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  2. The problems looked mainly cosmetic and Lisa probably has a contractor she works with for all the restaurants. It means she probably got a good deal because everyone else was scared off by some holes in the walls and missing fixtures. Good for her. It may be that you eat food and are still skinny, but we've seen that Lisa Rinna doesn't really eat. She's been shown to have low self esteem and no doubt her starving herself stems from that, so I guess I kind of feel sorry for her because it must be a tough existence, but it doesn't mean she doesn't look bad. She's trying so hard to make herself more attractive with the not eating and plastic surgery, but sadly it's having the opposite effect.
  3. I keep on thinking if Cathy hadn't gotten cancer Jill and Derick would be in a totally different place now. Remember they got married while Cathy was getting treatment for her cancer so she was too weak to help Jill break away from the Duggar cult and this allowed Derick to get sucked in. Since Derick has such a weak personality and Jill is such a sad sack they've become zombies in the process.
  4. I don't understand. I I didn't say it was for their own benefits. I said it was their own motivations which might be for what they think is the greater good. Like a chance to right some wrongs.
  5. It seems anything relating to Chelsea, including Cole, just has to be looked upon different by her haters on her social media. Numbing is definitely not healthy. Children who have been molested, like me, shut out and numb themselves to the point where it can cause serious damage. Children who have been abused tend to shut down and numb their pain. I look at Jace and see a little boy who is already showing signs of shutting down his feelings. Pretty soon it will be Kaiser. Aubree is being stimulated in a healthy way by her mother and her side of the family. She may not be fully aware of what exactly her "dad" is doing to her, but sadly, she will be old enough and will notice how he treats her different because Adumb makes it obvious that she is not wanted.
  6. I'm a big fan of Merchette's "Yeah, I'm sure you do" response to Dylan saying he loves his daughter. I still use that line, just as sarcastically to this day. Even on occasion when I'm paid a compliment.
  7. With the ad for Cosplay Melee, does that limit the number of episodes of Face Off we'll get before Cosplay starts, or will there be a one week overlap/lead in?
  8. In a way, Olicity did make Black Canary irrelevant on the show. IMO, Oliver's crime-fighting partner was always going to be his romantic partner, or vice-versa. Felicity fills both roles more than adequately. When the Arrow switched partners, there was no place for BC other than being another muscle on the team. Better writers might have found a way to integrate the character (in whatever incarnation) but we know that's not the case.
  9. I really liked this episode but have a few questions/comments. What was the point of William being gay? It wasn't explored, they didn't show him say goodbye to his partner. Was it just added for political reasons? I thought it was a bit hokey that his cousin was sitting in the same spot in the bar 40 years later? Also did William ever call him to say he wasn't coming back or did they just not speak for 40 years?
  10. Quill made the Jackson Pollock joke in the first movie, which considering that he was a pre-teen when abducted by the Ravagers makes me think he's had at least intermittent contact with Earth culture in the years since. I mean, if he's been galavanting around the galaxy by himself in his own ship as an adult there's no reason he couldn't have stopped by at some point.
  11. Yeah, and the fake wedding also hurt Felicity's relationships with Diggle and Thea because they didn't seem to care at all how she felt about it.
  12. It is what it is. I mean at this point all people can do is hope for the best. I don't get how it helps to poke holes in Kim's better times. She can't keep living each day under a microscope and she can't live her life analyzing every single emotion, moment and action. She has to be able to flow through her days without worrying what is lurking around the next corner and just focus on one thing at a time and take pleasure in what she can take pleasure in. I get that things are always going to be up for consideration when it comes to Kim cause ya never know when there's going to be a relapse or what have you but I don't see anything wrong with this family drinking in every good moment they can, when they can and not letting her addiction take center stage all the time. I think its fine for the family to enjoy the remission for as long as it lasts and not treat sober Kim as "addict Kim" just in hiatus. This would keep guards up and watchful eyes lurking and would will end up marring all the good moments that they can try to take advantage of when they can. I think that would be such a sad approach. They know Kim's situation as a whole and know that for the most part it will always be a fragile state of affairs no matter how many years go by. Life's too short not to embrace the good times wholeheartedly and leave doubts at the door when you can. The new baby is creating an awesome focus for Kim and I think that's great. I hope they figure out a healthy way to continue on Kim's sobriety journey with her and make all the necessary decisions that's best for the family over all moving forward. Either way, it is what it is and they are just going to have to figure out how to keep on keeping on in the best way possible.
  13. Lol how would Natalie know what happens in the episode? They showed 5x13 to the press, not 5x14. We are talking about the reporter who tried to create fandom wars between Olicity and L/O fandom using a clip of Thea/Roy, implying Oliver is getting close to both Felicity and Laurel.
  14. The 2nd and 3rd names, I will agree upon. That is all . P.S. What was the point of calling this person 'Jr.' if there evidently no Senior out there with that entire name?
  15. With Flint, it isn't even about what he deserves or doesn't deserve. I can't picture him being able to settle down. Like Miranda said, he doesn't know how to stop fighting.
