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  2. I meant to bring this up earlier, I hope I have the names right. Did anyone else find it suspicious that Reshanna read Tracee's journal about how she had headaches and had to quit. And then right after that Reshanna developed a bad headache and had to quit? It made me wonder if Reshanna had a highly suggestive form of hypochondria or else she wanted out and seized on that idea as an excuse? It was nice to see Terry enjoying her solitude. Compare that to the TV show Alone, where it seems like everybody they sign up complains about being alone. One difference is they have to film themselves on Alone so they actually are alone. Here, the camera crew is around, even if they aren't supposed to interact with them. A subtle difference, but most likely a big one.
  3. Pretty low bar. I kept waiting for her to pull the ripcord and release whatever steaming load she was carrying around in that dress.
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Same here - but NONE of my other addictions have anywhere near an equivalent time suck as does BB. :)
  5. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    Granted I don't actually watch the show, so have not seen 95% of the interactions which seem to have caused this feeling toward Lauren, but I don't dislike her either. I know I have a tendency to be a bit passive-aggressive myself sometimes, but never recognized it until my kids got to the sort of ages (college and beyond) to call me out on it. I'm just naturally a very shy/non-assertive/low self-esteem type personality, and Mr.Jyn is of the stereotypical type-A engineer/manager bent, so passive-aggression is really the only thing I have at my disposal sometimes. Not saying it's ideal, but after 33+ years of marriage, maybe letting those sleeping dogs lie is easier than stirring up the potential hornets' nests that therapy and whatnot might prove to be. I try not to go that route, but sometimes a roundabout way of trying to make someone recognize that they are being hurtful, or what have you, seems like the best option. Anyway, from what I have seen of her, Lauren doesn't seem that bad. She has probably been taught to keep sweet and submissive all her life, but may actually have enough intelligence somewhere behind it that she feels the need to try to mold things in the only way she knows, which is by trying to tug some strings without hinting that she might have any dominant tendencies. It might not be the worst thing in the world to introduce a bit of ambition, however it presents itself.
  6. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    There are a lot of ghost stories on my mother's side of the family. She was from rural PA and her family were straight from the hills in some ways. One really memorable one involved my mother's father. He developed cancer and went to stay with my uncle in Akron. This was back in late 1963 when there wasn't effective treatment and he knew it would be fatal. He in the hospital, very sick, and my parents went to visit. He told them about a 'dream' he had had. He described going via a 'white ambulance' back to his hometown in PA. He told them what roads they took which were off the beaten path, not the turnpike like most people used. He told them that he came to 'this place' on the main street in town which they thought was a little strange because he had never lived on that street. He was very excited about all the visitors he'd had, naming people he hadn't seen in years. My mother thought it was due to his pain meds, she kept trying to change the subject while my dad kicked her in the shins cuz he wanted to hear the story. Both of my parents said my grandfather seemed really amazed and excited about what he was saying, like he couldn't believe he what had happened and he seemed surprised that they weren't amazed, too. He died a couple of weeks later. The funeral was back in Pennsylvania. The funeral home was on the main street, the street he told them he had gone to. My father noticed something funny about the hearses at this funeral home; they were all white, looked like ambulances. He asked the funeral director if he had taken the body from Akron in one of his hearses. Yup. Surely he took the turnpike! Nope, he preferred the back roads for driving and gave my father the route; same one my grandfather told them weeks earlier. During visiting hours, there were a lot of old friends visiting including the half dozen or so people my grandfather mentioned by name. My mother believed in ghosts, my dad was a sceptic, but he verified the story. In retrospect, they felt my grandfather saw his death and funeral in advance, somehow. My own story: I did a lot of babysitting as a teen, we lived in condos and a lot of neighbors used us. One lady was a new widow, her husband had killed himself months earlier, using carbon monoxide in their garage. A few months after he died, there was a major fire in her house while she and her two sons were away one night and her bedroom and the master bath were virtually destroyed. They moved out while repairs were made and, after several months, were moving back; her boys were about 4 and 6; I was 16 or 17. The weekend she was moving back in, she asked me to babysit on a Saturday afternoon while