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  2. I’m glad the entire table finally annihilated Jedilyingliarwholies on her continued dismissal of Trump’s unprecedented amount of lies. All politicians lie, not all politicians attempt to distort reality itself, convince people up is down, left is right, a crowd of two hundred is a crowd of five thousand, etc. Good for Joy immediately countering her assertion that Trump is “savvy” by pointing out that even an idiot knows his narrow victory can be contributed to Comey’s letter, Russian interference/collusion, etc. And I loved Sunny’s little potshot at her when they were talking about the kissing at Disney World when she said her son asked her, “Shouldn’t they get a room?” I’ve noticed for a while that Jedi is always throwing these little jabs in at Sunny in particular, laughing extra-hard whenever Whoopi or Joy put her down (whether it’s politics or relationship talk), etc. I’m glad she finally got a dose of her own medicine. She sure was hyped up today, practically salivating over the possibility of religious discrimination becoming law.
  3. Would one of my post-1980s faves make that list? Shakespeare in Love doesn't have that meta-rewind thing going, but the plot revolves around him writing Romeo & Juliet, and it's obvious, what he's pulling from real life to put on the page. In fact, much of the cleverness of the script is Stoppard & co. sliding in references to Will collecting lines & characters for future works.
  4. According to Steve Bryant, David was talking shit about him in the host lounge. Steve walked in and David had no clue until it was too late. He wrote about it in one of his blogs. There was no doubt it was David.
  5. -- Everybody Loves a Clown + What Is... -- All Hell Breaks Loose, Pt 2 81 - In My Time of Dying 48 - Hollywood Babylon 44 - Nightshifter 23 - What Is and What Should Never Be 21 - Everybody Loves a Clown 11 - The Usual Suspects 09 - All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 07- Crossroad Blues Ganked in Cold Oak Hunger Games 22. Roadkill 21. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 20. No Exit 19. Playthings 18. Hunted 17. Bloodlust 16. Simon Said 15. Heart 14. Born Under a Bad Sign 13. Croatoan 12. Tall Tales 11. All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 10. Folsom Prison Blues 09. Houses of the Holy
  6. I think it was the Vicar of Dibley who had a mug that said "Lead me not into temptation I can find it for myself."
  7. *peeks around the corner* It's morning where I'm at (well, lunch time almost) so I have an opinion. I would love for these charges to be trumped up just for the sake of Bryn. None of this is doing Bryn any good. Both parents need to just let go of all past hurt and animosity and focus on what is best for Bryn.
  8. Just finished season 2. I love this show. Tempted to read the books but I'll try and hold off. It was soapy as hell but I loved the romance between the princess and the viking Mostly cause I detest her punk-ass husband and Eric seemed like he might know how to throw down. Also, I liked the brothers Erik and Sigfried. They were great together. Hope there is a season three.
  9. Crisopera!! This is a great idea! Sorry I wasn't right on top of it, but I was a little Novarro-distracted, as I may have mentioned that evening.😬 Before I trot out my list on this topic, I wanted to get some clarification. According to your parameters, you state that she had to actually commit (or abet) "something actually criminal". But -- how true was this of your #5, Rebecca's Mrs Danvers? Now, I don't dispute her general creepiness. She was hideous to the 2nd Mrs DeWinter (who frankly made it easy in the beginning), and so obviously seethed with fury over the fact that her precious girl had been replaced by a younger model. But Joan Fontaine *didn't* jump at Danny's suggestion (accidental humor), which seemed to be an impulse of the moment anyway (I felt like, initially at least, Mrs D just wanted 2nd Mrs DeW to scram -- no crime there). Is it the arson that makes her eligible? (It's times like this that I wish we could live chat!) Judith Anderson is so great in the role, and if you hadn't laid down those particular specs, my only argument would've been, Why isn't she higher on the list?
  10. If agree that someone approached Jason first instigating shit, that does indeed matter. You can't get in someone's face talking smack after you sent them a cease and desist letter then claim harassment when they respond. And they have no right to confront him saying he had to leave because they sent him a C&D letters anymore than they should have to beat a retreat because of those letters. Dammit, people just need to be cooool, not be all uncoool, LOL I agree with you, final judgment should not be made by anybody until all the evidence is heard. I want to confess something to you, @Wirewrap (late at night here, just between you and me, secret quiet like where nobody can hear us talking) ... in a weird way over the last few hours, I have started to hope Jason is acquitted or takes some kind of deal. I think he needs the counseling help a deal would require and that would be a good thing. But if he is found guilty ... it just seems like such an ugly, damning thing that bodes so poorly for the future of all involved. I won't take any joy in that if that is the outcome. I want better for everyone involved, most of all Bryn. Having her dad be convicted will not be cause for me to celebrate ... it will only make me sad for her.
  11. That's amazing. I thoroughly enjoy watching early 80s episodes of AMC. Susan was divine back then. LMAO at David being an ass.
  12. Well Wes seems destined to be hurt! What a sucker! He says "good luck with your choice," but is still pining for Malia after going off with Adam! She's already "made the rounds" on the ship! ;-(
  13. Yep. They do seem like they'd be a lot of fun. Also, they were going to give their money to charity. I was bummed when they lost in the final round.
  14. What a bunch of buffoons behaving badly. This was not a good episode, save for the singlets. This is my first season of the Bachelorette....i have no frame of reference but this isn't a stellar crop to choose from.
  15. I think it's electrical. Didn't the first one have transformers sticking out the top? Reminds me of the things atop telephone poles. I think Lynch is deliberately using dated-appearing special effects, sets and wardrobe, so it all fits with the old TP. The clothing and offices (especially the insurance office and what the ugly brown suits his coworkers and the cops wear) look 90s-ish to me. So does Dougie's house.
