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  2. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Tonight there is a new series show airing called "How Close Can I Beach?" I'm sure they'll just repeat the Beachfront Bargain Hunt homes that weren't "beach FRONT" and call it a new show. All the shows on HGTV are the same: HH, HHI, HHR, BBH, Lottery Dream Home, Island/Hawaii/Mexico Life. Then add Property Bros and Love It or List It and that seems to be their lineup. All.The.Time. Every.Single.Day. The network needs to bring back the DESIGN shows: Designed to Sell, Decorating Cents, Divine Design, Curb Appeal, etc .
  3. Pet Peeves

    Thank you. The wedding isn't until the very end of June, which is one of my annoyances with this dress mania. When I checked on availability, one would come in no later than the 2nd of June, and the other two would be in no later than one of the early days of April (and the bridal gown came in nearly a month before it's "no later than" date, so they seem to give themselves a lot of padding). So her sister is hounding her for a color choice and I'm sitting here wondering where's the fire. I know her sister will need hers hemmed, because she's short, but still - it's just a hem, not a completely customized fit. The dress she's leaning towards will come in by the beginning of May; Cinderella's mice could hem the damn thing in far less than nearly two months.
  4. Kendall

    You just used the word "eloquent" when referring to a Kardashian/Jenner. HA HAHA ha hA ha ha HAHAHAHAHAH
  5. Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Thank goodness I am not the only one to notice! She has gone from voluptuous to looking starved, her teeth are becoming prominent in her face, sure sign she has gone below her set body weight....wonder what’s up, there usually is something....
  6. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I think just with them missing most of 15/16 and probabaly 17, their screentime would probably be just below any of OTA.
  7. Ugh. Why do they insist on never letting the heroes have real victories? I'm exhausted by this storyline before it even starts.
  8. S02.E18: The Wedding

    Thank you, I couldn't have said it better. She is seeming to be a polarizing character, much more than I ever would have thought. She is a child, at the mercy of adults who have done her some major disservices, and that she would struggle and act out after her mother has set her adrift doesn't mean she should be sent to a juvenile facility at the first sign of a problem. It should not have come as any surprise to Randall and Beth. Beth, who is pretty intuitive and has experienced her cousin go through something similar. Much has been made in the media recently of ACE, Adverse Childhood Events, and how they affect children going into adulthood. Deja would rank pretty high on the scale. She needs help, not more adversity. They could still come upon evidence of just about anything once they get there. Whatever they are expecting to do, I think going to a place where your father fought and your uncle died would be pretty sobering to begin with; maybe they are just happy to be together.
  9. S02.E15: Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood

    I’m all for Toni and Cheryl but I can’t forget that they way they introduced us viewers to Cheryl’s sexuality is by having her stalk Josie and out a pig in her locker. Sorry not into that. Also I like Toni, I feel bad that the writers introduced us a fool for Bughead just because. Also it seems like the show was always going to go to Cheryl and Toni, why did they take the long route to get there? Also we aren’t even there yet.. there’s a slow burn and then there’s what they did here where t don’t really seem like they knew what they were doing live interest wise for either character.
  10. Supernatural Fanfiction

