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  2. I weigh less than I did in 8th grade but I was pretty overweight then, so I guess it all depends on what their 8th grade weight was.
  3. 6 years and two kids later. I guess so. I think I had to sign it and everything.
  4. I love fun facts like these. Thank you. There is so much more to tell about the Duke of Windsor. Believing he didn't know what was going on during WWII is ludicrous. Putting in spoiler in case they revisit WWII.
  5. Flipping through channels in the middle of insomnia and saw Dr. Phil on OWN was about Liberty and Abigail, the two teens from Delphi, IN, who were murdered. There is a photo of the suspect and a voice recording, but the police have been unable to arrest anyone yet. Since I actually had a positive comment about his show, I decided to log on to PTV and leave it before I forgot since all of my others have been negative, only to realize I haven't signed on in days and have fallen further and further behind in my PTV reading, and I'm wasting a few minutes on this show. ; ) First, an aside: Hanson was big with my niece when they were singing pop music, but I later heard them singing some old R&B, soul and 50s music, and was blown away at how good they were. They were playing a charity event and to see those young men belting out songs by Otis Redding, etc., reminded me of the Jackson 5. About the Delphi show: The good: -Dr. Phil let others speak and didn't hog all the attention, which is something I think he has gotten bad about lately. I've probably only watched two episodes this season because I think he has become tabloidish. -The sketch of the suspect was left up on the screen behind Dr. Phil and the guests for a good amount of time, and the audio was played many times, too. -The show wasn't cut fifteen minutes early for his plastic alien wife to give away her beauty supplies that she apparently can't sell or she wouldn't be giving away so much product. The bad: -I don't know if it wasn't as bad on the local channels, but the amount of time dedicated to commercials was almost obscene when put in relation to the topic of discussion. These young ladies were murdered, here is a sketch of the suspect, and now is another commercial for Tyler Perry's show The Paynes which is coming back after five years! There was one segment that was two minutes long, and the commercials that bumpered it were both four minutes. SMH -Dr. Phil asked a few questions of the family that came across and brusque and accusatory, something that I also think has gotten worse over time. When he would snap at a guest who was lying to him or refusing to answer his questions, etc., I understood why he would get a little biting. I really don't think he means to come across that way to guests like the ones on this episode, but shouldn't be surprised that a man who can't see that his wife is altering her body to an extreme, unhealthy level also doesn't realize his tone can be jerkish to victims. One example was when he asked the grandmother something like, "What happened here? Did you have a predator stalking your community?" and it was in the tone of his "How's that working fer ya?" His demeanor and patience has dropped considerably since he first appeared on television, and I find myself wondering if he wants a break but can't take one because of his family obligations. Libby looks like a neighbor of mine looked when she was that age, and the perpetrator sketch kind of looks like a former neighbor. So much so, a different neighbor reported his information to the police back when it happened. I live in Ohio and he passed away about four years ago, but had family in Michigan. As far as I know, there is no link to his family and he obviously couldn't be the killer, but it was shocking the first time I saw the sketch which was after my neighbor told me about reporting his likeness to the police. She came over to see if I could find one of his old booking photos to compare them, because her search couldn't. Because of that, I've followed the story a bit and Dr. Phil did a fair job, I guess, but not a real thorough one. The point of the show was most likely just to get the perpetrator's sketch, photo and voice out to more people, and that happened. I also liked that he addressed the photos that people claim shows the girls being followed because there is no man in those photos and it has practically become a conspiracy theory for some people. Another conspiracy theory floating around is that the police have a suspect, know who but not where the man is right now, but Dr. Phil only had the LEO say that everyone is a suspect until they are cleared, so now I'm beginning to think there may be something to that rumor. Maybe I'm just wishful that it's the truth because having a photo of the perpetrator in such a rural area, like the one in which I live, and no one knowing the identity is infuriating. I haven't kept up with the case because the gossip and conspiracies became to much to weed through and there wasn't new information being released.
  6. Did Hirst personally kill Van Gogh??? Or is she blackmailing a super sniper that will fail to hit anything else??? After failing to protect the bastard prince properly, did the team try to find a safehouse OFF THE GRID for future use????
  7. I have seen this with my own eyes. Stunning!
  8. I just had a horrible vision of a musical animated Handmaid’s Tale. I’ll show myself out.
  9. Giant eyeballs? What giant eyeballs? Snerk.
  10. Oh wow....I don’t know Edna May....but a definite resemblence there. Dana is so obviously not well that I just can’t snark on her now. It saddens me, realizing she has young children.