  16. It's frustrating enough that the rose ceremony is not at the end of the episode, but then they tried to play it up like there was some sort of suspense. We all knew Lee would get the last rose, because of the "dramatic two-night event!" I'll be glad when the Lee/Kenny feud is off my tv. My favorite part was at the very end when Will used the phrase "crotchular region."
  17. Is Jason even still working? Plus, he's a pharmaceutical sales rep. He can literally live just about anywhere in the US and do his job. My husband isn't military and we've still made multiple international moves. My uncle was an engineer and lived overseas for awhile. You would be surprised at how many of us move overseas for our careers. The dickhead behavior with my one friend though was her ex was also military and this was during Iraq/Afghanistan when the military was on every other year deployments. So, he wasn't going to see the kids for 2 of those 3 years anyways. She was willing to let him have them for all the school breaks when he was stateside but he hated the current husband so he blocked it. It was his way of punishing her for divorcing him. Some people are just immature dicks.
  18. He's trash. I also am convinced that he prefers the company of men.
  19. I surf by them all, but refuse to get involved in any of the new Bravo series! The HW franchise has just about "jumped the shark" with me and I've gotten tired of expectations not met at the conclusion of the seasons in the reunions! The ATL resolution took 4 excruciating parts and to the end Phaedra wasn't accepting of her culpability in promoting a huge LIE! She kept saying "I repeated something....!" No b!#?@, you created a LIE out of whole cloth and you suckered your lone bestie into furthering the LIE to her own detriment! In BH, Lisa Rinna wound up getting sympathy over the return of a "gift rabbit!" She should have been punished for her bullying lie about Kim's sobriety and then accusing Eden of lying when ratted out to LVP! NY still has a chance of being entertaining! I love it when Bethenny cuts out one of the ladies when they go too far! Ramona went to far and she's going to pay for it! Jill Z. is still paying for it; hasn't even met Brynn IIRC! If not for LuAnn fluff with this lame marriage to Tom, it would have been great! The OC is to be determined; but not looking promising with the same juvenile mean girl acts! If Shannon's still holding a grudge with Vicki, I'll write her off for good and hope "she gets hers" for being so petty! I probably will get "run off" with the return of Gretchen and Lydia! I was so hoping Heather and Meghan were history and let go! "M2M" don't have any likeable women, but each have their moments when they will "cut a b!t#h!" ...
  20. Don't worry, Jesse. I also couldn't remember who was Fiore and who was Leblanc. Not that I didn't enjoy their characters last season, but they will always just be the awesome immortal cowboy angels! Glad that they did give Fiore a send off. Not surprised that he would actually end up hating his existence, and would actually want the Saint of Killers to just kill him like he did Leblanc. Tulip vs. Gary was pretty brutal, but I knew Tulip would find some way to win. Out of the trio, she might be the one I would least want to tangle with, and we're talking about a trio that also features an Irish vampire and a preacher who can command almost everyone with his voice. I do like the idea that Jesse using Genesis is what puts the Saint of Killers on their trail, so I have to imagine that he will be using it much more sparingly going forward (well, after he finds out that Fiore in fact, doesn't call him off.) It will be good way for them to just not be able to "Genesis" there way out of everything. Next stop is New Orleans, because they figure, hey, if God loves jazz, that would be the place. Honestly, that's about a good as reason as any.
  21. I'd always heard how horrible Demi Moore was when she was on GH, and I watched a clip of a Jackie/Holly (verbal) catfight. Reports were not exaggerated. She was, admittedly, stunning, and she had a distinctive voice. And within just a few years, she was giving good performances in movies like About Last Night... It does make me want to go a little easier on young actors, because I don't think the soap grind allows their talents to be nurtured. Now, if someone has been acting for a long time and is terrible, the gloves are off.
  22. If you ever need a Constance Towers fix she's in a Bic commercial here. You can also find a host of other stars in this video.
  23. There was Jason's career to consider. The thing about talk shows is they film two or three days a week. It is about the child's best interests not the parents. There was an alternative and one that Bethenny in fact accepted. What Bethenny has said, is when she has the child she doesn't work, her focus is strictly on Bryn. We watched her deal with it her first season back on RHONY. So how would that work if she had Bryn out in California? I do have feelings for service personnel and the various difficulties they endure with transfers and assignments. I don't blame a parent for not letting his kids go to Germany for three years. I would think the parties could have made it work the children went for a portion of the summer to Germany
  24. 2 nitpicks: 1)Beef O'Brady's is an actual restaurant chain, not some janky convenience store with fried chicken under a heat lamp. Weird that they would name-drop the restaurant chain. 2)Desna had to drive down a dirt road (the same dirt road?) to get to both the convenience store and She She's... Um Florida has paved roads y'all.
  25. The first part I agree with. I hate Bill Cosby for lying to us all for decades about who he really is, and tarnishing the legacy that The Cosby Show left. However, I still love the show and can separate the Huxtables from all this mess. Although, the fact that Bill chose to make Dr. Huxtable a gynecologist, of all professions, is more than a little skeevy in hindsight and really cringeworthy. I still have trouble grasping that we live in a world where Donald Trump is President (not bringing his politics into it---just the fact that an inexperienced reality TV star holds the highest political office in our country is surreal)and Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. It definitely feels like a TV-alternative universe.
  26. From the description I thought it would be something hokey, but it was a really good exploration of Felicity on her own. I liked the amount of time that passed Overall I liked it more than some multichapter fics with a similar set up.
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