    I posted a question in mod announcements and they never got back to me. I PM'd them and it took a couple of days. I honestly think you can make a thread if that is what you really want to do.
  11. S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    Yes. And to clarify, I have zero issue with Bonnie's possibly having had a baby by a Black man. (The likelihood that the child was the result of rape and was then absconded with would be the problem, especially for Bonnie's mental health.) It's just that right now I don't think there's any real basis to make any assumptions about the possible child's race. I went back and watched the episode where Bonnie's horrible history came out. In a flashback she said in court that she'd been raped by dozens of men and didn't try to remember their faces. She also said they'd all--except for the councilman now on trial--been sent to prison. Then, in an earlier, present-day scene she was reviewing Annalise's potential candidates for the class action suit and she had a moment staring at one particular Black inmate. Later we see her meeting with him at the prison to convince him to leave the class action suit. I doubt she probably would've been so nonchalant about talking to him if she thought he was one of her rapists. So, this thing about Gabriel being her son still seems like a big leap to me given the information provided so far. I could easier see some weird retcon where this Gabriel turns out to be Anna's child. However, he appears to be younger than Wes so it's hard to imagine Anna had a kid and then just forgot about him. Women finding out a child they thought they'd miscarried or whatever magically turns out to be alive decades later is one of the worst retcons used on daytime soaps to introduce new children for established characters. I'd have to give HTGAWM some major side-eye if they pull a stunt like that.
  12. I never thought of the program as only Making It On to The Team. With all of the time showing Jay's workouts, and team building outings to camp or bowling or skydiving etc, I always thought it's about making the whole team ~Strangers from all over the place dancing as One Singular Sensation...so I completely agree that we would love seeing the extra dance sessions, the second leaders, the whole schmeer. Pandering to the Who Got Cut at Finals, and who has drama off the dance floor, is not world class, but certainly appears to be world marketing savvy. For my money, the calendar, the double/triple standards and bullshit America Sweetheart Spin pap is all down there with soft porn pimping more often than not. Was it inevitable with social media leaking pertinent facts, or was it CMT producing? I barely care, and plead for focus on the athleticism and professionalism that had seemed the gold standard of the past. But I'm a curmudgeon. Ymmv. :)
  13. S04.E03: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

    Maybe they will discover Blaine's supply of the cure when they raid the place, reproduce it for the masses, and season 5 will be about "now that a cure is available, how many choose to take it, what is done about those who refuse, and also Clive and Bozzio in the honeymoon phase.
  14. Hopefully Sam will win next year since Cas won last year and Dean has won numerous times.
  15. S02.E07: Invitation Only

    Then how about describing it as a prison in North Korea. Any place with armed guards and surrounded by electric fence says "prison" to me. The Federal Correctional Institution at Sandstone, the low-security federal prison in Northern Minnesota is still a PRISON. The guy can't leave ... he's a prisoner. Or, change my sentence to: "Who knew it was so easy to get someone out of North Korea?" Yeah, that's even better.
  16. I can't stand the fake hair she wears. Her current videos she wears those way too long hair pieces that make her look like an aging country music star of days gone by. The latest 'hair piece disgusting video award" goes to her magic car ride in Las Vegas with a male version of herself. Her hair piece was clearly definable when she turned sideways. One of her tribe or her fans or whatever you call them - commented how did she get that much volume, I lmao thinking are they being serious or funny. looks like something you could by at a Dollar General. When I saw those things I thought wth???? Same for those camo bags - really what hillbilly hick redneck is waiting in line to buy those things.
  17. Supernatural Fanfiction

    Since I’ve already posted asking about it I’d rather wait until we get a response. For now I think we should just post in this thread following @trxr4kids suggestion of headlong posts with something like Readers Discussion to allow those uninterested to skip past the post. Then when mods respond we can move if needed :)
  18. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So...more NTA stuff. This season is NTA-heavy. I would really love the person who used to calculate main character screen-time by episode/season to come back and do it for this season. Because, at this point, I feel like NTA screen-time has surpassed Diggle and Felicity, and is almost on par with Oliver's. And people complained season 4 was Felicity and Friends. It really, really wasn't, numbers-wise, not like with NTA this season. I see Stephen is back in California as well. It's going to be a struggle to get through 6x19 and 6x20, that's for sure.
  19. S01.E02: I Think I'm Gonna Tolerate It Here