  11. wouldn't it be amazing if next season they stunt casted the usual suspects and then he started the first episode by saying "I am tired of all the drama. You make my brand look bad. Therefore, behave in an un-head -chef fashion and you're gone. I will move forward someone who is professional and cohesive over someone who cooks well but is loud and obnoxious. I don't want you" and then watch all the divas' heads explode.
  12. Does anyone else have Movie Pass? I love it. I’ve seen so many in-theatre films since receiving the Pass in September. Probably more films in the last 3 months than the last 5 years combined. I wonder if the model is sustainable? I’m able to use it at every theatre in my region (Cincinnati). I’m buying concessions for the first time too. Please don’t go away, Movie Pass. 🙏
  13. About their hobbies. Unfortunately, Philip isn't interested in horses and Elizabeth doesn't like the sea.
  14. This pic is her Yoko Ono look......for some reason, that’s what this reminds me of. So very enamoured of Herself.......I totally see why she’s not married...way too self-absorbed to love and nurture another’s all about her.
  15. That was hilarious. And how did no one ring in after his Mac McDonald? I'm proud of myself for getting a football question right. I know the Cowboys play in Arlington, but I am mystified as to how!
  16. What’s with the giant eyeballs?
  17. We had a major snow storm in 2007 that dumped three feet of snow in about 18 hours. The picture below was taken the next day at my mother's home. Much of the snow slid off the roof and piled up around the deck. The big white lump on the right is her car. The picture below is the driveway, taken from the road. This last picture is of the main road leading back to the highway. Someone with a large four-wheel drive truck managed to punch a route to the highway and a few adventurous drivers drove in the tracks to get out. This much snow at one time is more common for Alaska, which is another couple hundred miles north-west. Fortunately it's rare for us.
  18. Fitz does not "belong" in this future....his appearance means this Fitz must die to repair the timeline....
  19. I really like this group of kids. Eliminated ones too. They are so supportive of each other and seem to be handling the pressures better than most adults. I guess we will see next week with restaurant wars. Wonder how they are going to work it with two teams and five kids. I know it’s still a competition but part of me hopes that an eliminated chef gets to come back to round out the teams.
  20. What?! Why pour water on David Poor?
  21. Count me as another Courtney Russ fan! She was beautiful and talented, but I agree with the consensus that she likely didn't return because of the weight issue. I can only imagine how difficult it was for her to get to (and maintain) that size, and she almost seemed annoyed by it during her cameo shoot when Kelli asked her how much she lost - it's as if she realized right then and there that she would always have to be that size to stay on the squad and keep Kelli off her case, and she wasn't looking forward to what that meant for her lifestyle. I don't blame her one bit for being a "one and done" girl.
  22. Service dogs do have a long waiting list and the places that train them, the ones I know, require a "camp", usually a two-week period, when the dogs choose their new owners and they start the process of matching. Sometimes the dog and the owner don't work well together and they need to try to find a different dog. Non-speaking people and people who don't have motor skills/coordination to instruct the dog can still apply in most places, but they apply as a team (the person and one or two support people). The dog will understand that it is working with one person while still responding to the other members of the team. Of course, it depends on which services the person needs. A while ago I made some inquiries and I have a close friend that is part of a team. That's the simple explanation. The places I inquire do work with teams but they do not have "seizure dogs". though. On the other hand, I have a personal experience where an adopted dog, formally abused, was a natural seizure dog.
  23. I think someone is poking the bear as for those weird outfits, she always wore those on air, before Eric. Had no clue how to style herself leather skirt + wide, wide belt and crazy shirt. pick 2 of the 3 has to throw it all on
  24. A gazillion times YES! I wholeheartedly agreed with everything you’ve said. A lot of what you mentioned enticed some “ah ha” moments for me, too. I also feel bad for Jen. I know she enabled him but I just see a woman that keeps getting stuck in the middle of drama when all she wants is for everyone to get along and enjoy her time with Bentley. I can see it in her eyes when Ryan’s rambling on re: “could you imagine if you gave me chores, mom!” That she wishes she could have a do-over and be more strict with Ryan and gave him more responsibilities as a child to prepare for adulthood. I think a lot of her tears are stemming from “I failed as a parent” and loud mouth Larry is quick to support that claim. Larry is at fault, too! His tough love combined with Jens overwhelming need to make her only son happy created the Ryan we see now. It’s a good lesson for mothers or fathers that try to compensate for the faults of another parent.
  25. @ Green: Hatred for someone? Not I. Dislike in the historical sense? Yes. @ TG: Cool to kill? Never. Necessary sometimes, yes. Moving on... I too have not stayed on to watch Knightfall just for previews. I dislike that ploy by HC; AMC does it all the time I don't like that either.
  26. I have found a a new interview with Michael Emerson. I'm just copy-pasting the Cayden James-related parts:
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