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  2. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    He sounded weirdly English when he screamed.
  3. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    There are RULES here dammit!! WTF?? Heh. And damn but for all her talk/asking/demands of guys being serious and ready I'm starting to doubt SHE is ready the more we go along. Girl has a 'trigger zone' of Arie PTSD a freakin' mile wide just waiting to be tripped, on a daily basis. Speaking of being so triggered, that was truly uncomfortable mess with the whole "I'd like to rescind my previous statements" thing with Jean Scratch-n-Sniff. The first error was that you don't buy a woman the freakin display size gallon o-perfume as a gift. That says "Wear this exclusively every day for the rest of your life." Instead say "I had some of the best perfumieres come up with this just for you..." you present the little vial like it's an illicit drug of some power... she's puts some on and she says 'Ooh this is nice, how thoughtful of you.' But Like JENE4 said the way he went about it 'is just not how this works'. I really think he was angling to get the perfume back.
  4. Media Things

  5. Hated to leave my sweet Leslie Howard on TCM for a Shittish drive-by, but I did, just in time to hear her bully Isaac into "painting a picture" and I could not stop laughing. Skunk: "Her name is Lola from Barcelona -- no, BarTHElona -- okay, take it from there" Isaac: "She's very tall and wears clothes extremely well" Skunk: "And she has a Pomeranian...…" Isaac: "No, not a Pomeranian, not that she wouldn't, but I see a rescue collie....."
  6. I found out that for a little over $100 you can buy 3,000 dislikes on YouTube. I won't post the link because I don't want to advertise it to any lurkers but I go show you the site in DMs if you want but it's a real thing..... and it's super pathetic.
  7. Romantic Comedies

    That's what I liked about the ultimate message of "Paper Towns." Quentin was in love with the idea of Margo, but not Margo herself, and she called him out on it. "Set It Up" was fun. It took awhile, but I enjoyed it especially when it came to Glenn and Zoey's interactions. It felt virtually indistinguishable from an actual romcom released to the theaters- you can tell Netflix put some real money into it, as opposed to their Hallmark homages. The only difference was Lucy Liu being allowed to say the c-word or talking about personal grooming.
  8. Heather is starring in an indie dance film, Back To 1. They are crowdfunding on indiegogo. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/back-to-1-family-drama#/
  9. Heather is starring in an indie dance film, Back To 1. They are crowdfunding on indiegogo. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/back-to-1-family-drama#/
  10. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    Completely valid and I agree with but based on real life experience it would be worse than following the day to day of Craig “designing” pillows rather than showing his clip art to people.
  11. The Flash in the Media

    A few photos of Carlos at Supanova Con in Australia here: http://iris.theaureview.com/photo-gallery-supanova-comic-con-and-gaming-expo-2018-at-sydney-olympic-park/
  12. Season 6: Humongous Fungus Among Us

    Here I am, spamming the thread again. Milagro is one that I rewatched fairly recently, though I'm not sure why, because I never liked it. I think in the past I always focused on the relentless purple prose voiceovers and "Agent Scully is already in love," a line which annoys me in a multitude of ways. This time through what jumped out at me is that neither Mulder nor Scully uses the word "stalker." I can't remember exactly how Scully words it, when she first tells Mulder about Padgett, but it's weirdly flowery and circuitous, even for the X-Files. And Mulder doesn't seem nearly as concerned as he should be at the idea that his next-door neighbor is stalking Scully, and I'm concerned that this show doesn't know what stalking is, any more than it knows what medical rape is. It actually seems like Mulder's response to Scully being stalked is to get suspicious of her, and I would be mad at him for that but it's all of a piece with this episode's weird, weird sexual politics. Anyway, I was thinking about the whole meta aspect of the episode, and it made me think of an episode of Classic Doctor Who called The Mind Robber, where the characters find themselves in the Land of Fiction. The great danger, in that episode, is a constantly running ticker tape that narrates the characters' adventures a moment before they happen. If the characters do exactly what is written for them - if they grab the sword and slay the dragon, or what have you - they become fictionalized and are trapped forever in the land of fiction. So it's partly about the idea that characters - real characters, like the Doctor and his companions - act in a way that their creators didn't anticipate. But it's also about the risk of letting another person's vision of you guide your actions. Now, I think Milagro is also supposed to be about both those things - it's about Mulder and Scully and their growing independence as characters, but it's also about the danger of being trapped by another person's image of you. But it's so very muddled in the way it tries to explore these ideas that it totally undercuts them both. If this is an episode about Mulder and Scully's independence from their creator, why does Scully spend the whole episode drifting around like she has no agency at all? If Scully is able to resist Padgett's hold on her because she's in love with Mulder, why do we never see her resisting it? Why does she drift into his bedroom, when she obviously doesn't feel comfortable being there? Does Scully, in fact, resist being fictionalized? Who even is she? What does she want? What draws her to Padgett, if indeed she is at all drawn to him? I can't tell. And it seems like a terrible mistake for this episode that should celebrate Scully's personality and independence to instead turn her into a zombie with nice legs. On another note, Padgett's book sounds really terrible. On top of the awful, awful prose, it sounds like the plot is just a series of identical murders intercut with sex scenes. Why would a writer that bad have any power over anyone, let alone Scully?
  13. All Episodes Talk

