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  1. I can’t locate @LucindaWalsh‘s post about Beth losing weight because she’s mourning Dennis, but I think a MourningGirl diet or self-help book would complement perfectly her brand; if you drop those pounds, you won’t have to pay extra for her plus-size Skinny Girl jeans. Everybody wins.
  2. This has a nice Scientology feel to it.
  3. S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    That would make a cute Season’s Greetings card.
  4. I’m impressed Beth did not bring her hair and makeup people to NC. As someone above posted, I think Juliet wore that dress on an episode of Ladies of London. Juliet wore a lot of Little House on the Prairie-inspired bib dresses. I remember being surprised that Beth would wear something so covered-up.
  5. Aww, I was hoping she’d go back to the really short hair.
  6. Was that the marathon dinner where we had to hear Beth TH, “What the F are you wearing?” seven times?
  7. My guess is that the supply that was available was pulled because it doesn’t fit properly (see above posts regarding how difficult it is to fit body-hugging clothing on extremely varied plus-size bodies).
  8. [snaps fingers] You done checked me, boo. Let’s do this. Sometimes I feel like Shauna’s a little competitive with me. But I don’t want any drama tonight. [pause] So I’m going to confront her about it. I just started watching, thanks to you!
  9. Where are the pleather peplums? Dallas?
  10. Did Bravo stiff us? I thought they were going to air one more episode, unseen footage or something, but showed us the Cartagena dinner again instead? Shouldn’t they have shown it this week?
  11. Enthusiastic air kisses (that do not leave lipstick smears on your winter white sweater- - “John’ll get that right out”) to welcome you and encourage you to post.
  12. Yours are really fun to say outloud!
  13. Can we refer to the three HWs as FraDelMo or Fressgan ?
  14. It was interesting how Andy made a point of asking the HWs at the reunion if they thought the “success” of the cabaret show had changed Lu. Were people gossiping about Lu’s ego, and it got back to Andy.