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  2. OMG! My first broke my coccyx too! Everybody thinks I’m crazy when I mention it. I didn’t feel it at the time it happened (a lot of other stuff going on down there!), but despite episiotomy stitches and all the other postpartum pleasantries, that was absolutely hands down the WORST part of my recovery. Hurt to sit. Hurt to stand up. Just hurt. For WEEKS. On topic: Steven is getting scary with the whole “no one can tell me what to do” crap while ordering poor recovering Olga around.
  3. S03.E05: Good Form

    I really liked this episode when it first aired, and I will always love it for being the episode that got me not only on broad the good ship Captain Swan, but also the Charming/Hook bromance. And I still enjoy the episode a lot, even if I can pick some nits now. Its fun seeing Hook as upright Leutinient Jones, who even tosses rum out in disgust, and his backstory works for me, and lines up pretty well with what we know about Hook. You can see him as a former good guy who went bad after having his world rocked, even if I think that his turn to piracy, as well as his whole crew, was way too fast. But, we also get our Captain Swan kiss, AND Charming and Hook bonding, and I can get behind all of that. I find the whole heart rip thing to be...weird, mostly. I actually like Emma being alright with doing something morally ambiguous to save Henry, without the show losing its mind in judging her, and Regina doing this is more of the kind of ambiguity that I can get behind from her. Snow and her never ending "there must be another way!" chorus is already a massive pain though. What is that "other way" Snow? You seem to rely on blind luck, or the villains just backing out if stuff at the last minute. Not making tough choices has basically led to everything being cursed or dying, so... Charming is such a stubborn ass sometimes, but I did like the banter between him and Hook, and him giving Hook credit to the rest of the gang was a nice moment. And he and Snow were quite cute actually, and we in general had nice group dynamics throughout. Granted, we are more or less doing Onces favorite thing yet again (traipsing through the forest), but the character dynamics are at least interesting. Pan and Hook also have an interesting dynamic that I would have loved to explore more. "One handed pirate with a drinking problem" is still one of my favorite lines in the whole show, it just never fails to make me laugh. You know, Pan is really the only person who comments on Hooks obvious drinking problem, which is kind of darkly hilarious to me. And the flying ship is still a great imagine.
  4. Hi All, I have just created the Series Guru Alexa skill which checks TV series availability on different networks. To use it you can say: or: This is my first Alexa skill, so I would really appreciate some feedback: Were there any problems when you talked to Alexa? Did she not understand you? Did she not find the TV series? What did you say? What other questions do you want Series Guru to answer? You can also view the skill here (comments/reviews much appreciated): https://www.amazon.co.uk/MN-Series-Guru/dp/B07KMYZSPY/ref=sr_1_17?s=digital-skills&ie=UTF8&qid=1542593928&sr=1-17 Thanks a lot, Marcin
  5. S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Looks like Colt really dressed up for the proposal. Does he have on a pair of Mother's old jeans?
  6. S10 E05

    I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. I’ve had a few that I like, but they were the ones that I tasted when doing juries for my farmers market. It’s huge at the markets, and they sell a ton, with a wide variety of flavours. I do live on the west coast, where I’m assuming that it’s more popular than other parts of the country.
  7. S01:E07 The Domino Effect

    Why did Max have to have his molars extracted?
  8. Fashion Day -- spanx again...not impressed. I've never been really into that line. Most things always seem over-priced for what's supposed to be good quality (often isn't). I've purchased from department stores in the past...either just okay, or I've have been disappointed. Kim G. with Alberti on Q2 earlier tonight...made me laugh. In case you missed it, Kim got Alberti to sing for a bit. Some funny dance moves. I liked the funky Christmas music that was being played (never heard that music selection before, and I thought it was pretty cool). I had no idea the sneaker girl was missing for three weeks...but, each and every Q host on Saturday (prior to start of presentation) reminded me that she was a newlywed and just got back from her honeymoon. Over and over again...the same shtick. Is that supposed to make me buy the TSV...how is that related to the sale of shoes??? Had TV on in background while doing work (stuck inside all day Saturday on computer)...kept hearing this. And, is it me, or is the TSV being presented more and more often in a day?!
  9. If you'd like a pleasant surprise, I recommend Christmas On The Coast. It was made for the INSP network but aired on UPN tonight and I thought it was bloody delightful! It's about a romance novelist who decides to go home to visit her mother in South Carolina to write her next novel. The scenes of her writing her novel were funny. She's played by Julie Ann Emery who was the fun super-controlled Betsy Kettleman in the first season of Better Call Saul and the main reason I made a point to check this out. Bonnie Bedelia plays her mother. And the rest of the supporting cast is a lot of fun--especially her agent. I was a little worried that it'd be super religious because of the Inspiration connection but other than a quick bit about the founding of the town towards the end, it wasn't at all. The worst part about it was the need to make a metaphor between the character's main character in her books and her own life in that they both run from love. The heroine in her novels falls in love with someone and then, in the next novel, falls in love with someone else. She would not be a successful romance novelist if her main character kept ditching her "happily ever after" book after book. But that was a minor quibble in a movie I otherwise thought was fun.
  10. S11.E07: Kerblam!

