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  2. Back in the early '80s most of those games came on a floppy disk that you had to boot the computer from. What I found much more entertaining than the actual game itself was the methods used to copy protect the disks. Over the course of time I would extract the binary image off the disk, reverse engineer the disk I/O calls and recode the works into a DOS compatible program. Haven't done that stuff in years, but I can still look at a hex dump and disassemble a lot of the opcodes from memory.
  3. I can’t believe I ate the whole cake. My failed attempt at a markup LOL @Birdiebutt
  4. Well this sounds like they are in a contract renewal cycle. I wonder if all the original cast signed for 6 years and then re-upped for 2 yrs. If they have the actors for Rick, Carl, Daryl, and Carol all negotiating their next contract, killing off Carl could have been a negotiating tactic to try to gain leverage over the others. Ratings are still high enough to keep the show on the air but the way they are falling it probably gives the main actors some leverage because its less certain the show can keep going no matter who dies. AMC and Gimple likely hate that and are trying to convince the actors not to play as much hardball in negotiations Now that I think about it, that makes more sense than Gimple taking this kind of risk with Carl because he cares that Rick's decisions making has some kind of tangible foundation.
  5. ^^That's what I keep thinking, too. Everything has seemed suspiciously straightforward so far.
  6. Maggie and Lucas?
  7. OMG, your recap. Hilarious!
  8. Chapter 31 “This is hardly what I would call resting Soltini.” Patrick strolled into Robin’s room and glared at her. Robin glared right back, not the least bit intimidated. “And I am hardly doing something stressful.” She tickled Rylee’s belly and laughed. “Right Ry?” “Right Grandma.” Rylee snuggled in closer to her grandma and pointed at the book in her hand. “We’re almost done and I haven’t seen grandma in forever.” Patrick winked at Michelle. “In that case, carry on.” He sat down next to Robin on the bed. “Where were you?” Robin patted Ry’s back and then turned the last page of the book. “Me, I’m the monster at the end of the book.” Rylee giggled loudly at her grandma’s Grover voice. “You’re funny grandma.” She turned around and looked at Patrick. “When can she come home?” He shot Robin an accusing glance. “You told her to ask, didn’t you?” “Haven’t you learned by now that my granddaughter has a mind of her own?” Robin laughed as she hugged the little girl close. “Besides, she misses having me at home.” “I love my grandma.” “And I love my Ry.” Robin kissed Ry on the top of her head and then smiled warmly at Michelle. “In fact, I love both my girls.” “And we love you which means that we should get going so that you can rest.” Michelle reached over and picked up her daughter’s book. They had been there for hours visiting and she was worried that her mom was getting worn out. “But mommy…” “No buts Ry.” Michelle picked up Rylee off the bed. “The more grandma rests, the sooner she can come home.” Ry’s lower lip went out in a pout. “Fine.” “Don’t worry Ry,” Patrick winked at her, “your grandma is doing so well that I may be able to release her in a couple of days.” “Really?” Her dark brown eyes smiled at him. “Really.” Rylee leaned over and Patrick took her from Michelle. She hugged the doctor close and then kissed his cheek. “Thank you for helping grandma feel better.” “It was my pleasure Ry.” He handed her back to her mom. “I will see you two tomorrow?” “Just try and keep us away.” Michelle turned and gave Patrick a quick kiss on the cheek as well. “Thank you for taking care of my mom.” “You never need to thank me for that.” He sat back down on the bed. “Now your mom on the other hand…” Robin playfully elbowed him in the stomach. “Watch it Drake.” “See how she thanks me for saving her life?” He wrapped his arm around her. “I swear that if she keeps this up I won’t take her on that date she wanted.” “I wanted?” Robin was about to say something else but Patrick but his hand over her mouth. “She’s still a little confused but I will clear things up for her.” Michelle just shook her head. Her mom may be sick but she looked happier than she had in years sitting next to Patrick. “And on that note, I will see you tomorrow. I love you mom.” “Love you too.” Robin watched them leave and then yawned. “It was so great to see my girls again. I feel better just knowing that they are okay.” “And how about my girl?” Patrick placed his hand on her forehead, thrilled that she was no longer running a fever. “I feel great.” She scooted a little closer to him. “You never did say what happened to me.” “What do you mean?” Patrick had known that Robin would be curious about her sudden decline. “I mean I was fine, a little sick, but fine and then suddenly I am one of the worst