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  2. I think that premise is long gone. And I agree with you about what she said she weighed last season and what she probably weighs. Also, I think she looked much bigger in the pictures posted then she looked last season.
  3. To paraphrase the old nursery rhyme....when it comes to Blabby..."There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she looked good...she looked very, very good. And when she looked bad...she looked horrid."
  4. *weakly raises hand*...but in my defense, I thought he was just a really butch lesbian! 😒
  5. My take on Sharon getting so emotional is that holding that piece of paper in her hand, it suddenly became tangible to her in a way it hadn't before how close she came to missing that, and all the milestones that would come after. We saw some basis for how scared she is about her situation when she didn't even want to walk through the door of the doctor's office.
  6. Very odd - I fully recall setting it to "January 3" before starting the thread. Would a mod be so kind as to reset the day? (Thanks in advance!)
  7. Another reason that introduction faux pas rang false for me was that even Jack would have had a better grasp of English society etiquette since his father had been Ambassador to Great Britain! Come on, folks. It seemed to me that Morgan was more interested in depicting the Kennedys as brash, nouveau Americans to better highlight how much more genteel British repression is. So let's puncture Jack Kennedy's glamorous image as well as Jackie's so as to make Elizabeth more sympathetic. Sometimes I don't think Morgan understands how profoundly sympathetic Claire Foy's depiction of QE2 is. On paper she's the least dynamic character, but Foy's restrained, subtle performance still illustrates all her inner turmoil so powerfully. But it's like no one around Elizabeth pays the slightest bit of attention to what's really going on with her, whilst I can tell by the minutest facial expressions. I often find myself thinking, damn, this is the loneliest woman in the world. People rarely take the time to really connect with her, and she's so charming when they do. All her prime ministers underestimate her -- some of my favorite scenes are when she dresses them down and they realize she's not some idiot, but someone who takes their role seriously.
  8. The Jack & Jill green tile bathroom was ugly. There was too much green tile. I don’t think that color would ever occur to me for a bathroom.
  9. I liked the finale, but Dom’s anger at Darlene made zero sense to me. She put all the blame on Darlene. What about Whiterose and Santiago and Irving? They’re all okay but Darlene’s horrible? Don’t get that at all. Don was too stupid to see what Santiago was, amazing she got into the FBI in the first place. So Leon is tighter with Whiterose than anybody? Maybe Leon is Whiterose’s son or something.
  10. The drugs they use to put you under are great. I had a colonoscopy and another test done at the same time. I had a bad reaction to the prep drink to the point of shaking and causing my sensitivity to the one thyroid med I am on to act up. It took me a while to shake off the lovely side effects from the prep drink, plus the fact I went into hypothyroid mode within a couple of weeks after the two tests. All I remember is the doctor and nurses talking in the room where the two tests were done, and the next thing I remember is slowly waking up and trying to figure out where I was at. *lol* I can understand why they want someone to take you home because I felt like a walking zombie.
  11. It was certainly was the era of all kinds of Dr. Feelgoods, so it fits. But I agree with previous commenters that after a long string of casting coups, the series came a cropper with the Kennedys. Michael C. Hall just missed the boat in every way. Jackie acted her part well, but in both cases I feel that this is one case where the right look really matters. Both were so (the overused word really fits in this case) iconic in their time, and people still remember just how they looked. And yes, while of the writing for her was effective, the whole business with the botched presentation protocol was ridiculous. Jacqueline was effortlessly proper on such occasions, and JFK wasn't some hick backwoodsman, he knew how to listen to and retain his coaching on state occasions. Claire Foy had some magnificent scenes though, many of them wordless.
  12. @SuprSuprElevated Please add those ironing boards to the Gifts of Spite List!!
  13. The snark is what I live for! After all, they’d hav3 to compensate most of us for coming up with more interesting scenarios than the dreck that passes for entertainment. Either that, or they read this board and think we all need another hobby.
  14. Jesus! That's some scary shit--is it racism? Internalized misogyny? Let me shout it for the cheap seats: SHE ASSAULTED HIM. She deserves nobody, unless it's a licensed therapist.
  15. With the men most of them weren't winners. Like Sophia said, "Need I remind the three of you of the yutz parade that's been through this house." They had some nice looking men. Blanche - Jake, John Quinn Rose - Miles & Arnie lol Dorothy - Det. Mullins, Ken, John Neretti I'm still amazed at how they thought Blanche would even sleep with Gil Kessler. Too bad Blanche could never get her hands on Dr. Harry Weston. Now I'm saying this if I was their ages and if I would date them.
  16. Oh dear, here’s a closeup of the ‘do. Where to begin? The sparkly barrette on the side, the piece of hair hanging in her eyebrow, the swoop in the front? What a mess!
  17. Sheldon's Little House theme party was so sweet. It's too bad his need for authenticity gave them both food poisoning. Still, it's the thought that counts. Loved Sheldon's comeback burn to Leonard's joke about their sex being exhausting and short -- "YOU'RE exhausting and short!" Hee. Glad Howard and Raj seemed to have made up, but would it have killed Howard to just man up and apologize?
  18. I am guessing that part of the reason they are not airing the rest of the episodes is that advertisers don't want to be connected with the show anymore. I hope they run the rest of the episodes On Demand and/or on the ABC website.
  19. I'm so happy about this.
  20. I was gonna ask the same about who took a pic of Jenelle and called her the worlds worst mom. But we’d have seen this pics already if that were the case.
  21. Definitely agree, laredhead. Was very disappointed b/c they made a big deal out of that window decision during the episode. Their eating area's off to the right so I would have stuck to the original idea of a pass-thru behind the sink, leaving more surface area in the kitchen for ... upper cabinets! And, it's a major pet peeve of mine; homeowners always make the back of the house look like, you guessed it, the back of the house! (lol) Everyone notice that (single) french door is out of place? Comparing to the home's front, that's the garage. Oops! Somebody must have scored a nice bonus room, not in compliance with code. Given that rear exterior, the garage step-down (from the kitchen) remains. No wonder they neither toured nor mentioned the garage.
  22. Huh. Just saw the TSV for he first time and kind of liking the burgundy. Easy on and easy off. Probably very flat though. I like Amy.
  23. She's going for the Kenickie look from "Grease"....
  24. Lyle Lovett in da house!!! Why, Jane? Why?
  25. I forgot Brett Favre who sent pictures of his penis and him masturbating to at least three women in the Jets organization. I can only imagine how much worse his predatory behavior was when he was at Green Bay. Of course, the NFL did nothing about it.
  26. Could really do without bitchy comment nurse! Isnt she the one who was grilling April about her realtionship with Dr. Choi?
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