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  1. S04.E05 Episode 5 2018.07.15

    I am so embarrassed. I thought Vik was buying the Porsche for his father.
  2. Beth should get one of those hands-free selfie sticks that SNL demonstrated a couple years ago. Or have a GoPro surgically attached to her head.
  3. S01.E05: Adam 2018.07.12

    This show is really bad. Burning the doll. Two or three masturbation scenes. There’s nothing original about it.
  4. On WWHL, Sonja claimed that she flirts with men to put them at ease and make them comfortable. Would that make you feel comfortable if you were a man? It would make me feel very uncomfortable.
  5. Season 10: First Looks

    I wonder if Lu has replaced Beth as Andy Cohen’s goose who lays the golden eggs. Lu’s intro is the final one in the opening. The episode titles are often based on Lu. The upcoming epi title is Wigging Out, maybe referring to Lu’s Sofia Vergara look. Lu plus the judicial system equals ratings gold?
  6. That is great to hear! May I ask where you live? eta: Now I see you’re in Maryland. Did your high school crush divorce his first wife?
  7. My divorced friend has been dating. She is slightly younger than these HWs. But she says that it is slim pickings out there. The men are immature, irresponsible, arrogant, and flaky. They often don’t pay for the date and they often ghost.
  8. You would think they could set up separate trusts.
  9. I agree with you. She’s not the worst person in the world, but it has been obvious what her priorities are. In her Before They Were Housewives special, she told us that her first thought when she drove off a cliff, or lost control of the car while driving on a mountain, was that she was going to die, not that her children might die or might be seriously injured. That told me a lot about Lu. I am assuming that there is another trust that Victoria and Noel have been living off of? Or has Alex been wiring money to them?
  10. Yes, I am so tired of her default to vulgar. It’s not clever. ANYone can do it. It’s common, unoriginal and done-to-death. The only reason it isn’t used constantly is because most people are more refined and choose not to. Not because it never occurred to them to use it.
  11. Her breasts look like they are going to break through that white sweater dress.
  12. It was funny, but it was more of a generic bimbo imitation. I would like Beth to try imitating Ramona’s laugh.
  13. Do Billy Stritch and Ben Rimalower actually think “Money Can’t Buy You Cla-Ass” is a good song, or do they just enjoy the awfulness of it?