    You aren't mistaken on the episodes giving you deja vu. I am curious why they are trying to pass these off as new episodes. They are both ones we have seen before. I know the channel switch it might be new to some that might not have watched before but for those of us watching since the beginning this is repeats and NOT new. I am disappointed as I was expecting brand new. If they were going to do this why not do it as updates on past seasons girls/boys? It did look like next week was new though from the one commercial I saw for it. I am this is ok here but I just looked to see what was up with the repeats and this is on Twitter and explains it for us...
  14. Katie played good villain in the show Merlin. Well, she played a good villain when they made her stop smirking every time her character Morgana did something devious or evil.
  15. Whoops, sorry! I looked at the wrong person. I want Samira to win but she's going up against 8 guys this season. I'll be happy if she's in the final 2 at this stage. I wouldn't mind if that ended up being the top 4. I'll even accept Khanh over the others as he annoys me less than most of the contestants left. How about instead of immunity pins, judges hand out free passes to contestants who beat the chef. A free pass means that you would skip a challenge (aka Invention Test or Team Challenge, meaning you skip the elimination as well) but you would have to use it before the challenge starts. If a contestant wants to skip the team challenge, they would have to make a decision right after the immunity challenge. That would make it a lot more interesting than skipping a challenge after knowing you are in elimination. I thought Alla's dish was ugly. There was no colour to balance out all the browns and greens on the plate. It's weird because in season 8 when the contestants had the team challenge at The Lakehouse, there were some vibrant, beautiful and complex dishes. Now that you mention it, Sarah totally reminds me of Sara and why I disliked her so much. They both have "look at me" personalities except Sara took a more manipulative approach as opposed to Sarah's more in your face 'alternative lifestyle' persona.
  16. All Episodes Talk

    The show did air tonight on Lifetime. Two chapters set hours apart. So glad to see it back. I had some deja vu about some of the situations. Spoiler alert! The first ep was one of Jessica and Shannel's other sisters. Her story didn't look familiar until the epilogue, where it turns out (SPOILER) she went back soon after when they promised her she could marry the guy she wanted to, which was one of the reasons she gave for leaving, that they wouldn't let her marry him. I know this happened before, but the wedding pictures they showed were different from the ones they showed last time. I think this is a different girl, but I'm not sure. The second ep had a girl who they helped escape a couple of years ago but again, I'm not sure if I've seen her before. I don't think I have. They also showed footage again of the wife who was living in the house they had sent for the health department about, Shirley. It was a little different, though. Last time, it seems the footage showed a different conversation between Shirley and the girls about calling the health department and they didn't show it this time as having been resolved, which it was.
  17. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    He said they dated for a year and a half, we're engaged a year and then divorced after 2 months. I don't know but I think if there had been red flags surely they would have shown up in that 2 and half year period before marriage. Or there were but they ignored them. It does seem strange that they knew each other that long and then divorced shortly after marriage. I had a friend who dated her husband for 6 yrs and then they weren't married a year until they divorced. It happens. I think they have a preconceived idea of what marriage entails and what it will be like but then find out quick that it's nothing like they imagined.
  18. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    I so agree with all you've said but I shortened the quote to focus on your mention of that female prosecutor, because she was smug, bullying and vigorously unprofessional. She spoke like a washed-up bimbo on a Real Housewives reunion special, and I find it criminal that a man's life was (partially) in her hands.
  19. S05.E01 Redemption

    Check these out : https://www.leatherman.com/multi-tools?prefn1=activities&expanded=activities&prefv1=outdoor They can include pliers, wire-cutters, saw, hammer and a ferro rod among other items.
  20. Heather Morris (Season 2 Green Mile) is starring in an indie dance film, Back To 1. They are crowdfunding on indiegogo. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/back-to-1-family-drama#/
  21. S07.E01: Enemy of the State

    Even Carrie began to care about civil liberties in S5 and S6. Otherways, I agree with Scrb and John Potts. O'Keefe is completely false. Not only his program is full of hate speach, he directed the troll farm, falsified the video about the President's son and made a bogey site about Quinn in order to make him a scapecoat of the assassination. In short, he did his best not only to divide the nation, but also move the lawafully elected President from the office, and because he and his co-conspirators failed, they helped to create a monster of the President. Still, in time of need there can be odd bedfellows. I am not entirely against allying with him, if it's remembered that he has his own agenda that is just as dangerous to democracy and the nation. Maybe he can be used but he also tries to use you. He isn't to be trusted for a second. You are completely right. But it's only human that you care more for those who are nearest to you. And of course, once the government begins to break civil liberties, one can't know how it ends. It's best resist when you can. Which makes me wonder: what does the rest of the country think?
  22. Damn, she has a punchable face. Oh, and if the person/people worrying and asking questions are contributing heavily to your financials, then yes ma’am it most certainly IS their business.
  23. I wonder if they'll ever show footage from the show he and Eric were filming in France right before he died. So heartbreaking.
  24. According to the promo this week’s episode is the season finale.
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