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  1. This Is CNN

    I truly believe CNN could win the ratings by going back to being a news channel. Nationwide and global headlines and stories, on the scene reporting etc. no more hour long panels talking Trump. Stop trying to make news, just report on everything going on. Balance it between white House shenanigans and EVERYTHING else. People will watch and you’ll be on in every business like you used to be. Many businesses have resorted to HGTV, Law and Order marathons, etc so not to spark politics in their business. Help us CNN, help us!
  2. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    This show is flat lining today. The fact that Joe does zero prep is beyond obvious. It seems like lots of commercials. As for the discussions I’ve stepped in deeper puddles.
  3. All Episodes Talk

    I just saw parts of an episode where she heard about people who meet for happy hour and she invited herself and just showed up. She said a couple of times thanks for letting me crash. With an attitude of them being so lucky her royalness favored them. Ummm they seemed like it wasn’t a favor. She is batshit. Was this a new episode? why can’t she just cook her crap in her kitchen? Why must she have some tortured reason to impose on other people
  4. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    The opening monologue is so low energy. Joe seems like he underwater. Everyone, except Willie, seems out of it
  5. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I feel like they used to have breaks where the rest of the news was covered. But I could be wrong. Always a political show. When they took over from Imus it was a relief to me cuz of the disgusting frat atmosphere of that show. This is still better than that!
  6. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I bet Joe spends more of his prep time for the show picking and approving the music for when they go to commercial than he spends on anything else.
  7. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    So over these guys today.
  8. Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    Good god. Willie! What year was that? What a terrible show that must have been!
  9. I don’t know what filter they use in the camera on her show but her appearance on FNS was not good! She looked much worse than in her show!
  10. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Mika’s soliloquy on the children separated from their parents was painful. Starting out with her “crying” voice to tell everyone watching that the Trump admin has separated families (Breaking news). She must have really practiced reading this speech off the TelePrompTer cuz she did ok, squirming in her seat, adding anger or sadness to her words along the way. What boggles my mind is who is she talking to? Everyone who watches this show follows the news closely. Is she lecturing congresss at the gym( “truth to power”) to find these kids? I guess Last night I saw an interesting discussion, I’m not sure which show maybe 11th hour, of why Manafort didn’t flip. Some one brought up that among all the reasons mentioned there is a real possibility that Manafort is scared shit for himself and his family from the Russians. They’ve been known to poison people. Of course on Morning snore we get the most facile possible discussion of that no mention of Russians Then they have on somebody who wrote an article entitled Why Guiliana Media Blitz May Be Bad for Trump (more breaking news). Who says what everyone’s been saying for weeks about Giuliani’s doubletalk. Willie says well if he’s just trying to distract , put fog in the conversation isn’t that working? Well, yeah says the guy. Is the booker for this show dead? Jesus Christ get a good guest!
  11. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    They certainly do
  12. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    The elephant is the straws. Plastic Straws are now environmental enemy number one and are being banned and frowned upon. Yet Mika continues to blithely use them as if she doesn’t care about marine life or our future generations! She must start using paper straws! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/plastic-straw-ban-why-are-there-so-many-2018-7
  13. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Is Mika going to address the elephant in the room?? She is a heavy user of straws and is using one now!! Straws are killers! They’re being banned everywhere!
  14. If it was the same ep I saw today I thought Hys car was a Lexus
  15. Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    He looks like he got some filler around the mouth maybe (tough to differentiate from the alcohol bloat) And a weekly facial at least. And a filter on the bunker camera. When will he get an eyelid lift? He’ll look like Kathy Kay!