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  2. She and Jessie Holiva (Logo) are currently racing to see who can babble faster on the Logo show. She's sounding very chipmunky, I'm afraid. ::::::::::::: Another annoying thing about Jessie, she always either has her hands shoved down into her cardigan pockets (and she ALWAYS wears a cardigan/vest) or else she has her sleeves pulled down almost over her hands. I really dislike that childish affectation in an adult woman. Body language: I'm small and defenseless.
  3. S02.E17: All Coupled Up

    Neither does Katie. She speaks bluntly to Greg in front of the kids and can be pretty nasty, in my opinion, to the kids themselves.
  4. If you can lay your hands on a photo of the celeb wearing the jewelry item (like your pic of Liz above) that establishes provenance and adds beaucoup dollars to what you can get for the piece. A similar appreciation takes place if your piece has the trademark of a famous jewelry house imprinted on it. 99% of the jewelry out there doesn't meet those standards and will not appreciate much, if any, past the current price of gold, and may depreciate if gold drops. An inherited piece, say if your grandmother left you a piece of Russian alexandrite - reasonably priced in its heyday, but incredibly expensive now, - you could capitalize on that scarcity.
  5. S01.E09: No Man's Land, Part One

    I believe Starz ordered two seasons, and season 2 production has started.
  6. S01.E02: I Think I'm Gonna Tolerate It Here

    Comparable to Kimmie's in Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt but with a desk, as JasmineFlower said. And Kimmie's room actually was a closet!
  7. S02.E02: The Darlington 500

    I am wondering why they are on superspeed with regard to the ship. I am guessing something happens in middle season that pulls them apart. Flynn's scene bothered me because Goran was really chewing the scenery. And kind of seems to have an insanely good memory. Loved seeing more about Wyatt's back ground. There is so much about Lucy's family nice to have a mention of someone else. I really don't care at all Connor.
  8. S02.E18: The Wedding

    He's already got that admiring but jealous thing started over just how gorgeous little Randall is. Little Kate was happy! That picture and SueB's recap will keep me going over the summer.
  9. Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Yes, yes, and helifino. Actually... in terms of my last couple of reunions, it’s been the opposite; we’ve used FB to coordinate the face-to-faces AND to establish contact with those who had fallen off the routes of traditional communications contact.
  10. S19.E15: In Loco Parentis

    The Good; Carisi centric rather than Bensonian, also you really feel for the accused kid and his family, showing the damage even an unfounded allegation can do to people. And nice to have a he said, she said rather than a clear cut victim with severe/fatal injuries. Hope we see more of his family, nice to see the characters have some life outside the squadroom, I mean when is the last time we saw Finn's son or Olivia's brother? The Bad; For crying out loud Carisi should immediately recuse himself from the investigation and Stone should have made that clear from the start to Benson knowing her reputation, everything he touches in that investigation is automatically tainted. Stone sadly seems to be going the same way as Barba and joining the SVU groupthink/Benson worship. And of course we have to have our Perry Mason moment where he goads the suspect into confessing on the stand, we couldn't have him being found innocent could we? Because the SVU have to believe every accuser and in the current political climate you couldn't portray some as lying? The writers need to show a bit more courage. Realistically the moment the defence got the disclosure from Carisi on the witness stand she should have applied for all proceedings to be dropped and she would have got it. One question, Stone seems to be getting increasingly pally with Finn and now Carisi, are they setting up a story where the SVU members are forced to choose between him and Benson? Reading through other's comments many have asked why Carisi was on the stand? Simple answer, the defence would have definitely put him there to (quite correctly) portray this prosecution as a family member abusing their authority. More troubling once his niece discloses to him about the first rape he has a duty of disclosure to the defence, he committed a blatant Brady violation.
  11. Yeah, I had no idea that was Angela on the bottom.
  12. They look so different since they retired.
  13. I think it's a mixture of causes. I think it started out as Trish genuinely wanting to help Jessica, albeit in a way that Jessica did not want to be helped - Trish honestly thought it would help Jessica to come to terms with her powers if she understood where they came from. But she also wanted to push Jessica to make greater use of her powers, because Trish - faded child star unable to rekindle former glories and struggling to find her place in the world as an adult - can't understand having that kind of power and not making use of it. She loves Jessica, but is jealous of her. Then, Trish has been feeling unfulfilled in her career - we've seen this season that she is trying to branch out into more serious journalism, while her radio station wanted her to stick to lighweight lifestyle topics, and that she has chosen the topic of 'people with powers' as her bandwagon - partly because it is highly topical, but largely because her exposure to Jessica has left her fascinated with the subject. She hooked up with that TV warzone reporter dude in large part because she envied the kind of life he was living and wanted it for herself. So she already had all that going on when she started using the drug, which I think only served to heighten her pre-existing obsession, pushing her to greater and greater extremes and blinding her to the collateral damage she was racking up along the way.
  14. S08.E12: The Key

