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  1. Sheldon's Little House theme party was so sweet. It's too bad his need for authenticity gave them both food poisoning. Still, it's the thought that counts. Loved Sheldon's comeback burn to Leonard's joke about their sex being exhausting and short -- "YOU'RE exhausting and short!" Hee. Glad Howard and Raj seemed to have made up, but would it have killed Howard to just man up and apologize?
  2. ABC aired Olaf's Frozen Adventure tonight. I know people hated having it attached to Coco but on its own on TV it was cute enough. But seriously, Elsa needs to stop blaming herself for her parents screwing up. Take a tip from your song and let it gooooooooooo. LOL at Olaf telling Anna, "You're a princess, you dont have to settle."
  3. Yeah, the last thing I want is another character going Kylo Ren.
  4. It irks me that he keeps denying it. Like the total is up to 70 this point and almost everyone knows they aren't lying. He's pretty much done. What's the point of lying anymore?
  5. Joe Biden's interview with Meghan McCain, where she got emotional over recounting his son's death because he had the same cancer as her father, and Joe consoled her by telling her about his friendship with her dad (despite the fact they're on opposing parties) and that if anybody could beat cancer, he could. I didn't know how much I needed to see that.
  6. I loved watching Bert and Ernie skits. And this one is my favorite, because for once Bert gets the last laugh:
  7. This was one of my personal favorites. Only Sesame Street can have a bunch of characters singing in the bath without it being creepy.
  8. So I assume eveyone by now has heard about the heat JKR has been getting on social media over her statement about the Depp casting controversy. Is it really fair for her to get so much hate for a statement that the studio most likely pressured her to make? She didn't DEFEND Johnny Depp; she even admitted that she talked to the the filmmakers about recasting, but while she said they decided to keep going with him and that she was "genuinely happy", I'm thinking was ultimately the director's choice and she had to go along with it. I understand that people are angry and feel kind of betrayed. But she's not in charge of casting. And some of the comments made about her are just so nasty, calling her a hypocrite and a sellout and putting her with the likes of Lena Dunham. LENA DUNHAM. Now that's just uncalled for. Please tell me I'm not alone in feeling this way.
  9. Must. Not. Look. At. Spoilers. Must. Not.... Oh God, I'm not gonna make it...
  10. Yeah, I really hope they don't make Daisy wear a metal bikini just to appease the fanboys.
  11. Planning on Saturday but if I can get into a late show on Friday I will.
  12. The ending to Cry Freedom, not only depicting the horrifying massacre of protesting schoolchildren by the South African police, but also the showing the list of anti apartheid activists that died under "siuspicious circumstances" in prisons. No words.
  13. And now we have to wait two months for Carl to die. Only two great moments in the episode: Maggie shooting the guy, and Rick finally asking Negan what we've all wondered for three years: "Do you ever shut the hell up?"
  14. Oh shit. Bye Carl. It was fun
  15. "Do you ever shut the hell up?" THANK YOU