cases.” She sighed. “I, I don’t understand how that happened.” “We are still working on that. The important thing is that you are recovering.” He didn’t want her to worry about anything else but getting better right now. She didn’t believe him but decided to let it go for the time being. “And this mysterious donor? Will I ever get the chance to meet them?” Patrick had been debating that question for the past two days. Robert had recovered from the procedure and wanted to see his daughter. Patrick had kept putting him off because he felt that Robin wasn’t strong enough to handle the shock of her father being alive but now she was almost ready to go home and it was time that she knew the truth. “Robin, do you trust me?” “Of course I do.” She turned around so she was facing him and gently caressed his cheek. “I trust you with my life Patrick.” “So you know that if I didn’t tell you something right when I found out, it was for your own good.” “Patrick, you’re scaring me.” She did trust him but she didn’t like where this conversation was headed. “Who did the donation? It wasn’t Michelle?” “No, God no. Michelle and Rylee were never exposed, I promise.” Patrick took her hands in hers. “Robin, I need you to understand that every decision I have made over the past week has been to protect you.” “Okay…” “Robin,” Patrick was trying to find the right words but couldn’t seem to come up with them for some reason. “Robin, the person who saved your life, uh, who donated the blood, it was…” “For God’s sake man, just spit it out already.” Robert casually walked into the room as if he had just gone down to get a cup of coffee from the cafeteria, not been gone for a quarter of a century. Robin gasped at the sight before her. She rubbed her eyes, unsure if she was truly seeing what she thought she was seeing. She saw her mom and uncle walk in right behind the man, both looking incredibly guilty and realized that she was not seeing things. She studied the man. His hair was gray now and he had a couple of more pounds but the eyes, those steely blue eyes, gave him away. “Daddy?” Robert smiled at his little girl. “Hello sweetheart.”
  9. I feel like Rebecca might want Kevin close by, especially if we see her being reminded of Jack's addiction, so I can imagine him staying in the NJ/Pittsburgh area. I think Kevin might even stay with Rebecca and Miguel after rehab...though maybe I'm giving too much credit for the show to allow Rebecca to have her turn to be a parent to Kevin. I guess it's more my hope that he ends up staying with her after rehab for a while. It would also be easier for Kate and Toby to travel to NJ, rather than Randall and Rebecca (and the family) to go to California.
  10. Liam has to be the biggest idiot ever. He just swallowed Stuffy's blatant lies and continued to apologize, while blithely ignoring the giant red flags of "messed up bed" and "took a shower" at the guest house. I don't even understand how that adds up to Stuffy contemplating him. OVER TWO KISSES (rather chaste ones at that.) I want to just grab him and shake the cobwebs out of his head. Maybe he truly is brain damaged. I guess the B&B spies have been back because of the very painfully clearly spelled out explanation Brooke gave today as to why she is even entertaining reuniting with Ridge (or it sounded like anything with a pulse and penis would suffice.) That sucked and so made her sound like a woman out of the 1940s or 50s. I am so disappointed in her. At least she kept it open-ended, so either Sludge or Thorne could be slotted in. (Uh ... forgive the poor choice of words there! Oh, why not!?) I am already growing tired of the pissing contest between Ridge and Thorne. Now, it's just a game of "how low can I go?" The hell with Quinn gossiping to Maya about bracelet-gate? I like the way that Maya quickly shut that down, but it looks like
  11. Stuffy, that horrible lier, is getting better and better but she really doesn't have to improve since she has Liam making up lies for her. As Bill said, you lie until it becomes the truth. Let's see, Ridge wants Brooke, Thorne wants Brooke and Bill wanted Brooke. Bill wants Stuffy, Liam wants Stuffy and Wyatt wanted Stuffy. Seems fair to me. TIIC are trying to keep a level playing field that is until Hope is thrown into the mix. Hope has a lot of catching up to do. Fuck Maya and the horse she rode in on. Your no Mother Teresa yourself. Like you weren't jumping all over Rick's and Caroline's marriage or there wasn't a peep out of you about Quinn and Eric or Ridge and Brooke.
  12. You can probably find the full version online. No need for a paper copy. I have nothing religious in my home.
  13. I thought they were going to throw Jenna under the bus in that podcast by asking who's her fave current player. Then they let Miranda answer and asked Jenna her favorite RETIRED player. I know they ask that every week but they knew what was going on or wouldn't have diverted it.