  16. I think the thing of being a terrible parent but being a wonderful grandparent is pretty common in real life. So it actually wouldn't bother me. And to be honest, I'd kind of like the dramz ;) I'm always up for family drama on tv. YMMV of course! :)
  17. I'm also pleasantly surprised that I'm liking Brandon more these episodes. It'll probably pass, but for now, it's good. I'm hoping it's not meant only to give him another love interest, but to help him realize that there's multiple avenues his music can take him. I can't with Callie anymore. The girl's got this ridiculous tunnel vision that makes her oblivious to how her choices can affect her future. It's getting to the point where I don't even feel sorry for her because she continues to dig herself into huge holes. I'm glad Mariana is in therapy, but quite frankly, the whole family should be, Callie especially. I do think Callie means well and is noble, but she's also hugely detrimental to herself and people that love her as an extension. I don't know if it's partially guilt because she ended up with Stef and Lena on top of having a wealthy biological father, but damn, girl. AJ is right. His brother didn't have a choice. I get that her integrity is being called into question and of course nobody wants to be accused of something they didn't do, but with her record, I don't know why she'd want to risk going to trial. Poor Jesus and Emma :( While I'm glad Emma is not alone in this, I'd rather Mariana be inserted as Emma's friend than Brandon, simply because of the drama that is inevitably coming from this with Jesus believing Emma and Brandon are involved. This show may be a minefield of contrived drama at times, but I don't think they'd hook up Emma and Brandon for real. So it's just more crap for Jesus to deal with and Emma on top of her being pregnant. Good grief. I'm also sure the kid killed his grandmother and someone messed with the video. Sigh. I hope Stef knows what she's getting into with detective asshat over there.
  18. Take a good look at being a physical or occupational therapist - most reports I've read recently on growth industries list these two. I've had to work with both and I can't tell you how much of a difference in my recovery they made, especially the physical therapists who I worked with longer. They really need to assess where you are physically and mentally in order to customize a program that fits you and can evolve.
  19. I would have cared more if Jake had been killed and that's who Bishop was " avenging " .
  20. They doubled down on the stupid actions by OQ to make it an absolute reality that O/F break up. And for FS to be left with no choice but to leave him. I disliked the fake wedding, but if they wanted to make it a little better they could have had it be FS idea. She still could have been heartbroken, but at least it would have been her idea to put the mission first. And who thought it was a good idea to have realistic romantic vows? Just get it done with to get the bad guy. I don't need to see OQ emotionally bartering with FS after legitimately doing so much wrong. I don't understand why they can't show any emotional growth or intelligence when it comes to OQ. Every season they do the same assault on their characters, and they never spare OQ. He is made to look so dumb year after year, its getting insulting to watch. I'm not dumb, I'm getting upset that the writers just assume the audience is dumb enough to believe that OQ learned nothing again. If and when they reunite O/F, I fully expect him to do something dumb that puts them in jeopardy midseason. What's the point of reuniting them, if I know they will only mess them up again for plot purposes? I love them together but if the writing pattern is going to remain the same, I don't really have a big desire to watch them reunite only to be melodramatically ripped apart for plot. I thought they would be a different and unique TV couple writing wise, guess that was too much to ask for or believe possible.
  21. Awesome! I was just wondering if they had a Spotify playlist or a soundtrack somewhere. The music on this show is so on point, and this episode was the best of all. Man, I will really miss William, but I think letting him die now was the right move. There's only so long you can keep a character around who you introduced while he was dying before things start to get cheap and overly dramatic. I figured he was going to die as soon as I realized we were getting his flashbacks, but his death at the end still hurt like a bitch. I loved getting so much of his life, and seeing how his life took a downward turn, going from a slightly dorky aspiring musician and mommas boy to a heartbroken drug addict. I loved the whole sequence of William meeting Randall's mom on the bus, intercut with them taking care of his mom. I just really love the interconnectedness of the whole story, with the main family and all the people connected to them, with the stories of Williams family, and previous episodes with Dr. K and the Fireman and his marriage. Its one of my favorite things about the show, the slice of life stories of these normal people just living their lives, and having their struggles and triumphs, and the beauty of the every day. It just gets me. Randall is such a lovable dork, glad he's doing better. "You get a cousin, you get a cousin!" I hope he can stay in touch with some of his Memphis family, at least through social media or something. He is always going to be a Pearson (I LOVED how William and Randall both referred to Jack as Randall's father, and the whole scene at the tree) so it would be nice to get connected with his bio family. Hey, its Paper Boi from Atlanta as Williams cousin Rickey! First he shows up as a lawyer over on How to get away with murder, and now here! Also playing the more trouble making musician cousin of a main character (although Ricky seems like WAY less trouble then Paper Boi), but he played it totally differently. He has a great voice and stage presence. If Paper Boi ever wants to leave the rap game, he could easily transition into R&B/Blues.
  22. Tara and Johnny don't bother me. I thought they were fairly invaluable during the Sochi Games, especially for the flights shown out of prime time. I just fast forward through their intros with Terry Gannon as nothing important gets said in those anyway. You be you, Johnny, and I'll be me with my finger on the FF button.
  23. How old was William supposed to be? The actor himself is 60-ish, so I'm guessing William's dad left for Korea? I'm just basing it on his mom's hairstyle, which seemed a bit more 50s than 40s.
  24. Thanks for the info... So clearly something must or must not happen in the episode to vindicate the question. Either because she turns into BC or because there are romantic elements present, right? I guess we'll find out. But I am glad that Diggle's wife is back for an episode at least.
  25. That's also true. But they made a lot of missteps before Sara was even on the show. That's how badly they messed up. I can think of so many things Laurel should've been doing in s1 that hinted at her becoming BC and they did none of them. So to blame that failure on a ship makes me LOL.
  26. Bringing Mary back to life always had the potential to change everything in the show. I mean to me I don't see why they resurrected her if she isn't going to have some huge impact on the boys lives and the show. Her coming back to life just to hunt and and destroy Deans childhood memories, and avoid being in their company as emotional as that was, is pretty meh to me.
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