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  2. It's a "GRRM wouldn't do that!" thing (now with a bit of extra outrage over Jon kneeling), as though grit and twists mean he's completely abandoned fantasy tropes and storytelling logic. We aren't going to see Tyrion die before he meets Dany or Arya die before she returns to Westeros, and however cliche it is to have the hidden prince and beautiful heroine hook up, Jon/Dany was always a very likely ending. It would be wildly unrealistic if Westeros became a democracy, as some theories claim, and Jon/Dany has the potential to be the Henry VII/Elizabeth of York match that unites potentially conflicting claims so that the heir born of the marriage has an undisputed right to the throne. Of course Dany would consider the political advantages of Jon after learning about R+L=J and could very well fall for a brave, well-meaning leader who sees that the Others are the biggest threat to the realm; same for Jon, who'd be even more willing than Dany to recognize someone else as the supreme authority as long as the Others are defeated. I'm just hoping that Kit and Emilia have good chemistry. The script pages are fascinating because they have the potential to be such solid spoilers: not just set reports or photos, but actual dialogue. At first it seemed most likely that the leaker was just making things up, so doubting him made sense. Then the location filming demonstrated that he must have had information about the plot that no fan could have simply guessed based on the books. His knowledge about the location filming already gave him a lot of credibility and made it likely that his claims about indoor scenes were true too, but Walder's return is further proof that he didn't only know about the Dragonstone and King's Landing crews. I remember there was some talk about whether the casting of a new Lord Frey meant he'd been lying, but so many of his spoilers had been confirmed that I expected we'd get some kind of logical explanation for why they'd cast a new lord if Walder was indeed returning like the leaker claimed (I'd guess the lord will get a couple of lines and serve as son #1, cast as the lord rather than the heir to avoid confirming the spoiler). The script pages, though, are even more undeniable if they turn out to be true, which we'll find out in 7x01: if the Frey scene has the dialogue from this newest leak, I'll confidently expect to see every plot point onscreen that the leaker described in 2016.
  3. I'm still confused about this microchip thing and the Prague stuff seems like it was written five minutes before filming began. And of course I hate that Chloe is being thrown under the bus for fucking Deimos, and I remained confused about what the writers are going for with him. Was there a regime change behind the scenes when this stuff was being written?
  4. So true !!!!!!
  5. Why was Bill Maher so weird about refusing to answer if he was friends with any conservatives? He ducked and bobbed and Conway-ed to avoid the question until Jimmy finally gave up.
  6. This was my least favorite episode so far. The only scene I found touching was Dr. FolksyCharm at his wife's grave. I disagree that Jack is being portrayed as perfect because to me making impulsive unilateral decisions about the family's housing and finances is a huge, glaring flaw. Mandy Moore's acting just doesn't do it for me. I can tolerate her in small doses, but having her featured so much in this episode was off-putting.
  7. I enjoyed this one too (waahh, only one left...I've been savoring them slowly, but since the next one is "Part 2", I will probably have to watch it soon). I was honestly really surprised though that Louie didn't try to do more to go find that girl. It was pretty unconscionable that no one else on the train even gave a shit at all, but I thought as a guy with two daughters, he would be more persistent than that. I was operating under the assumption that this was total BS, but maybe I'm too optimistic/naive!
  8. I think (like so many other former DCCs) she actually looks better now!! Did she get a nose job or is it a good angle and contouring?
  9. I had the same thought. It almost seemed she started the sentence, then realized how silly it was, then tacked on "based on what you've seen of me before. <when I was more lively>" Like when?