    Decent episode...but man.... Chibnall does not know how to stick the landing does he? He'll write a compelling script and Jack up the ending. Every. Single. Time. The time(s) he didn't? HE DIDN'T WRITE IT! Jesus wept....it was a great concept, the Doctor was actually IN in this one and not just a Co-star, but he couldn't stick the ending. Frustrating
  11. S04.E03: The False Bride

    All of this! I have always disliked Roger and never understood how anyone could like his dumbass. Imo, he doesn't improve during the series. He sucks.
  12. S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    Did anyone pick strong Harry/Mach gives in this episode?
  13. S09.E07 Stradivarius

    Well, that was .... dull. Bring on the Whisperers.
  14. S04.E08: Episode 8

    There's a lot of costume trivia on IMDb about the dresses used in Austen (& other period) dramas being redone and swapped around. Morwenna's wedding dress, jacket, & bonnet pinged something -- it's niggling, but I'm sure I've seen it on another actress, in another story. I do credit Ross for finally saying to George what the audience has been thinking these past months: What more do you want?? And a sad Dwight, admitting to his wife that the seeds of Elizabeth's demise had been sown long before. At least Caro has snapped to attention. Fingers crossed we next find her doing good deeds in Cornwall proper, and letting Dwight chase her and baby Enyses 'round the drawing room.
  15. Did anyone else immediately think of Matilda?
  16. S11.E07: Kerblam!

    So, just in time for the holiday season, be prepared to be terrified by...bubble wrap! Not a gift basket will be safe again! Not a bad episode at all, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was fun to get back into space, as much as I've loved the historical episodes, and the big scary robot company was a solidly Who style kind of place. It reminded me a bit of the giant space bank from a few seasons ago, except that was more of a heist, while this was more of a mystery. I admit, I didnt see Charlie being behind everything coming at all, I figured that it was robots being scary and evil, because those things looked scary as crap, so kudos to them. It wasn't an amazing episode or an instant classic, but I thought it was a lot of fun, and it was certainly more focused than the last space episode. Yeah, I can see how this looks like a "robots gonna take our jobs and AMAZON!" kind of plot,but I do think the episode was a bit more complicated. The automation of the work force was shown as a bad thing, but the robots weren't really evil, and the system was actually trying to save lives, where a full on "before of robots" episode would have the AI system as a full on HAL 9000 style villain. The big speech the Doctor gave was all about how technology isnt evil, and can be a good thing, it just depends on how people use it, and people are the ones who are really pulling the strings. So, it did have a bit of nuance, certainly more than some Who episodes. The companions didnt have as much to do, but I did like what we got, with Graham being his kind, lovely self, Yaz wanting to get in touch with the daughter of the poor worker who was killed (I mean, damn dude, why not just announce your retirement party) and Ryan using his knowledge of these big companies to help out. And I liked the corporate people, and poor, doomed Kyra. All she did wrong was have a cute office flirtation, and want a present damn it! Also, I love how Graham always calls The Doctor Doc. Its super cute. I do question the Doctors plan to explode all of the robots. I feel like they could have done more. Those robots were super creepy though, even knowing they weren't really evil, just alien and trying to help in their weird, mechanical kind of way. Loved all of the shout outs and call backs, like Eleven finally getting his fez (which is still cool!), the Doctor talking about the wasps and meeting Agatha Christie, and the Doctor mentioning that several of her best friends have been robots. Good times.
  17. S04.E03: The False Bride

    I loved all the episodes where they go back & forth in the 2 eras ( 213, 301,302,303,304), so I liked that a lot. Especially Roger & Bri driving down the same road as Jamie & Claire.
  18. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Tiger doesn't surprise me, sadly. He's such a paragon of moral virtue, not the least bit entitled! 😉
  19. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    He won't have the means to stay in Russia and will just drift off. She'll have to put up with him for a couple months.
  20. His family members always get in trouble, at the same time, and it’s going to fall on Ray to fix everyth8ng. That includes future son in law and now McGrath, the Staten Island cop. I mean after what happened with the Armenians, Ray is going to bash up some loan shark backed by another big gang? Now I can’t recall what he thought about Bridget getting engaged to Cancer Boy. Was he for it or just accepted it, as long as it wasn’t her 11th grade teacher? But maybe learning about his shady nature, rather than tell him to get the fuck far away from his daughter, he gives him an alibi. Did he respect the kid for being a petty criminal? Or just didn’t respect Bridget enough because he’d rather keep her in the dark about certain things, the way he was up to all kinds of things behind Abby’s back? Maybe it’s partly about male chauvinism? Ray may have to kill Doogie Howser’s little friend to save Herc. Again. Mickey keeps screwing up. I was worried he was going to kill Jay more than losing the money, which he just laid out right on the table, daring Sandy to take it. Don’t know what the deal is with Terry. He should be making money with those Wall Street fighter wannabes. That’s in addition to all the money he got from that boxer for his LA gym. Not that he was ever about money but he was looking to make a big score, which is how he ended up in jail. He thought he was going to take the money and retire to Ireland with his lover. Well now that he has money, he could probably find a good woman. ”Never was” is how he thinks of himself. He wants to make a name for himself fighting middle aged or AARP members in front of that crowd? For what?
  21. S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    Their mother had prophecy/could see the future, if it was important that Macy's father be a demon, then she might have arranged it. I got a feeling that Harry is just going back to live in his Condo, rather than relinquishing his role as Whitelighter to the sisters. I think he was teary eyed because he couldn't wake-up early every morning and make them breakfast.
  22. That’s funny. I never even noticed, until I read your post, that Beth does indeed have thin lips.
  23. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    And it makes her look like a resident of Whoville.
  24. The Conners: Speculation and Spoilers

    Shouldn't these concerns be brought to this forum?
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