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  2. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. If PMK can collect her 10% somehow, it’s all good. Robert is single right now.... 12 years old.
  3. I didn't think it was sexual harassment, that's just what got me into checking the site occasionally. I'm not sure I believe the comments - that site is depressing, and makes everything sound fake in Hollywood/music, which it can't be (not everything).
  4. Lionel, Katy and Luke: The ABC Judges

    OH I minded Jlo, but the class of a person who puts their hands in their pits and then smells them on TV? pure class. are they looking for the 4th grade demographic now
  5. S05.E05: Facial Recognition

    I guess Richard is someone who finds speaking in front of children easier than adults. I have wondered before why he didn't let Jared takeover things he found awkward. For instance I felt like Jared could have done the bulk of the orientation earlier this season with some help on the tech part.
  6. S05.E18: Gray Star Mutual

    "Witness me, blood bag!" I love Jake, especially when he's quoting movies! I enjoyed this, but I'm not the pickiest when it comes to B99 - I've enjoyed and rewatched everything except the stupid trial of stupid prison which pissed me off so much last season. I liked Pimento here - he's such a mess, and it's hilarious when we find out that he's only been an insurance investigator for two weeks. And just when we think it's Pimento's crazy that makes him suspect Boyle for the arson, his boss says that the turpentine was all the evidence they needed to accuse Boyle! I mean, seriously? Wow.
  7. QVC

    We also have twin grands! They'll be 26 next month. It does fly!
  8. I get what both of you are puttin’ down.. Early on Bethenny even answered questions about the supposed fallout by saying ”there WAS no fallout”... however Carole has continually blabbed to press about the way she viewed B then...and how she views her now. have to admit...after reading Andy’s books and the calls he took from Jill (and Bethenny?) regarding their fight and it “making for good TV..I wondered for a second if this all is fabricated to a certain degree...but doubt it highly.
  9. The Judges

    Martha Stewart Joins Food Network As Newest Chopped Judge
  10. I'm not sure it's sexual harassment, though. Official statements usually go for "inappropriate conduct" in such cases, here it was "emotional abuse" and "creating a hostile environment". Hilarie Burton praised her experience on the LW set last fall, compared to her horrible experience on OTH. So, either he still kept himself in check back then. Either the cast, crew and producers shielded and protected her this time around. Or his assholery was limited to a category of people she doesn't belong to; for example he's horrible to crew members and not actors, and some of the cast refuse to share scenes with him out of solidarity for the crew.
  11. That's not Sandra. It's an OAP... for what I can't say, didn't watch. Oops, never mind. Sorry DTS.
  12. Can't speak for AwesomeO, but for me, its that Michael simply isn't as well developed as Lucifer. I wish Lucifer were long gone from the show, but even in S5, and certainly now, Lucifer was much, much more of a presence than Michael ever was. Michael's AU-incarnation, where he's simply a pretty generic baddie, doesn't help. Which is why, though I'm still looking forward to Michael!Dean, if that's what we're getting, it rings a little hollower than it would if Michael had been a more significant presence in the show. Like, it isn't going to happen and wouldn't make any sense if it did, but a scenario in which Dean wound up possessed by Alistair would have had a ton more intrinsic dramatic potential, given the history between those two characters.
  13. S01.E06: A Mercy

    The guy's were open and unblinking since he was attacked. It was creepy, so they tried closing his eyes. Every time they did, his eyes would open again. The sealing wax was to keep his eyes shut. This episode was the most difficult to get through thus far. I do have to say I loved Blanky and Fitzjames' conversation, foreboding and, well, terrifying. Ian Hart knocked it out of the park. The exchange between Crozier and Jopson was beautiful and a much needed moment of kindness and affection. Same for Bridgens and Peglar's book recommendation scene (I read these two as lovers, personally, and get the impression they've been together for years). But wanting things to go right for them, just once, is clearly too much to ask. Fitzjames was being a good leader, trying to do the right thing by his men (and earn some goodwill along the way). Then Dr. Stanley burned it all to the ground. D'oh! Thus our next blow: many useful, or even necessary items/supplies were destroyed in the fire. Now the food crisis is about to come to a head. And they only have one doctor who's not technically a doctor left to care for them all. I like Tom Hartnell, and Sgt. Tozer. I hope they side with Captain Crozier when Hickey stages his mutiny or whatever other devil things he has planned. Crozier needs allies among the men. I think the ones who see the Captain knows what he's doing (more than any of them) are most likely to remain loyal. It's the ones foolish enough to think they could do better who'll be the problem. Of course, throw in lead poisoning, scurvy, malnutrition, starvation, etc., and all rules go out the window. I've grown to like Fitzjames more and more. He's a good counterbalance for Crozier with the men, and I respect him for being honest and honorable enough to admit he was wrong, and wise enough to seek the counsel of those in the know and take their advice (unlike his predecessor). I really care about him now and am sorry to see him showing symptoms of scurvy (?). That doesn't bode well. :( I loved Crozier's rally to the men, as inspiring as anything Sir John penned. He was stepping up, taking command, being the leader his men need. Then it all quite literally went up in flames. Thanks again, Dr. Stanley. :p In any case, between the immolation, Hickey poking around in that poor Marine's brain and later gutting Dr. MacDonald (RIP, good Doctor), not to mention Jacko bashing her own head in, there was so much darkness in this episode it was hard to watch. I usually watch it twice in a row because there's so much to take in, and I did see it a second time, but I had to think about it first. Tonight was the first time I hesitated. I dread more than ever what's to come. Moments of kindness and beauty remain, but every time a glimmer of hope flashes something else goes very wrong. It's all very tragic, and this is only the beginning.
  14. Oh no. :( I check out blind gossip every so often, since the "me too" stuff, and one person guessed it was him, when I read it. What the hell?? He posted on instagram: "This article comes as a shock. I love each and every cast and crew member - and this is a great job. I would never jeopardize that for anyone. Actively exploring it's origin."
  15. S01.E11: And the Nurses Get Screwed