  10. Just a warning - This is going to be a long post because there was a lot to chew over last night. I thought the episode was very good. It held my interest until the very end, and for the most part, the writers have quickly fixed what has been the biggest problem with the show this season. That problem being Weller. Goodbye Nas! I don't care how fast it happened. I don't care that realistically, they would never just break up and become instant colleagues again. I don't care. I'm just glad Weller and Nas are no longer a thing and the office, for the most part, is back to normal. Aye-freakin-men! I also loved that Weller and Jane were back to being the characters they were at the end when Jane visited him at his apartment. I was afraid Nas might be there, but nope, Weller was alone, and he and Jane felt normal again. Reade and Zapata are also back to being colleagues. There was no sign of Zapata harboring secret feelings for Reade and I'm happy about that. It does seem like Reade is the new Weller in terms of hooking up with two different women in the same episode (and one of them made no sense), but I don't care. As long as Reade isn't with Zapata and it's not affecting the team dynamic. Now to best part of the episode - the Roman/Jane dynamic. The episode basically centered around one question - Is Roman capable of loving someone? That was the crux of the episode. Was the psychiatrist correct in that Roman didn't love Jane and was not capable of caring about anyone? At points in the episode, I truly wondered if Roman was, indeed, an anti-social personality, and you could see the fear on Jane's face at different points that perhaps her brother IS the anti-social that she's been told he is, but I still believe he is not. I have to say, I loved watching Roman and Jane in undercover mode. It just works for me, and I love watching Weller and the team be a part of it all too. I think it all works. Anyway, the most important moment in the episode for Roman's character is in that initial flashback when he first sees Kat. In it, we see Roman in bed with Kat, and the she wants to run off with him. She tells him that she can see that he hates being told what to do by Remi and Shepherd (that's a really interesting point). It's the first implication that Roman is not the good little soldier who likes doing what he does. Then when he's talking to Remi, she is cold and detached and tells him that he is not going to be seeing Kat ever again because Shepherd thinks he's getting too close to her. It's over. Roman realizes that his sister ratted him out. In that flashback, it's Remi that is cold, without emotion, and without empathy. Roman admits to his sister that he really likes Kat. He doesn't say he loves her, but that he really likes her. There's nothing wrong with that. Roman does't have to be in love with her, but the fact that he admits he likes Kat and wants to continue to pursue the relationship tells me that Roman is not without feeling or not capable of love. Remi, in contrast, seems heartless. She doesn't care that her brother likes Kat or that her brother seems happy. She wants him focused on the mission, and the mission is the only thing that matters. So Roman breaks it off with Kat. We don't know how Roman felt afterwards, but we do know that Roman in some ways resents his sister and Shepherd. I say this because he admits it a few episodes back when he and Jane are on that mission to get the chip, and Roman lashes out at Jane for turning him into the psychopath she believes him to be, and that he doesn't enjoy killing, and that she chose to abandon him by wiping her memory. Roman comes across to me as a man who actually wants to be loved and wants to love but he's been told his entire life not to allow emotion or feeling to get in the way of anything else. So he keeps people at a distance. That's different than not being capable of loving someone. He was told to kill his rabbit that he loved, he was told to break up with a woman he liked, and he was told to get over losing his sister when she chose to forget him - and all for the mission. It was just remarkably sad. It was also sad watching Jane come to the realization of what she had done. In that closing scene with Roman in his cell, she wasn't surprised when he told her that she forced the breakup, and when Roman felt he might not be capable of love, Jane was reassuring, but you could see the doubt on her face when he turned away. It all left me wondering, and that's a good thing. I don't think the episode was predictable for that reason. Last, the Weller reveal at the end that Shepherd watched him while he was in high school. Could Weller also be one of Shepherd's soldier orphans like Remi and Roman? Weller had no mother, and he was estranged from his father. So the opening was there. Hmmmmm
  11. I'm not sure it's Gilligan writing them. He's obviously a genius as showrunner, but he comes across in the podcast as a little retrograde when it comes to his attitudes about women. But a lot of the episodes are written by women, although of course there's lots of input in the writer's room and I'm sure ultimately Gilligan signs off on all scripts. He said that, in the episode "Half Measures"? Wow. I should go back and watch that again. It's really a pivotal episode for the entire series anyway.
  12. That's true. My daughter lived there a year in college and a year afterwards. I said once to her, not thinking, well isn't there a bus or train and she's like " To London or other large cities but I want a grocery store" Her second time there, she lived in Brighton (I missed the HHI show on that city) and could walk to stores, restaurants, beach, it was much nicer.
  13. Ok, so I'm screaming at the screen again. First, Cynthia lied about cooking for her household. Her daughter is doing all of the cooking. All Cynthia does is lie in her bed, waiting for her daughter to cook. That's not HER cooking. Second, if I was the brother I would have left her to her own devices as far as getting back and forth to the doctor's office after she bitched at me the first time. I'm glad he told her about herself finally. And what pray tell is she sacrificing? It's commendable that she took in her cousin's kids to raise, but on the other hand, she made her situation even harder by having two kids of her own out of wedlock. Where is their father? Just wondering. I like to shit when she voiced, "I'm still committed to the diet" while eating a humongous sandwich and fries. And then she doesn't understand why she gained 4 pounds. Delusional much? Her attitude sucks!!! And as far as her resting bitch face? It's because she's a bitch! LOL!
  14. The fuck was she talking with Lisar in the yoga clothing store? Of course, Kyle isn't going to jump in and take sides in an argument at her home between her sister (who's in recovery and with whom she has a fragile and tenuous relationship) and Lisar. Because that is ground that's been plowed over and over again. And then , Eden ambushes Kyle at lunch asking for a medical history to get to the bottom of Kim's addiction issues. Yo. None of your bidness, bitch. My sister is an alcoholic; I'm not. My parents, the rest of my sibs and I are all social drinkers. And...? And Lisar, with her, "Kim is one step from death" routine. Leave it be. It doesn't concern you. And it especially doesn't concern Eden. Dorit gets more and more fake with every week.
