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  1. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Her dress looks lovely. And getting married in the Bahamas would be awesome. Congrats to them both!
  2. Residential Media

    Emily VanCamp got married Congratulations!
  3. I could only get through one episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I used to like the books, but they've made the adults even stupider in the show -- even the bad guys. Don't get me wrong, I love NPH (and the kids and Patrick Warburton are great) but I can only take so much stupid in a single show, and these morons make the citizens of South Park and Springfield look like Stephen Hawking!
  4. Book Moments That Anger Up The Blood

    Out of all the moments in A Series of Unfortunate Event that made me mad, the straw that broke the camel's back was Mr. Poe's sanctimonious little "I'm very disappointed in you" speech to the Baudelaires in The Penultimate Peril. Excuse me?! Who was the one that one that kept sticking the kids in crappy homes? Who was the one that never believed them about Count Olaf, even when they were proven right only A MILLION TIMES? Who did absolutely NOTHING throughout all the tImes THEY BEGGED HIM FOR HELP? And you have the nerve to look down your nose at them for all the choices they were forced to make when they were alone without anyone to turn to turn to without ever giving them the benefit of the doubt?! You don't think you at least owed them that?! You, sir, are completely and utterly worthless.
  5. 2019 Awards Season

    Does anyone else other than me get annoyed when movies that haven't even come out yet get nominated? I know critics get first dibs on some screenings but still...
  6. I Love Lucy Special

    That's what I meant, yes.
  7. I Love Lucy Special

    That was indeed beautiful. It's to bad they don't include the part of Lucy when she found out she was pregnant, so dreamy-eyed and happy. It always a bummer when you remember that they split up in real life. I love the Christmas special, even though 1) Lucy's colorized orange hair was distracting (was that really how it looked?) and 2) I found it odd that they didn't get a Christmas tree until literally the night before Christmas. Chalk it up to Fred and Ricky being cheap, I guess ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Still, Little Ricky's a darling. I loved how they were basically winging it on how to explain why Santa didn't come til he was sleeping. I always thought the real Santa should have appeared to Little Ricky before he vanished.
  8. Poor Eliza. First she got molested by that creepy stuntperson on True Lies and then this.
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    Speaking of endings, here's another (possibly) unpopular opinion: I hate Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. I didn't in the beginning. Hell, I used to love those books, they were so addicting. Even when they got crazy with the VFD conspiracy and adding tons of new characters, I still stuck with the books, thinking that whether it was happy or sad, we'd get an actual ending. And then The End came. And it was just one big misnomer. We didn't get an ending, all we got were even more questions that they never bothered to answer? We never got the whole story about VFD, we never got any answers about who that creepy man and woman are, the bad guys NEVER got their comeuppance, Mr. Poe NEVER got called out about what one big epic fail he was, and we never really find out what happens to the Baudelaires. Yeah, Count Olaf died, but it was in a completely unsatisfying way. There was no sense of closure. I tried reading the prequel books but I just couldn't even keep up with it. I can't even watch the Netflix show (even though I heard it was good) because it's just going to reopen those wounds. And then there's the thing about Daniel Handler harassing people, but to be fair, I was gone from that fandom long before that news broke.
  10. I hate to keep adding stuff from The Simpsons to this thread, but the "Homer the Heretic" episode really pisses me off. Out of all Homer's transgressions, wanting to stop going to church is one of the lesser ones. Lots of people don't go to church and that doesn't necessarily make them bad people. But of course Saint Marge the Pious tells him if he doesn't go to church she'll start telling the kids their father is "wicked". Seriously?! You know I could forgive everything I loathe about Marge if she didn't act like such a fucking victim all the time. Nobody calls her out on any of her crap, and even if it happens once in a blue moon, its always glossed over with an apology (whereas Homer always has to make the Grand Gesture), or worse, she managed to skew it so that's its really Homer's fault, such as the drag queen episode or that one episode where she threw that tantrum over Homer made friends with a female neighbor -- her exact wording over that last one was " OK, I was wrong but I was still right to be mad". SERIOUSLY. JFC, after 30 years maybe it's time to give the martyr act a rest.
  11. Unpopular Opinions

    I liked the epilogue too. And not just because my shipping needs were satisfied, LOL.
  12. S22.E10: Bike Parade

    LOL so many callbacks from Tegridy Farm turning into Amazon, Santa abandoning everyone over Mr. Hanky, the scooters, even a callback to the PC babies. I loved Kenny flipping off his dad without even turning around. LMAO Garrison in cuffs! And everything is literally solved by Tegridy weed. If only it were that simple... So they end the season literally begging to be cancelled. Full circle. Wonder if it will work...either way, great season.
  13. Without a doubt. Although some asshole trolls are making snide remarks about her cradling her baby bump, claiming she's laying on thick because "no one does that" and she's "such an actress." Oh really? And how many of you losers have ever been pregnant? Thought so.