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  2. S05.E06: Of Mice and Men

    I'm enjoying it. I was very disappointed about Carleigh having to leave, but overall, I like the season.
  3. The Middle in the Media

    That would probably work well on YawnTV or the Novacaine Channel, and I suspect ABC knows it. I agree with Dreamboat. Sher & ABC should retire the Sue Heck character. The S/S storyline had a satisfactory Middle ending. Any spinoff that doesn't have Sue being Sue, or continues the Sue Sean angst of the last year and a half, or noticeably ignores it for extended periods while she dates an endless array of Jeremy's and Aidens will likely be a big disappointment and turnoff to most Middle viewers, particularly since we all know how things eventually end. Sher playing a completely different character would allow her to go in any number of directions without carrying the Sean baggage from the previous show. And most old viewers would be able get behind that while also attracting new viewers.
  4. I think you may be thinking of the first season when Bobo threw the party and poisoned the town. Wynonna and Dolls kissed there, but as Roctavia said it was after Doc had supposedly left town (Though he did come back just in time to witness the kiss) and before Doll revealed himself to be (to quote Wynonna) a tiny super sexy dragon. So that I think leaves the relationships nebulous again. Dolls and Wynonna did have the cuddling in bed scene last season after Wynonna came back from the dead...or never having existed...so definitely nebulous. As I said, I find it rather refreshing that both men seem content to let Wynonna make up her own mind about which one she prefers...or not to make up her mind as it doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon. As a side note, I think that set was the same as the one they use for the Gardner house (the same house they had the vampire party in). I don't think Nedley was so welcoming of his own volition. I think the vampires threw a whammy on pretty much everyone they came into contact with, except Wynonna because of Peacemaker, Dolls because he's a dragon, and Doc because...he's immortal? As soon as Wynonna started to kill them, and the thrall over everyone was broken Nedley was staking vampires too. Like I said I don't think the premier was the best time to have your characters act out of character. I think Dolls may have run-ins with vampires before with black badge, which would explain his knowledge of them. I doesn't really explain how Doc had knowledge of them though, other than he's 130 some-odd years old. Oh good, I thought I might have misremembered the end of season two, but that's my recollection of it as well. There do seem to be promotional photos of Wynonna and Mamma Earp standing outside in a place similar to the one shown in season two, so maybe it was a flash forward father then we all thought (though the cutting of scene made it appear concurrent with Nicole, Waverly, Jeremy, and Dolls all having a coffee outside just after the events of season two so....).
  5. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I love them too but i’m not happy they are going to be to on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp. I thought they were above that kind of a train wreck of a show.
  6. The only thing that she should be putting out there is any proof that she is innocent, if there is any such thing. I agree with you, other than that she needs to pipe down. She will just end up digging herself deeper in. It's too bad because I think she has lost the respect of many fans, myself being one.
  7. S03. E12. Bonzo 2018.07.18

    It's all Will's fault for not killing Snyder.
  8. Harris's List: Harlots in the Media

    How ‘Harlots’ Gives Women A Break From Having To Translate Their Stories From The Male Gaze Found this while looking to see who's writing about the new season. This makes brief mention of S02E03, but nothing particularly spoilery. It sums up what give this show such a unique feeling.
  9. I can’t believe she actually said that to Capt Sandy. So, if I’m understanding it right, the problem with her and Conrad was he didn’t want to listen to Hannah bitch about the other crew mates nonstop anymore.
  10. I only knew him as "the hot guy from the Stamford branch" on the first couple seasons of the Office, and then remembered that he was on Whose Line too. Just recently, I found out that he had a small part in a Star Trek: TNG ep (25 years ago!) He's a really versatile talent and this show would have no heart or center without him. Pretty amazing, given that the show was originally billed as three women in country music at different points in their career. I hope he gets some good opportunities out of this. Even in these crappy episodes, he gets at least one scene a week in which he just knocks it out of the park.
  11. That's great news, I'm really liking this show much more than I thought I would. And it looks like we will be getting Mayhem.
  12. He has never said anything so far I think, so will not discuss anything now. For that, I give him credit. To tell the truth, I’ve been team Jason from the beginning, and that’s my perogative and I don’t care what anyone thinks. And, I’ve always liked his parents as they seem like decent people who seem to love Bryn to pieces.
  13. Seriously, she needs to lay low for a while, get sober, get her life under control and fix the damage she did buy not starting that trust for her kids.
  14. It's my highly biased opinion that Forbes is for privileged white men who get jobs because they know people through their fraternities and/or family and/or existing job connections. Forbes itself says it's It also boasts a digital campaign partnership with Porsche. That's great and all, but the proverbial 99%, including this plebeian, cannot afford a Porsche. Someone here long ago recommended the "Ask a Manager" blog, and I bought the author's How to Get a Job e-book. It's very accessible, realistic and full of rational, sound advice.
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Sam has turned into one big WAT for me suddenly.
  16. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    Oh, thank you so much for this reference. 🙏🏻
  17. Small Talk: The Quiver

    Just watched The Passage pilot. Loved it. It has a couple of pilot-isms (unnatural exposition insert) but that’s minor. This is going to be awesome and February can’t get here fast enough.
  18. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    Some of the cast heading to the Warner’s Bros party:
  19. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    According to this article Patricia has blocked Thomas and Ashley and, even more interesting, Whitney has distanced himself from them as well! https://people.com/tv/southern-charm-patricia-altschul-why-blocked-thomas-ravenel/
  20. He didn't leak anything to the press the last custody battle or during the divorce. Any comment the tabloids/press used from his "side" were comments his lawyer made in court and culled directly from the court transcripts.
  21. Spoilers With Speculation

    I think he also intimated Mean might be kinda mean - which I'm looking forward to. Jensen playing evil... Yum
  22. Her entire life is as phony as her Photoshopped face.
  23. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I liked Alex Jacob's "Bet it all." Direct and to the point.
  24. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Baby Felicity is beautiful. To add to the name collections, a set of triplets in my daughter's class were named Mercedes, Lexus and Porsche. Congratulations Jinger and Jeremy
  25. S05.E11: Til the Day I Die 2018.07.18

    Wasn't she dead for five years before the hollow brought her back? So she'd still be 20-something body wise (around the same age as the actress irl). On top of that people don't always look significantly older than 20-something at 30. In season 2 we learned that she tried to kill herself and her unborn baby to keep him from Dahlia. She succeeded in killing the baby but not herself...it's why she's so messed up about it.
  26. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Now I feel guilty for basically saying how effing crazy Ryan makes me. That wasn't nice. How would I like it if I was on Jeopardy and someone wrote about wanting to, like, well, kill me? I guess I would have to stay away from this stuff. Or maybe just go to Reddit where they are nice to Jeopardy players, especially Ryan. Not just nice but Fenster fans. That would be fun, lots of nerds ghouling on a nerd like me. But then I would probably suspect that not everybody is my fan and I would be seeking out nasty stuff and then I would probably end up here and ok Ryan, if you are here, I'm sorry. You are so damn annoying and of course if you were my co-worker I wouldn't *really* want to kill you but I think I would have to run into my friend's office and talk about you all the time and then I think I would have to have it out with you and I would cry and maybe you would cry too and then we'd sort of end up being kind of friends, and that's how it would go. So who would you rather hang out with Ryan, all those dorks over at Reddit or me, who will tell you like it is? You are so effing annoying but hey you are kinda smart and I'm glad you have a lot of money to go traveling and I hope you can dial it down like a million notches and just be ok, not a showoff. Get a little French girlfriend. Relax, have a good time. See you on TOC.
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