    LOL - when Rick was running down the cellar corridor shooting the walls around Negan, the thought which leapt to mind was a line of Imperial stormtroopers guffawing and shaking their heads.... :D
  15. It's Kelsey Bond & Lauren Oliver. This is from Kelsey's IG, the pose in this one is a lot more clear as to who is who.
  16. S08.E12: The Key

    The only good.part was at the very end when Jadis spoke on behalf of every TWD fan (and former fan) by telling Neagan to "Shut up!".
  17. She was a semi finalist but didn't make it to finals.
  18. A birthday party for a dog? Did Veronica have a baby or is she holding somebody else's? Who are the two blondes looking up?
  19. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    Red would kill Garvey slowly if he hurt anyone on the Task Force. So one of Red's henchmen had heterochromia iridum ?
  20. Episode ideas/episodes you'd like to see

    1. An all-female recreation of the Stanford experiment results in one of the inmates being raped. At the trial the rapist then blames the conditions of the experiment for forcing her to act as she did. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_prison_experiment 2. A recently released ex-felon takes a rape survivors group hostage and demands his conviction for rape be annulled. He demands to talk to a male officer and when Benson refuses to hand the phone over he kills a hostage causing a rift between her and Finn. 3. The SVU work with the FBI/Department of Diplomatic Security when the teenage sons of an ambassador of a country wracked by civil war (Burma, Yemen etc) are kidnapped, the hostage takers demanding the end to gang rapes by the military or they will rape them and publish the video on the internet. Events take an even more sinister turn when the secret police of the country (with diplomatic immunity) start terrorising the immigrant community in New York and take their own hostages in retaliation. Then Finn realises an old Army buddy of his who worked as a mercenary in the conflict is involved but which side is he working for? 4. Rape survivors groups begin to picket cinemas showing old movies portraying un-PC scenes (the Vikings, Gone with the Wind, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Gwendolyn, The Long Ships etc). When the protests turn violent the FBI demand the SVU help them infiltrate the groups which they are reluctant to do. But then the statue of a former slave owner is blown up and replaced by one dedicated to the slaves he raped the cat is truly pitched amongst the pigeons.
  21. Small Talk: The Impala

    Sorry to hear that Diane. Like Red and Catrox said thoughts of comfort for you, your family, your friend and their family -hugs-
  22. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    lol, I was thinking the same thing, it seemed so raw. I know I would be somewhat taken back if someone told me it had been 2 decades. Definitely a sign that there is something a little off when so much of the running around was about Jack, the toast, the dreams, I almost thought is she marrying her Dad the way she was dreaming as of as a child? I hope this is a fresh new page next season and they don't show too much of that melodrama anymore. I can see Kate, if they had children, taking her kid to get ice cream all the time because her dad did or trying to imitate things to recreate them for her own. Some of that is healthy but not unless she sees the good with the not so good.
  23. S09.E10: Confronting Meri

    Meri is the worst. Just leave already. No one wants you around. Not Kody, not your sister wives, Not even your own daughter. A narcissist can not be trusted. Especially a lying, emotionally-cheating, history-revisionist without an ounce of empathy or remorse. Newsflash, they don’t trust you because you have given them MULTIPLE reasons not to trust you. Need a current example....take the B&B. Christine is saying that if her daughter was the one in labor, she would not have been searching all over the world looking for Meri. Because Meri brings a ton of baggage everywhere she goes and it would have taken from the serenity and joyous occasion that she wants her grandkids to enter the world. Meri, why have a drawn out 3-session therapy over an issue that you declare is not an issue? You claim to not be upset and guarded, but you drag all the wives to therapy to berate them for leaving you out? Bitch please. You can’t have it both ways. I’m glad Jenelle gave zero effs to her histrionics. She had every opportunity to be at the birth, but something else was always more important. So to cry afterwards that no one included you.....yeah, please sign me up for the tv-slapping.
  24. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    This would explain the incessant need for the feathers in her hair???!!!! *Runs and hides* 😬
  25. S02.E02: The Darlington 500

    This is where I'm at (though I think Goran does a great job). I'm cool with them having to reluctantly bring him in to help for a mission her or there, but I wouldn't want it to be a permanent thing. I just don't think that would make sense given all the things he did last season. Yeah, he was right about Rittenhouse and has good reason to want them destroyed, but he still did/tried to do some really terrible stuff, including trying to kill most of the time trio multiple times. I don't see how they could ever work with him as a more integrated member of the team. And having him with our team more permanently would really affect the chemistry of the show, I feel, unless they totally changed/whitewashed his character, which wouldn't make sense to me. Hopefully they find a believable way for him to have more to do but not be around all the time, if that makes any sense at all.
  26. Season 7 Talk

    Yay ! I love this show !
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