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  2. S14.E10: Nihilism

    Ok, but that makes his hand-to-hand fight with Kaia even stupider. Why didn't he just snap his fingers (dramatically) and break the spear? (And Kaia's neck, too, while he was at it?) Seriously, whichever writer came up with the idea of that fight needs to be fired.
  3. S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    I'm really sorry you had that childhood. I do appreciate your insights here in this forum.
  4. Daniel Goddard is looking rough. Does he get enough sleep? Maybe, he’s up all night studying his lines.
  5. Dirty John, The Dirty Truth (on Oxygen)

    IIRC, on the podcast she is described as very shy, the child who was raised by nannies while Debra was a working mom. I'm reluctant to be too snarky about her for the reasons you describe, but I find it odd that a woman like Debra who was making plenty of cash was OK with one of her children living in a cheap apartment working as a dog groomer. I also have a hard time reconciling the image of Debra as a successful business woman with the Debra who calmly says "My lawyer told me I should hire a bodyguard...(pause)... but I didn't."
  6. S01.E01: Pilot

    Who says that Michael is closeted, though? Alex seems to be, but he's written as being from a very conservative family and totally repressed. Micheal could be openly bisexual, but he's just with women more because they tend to be the ones that go for him. I suffered through Brendan Fehr's horrible Vampire movie from 2001 purely for the homoerotic undertones. He was also in a weird movie where he played a drug addicted hustler who had male clients.
  7. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    If Kody thought the business he is liquidating was doing so well that he could cover $40K, but he's only getting $20K, how much did his "equity partners" lose on his venture or did they only loan him $20K or less? If Meri isn't going to share, they should charge her a steep interest rate.
  8. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Meri - "I had to fight to just even stay there, and not just get up and walk out the door." Umm...you did, Meri. You did just get up and walk out, like the big selfish cow you are. You snapped, "I've gotta go sell some clothes and come up with the money!" and walked out and slammed the door, without saying goodbye, because nobody handed you 40 thousand dollars on a silver platter. You're a huge fucking bitch. You apparently keep all the money you make from LuLaRoe to yourself, but they should want to LOAN you 40 grand. And when Janelle says "we want to help you do this", she says "You're not getting any control of my house!" Aaaaaand...you're not getting any of their money to help you buy it! My God, the nards on this woman...to even dare to ask! She has her clothing "business" and keeps the money for herself, and now she want them to finance a second business for her, and if it makes money they better keep their grubby paws of precious Meri's money. And don't go thinking you'll have any input on it, either, just give me the money. What an insufferable bitch.
  9. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    The catfish segments were the best part for me. My heart was breaking for Ysabel, so it was kind of refreshing to watch Meri flapping in the wind when Kody tried to nail her down about what exactly were the threats she claimed the catfisher made.
  10. Perhaps there are Eidelons in the Galaxy. ;)
  11. Magnum P.I. (2018)

    This is just the transition period to a new website format, hopefully arriving soon and hopefully for the better. Just wondering if Magnum allowed those two guys with all the drugs to escape because he an his friends were off chasing after murders and potential murders. Magnum could have at least informed the police to come and pick the drug smugglers up. Did anybody recognize Alara Kitan from The Orville without her alien makeup on.
  12. S09.E11: Whine Country

    Because it isnsuch a Teresa thing to do and it isn’t harmless, imo. Milania has zero talent. Why lead her on? Most people would maybe take a trip jist the two of them or something. Maybe take her to see her father? No. Not these people. It has to be OTT and attention-seeking and frankly embarrassing for everyone invovled. Not much different than Melissam’s foray into singing and dancing.
  13. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Thank you, I kind of tuned out the Catfish stuff so I missed it.
  14. Unpopular Opinions about Music

    @UYI, being a big GN'R fan, have you ever heard the demo for "Don't Cry"? (You can almost say it is a third version as it sounds more scaled back.) I first remember hearing it back when syndicated satellite radio hard-rock station Z-Rock (RIP) played it, and I recall some were wondering if it was really Axl on vocals for the demo. (It was.) Here it is. The uploader put the year as 1987, but I believe the demo was actually record in 1986, 5 years before the Use Your Illusion double album. BTW, I'm sure you already probably know this, but one of the backup singers for the song was Shannon Hoon, the late lead singer of Blind Melon, best known for the song, "No Rain", with the weird bee girl video.
  15. Future Man