    NOOOO! = Me when Feldman referred the hypochondriac to Lane. Be careful what you wish for, but still, harsh for her. The attending became a Mina fangirl, I relate to her now LOL. "She has the right to be arrogant because she's brilliant", yep. I love how S.R. Wilson's face lights whenever Mina speaks of Surgery. I was pleasantly surprised by the writing for this episode. First, the tone. I feared in the beginning it would be heavy and humorless, but Dev's adventures in the ER, and Mina's zingers, balanced everything. I enjoyed how capable Dev is and how Conrad compliments him, now, when he deserves it. Second, Lane's manipulations. I enjoy the hell out of that storyline because it's well-written imo. It's sustainable. I just watched a show where there's a supposed genius manipulator but their actions are mostly stupid because they're evil for the sake of it. Lane is written smart, so smart, it ups the stakes. And Team Nic is always a step behind because good people can't fathom such evil, less coming from someone who took an oath to heal, but once they have the necessary elements they do draw the right conclusions so I don't feel throwing things at my TV and it makes me root for them more. Not everyone is blind, even some people on the "jury" were on Nic's side. And there was Mina and her realism and how she pushes Bell's buttons. She's the best foil for him. I loved Mina and Claire's scene, since it showed what was going to be Claire's downfall. She was warned, she just ignored the risks because was too arrogant. I like the nurse, Alex (?) who talked to Conrad. She wasn't fooled either. Lane took the mask off with Conrad, and that was a damn good monologue. She looks so nice, and she's so ruthless. If they were on the good side I'd be shipping Team Shady. Well I do ship them actually, minus the "root for" component. They're perfect for each other, and I'm actually curious about the nature of their relationship. Does Lane manipulate Bell and he doesn't see who she is, or does he and he manipulates her, too? Or does he not know what she's capable of, but will be even more turned on once he does? They're the Supercouple from Hell. Conrad and Nic are cute. I've always liked how their work as a team, and the friendly side of their relationship that was developed before they got back together. It makes their relationship now more believable.
  16. S10.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Omgawd! That can’t be... well see y’all in another network.. that sickens me. what? does the Wig have some contractual thing with Bravo that they can’t fire her (like Vicki G)? ugh... thanks for head up tho 🙏
  17. S05.E02: The Break Up Bunch Part 2

    B-but there's an app for that!
  18. Sorry OT...but please join me... 🙏 Boycott Bravo UNLESS... Dont Be Tardy for the Party is cancelled! enough is enough..and after RHOA reunion part 3...it is obvious Bravo has created a monster...The Wig! i will follow thru but hate giving up my guilty pleasures watching if cancellation doesn’t occur. please join me!. Let’s at least send a message!
  19. Season 10 (2018):

    Gordon Ramsay is a BIT of a surprise, but I guess it makes sense given Marco Pierre White ditched the show to go and do Seven's attempt at Hell's Kitchen. Like how we had Zumbo once in that weird awful pro-chef miniseason, and then we never saw him again after he got his own short-lived show on SBS.
  20. I second that.
  21. S10.E21: Reunion Part 3

    They just renewd it.
  22. TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    The Big Night menu was replicated more than a few times, too. Although the banquet was the film's jaw-dropper, my favorite scene was afterwards: the two brothers, alone in their kitchen, awash in their own thoughts, preparing an omelet. Perfect, and perfectly simple. It called to mind Nora Ephron's rant: "What I love about cooking is that after a hard day, there is something comforting about the fact that if you melt butter and add flour and then hot stock, it will get thick!...It’s a sure thing in a world where nothing is sure".
  23. S02.E06: The King of the Delta Blues

    Hey, they found a way to get a fourth chair in machine! That should hopefully open up more possibilities now. Now that Mason got to go back in time, Jiya and Christopher better get an opportunity before the season ends! While Rittenhouse's motivation was kind of a stretch, I enjoyed seeing the show take on Robert Johnson's story and how he and his music would effect the world. I also really liked that Mason took front and center here, and Paterson Joseph really shined in everything. Glad that they remembered his history with Rufus too, and we got to see some heartfelt moments there. Overall, no complaints on this end. On the other hand, for someone who is suppose to be an ultimate badass, Wyatt kind seemed off his game here. Getting jumped left and right, and only took out maybe five Rittenhouse agents, before someone pulled the alarm. Disappointing, Mr. Logan! Not surprised he couldn't kill Carol. Really, Christopher should have saw that coming. Maybe she should have let Wyatt go on the mission and sent Flynn instead. Now, he would have brought the bodycount! I saw Annie Wershing's name in the credits, but I don't remember actually seeing Emma. Did I just blink and miss it? Not sure where they are going Flynn and Lucy. Abigail Spencer and Goran Visnjic work well together, but I can't quite tell if they're aiming for an actual romance, or just two loners forming a twisted bond. So, now Jiya gets a vision of Rufus dying. This should be fun!
  24. Lucy Hale is in the new Netflix movie Dude.
  25. S10.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Please join me! It is high time Bravo CANCELS Don’t Be Tardy For the Party! i will boycott all Bravoshows if they don’t cancel. i just say enough is enough... especially now knowing what “the wig” REALLY thinks... she is nauseating... please join me... (cuz losing the rest of my favorite guilty pleasure shows is sure to kill me) im posting on each forum I watch... hopefully we can send a message.’
  26. TARCAN6 Destinations

    Leg 1 is in Squamish: for the first time in TARCAN history, the first leg is in the same province as the Starting Line.
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