she ran some errands. I arrived at the back door where her kids were playing on the patio which was next to the dining room/kitchen. I sat at the kitchen table watching the kids, doing homework and listening to the Indians' game on the radio, it was April, mid afternoon. After a while, I heard voices upstairs. She had one of the bedrooms set up as a TV room upstairs and I figured the kids had left the set on. I went upstairs, turned at the top of the stair where I was looking directly into her bedroom. Not 5 feet away from me, a young man wearing jeans, a white T shirt and workboots was walking into the walk-in closet just in front of her bedroom door on my right. He was there, I saw him, heard his steps, it was broad daylight. I thought that it was one of the guys still working on the house and I apologized for interrupting and went back downstairs. I mentioned to the kids that I didn't know they were still working on the house. The boys said the house was all finished, nobody had been there that day. Oh no! A burglar! There were only two ways into the house: through the patio and kitchen where I had been sitting with the kids or the front door. I ran to the front door, sure it would be standing wide open. Not only was it not open, the fire department had knocked it down a few months earlier and it was boarded shut, no way anyone came in that way. I went back upstairs and there was no one there, I looked everywhere. When she came home, I told my neighbor about it, she asked if he was tall and did he have curly blond hair. Her late husband was 6'4". I only saw the guy in profile from the shoulders down as he was half into the closet when I saw him from the side. Other weird stuff, mostly auditory, happened while I and 2 of my sisters babysat at other times; mainly the back door to the garage opening and closing, somebody opening and closing a kitchen cupboard and then running up the stairs. Same sequence, multiple times. I
  7. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Thank God Survivor and Dancing with the Stars starts next week. From one batshit insane fan base to another. CALL SHARNA'S RED HAIR TRASHY ONE MORE TIME, I'MMA COMING FOR YOU! It's like I have an addiction that I can't shake and I'm all right with that.
  8. Great description! Lo and add tourists. Lots and lots of tourists. And people looking for money taking pix with you while dressed as characters. And taxis and buses and car horns all day and night! And neon lights and billboards and broadway theatres and the train
  9. Nothing we "know" so far is even a real spoiler. We basicallly have a bunch of half-baked theories. Based on the report that neither Joe nor Sansa were filming on a certain day, my theory of the day is that Sansa and Gendry say "fuck all this" and run off together.
  10. Wouldn't there still be an issue getting out of the car? You'd have to host yourself up once either way.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Maybe. But Kaycee has won 5 vetos in a row, so she had zero chance of being evicted. Also, I don’t think any of Tyler’s allies would have both the winning ability coupled with loyalty that Kaycee has. Theyre a duo because they’ve stuck together without wavering since Day 1/2, and have both brought different elements and abilities to the game, when coupled together have been virtually unbeatable. If one were evicted, sure they’d find someone else to take the evicted’s place. But it doesn’t diminish what they’ve done and accomplished together.
  12. Season 7 Discussion: Season of Fate

    Zak went into the truth booth thinking he was Bria's match and then left convinced that he was Morgan's match...all the while forgetting that just hours ago he described his perfect woman as being a combination of Bria and Morgan's personalities. What a dumbass. The only reason why Zak is so into Morgan now is because despite all of the initial attention he got, Morgan was the only one that stuck around despite his dumbassness. He loves attention and he's going to convince himself that anyone who gives him that attention is someone that's possibly his match. I'm so shocked that most of the house thought they were a match, lol. Morgan is just so damn gullible. It's sad that she couldn't recognize how much damage control Zak was doing. Asia acting like she's a ride or die but she just loves being a part of drama. She was getting so heated about Morgan and Nutsa talking but she fully said she didn't even know what they were talking about. She's a fucking fool who walked up to Nutsa and then told Nutsa to get out of her face. She made ZERO sense the entire time. What, Bria gets a no match and now people can't even talk, smile or live their lives? Asia will meet the wrong one one day. Moe could have picked a better person in that house but he's just so shy and insecure, he latched on to the person he felt the most secure in approaching. I liked that Lewis is smart enough to feel some kind of way about Asia's behaviour. She was fowl. Tomas is cute but man, that was embarrassing. There's a good chance that knowing there was a camera in the room may have messed him up, lol. And no, I still cannot get over Morgan's damn weave. Doesn't she have friends who keep it 100 with her? How in the hell is anyone Kwasi's perfect match?
