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  1. Episode v. Feeds: To Tell the Truth

    Oh gross. As if the bathroom situation isn't impersonal enough-- I can't imagine how she felt with the door being held wide open. I like my privacy more than most people concerning all that and I'd be freaking out! How did he not get a penalty vote or something for that?! Ugh. Edited to add: Thank you Lady Calypso!
  2. Episode v. Feeds: To Tell the Truth

    I don't have time to go through all posts-- I've read that JC sniffed Tylers arm or something like that but what did he do to Hayleigh that has everyone upset? I don't watch the live feeds and am only seeing the 'scamp' they're showing on tv. Thank you!
  3. Thank you! Can't come soon enough. I thought last night's show was the last one of this season and actually went''AWWWWW" when the announcer said,'' On NEXT WEEKS season finale...". haha!
  4. The little they showed of the actual Below Deck trip these people were on they might as well have filmed this in a cheap hotel with a bar. Nothing but teen drama. ''Why are you looking at her?" " Why are you looking at me?" "I want to break up." " Pull my pants down!" blah. They quickly showed Adam throwing together what looked like delicious dishes this time, the stews spent hardly any time with the guests, the deck crew practically threw the toys out in the ocean. It felt like the actual paid for cruise was rush-filmed and the silly bickering among the crew was the priority. From all the comments I've been reading here, none of us tuned in to see a teen soap opera-- played by adults! I had to ff through everything Brooke said. I can not stand her little croaky just woken up voice, so pitiful and sickening. Cant wait for Below Deck OG (haha) like above posters have said! Does anyone know when it airs? PS-- Is anyone having trouble with Previouslytv website freezing up on them? It will let me read about 2 pages then freezes. So aggravating! grrrrr
  5. Showing my age here but Rockstar (ugh, that name...) acts to me like a young Bette Midler. I haven't enjoyed watching her this season so sure wont miss her but her tears after Bretts goodbye message made me feel sorry for her :( I like him but that seemed harsh.
  6. Recast the whole crew and Capn Sandy,too. Loved the show at first but it's gone downhill every year. Too much teen drama without the teens! If I never have to hear Brook's croaky little early morning voice whining about something I'll be happy. She is not interesting to me. A total door mat and it makes me uncomfortable to listen to or watch her. You just know she'll end up marrying an abuser and forgiving him over and over... I don't really believe Conrad and Hannah are a thing at all. I see no real chemistry between them. Seems like it's camera time driven and makes me cranky. I found myself FFing through most 'romantic' or flirty scenes with all the couples tonight. Adam is skeevy but has delivered better food this season. I think I've just seen what he can do and it's time to bring in a fresh chef. Next!
  7. Noooooo! Football on in our area instead of the show!
  8. S20.E19: Power of Veto #6

    I'm so confused. How can Bayleigh stay now? I thought if they convinced her that they really wanted someone else out and she didn't save them when they were nominated then her power is gone? I'm so confused by all these special powers and hackers and whatevers! How can she still stay?
  9. Below Deck in the Media

    I'm so sorry! I was speed reading through the last few pages and on seeing NIco and Kate in that interview (but not listening to it) I assumed he was back next season. I hope he's not back, in my opinion he brought nothing to the show but childishness. Would love to see a more experienced crew who would pull out all the stops and let us see what it would be like to be on one of these luxury yachts! This past season I felt like with all the petty bickering and fake love triangles that it was turning into something resembling Vanderpump Rules or that ilk. No thanks!
  10. Below Deck in the Media

    I really am not excited about seeing Nico back. I don't find anything good looking about him and when he was on seasons 4 and 5 he showed what a creep he really is. He cant stand having to answer to anyone in authority over him(except the captain) and finds ways to undermine them -- always behind their back of course, in true Nico fashion. I like Kate and the Captain, but honestly it's going to be hard to take Nico. Where's Eddie Whisper Hair? :)
  11. S05.E07: Episode Seven

    Nothing to do and feeling so bored earlier this week so I was looking for something to watch and discovered Episodes. Wow!! I have been binge watching this every night and LOVING it! So sad to see it end, maybe even a little depressed... I love these actors and the characters they play so well. I'll force myself to wait a few weeks then I know I'll be binge watching this one again.
  12. How the heck do I get that quote off of here?!? Sorry. Anyway, watching tonights 'secrets' show makes me so mad! I'm mad that I was given a whole season of petty nothingness when in one show I found myself laughing with the ladies and interested in what they were doing (except Dorit) and being entertained! Why does Bravo insist on making the drama? I saw no drama in that beach picnic they were having at Teddi's beach house-- it just looked like fun and typical girl silliness. I'd hang out with this group of girls (except Dorit) and enjoy myself. That other group who's been prancing around in expensive clothes, shoes, and silly costumes throwing tantrums and making up petty arguments can stay far,far away from me. The past season has been no fun, tonights lighthearted show was entertainment. BRAVO--- show more of this!
  13. If she makes you not like her first, then it's ok when you actually don't like her. It's a defense mechanism. She's totally insecure and I'd suspect she's pushed girls,then later women, away since she was young because she's the type of female that can't easily communicate with other females. Hence the reason she gets along so well with gay men-- they're not threatened by her and will accept her. (I'd suspect)
  14. S03.E01: Ciao, Napoli!

    Adam again?! He didn't impress me with his culinary skills at all. Sigh....
  15. Agreed. Or else I'm beginning to wonder exactly what PK has on Lisa and/or Ken that makes her grovel to keep his wife on the show? I've never seen this side of Lisa and am not liking it.