  15. That sounds awfully specific. Is that how the Touches spend their family vacations?
  16. Today
  17. I agree they could have them as background characters. Like one or both sitting with Queen Mary when the Duke came to visit her or leaving when he came to visit. In the King's Speech they had a dinner scene with the other sons and daughter when they were waiting for the King George V to come to dinner even though they never spoke.
  18. FINALLY!
  19. I have to admit I was expecting Jay, being 21, to go down in the first or second round. I noted how Baker and I think Marcaida talked about how heavy and kind of hard-to-swing Jay's blade was. My thought was, "Isn't that kind of the point?" During "history lesson" about the blade they made a point of say that armies that used these things put them in the hands of the biggest, strongest guys they had. While I'm sure Baker and especially Marcaida are very skilled users of various weapons, neither of them strike me as being especially large or strong.
  20. Hi there ! Not read all the posts here (this week is quite hectic) and if it has already been posted, sorry. Well, when Leah was asked what she wanted to ask Miscavige if he was in front of her, I was really surprised by her answer, because I was waiting for something like : "Where is Shelley ?" and it then clicked in my head : OK, maybe THAT's the hot topic which will be disucssed in S2 and that's why they didn't talked about it in this season... Am I the only one ?
  21. I cannot really fault Alison for being enthusiastic about the possibility, down the line, after completing training, of a job she suddenly realized she could actually be good at. Which must be a first in her life as we know it and is reason enough for her to be over the moon. Now the urge to share that exhilaration with Cole, within the context, that I can side eye.
  22. I'm really happy to hear there's someone else who hated how Niles behaved when it came to Daphne. Video tapping her while she was asleep? As much as I loved the Matchmaker, I hated Niles showing up because Frasier was trying to set her up with the station manager or when she was upset over her break up with Joe and kept saying his name and trying to get a chance to "hold" her or being jealous over his own nephew who had a crush on Daphne. I loved him getting called out for his part in Daphne calling off the engagement, I really wished it happened lot sooner. I also loved the episode where Daphne comes back after losing the weigh because it brought up my problem with Niles towards Daphne, although a lot nicer that he loved his fantasy of Daphne that he loved at her, from a far. My problem he never really saw Daphne as a person, with her own thoughts, feelings and what she wants. Like when Daphne was upset over her breakup with Joe and crying, he's only worried about trying to hold her, he's seeing Daphne a person who is in pain and just was dumped. He's not interested in comforting her over the breakup, just that its a chance for him to hold her. He keeps saying Joe's name after she said it was too painful to try and get a chance to hold her. Not caring that he was hurting her. The early seasons are my favorite. I love the pilot how they introduce each character, I Hate Frasier Crane, Here's Looking at You, Selling Out, Oops, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Give Him the Chair with Martin explaining why he wanted his chair, Frasier Crane's Day Off, My Coffee with Niles, the UnKindest Cut of All, Duke's We Hardly Knew Ye, the Botched Language of Cranes, the Candidate, Someone to Watch Over Me, An Affair to Forget, Agents in America Part III, She's the Boss really all the episodes with Kate, the Last time I Saw Maris,Frasier Grinch, A Word to the Wiseguy, Look Before You Leap, High Crane Drifter, Crane Vs Crane, Police Story and You Can Go Home Again. There's so many really good ones.
  23. I don't think we got to see Galen's full message to the Rebels, did we? He started going into the details near the end of what we saw, but then the Death Star blew up the city and they had to run.
  24. I also assumed it was way too old a reference, but I couldn't think of anything other than mash to go with monster. What else is there? Well, now that I typed that, monster truck comes to mind.
  25. i wonder if Gideon is holding off on killing Emma but has some sort of leverage over her and has sent Killian on some epic quest through many lands to track down whatever magical MacGuffin Gideon wants that he can't get for himself. Maybe something to reinstate his Fate that got sheared by the Shears. Meanwhile Gideon has Emma glued to his side...maybe she took Aladdin's place as a genie and Gideon's her master.
  26. I loved that movie.
  27. For me it's not that I view Felicity dating Mayo as different from Oliver dating Susan. It's that after what he did last year to still want them together I needed him to either 1- apologize 2- care about what was going on in her life 3- struggle to be with someone else. It's his indifference on top of what he did last year that made me give up. If they broke up for another reason I still wouldn't like temporary LIs but they wouldn't be such a deal breaker. And I know it's the writers that are incompetent to blame for this mess but I watch what's on screen and that makes me wish they would write an amazing story for Felicity and forget about her relationship with Oliver. And it's sad to me because it was one of the things I loved about the show.
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