  13. I think saying that you don't want someone else raising your child is definitely a subtle slam against working moms. The Dodds might be supportive when the time comes, but I definitely think they are pro-stay at home. I don't think Danielle is actually suicidal, it's obviously an exaggeration of her feeling about being around other people's kids, meaning, she doesn't enjoy it. That is not going to endear her to them for sure, but it might have just been a passive aggressive comment after being grilled about staying home when she and Bobby have kids, which she does not want to do.
  14. Awards and Nominations

    It is incredibly depressing that this was the last we’ll hear about the show and the Jennings. I’d kill for another chance to see them. ATTN: Hollywood hacks, throw something together about the Jennings!
  15. It can take six to eight weeks for the medication to kick in. Blood tests and med dosage monitoring are important. Victoria said her thyroid was causing her weight gain. If this is true, she should have been going to her primary care physician for blood tests and possible thyroid scan. I do not understand the need to see a Cowboys doctor because her own doctor probably would send her to an endocrinologist unless he or she thought the weight gain was due to something else. I have a problem with Victoria saying her thyroid was the cause because she did not want to see the Cowboys doctor to have simple blood tests to check her levels.
  16. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    In the motorcycle case I only have questions, what the hell was that under the idiot plaintiff's lip? And what was the plaintiff on? Drugs, booze, or both? The old geezer who assaulted the other old geezer is a total jerk, and I'm just sorry the plaintiff's girlfriend didn't let him pepper spray the old buzzard defendant. In Pueblo, he's lucky the plaintiff wasn't one of the many people who think shooting jerks is a sport. And geezer defendant isn't so disabled he didn't work in the family construction business for many years. Actually, I recognize his name from living in that area. Shannon the car buyer paid $50 for a $2,000 car. The idiot defendant gave her a bill of sale after getting $50? Shannon the idiot was behind on payments from the first payment, pays $200 total, and never paid any more. Defendant repo'd the car after two months, and I'm just hoping there's a video of Shannon the assistant teacher walking out to see the car missing. Fortunately for the children of America, Shannon quit 'teaching'. Wow! The parking lot idiot drives the wrong way, over the parking curb cement every day? I can't believe Geico refused to pay the damages, but I guess the research to find the high quality, and very entertaining video of the defendant creaming the plaintiffs car was done after the claim was denied. I hope the defendant cuckoo bird brain got her insurance cancelled, and gets evicted so she has to bash cars in another parking lot. I'm surprised that she didn't rip the bottom of her car on the cement, but I can always hope the apartment complex dramatically increases the height of the concrete parking curb, and defendant finds out the hard way. The defendant was cuckoo for cocoa puffs, and is a menace to society. I didn't see what she does for a living, but I hope I never have to deal with her. She's as nuts as the Harley owner is, and the old geezer from the first case. What is it with the 'assistant teachers' lately? I'm sure the previous job at Target fully prepared the idiot car buyer to educate the youth of America. I also love how every repo'd car is full of valuable stuff. Shannon only paid $200 on the car, got a bill of sale then, and that was the first mistake by the defendant. Defendant repo'd the car, dumped the stuff in the bushes where the plaintiff and her idiot boyfriend live, and now claim it was a treasure trove. Shannon was told to go away by JJ. I hope the defendant learned not to be a schmuck next time when she sells a car. Actually I think if I ever sell on I'll use a car buying service, I may not get as much, but I don't have to worry about some idiot showing up at my house.
