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  2. S09:E23 02.18.18

    I really feel bad for those sisters.
  3. S24.E07: Beauty is Raw

    Great. More tears for Tyra to bathe in. She really gets off on getting people to break down.
  4. I haven't watched in a while but Daniel Kaluuya is one of my new favorites. His story about Oprah was delightful. He said "Oprah is premium", I believe it, plus she smells amazing. Believe that too. He was so good in Black Panther and he's been good in everything I've seen him in. Plus he's easy on the eye so that helps.
  5. S07.E12: Something Blue

    Right. My point in bringing up the porta-potty story is to illustrate how difficult Farrah can be. I’m sure Farrah is the only cast member who wouldn’t let the crew use the bathroom in her home, so they had to order a porta-potty. That’s my point. She’s a diva, and difficult, and they’re probably sick of it.
  6. S36 Brendan Shapiro

    I much prefer how Gordon asks the interviewee their impressions of the other contestants as opposed to Josh listing the other contestants' impressions of the interviewee. Gordon's is like gossipy, it's more fun to read than Josh's which is kind of monotonous to me. I'm sure that's a huge MMV though. It's interesting how similar the impressions are. Everyone thinks the one Stephanie is super friendly, the other Stephanie (Gonzalez) is sneaky, they all peg Jacob as a super fan, etc. I wonder how many of those carry over once the game begins. Probably not many but I do have to think the people pegged as aloof are not off to a great start. Anyway, Brendan seems nice enough. With one or two exceptions, everyone is saying all the right things in these interviews, to the point where they're all blending together in a boring way. I'm ready for the show to start, however ridiculous it might be!
  7. I am shocked that PK wouldn't be there for all the cameras. It seemed like the Bella editor was telling them to get out like they had the real party to get to without the HWs.
  8. If you haven't actually watched the movie, I don't see why you would. If anybody actually has, what did you think?
  9. BB After Dark: Nighttime is the Right Time

    Lol! If I was Dorinda I wouldn't be watching this show. I would be cooking, cleaning and making it NICE! Look out, Brandi is starting her drunk screeching.
  10. I just read it and while I think it works as a fic, I thought that both Tommy and Felicity were wildly out of character. Oliver was more selfish so if he had known Felicity when he was younger, he might still have turned out to be the Ollie of before Lian Yu. But if Tommy had had Felicity when he was younger, he wouldn't have been the Tommy of the show. That Tommy was wounded by the death of his mother and the loss of his father and one of the reasons he was attracted to Laurel was because she had such a clear path for herself and she told him what to do. With Laurel he was found, or thought he was. I can't see a Flommy romance at all. They're too similar, like Oliver is too similar to Sara.
  11. im detecting a certain vibe between Smedley and the Warbler. Very subtle but i don't know if they quite like each other. I may be in the minority but i like Smedley. Something about Warbler I just don't like. I can't put my finger on what it is but I don't care for her. Smedley joked that this is the first time the two of them have worked together without the protection of MBR and Warbler seemed at a loss for words. i think she was offended.
  12. S03.E13: Nathaniel is Irrelevant!

    Even Rebecca's occasional flashes of guilt and insight into herself are not new and therefore to me don't indicate recovery. She previously had those all the time: she's the villain in her own story, remember? She's a stupid bitch. She's always had moments of remorse and guilt and awareness of her dysfunctions. She's always apologized and confessed and made gestures toward doing the right thing. She's even made attempts at amends. Her entire relationship with Valencia is an example of that. She has a label now, but I think she's more dysfunctional. She used to actually help people sometimes, as with the lawsuit over the water issue. Lately she's not working at all as far as I can tell, and she's ONLY been shown to be chasing or avoiding Nathanial, more or less.
  13. Erika sounded like a drug cartel lawyer tonight -- "Sit down and don't say another word, Dorit!" (apt, come to think of it...) She was hilarious when she was trying to get back on the couch -- piss-drunk, legs crossed to hide the puss, almost sliding into Lisa V's crotch like a Russian hooker falling into Putin's lap -- all with her friggin' Kristy McNichol bangs still perfectly fluffed. If only she would enter every scene like that. I think Lisa was hurt, but I'm also pretty sure she was seething, and planning to put an end to the era of Dorit the Manic Pixie Dream Housewife - her hand in the photo looks like she's sizing up Dorit's liver by weight (to be served with a nice Chianti): Do you hear the lambs calling, Dorit?
  14. Pants and a fur vest to a wedding? For real Erica? She looks very out of place
  15. Why, WHY are they following her around??? Please give us a break!
  16. S31.E08: Mercenaries of Mayhem

    I don’t like Kam but Cara acting so put out that she used the grenade on her was annoying. It’s always the same bs that nothing can be done to the vets. Why was Tori picked to do the elimination. That was a joke.
  17. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    . . . .aaaaaaaaaand the forum is up. Fill it with your displeasure! How many more episodes are there for Outlaw Star? I think they're approaching 26, so I'm thinking we'll get a new/newish anime soon.
  18. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I guess that could be anyone, really.
  19. S03.E05: Sweat Equity

    I guess Ken went back to Denver.
  20. Okay . . . reach out with your anger. I know this isn't the best anime, but I don't want to grab Asta, pull the giant sword from his grimoire, and beat him with it. From what I understand, I may be in the minority. Also, I thought there was Engrish in the credits, but they weren't singing about "THE DEVIL." Still pretty good credits, though. Hey, at least this is a good way to kill thirty minutes before the bugfuckery of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.
  21. BB After Dark: Nighttime is the Right Time

  22. Figure Skating

    Also, Osmond and Miyahara considerably improved on their scores from the team event. Kostner went down, by comparison.
  23. LOL! Dorinda, is that you? Anyone catch the “rose game” they started playing tonight? It was legitimately funny. Also, what was that pink poodle thing they would cut to on occasion?
  24. S07.E12: Something Blue

    Because Farrah told the crew they couldn't use her bathroom. We thought she had originally ordered the porta-potty for the crew, but Larry said he and the crew didn't want to have to go elsewhere to use a bathroom. He confirmed it in a video that was posted here last week.
  25. Pet Peeves

    I use almond milk in my cereal, but I hate almonds. I hate raisins, too, for that matter. I swallow them whole like pills (all nine in one gulp) so I don't have to taste them. (The gin doesn't make them taste better.)
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