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  1. I could just feel the horror Melissa felt as more and more pressure was being put on Joe to be more present in his dad's life! She's obviously not fond of ol' Negative NoNo. I think when Gia put her 2 cents in Melissa was afraid Joe would be more swayed by her since they're so close and tried to shut Gia down with the ''this is adult business'' comments. I was actually proud of Gia for ignoring Melissa and looking Joe in the eyes as she stated that they were hearing NoNo complain all the time about wanting to see his son. Fun to watch Joe squirm.
  2. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    Yes! Change Kate to a cat. How about an elegant -almost-pure bred Siamese? (not full bred because she's got a little down and dirty to her) Name her Ti Chu. Someone told me Ti Chu means F-You in Vietnamese ;) And I can see Kate getting off on her name being a snarky put down... but you wouldn't know it. lol
  3. I've heard that the business is not doing great but I still think Eddie looks 'sickly'.... He's pale and reminds me of someone getting over a bad case of the flu. He obviously doesn't feel well. Tamra won't stay with him if she can't get her hunky Eddie back for status. I feel sorry for him-- my hubby has afib only not as bad as Eddie and we still worry about him doing things. How humiliating for Eddie when Tamra let the world know he can't cut it in the bedroom now :( That was low. Even for Tamra.
  4. I agree Shane's a cold fish but I have to give her the side eye at finally opening the babys box ON CAMERA. Maybe he did,too. That should be a personal experience and not about ratings or desperate attempt at a storyline to keep that orange.
  5. S06.E04: Bitch in Charge

    Did I DREAM that the show ended last week showing previews of a deckhand getting tangled up in rope and going overboard and Capt Lee choking up trying to talk about it?!?! Did I dream that?
  6. She acts so childish and attention seeking. It was like'' Ok,OK, quit begging me to tell you- my dad, etc" when NO ONE asked a thing. It's hard to believe she's as old as she is. I'm beginning to see why Dee hesitated to turn the reins of the company over to her-- and probably won't actually do it after the cameras are gone. I couldn't stand Dee but am now sympathizing with her.
  7. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Me,too. We vacation on St Croix part of the year where some of the main restaurants are getting to be pretty well known for their chefs and food. My friends love the adventurous meals-- the weirder the better (or at least the food's weird in my mind!) Just give me a good steak, baked potato and salad and I'm good. I don't look at their food and gag or anything like that, I mean I like that they're enjoying it, and they know I laughingly admit I don't have a sophisticated pallet. The food on a luxury yacht would be wasted on me,too. Sadly.
  8. You look like a really mean orange kitten trying to hiss at a snake, Brandi. And you, D'Andra look like a pretty black and white fluffy cat trying to claw at the snake. That snakes gonna strike back, y'all! Put that stuff back in the litter box-- we don't need to see anymore of it. Yawn.
  9. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    I agree. I can't stand her. She reminds me of Sarah Ferguson (British Fergie) in the way she looks and how she likes attention. That see thru dress reeked of the desperate need for attention from either the guys or the camera. When the guys tell her anything she seems to need to have a comeback. Irritating to me. I didn't think about her hoping for a show with her boat in Alaska-- I wouldn't be able to watch a whole season of her I don't believe. But then again, she may be different when she's the actual captain of a small boat and the center of attention. Who knows?
  10. I'm over here laughing at the idea of a Below Deck Med with all these characters PLUS Juicy Joe and Tre!! I'm so Bravo's Beotch I'd definitely tune in with great anticipation! I've just watched all the seasons of Below Deck and the Med,too, out of boredom and remember these characters well. Throw in the little guy from 1st season Med named Danny who was so weepy/lovesick over the guest Morgan (Tilted Kilt ladies)and make him Entertainment Director! In fact, I'd keep Joe and Tre on full season as part of the group (plus Melania-- can you IMAGINE Melania on board?!) and let them host the different charter guests. Let one group of the charter groups be the Housewives of the OC..... Suddenly the old movie It's a Mad,Mad,Mad World looks tame.
  11. I don't like the new pointy nails that have come in style. Gina's in particular. They look sooo fake and like she stopped at the Dollar Store, went to the Halloween aisle, grabbed a Vampira costume, pulled out the nails and pressed them on! Way too big looking (humpy). They make her hands look enormous. Don't care for them or her. She should have been on New Jersey but I still wouldn't have cared for her. Can someone tell me if Emily's teeth are real? They look like huge veneers. In tonight's show when she and her little hubby were discussing what to do with the embryos, when he'd smile real big it seemed his top teeth were veneers--all except his very back much smaller molars. So now I'm wondering if they both had their teeth done. Just curious. (and nosey) Good for Kelly taking Jolie to help the unfortunate! I'm starting to be more interested in Kelly. That's all I've got on tonight's snoozefest.
  12. S03.E08: Off the Leash

    The only child I do enjoy on this show is Zuri. She seems like a low maintenance and sweet tempered little girl. But I only need to see her in small doses. All the rest can take a nap during taping ;) Although I can't imagine what technique Brandi could use to get her little hellions down... Actually I think the youngest girl isn't as bad as the 9 yr old from what I've seen. I think she's just learning bad habits from her. Together they must be unbearable!
  13. S03.E08: Off the Leash

    We see you D'Andra. You have confidence issues because of Mommy Dearest and having a friend like LeAnne (who is THIRLLED to be your friend and looks up to you as royalty) gives you a boost. Until LeAnne becomes more important than you in the show and then the knives come out. Such a betrayal to question Rich's fidelity right on camera for the world to see! If LeAnne was really your friend -and in your mind your equal- you'd have only had this conversation in private. It finally makes sense why she was your maid of honor in your wedding, that confused me IF you were as high socially as it seemed. I don't like LeAnne, but definitely don't like the snake she thought was her best friend.
  14. You'd think! On the other hand, the stews or deckhands were saying he still seemed drunk from the night before so who knows? I remember my college days when we'd get totally drunk or just a little drunk and play it up being silly so maybe that's what he was doing. I've lived in the Caribbean and have seen what the reefs will do to you. I can't believe he was riding so irresponsibly out there right by them! Crazy Steve brought the entertainment :)
  15. http://www.mexicomansion.com/ I googled what Steve had on the back of the white shirt he arrived on the boat wearing because he said he had something like 17 bathrooms and found this. Large beautiful home in Acapulco to rent (and I believe a spa). The testimonial displayed prominently on the first page was from Captain Lee, with his picture, (informing readers he was THE Captain Lee from Below Deck) and he wrote in his review how fantastic the mansion was and how he and his family enjoyed their week there, etc. It made me wonder if trips were traded for free-- which would be a nice perk! I don't think Steve acts or drinks like he does while on vacation or he wouldn't be as successful. And like someone upthread said, he could be putting on for the cameras since he didn't seem crazy drunk while jet skiing. I'm so happy Below Deck is back!!