a frilly dress! I am filled with regret about my Saturday morning errands!