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  1. The Media Thread Emanation

    Me too. He actually kind of looks like young Georgie...
  2. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018)

    I normally don't go see documentaries in theater. In this case, I will happily make an exception.
  3. S02.E09: Alone

    You're probably right. I guess in the end that's the point this show made with both seasons: there's no real justice. That, and cops/FBI are incompetent idiots.
  4. S02.E09: Alone

    Not to mention she could have at least been kinder to Antonio just because IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Regardless of whatever she thought of him, he loved her brother and she could see he was suffering. But grief can bring out the worst in people and Donatella was already a bitch queen. I get that finding out the motive wouldn't really give the families closure (and I don't blame Marilyn for wanting to keep things quiet) but a trial would have at the very least give them the chance to vent out their hate for what he did to them. Plus, David would have been officially cleared.
  5. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Aw geez. I find clowns creepy these days, but I grew up with Bozo. RIP.
  6. S02.E09: Alone

    And just like with OJ, no real justice was served. Sure, Andrew killing himself meant he couldn't kill anyone else, but the victims' families were denied closure, the chance to get any real answers. Andrew's motives died with him. Yeah, I loved that part too. Getting notorious sure came back to bite you in the ass when you were cornered with no escape, huh, you smug bastard? Jesus poor Antonio. Losing his lover and his home. The priest publicly snubbing him at the funeral made me want to hit something. Felt for Donatella when she broke down over ignoring what was her brother's final call. But couldn't she have tried to do more to help Antonio? Even if she didn't like him, she knew Gianni would have wanted him to be provided for. Pissed we didn't get a postscript epilogue like with OJ. They should have at least clarified that Antonio survived his suicide attempt... Well, if nothing else, Darren proved he isn't just that "pretty boy from Glee" anymore.
  7. S02.E09: Alone

    Modesto may be a scumbag, but I laughed my ass off at how shocked Andrew was seeing him sell him out on the news instead of helping him escape like he promised. You actually thought that deadbeat loser was actually gonna help you?! What an idiot.
  8. Gender in Movies

    I really hate how in some movies the woman who is cheated on is dismissed as a jealous bitch (unless of course she's the lead actress in the movie). Such was the case in Georgia Rule. The guy cheats on his girlfriend with Zlindsay Lohan, and although he's initially remorseful, he quickly kicks her to the curb just because she has the audacity to order him not to see her again -- and inlist her friends to keep tabs on him to make sure of it. And don't even get me started on the "romance". Lindsay's character was clearly in no place to even consider a long term relationship, given how damaged she is by her stepdad molesting her. For God's sake she tried to seduce another older man, yet twenty minutes later, we're supposed to be happy that Harlan declares he'll marry her at the end. As if all her issues could be wiped away by the love of a "good guy". GIMME A BREAK.
  9. Season 15 Talk

    Ah, this was the perfect antidote to last night's Family Guy. Whether it's Roger's Pam Anderson outfit in the intro or Bullock using his haters' tweets for toilet paper, this show can still make me laugh. Poor Klaus, winding up as his own epic fail. But at least he got revenge for a little while. As much as the family rips on him for being lame, Steve is definitely the whinier lameass. Love that the Globetrotters were in a home standing by for a Space Jam sequel. Poor Dr. Ray, brought back from the dead only to get killed off again. LOL at him acting like Stan was nuts just for recollection of the shrinking incident. Now they have to explain how the family got out of Roger's stomach... A Jack appearance! And he's human again! What gives? Can we please give Bullock his own thread so we can talk about all the crazy shit he does and says?
  10. Family Guy. I love edgy humor and everything, but I don't think it's even TRYING to be funny anymore. I barely even crack a grin while watching it anymore, it just leaves me feel disgusted and disturbed.
  11. Movie Star Crushes

    Not saying anything against Henry Cavill (he was a good Superman in JL without the xenophobia angst, once the script finally let him smile and make those cornball lines), no one has ever come close to being as great as Christopher Reeve. Except the animated Superman, who was just as great as Conroy's Batman ;)
  12. Movie Star Crushes

    There was a Superman movie marathon on SyFy, and dammit Christopher Reeve was so handsome. Not just conventionally good-looking, mind you: what made him such a great Superman was how he just exuded warmth and sincerity. Anyone can smile, but he did it with his whole face and eyes, not just his mouth. I miss him so very very much.