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  1. S05.E07: Episode Seven

    Nothing to do and feeling so bored earlier this week so I was looking for something to watch and discovered Episodes. Wow!! I have been binge watching this every night and LOVING it! So sad to see it end, maybe even a little depressed... I love these actors and the characters they play so well. I'll force myself to wait a few weeks then I know I'll be binge watching this one again.
  2. How the heck do I get that quote off of here?!? Sorry. Anyway, watching tonights 'secrets' show makes me so mad! I'm mad that I was given a whole season of petty nothingness when in one show I found myself laughing with the ladies and interested in what they were doing (except Dorit) and being entertained! Why does Bravo insist on making the drama? I saw no drama in that beach picnic they were having at Teddi's beach house-- it just looked like fun and typical girl silliness. I'd hang out with this group of girls (except Dorit) and enjoy myself. That other group who's been prancing around in expensive clothes, shoes, and silly costumes throwing tantrums and making up petty arguments can stay far,far away from me. The past season has been no fun, tonights lighthearted show was entertainment. BRAVO--- show more of this!
  3. If she makes you not like her first, then it's ok when you actually don't like her. It's a defense mechanism. She's totally insecure and I'd suspect she's pushed girls,then later women, away since she was young because she's the type of female that can't easily communicate with other females. Hence the reason she gets along so well with gay men-- they're not threatened by her and will accept her. (I'd suspect)
  4. S03.E01: Ciao, Napoli!

    Adam again?! He didn't impress me with his culinary skills at all. Sigh....
  5. Agreed. Or else I'm beginning to wonder exactly what PK has on Lisa and/or Ken that makes her grovel to keep his wife on the show? I've never seen this side of Lisa and am not liking it.
  6. S16.E15: Top 10 - Disney Night

    Isn't all the noise so irritating?! I guess it's an ABC thing because the first show that I can remember having so much audience participation was Dancing With the Stars. Drove me nuts listening to all the constant 'spontaneous' screaming continually going on in the background while Tom tried to shout over it. It's like they think we're too dumb to know if the show is good or not. I don't need a laugh track to tell me if a sitcom is funny and I don't need a fake screaming audience to tell me if a reality show is amazing or not. Very distracting! I wondered if I was the only one that this bothered.
  7. S16.E14: Top 10 Reveal

    Think Catie may have been hamming it up during all the audition shows? Strangely spastic socially, now 1 week later she's suddenly somewhat 'normal'... I do like her voice but I cant help remembering that irritating girl who wildly threw herself around everyone for hugs when she got praise. (I feared for Ryan as she almost knocked him down) I don't know, I see conspiracy everywhere ;) I could probably forget the very odd girl as long as she keeps singing as well as she's doing and keeps cleaning up her look.
  8. S16.E14: Top 10 Reveal

    I'm disappointed that Marcio didn't make it. He's blown everyone away every time except singing the Barry Manilow song last night which was a poor choice. I wanted to see him grow even more :( The way the judges and audience have been reacting so positively to him it was hard to watch him totally deflate tonight and realize it wasn't going to happen for him after all.... As Ada sang I couldn't help comparing it to Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls and there was NO comparison. Ada came across as powerful but squawky in my opinion. Girl needs a girdle,too.
  9. S09.E18: Daddy Issues

    I loved this episode! Especially the Gloria and her old boyfriend story. I actually laughed out loud several times during the show--- something I've rarely done this whole season. This felt like a throwback Modern Family episode :)
  10. S16.E08: Showcase/Final Judgment

    So disappointed Thaddeus didn't make it. Irritating Girl is just too over the top for me to really enjoy her voice :(
  11. S16.E06: Hollywood Week (1)

    I've slogged through the try outs to get to Hollywood week and my DVR didn't record! arrrrgh! I came in on the last couple of groups. That last fake out was shocking! Poor girl! She proved she has a good character, though.
  12. S16.E05: Auditions

    You're so right! I could not believe they didn't at least mention it. If he hadn't worn the turban and thus not met the 'quirky' factor I wonder if they would have raved at all? I'm THRILLED this portion of the show is over. If I had to see Lionel Richie run around the table to do something to the contestant (also known as 'camera time') or mention the Commodores one more time I was gonna puke. I've never liked this part of the show but cant not watch! :( Bring on Hollywood!
  13. I've been to two psychics in my lifetime and they told me things that would happen throughout my life and every single one of them has happened. Very strange things that no one would guess would happen have happened just as said. And neither one knew my name or where I lived or anyone who knew me. I simply made an appointment and showed up at the time. (no caller id back then, either) So I have to believe there are some real ones out there. This so called psychic of Kyles is such a phoney it's just glaringly obvious! How she can take money from Kyle for doing what she's doing I don't know. Kyle wants so desperately to hear from her mother and this woman is just preying on her vulnerability :( I'm OVER Erica Jayne. I'm tired of seeing Mikey putting makeup on her stone hard face. Enough! Is that all she's going to bring to the show? Silly costumes, hair and endless makeup sessions. The way she sits there like a queen while being fawned over is finally making me fast forward through her scenes. Sadly, I don't think Satan Andy is gonna be tired of her any time soon....
  14. S02.E08: Creator/Destroyer

    I've never read a true crime story where the murderer wasn't raised by inappropriate or mentally unstable or abusive parents or people. I don't think Andrew was born 'evil'. I think his father totally warped his mind from practically birth. And his mother had mental and dependency issues. So I do feel sorry for Andrew Cunanan. Yes, he DID have choices to make in life regarding right and wrong, but who knows how his mind worked by the time he'd been so extremely molded by his father? I mean, you beat a puppy every time he comes to you and he learns to be afraid of you. You love on the puppy every time he is around you and he learns to love and trust you. A baby would be the same and a young child who is repeatedly told he is 'special' and made to feel entitled over even his own mother will feel special and better than his mother. What Andrew Cunanan did was wrong, but I have to say I knew there would be something in his past, in the way he was raised, to shape his personality. Grown, no matter how upbeat and genial he could be to people, inside he had an overwhelming rage. I've already watched this series from last to first a couple of shows ago. Darren Criss does an amazing job in showing how Cunanan's personality unwinds. I cant wait to see next weeks episode! I'm going to rewatch the whole series backwards again :)
  15. S16.E02: Auditions

    Some better contestants tonight but waaaaaaaay too much back story. And way too much judges reactions and comments. It's cute a couple of times but I'm glad I dvr-ed this thing tonight so I could ff through most of it. I feel like with the way it's being filmed that it's totally a manufactured show :( I think the contestants are real and honestly trying their best, but editing, the sentimental background music and the make-you-want-to-cry backstories are getting old. Makes me want to head over to youtube to check out the first couple of seasons just to remember how it used to be...