    That petulant towel dropping was enough to send me into a rage, so I really hope you're right that they don't indulge his BS. That kid would be a nightmare to society by the time he reached adulthood, if he isn't reined in NOW. It's not just that he was indulged. Tossing your wet towel on the living room floor and tantrumming about being asked to hang it up is way beyond a slightly coddled kid, it's monster petulance that should have faded by the time the kid reached preschool.
  20. I didn't see that but I didn't check yesterday. Thanks for bringing this over! That makes me really happy! And nice that Castiel and Sam made the top 5. For some reason I thought Root from Person of Interest won for 2016 but that 2015 Here are the past seasons winners. Dean back on top, where he belongs IMO. Favorite Character 2017 - Dean Winchester "Supernatural" 2016 - Castiel "Supernatural" 2015 - Samantha Groves / Root "Person Of Interest" 2014 - Felicity Smoak "Arrow" 2013 - Dean Winchester "Supernatural" 2012 - Dean Winchester "Supernatural" 2011 - Dean Winchester "Supernatural" 2010 - Dean Winchester "Supernatural"
  21. S43.E16: Bill Hader / Arcade Fire

    I loved that line, too. Cecily was near breaking at the very start. I think Melissa came close after Bill pushed her with his scooter. I loved the show. The only skit I didn't like was the Spirt Quest Lodge one. Not funny at all, even with Bill's accent. The CO was good. I think Fred Armisen as Michael Wolff is great. Answering an important question by shrugging and saying, "Sure," cracks me up. I've always liked the Californians. I'm from California, and am back living here, so it's pretty funny hearing them talk all the time about the best way to drive from one place to another. I'm also very amused by the accents. I liked the Irish dating show sketch. I was fascinated by the accents. Is it a thing (true or a joke) that Irish people date their cousins? Or was that made up for the show? Horace. Man, that was funny. I lost it when he was slowly going backwards and kept pushing Melissa in her chair. LOVED all the impressions in the Jurassic Park screen tests. Hader's Alan Alda is the best wow. I was also very impressed by Leslie's Whoopi Goldberg. Has she done it before? Mikey Day does a great Pee Wee Herman. Just so much fun, all of them. It was wonderful seeing Stefon again. I'm a fan. I can't explain why I find the whole bit funny. I guess it's the completely nonsensical things. I also enjoy Hader losing it. Makes him seem like such a nice person and fun to be around. I hadn't heard about Snuggie being accused of deceptive Buy-1-Get-1-Free ads. Does that mean you DON'T get a promised second one? Or is it that while the second one is free, the S&H is greatly inflated? If so, there are a lot more products in infomercials that do the same thing. I thought the Canadian Me Too bit was amusing. I loved the Undercover Office Potty sketch. It was funny at first, but it just got better and better. Fantastic. I'm not an Arcade Fire fan. As they played their first song, I googled to find out what their most popular songs were, to remind myself of what they've done. I listened to a top-10 list, but I hadn't heard a single one before. I've certainly heard of Arcade Fire, but I'm surprised I don't know any of their songs. I FF'd thru the second song.
  22. Pet Peeves

    @SuprSuprElevated: Heh heh...thank you so very much for the big laugh I got from this!
  23. And, whenever I see him, I remember to eat my bananas and not scratch in public.
  24. Yes, that's where it is in my local markets - that sprouted stuff does not last long, so it's kept in the freezer. I'm not often in the frozen food section of the store, so it seems like most times I am, for a second I'm startled to see bread (I hate bread that has been frozen; mine has no preservatives, so I have to keep it in the fridge and that bothers me enough - freezer, I cannot handle) before I remember that I know that about the brand.
  25. Pet Peeves

    I have found my tribe. I am sure that I am actually the least photogenic person alive and I could list the physical attributes to prove it, but I don't want to horrify you all. Ironically enough, the best photo taken of me in recent years has been my driver's license photo. That was back in 2010 and this year I have to renew my license and will probably have to take an updated photo. I am so sad that the decent photo of 27 year old me will forever vanish and be replaced with whatever hound-of-hell expression my 35 year old face will come up with that day. My group photo peeve is being forced to be positioned in the front or middle row when I've clearly expressed how uncomfortable I am taking photos. I am about 5'6 so its not placing me in the back row will completely obscure me. I also absolutely hate how people lie after the photo is taken and say "You look fine/beautiful/the photo came out great!" when I clearly look horrific. Please don't make it worse by trolling me.
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