  14. Awwww thanks! You're more than welcome to pop on in anytime! I try to use pop culture references to get the students' brains thinking about all type of issues and warm up their brains before they break my heart by telling me they didn't do their homework. I have all types of screen shots/photos that require the kids to correct grammar (I literally take a photo of my TV with the closed captions on - so easy) to have them think critically and compost a written response about things like social etiquette at cell phone use at sporting events. I'll display a photo/image and usually ask something like: "should the crowd be on their phone or should they focus on the game/match they paid to see in person?" It gets them writing and thinking and if that's all they do during my class, I know I did my best. I love my knuckleheads, don't get me wrong, but I don't love the ones whose parents "forgot to raise them" and think it's my fault their kid is failing. For the record: I draw the line with anything from the Kartrashians. They use the word "like" too many times and I just caaaaaan't with that filler word.
  15. Valley Forge did it for QVC. They used her house as a stage for what they were selling. The trees, the ornaments, etc. She posed and fluffed their work. The difference from 2014 to 2015 is staggering. Throwing shade. How sweet.
  16. What does that say? I can't believe we ate the whole c?pe! Whhhhhaaaaaat!! I didn't come in at the beginning. Twenty minutes into it they are arguing whether so-n-so would have taken heed if someone gave that so-n-so a clue about that so-n-so's future. This is riveting stuff. Absolutely absolutely fascinating and engrossing material. [Cursors to X & Clicks] I might come back to find out who "so-n-so" is. As it is now it's three doofuses on a sofa.
  17. My favorite moment of the entire series, bar none. I laugh every time.
  18. I don't believe we've ever seen them use the holy oil to keep angels out, have we? It's used to trap angels in. Maybe it doesn't work the other way around. I don't think Dean had any idea just how many angels there were. He saw the additional cars pull up, and took off running, realizing he couldn't fight them on his own. More cars could have shown up after he left. And maybe there are limits as to how many angels can be sent away with the use of one sigil. It's normally 2 to 4 angels, not 10 to 12, or possibly more. They at least discussed the option of using a sigil, so it's not like they somehow forgot they even existed. But it was ruled out as an option by Dean, whether you accept his reasoning, or not. And has Jack teleported yet with other people? If he's just learned to teleport himself, he may not be ready to take along 3 passengers as of yet. So while it was convenient to the plot that they couldn't use the tried and true methods of fending off angels, I didn't find myself shaking my head at just how ignorant they were. They were making spur of the moment decisions, and when Jack said he thought he could open the rift with Kaia's help, that's the option they chose. Not to mention, that's probably the option they wanted the most so they could get to Mary as quickly as possible.
  19. It hasn't lost me but it's not building to the satisfying conclusion the way last season did. Last season we start with Casey being posessed and burned out Marcus getting called in... all under the ominous backdrop that all these catholics in Chicago are ramping up for a visit from the Pope. There's a slow build that something *bigger* than Casey losing her soul is happening and it build and builds and builds... and it's well done in how it attaches to the origanal Exorcist book and film mythos and even as the family drama rises to a dramatic conclusion, we also have the ugly overplot revealed and the conclusion of Marcus saving the Pope from assassination. This season, while the demons appear to still being in control despite, you know, the *failed attempt to assassinate the Pope*, they are also mostly being treated as ineffectual and the running plot seems to be "kill all the exorcists" without any acknowledgement that their existence and conspiracy had to be somewhat revealed to the Pope and various higher ups. I also dislike the walk away from devout Catholics as the principals. Speaking as a non catholic agnostic, if two priests show up and say they're exorcists, no, they don't get to waltz into the sick kid's house with social worker consent. It worked a little better when there was a real sense that lapsed catholic or not, everyone did buy into the possibility of exorcism. The demon on the island has no real reason to have waited to kill the children... except that the overplot seems to be that all the demons are in cahoots to kill the exorcists and defile Tomas before his great talent can damn them all. And thats nice and all but it's not "we're murdering the Pope in broad daylight and nothing can stop us".
  20. Sad state of affairs if Jinger is the closet thing to a functioning adult in the Duggar clan because Jeremy married her and treats her like his own personal student. He has more influence over her right now than JB does. I would like to see Jinger come into her own without Jeremy leading the way. She should be able to "adult" without someone holding her hand and treating her like a child. Now listen to Babe and cling to him, and he will rid you of your Duggar ways inch by inch.
  21. Haha, I bet he will be now! I'm really impressed with his talent. I've only seen him in Star Trek and had no idea that he was so versatile.
  22. Why the woman singing "Here Comes the Bride" so offkey and so badly Kandi?
  23. Oh my goodness I wish Ben would put his hands down below the podium so we can’t see the incessant jabbing.
  24. That kid impresses the hell out of me. Very nicely written note.
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