  17. The reason why her cease and desist isn't being handled privately is because Asia can't win any defamation suit against Rose. To prove defamation against a public figure/celebrity you have to demonstrate that the person had actual malice when spreading this false information. To demonstrate that, Asia would need forensic cybersecurity experts to examine the texts that Rain shared with police to see if Rain created the texts or altered Asia's texts in order to ruin Asia's life or that Rain received texts from a spoofed account, knew it to be spoofed, and passed along the info to ruin Asia. Asia doesn't have the money or connections to pull this off, which is why she trying this issue on the front pages of tabloids. Truth is always a defense to defamation claims. At this point, Rain's claim that Asia sexually assaulted the victim seems more credible because the victim has also given a similar account. However, Asia has no evidence that it didn't happen. While Argento can claim her lost jobs as damages and harm to her career, there is a way for the defendant to mitigate that argument if they provide evidence that the plaintiff's (Asia) loud public refutations of the allegations did as much harm to her career as the initial "false claim." Rose and Rain quietly turned the texts over to the police after Asia sent them in either late June or early July and then nothing happened until August when the texts leaked to TMZ. It's possible Rain and Rose leaked it to TMZ. However, TMZ has sources everywhere and literally keep staff just to go through court filings everyday. TMZ published a story on Demi Lovato's overdose 45 minutes after it happened and were the first to do so. Argento can claim that Rose and Rain the texts to TMZ, but she has no proof that they actually did it. Furthermore, Asia's loud messy responses to Rose and Rain have kept this in the news more than anything they've ever said or done. So she's as culpable for the harm to her career as the "false statement" might be. I'm sure her lawyer is riling her up, but he's had a number of disciplinary actions. He's pretty shady and there's nothing winnable about this case. Nothing.
  18. Believe me, I totally get it. I was born with a completely inactive thyroid. I'm 55 now.....
  19. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @Christina87 -so interesting! I don't know what to believe, but I do think there are things we can't explain and some people discount them because they don't believe and who knows. That's the thing about faith, which I am lacking, but, I like to believe there is something else after we pass and one day I will be with my grandma and brother. I loved a lot of my family that passed but, those two are special. Something to wonder about for sure. Most of it gives me comfort.
  20. This is JMO, but I found the earlier seasons (Blake/Trapper/Frank) much more quotable and funnier than later ones, but I know that's an OLD debate and we all like what/who we like! :-) In that vein, as everyone knows, Harry Morgan appeared in the earlier seasons as a looney tunes general in "The General Flipped At Dawn". One cute exchange was when Klinger, in his usual women's garb, encounters him as the general hisses, "Not now, Marjorie! I'm inspecting the troops!" The ending of that episode, though, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fly today. The part where the general tells the African-American chopper pilot how he did what he was told and not blamed. But before he was to testify, the general asks for a "number" and says it is in the pilot's blood, just before Not!Potter! breaks into song, dances away, and the MPs close the case against Hawkeye.
  21. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I don’t have any ghost stories, sadly, but I love reading all of yours. It kinda gives me hope. But reincarnation doesn’t really appeal to me at all....what is the point if you can’t remember? To me, it’s just the same as disappearing.
  22. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I'm so sorry to hear that, Patsy. It's never easy losing a furbaby. *hugs* This showed up in my facebook memories. Taken six years ago. I forgot how gray he was!
  23. I prefer the Kirkland French Vodka with the red glass bottom to the American one. I liked their Silver Tequila when I had to make margaritas especially for a party. Unfortunately they have stopped stocking it about 3 months ago due to the agave shortage. They still have their Anejo which I don't care for.
  24. Don't get too excited now. The only one she's demonstrated working knowledge (if we can call it that) of is green beans 😉
  25. General Gabbery: DWTS

    That should be great. A salsa with Cheryl would definitely stand out. I guess everyone is assuming he can dance, but I hope that's really the case. I guess he could be another Amber Rose, whom everyone expected to be good, but what a total disappointment.
  26. Small Talk: The Wagon

    I miss Alton Brown, though I do watch Good Eats reruns whenever possible. Glad to see that 2 new Good Eats series are in the works, the first to start Oct. 15 on Cooking Channel.
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