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  2. Have a feeling we’re going to see the Tim Gunn Save pop up this episode.
  3. Really? The pot calling the kettle black! He stole his wives Federal government credentials to access confidential information. Yeah he's the pillar of truth and virtue. The nerve of him convincing that dumb Dr. Nick to help and then having the audacity to say he was a big boy and could take care of himself. Wrong, guess again Tom. Nick is not a trained spy and killer, he had no idea he needed to be armed to go into the apartment, although when a door is unlocked and the lights are out common sense should tell a person not to enter. As a matter of fact Nick should have told Tom if he wanted the info so bad to go himself even if that meant heading over the next day, it obviously couldn't have been that important if he called all day instead of dropping by. It's not like he had to take care of Agnes.
  4. The Grace and Karen story was pretty bad. The Jack story, while I think not executed as well as it could have been, ended up being nice in the end. I loved when he said to Skip to picture his face. I love Jane Lynch but that camp scene was pretty bad too, IMO. How old was Jack supposed to have been when he was a donor to have a grandson as old as he was? My mom became a grandma in her late 40s but to a baby, not a preteen.
  5. I completely agree with you, and it doesnt take a drug councelor/specialist to see that these hillbillies are on drugs....their entire conversation was off, and the confusion with the girlses age, the lipstick, the "dazed stares"....high, high...youre all high!!!
  6. The rumor is that Abraham will be the crossover character, showing him before the events of TWD.
  7. Just binge watched all episodes in 24 hours. I liked it. I didn't find the girlfriend actress to be a bad actress. She just was a slightly unlikable character. I wish they'd stay broken up but suspect they won't. The's based on true events. The real FBI guy was interviewing Ed in a cell when he saw the guard leave. He got nervous and pushed the help button. Ed saw this and told him that he could twist his head right off and have it sitting on the table before the guards could get in to stop him. The FBI guy frantically pushed button until guard came back and then he ran out of the cell and never went back alone. After that they made a rule that they had to always interview in pairs. Looking forward to more. Ed was acted awesomely. As was Speck. I wonder if we'll see the feminine Speck. Love the partner, Tench. I so feel his burned out feelings...burned out with work and home. He's just so disconnected with their work until he needs to connect and when he does, wow, he nails it.
  8. 'Oh my god, you have to.' - Will. View the full article
  9. Steve Buscemi In, Owen Wilson Out as TBS' Daniel Radcliffe-Led Comedy Miracle Workers Recasts Co-Lead I think I really like this development. Nothing against Owen Wilson, Daniel Radcliffe was the draw for me here, but I'm excited to see Buscemi in this role.
  10. I was so tickled that came back! I think it's Hanarajanan, isn't it? It's quite a lot to type.
  11. Hahahahaha the comparison to Grey Gardens is spot on!!!! I would love to see a movie that follows them through various stages of their lives. It would be super depressing though! i can't imagine how a boy would be treated if Briana or Brittany ever had one. I bet he would either decide to be gay (not that being gay is a choice, but it would be for HIM lol) or just completely celibate, because he would want NOTHING to do with women!
  12. I need someone to kill Curtis. And Dinah. Free Felicity and Diggle! Venus Terzo (the doctor) looks so tiny because DR.
  13. So the kid isn't wrong about his concerns.
  14. I definitely agree with everything with everything you said in the post especially about the ugly. I agree with everything you said about Anika. She has some nerve asking for sole custody of their daughter and Hakeem deserves to have custody of her. She has left a sour taste in my mouth since Season 2, and she has greatly annoyed me since Season 1, save for Hakeem as well. She does not deserve custody of their daughter, but Hakeem definitely does.
  15. Awwwwww, that conversation between Jack and Skip towards the end. That was really touching. Also, hi, Jane Lynch :D!
  16. Damn it, even when Anatoly is being evil I still love him. He is just so damn charming! Also, does Oliver still have him in his contacts on his phone?
  17. No, you're totally right. It is a horrible story. Maybe it's because she's a public figure and I know things about her that makes me have so many questions. I don't know. All I know is that something about her puts me off. Illogical? Sure? And it's not that I flat out don't believe her, it's just that I needed more details. And I have wondered, on these very pages how anyone who walked away was able to survive. Chris something or another, who does a blog on youtube, actually helped me with that. I just can't imagine how a child ever made it on her own.
  18. You lose more points for stealing a baguette, because it's more French. :) Maybe that's the real reason Chidi wound up in the bad place-- close proximity to French things and French people. I'm sure the bad place doesn't care that he's only a francophone because he happened to grow up in a country that was colonized by France.
  19. I loathe Margarita now, lol. Never liked her less and less. Missing Claire almost, if I had to choose one. JK (I think.) Poor Kentaro. Hope he turns it around.
  20. I can't post #metoo on my FB page because I have members of my father's family as friends. So I share things here and in FB groups. I primarily use FB for groups. Even though I like the Fall and cooler weather these next 3mo are what I've named my 3mo of Suck since my Mom died. She was diagnosed on my birthday in 2011, died on Black Friday of 2015, her birthday was (I still went to type "is") Dec 13th and my Nana's (she raised me with my Mom) was on Dec 16th. All the commercials showing happy families celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas don't help. It was just my Mom and me for a loooooong time. Now it's my cat and me. I try to not let it gnaw at me too much. One thing that helps with coping is that I don't have to deal with buying gifts I can't afford for anyone.
  21. She looks so good
  22. She's no Ariel. And how did she get up on the rocks with that tail? They must've had a heck of a time getting her up there. We're going to need a bigger shark.
  23. Me too I'm also digging Anatoly
  24. The upcoming Horror at the Cecil Hotel, featuring Elisa Lam (girl in elevator), is creepy. I've read about this incident, but shall refrain from commenting further until after the show. Speaking of Hotel Cecil: Damn, I've stayed at some shitholes, but this dump takes the cake!
  25. Arrow museum or Green Arrow latte? I'm not feeling for this kid. Also, he should voice his concerns about his many kidnappings.
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