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  1. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Willie is the best during that rant! Head randomly swiveling, eyes darting, grimaces and grins...he needs to be sure to keep a steady level of sedatives in his bloodstream it seems as if he didn’t have quite high enough a dose today. And im surprised Heilemann didn’t slap Joe “Pull yourself together man!”
  2. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    As we have all said a million times WHY CAN’T MIKA READ THE TELEPROMPTER? it’s literally the basic skill that is required. Does she do it deliberately to show she’s not a newsreader? She’s above that? She is Scoop Brezinski? also I noticed the table today. Only branded Morning Joe cups. Mika was even drinking from one w a straw.
  3. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Trump and his coterie are like kids. They see a problem and they believe they see an obvois solution. The parents try to point out the complexities of the matter and the problems with the simple solution. We’ve elected the children. Mika and Joe are like the other kid at the Sunday dinner table interjecting into the conversation pointless jabs at their sibling. “ Bro, you so stooopid”. “Yeah shut up, haha mom thinks you’re wrong”. You know. The kid everyone is tuning out
  4. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    It’s so stupid that Joe spends so much time ( w Heilemann this morning) bemoaning Trumps lack of historical knowledge. “Shouldn’t have mouthed off to Australia they’re our biggest ally”. “Should be nice and kind to France Canada GB etc etc they’re our allies!” People do believe that our allies and NATO etc have been taking advantage of us for decades. They believe we need to push back and this is Trump pushing back. Since this is a political show hosted by smart experienced people wouldn’t it be nice to have a robust convo about that as a strategy, instead of reacting as simplistically as those who think this is a clever strategy ? Who wants to hear Joe’s long-winded, pointless hand wringing.
  5. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Wow the lameness of the guests this hour! Well the good news is leaves plenty of time for Joe to talk about himself and his feelings. Plenty of time for Mika to slow read the TelePrompTer as if she has vision problems.
  6. Trying too hard with their comments and their outfits
  7. The whole cut of the suit seems off for him! I assume he’s muscular through the chest and shoulders which the cut emphasizes while the cut keeping it buttoned at the waist gives a slim appearance there. I assume this is what he is going for. But then it balloons overs the butt. And over all looks way too tight. Dude needs a new tailor.
  8. Scott’s butt looked huge in that suit.
  9. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    So very true Shock. Just more of Joe reacting with a stunningly superficial response. But in Joe’s world, wherein he never heard racist statements during his Southern Baptist upbringing, I guess he didn’t hear any of those statements you mentioned.
  10. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Oakville, did someone detonate a bomb in a restaurant in Toronto today? I hope you and yours are ok. Thanks for any update I was watching Morning Joe so I didn’t see any news this morning.
  11. Season 1 Discussion

    I just watched like 4 of them and have never seen a more boring contrived show
  12. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Now Heileman has a bunker?!?
  13. You know this show had a lot of potential. Really accomplished bakers competing at a high level with an interesting but not ridiculous amount of time constraints and twists. It coulda been the Top Chef of Baking. At least I feel like it’s that level of professional contestants. Yet FN ruins it with absolutely absurd caricatures of judges who are presenting themselves as loudly and proudly as possible. A host who apparently has earned his right to get a job trying something new for himself. Chefs and professional hosts are different skill sets I assume Scott is a good chef. FN, continuing to be the immature annoying cousin at family dinner table. PS I noticed something odd about the camera work last week. The shot almost never stayed on Scott for more than a split second. It was dizzying.
  14. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Like the person who, on their last day at the it job at Twitter, deleted Donald Trumps account!
  15. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I know our ears never stop growing but it seems Joes head continues to grow as well!