    I was thinking about that, but the whole timetravel doesn't make sense anyway in a few places. Sometimes it seems like split timelines, sometimes it doesn't. The whole past selfes of them getting slaughtered in the hallway didn't make sense anyway. They all should have made it into the control room. Oh well.
  16. S02.E04: Scar Tissue

    Came here specifically to say that. He was wearing that weird mask because he has a few scars, that will probably look more sexy than horrific once fully healed? (I mean they should be fully healed after multiple months, but they don't look it. Imo the makeup department fucked up.) I'm flabbergasted. I'm seriously laughing out loud right now. It's so absurd. If you want to make somebody look horribly scared for life, next time cgi away an eye and leave a hole there. Maybe also cgi aay the nose.
  17. You're in much better shape bookstore-wise than we are.
  18. Pet Peeves

    I hope so! I was having a time of it, trying to keep the moon in the viewfinder, trying to get the focus right, I finally gave up a little past totality. A quick look after downloading and I think I may have some halfway decent shots. I'll post in the morning.
  19. S02.E06: Twin Cities

    Really? That's what I get for not checking the credits. I saw 2 sets of twins listed, one male, one female, and assumed that the male twins were playing young Yanek because he and his other were in so many shots together, whereas most of the others were shot either alone or in a way where their other could be a stand-in. Movie magic. Of course, one wonders why they bothered to get any twins at all, in that case.
  20. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Meri is in denial. About everything. You could see Kody's wheels turning when Meri's friend was talking about falling in love with Sam. This is why Kody is so done with Meri. He knows Meri would have left the family in a minute if Sam was for real no matter how Meri tries to spin it. Robin's meek mumbling is out of control. Where is the outspoken Robin of season's ago? Janelle getting all excited and giggly when Meri said her loan was approved. I thought Janelle hated Meri. Or was she so happy because she thought they were finally going to get rid of Meri? I did get a kick out of all them sitting around the conference table trying to sound like intelligent business entrepreneurs. It doesn't close that quickly unless it's a cash deal. It usually takes 30-45 days to close if you are financing. It's all so phony.
  21. Orvillian Media

    Orville Alara Kitan (Halston Sage) sighting on Magnum, P.I. The wondrous Hawaiian sun has changed her from pasty white to a lovely golden tan. It also removed some of the wrinkles from her nose and forehead. See for yourself on Magnum, P.I. Episode 12 “Winner Takes All.”
  22. Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    These two are so full of shit that I just cannot take anything they up to out there as serious or legit. If Leida is making this DV stuff up for social media attention, then she is an even more vile excuse of a human being than previously thought. Crying wolf about DM is beyond abhorrent. And IF the DM is real, then she ought to go back to Indonesia ASAP! All she needs to do is pick up he phone and ask Daddy to buy her two tickets, it’s really not that’s difficult.
  23. Spoilers With Speculation

    If its not some kind of fake reality I hope when John sees the bunker that someone takes the moment to tell him Henry wasn't an ass
  24. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    How does a loan get approved without proof of down payment and then that it will close in 10 days? I’m in Ca and little over a year and half ago my son and wife bought a house and they were one out of 10 qualified bidders. They were 3 from highest bidders Both have proof of good salaries. She’s not even married now. Having the other cat fished woman visit was creepy. Poor marry cat fished by a woman pretending to be a man. Would it be ok if it was a man? Don’t think I can finish watching.
  25. Dean Winchester: aka Squirrel

    There are no "rules" like that. And Jensen's acting was IMO the standout in the earlier Seasons. Even people who didn't like Dean acknowledged that. I actually thought he showed he can do very distinct characters well in Dark Angel so I never questioned his ability to do so. He didn't get much opportunity on SPN because Dean was supposed to be way more of a sidekick with the mytharc revolving solely around Sam.
  26. Is it possible that these two goons are faking a separation for social media attention, and aren’t broken up at all? All these ‘characters’ are so full of shit...
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