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  2. S01.E02: Tangled Up in Blue

    Just rewatched this episode. I'm really liking the writers. Several good guffaws with a couple of feely moments. I don't miss Rosanne and the screeching voice or forced lines at all. Good riddance IMO.
  3. My Gawd! Someone joked about it, but they do all live in the same house, or the same cookie cutter development! The high windows, tall tree, fireplace with TV over mantle. This is another one I came across
  4. Season Five Discussion

    I was really proud of how Amber handled Elizabeth's driving lesson. Amber's often criticized for being cold and unfeeling, but she really rose to the occasion there.
  5. Of course this pair would be buying 4 litres of ice tea and ending up pouring it down the sink, they just know each other so well.
  6. If he is shown snapping at her this early I wonder how long before he can't take her any more? It is almost unbelievable that she might get 20K people who sign up and pay, it will be totally unbelievable if there are that many in six months. I'm not sure she will accept him calling her out in front of her fans either. I don't see it as being a sustainable enterprise. This should be interesting.
  7. It was "purpose"???? Didn't he say that old people don't have it? Am I remembering correctly? Because I'm old and my life definitely has purpose. What a jerk!
  8. Elementary in the Media

    I will only be sad/disappointed if the series' final finale does not manage to surpass this past season's superlative finale's finale-ness —which is going to be dang near impossible to do.
  9. Small Talk: Come Clean

    Always appropriate:
  10. S14.E09 : The Spear

    I rewatched the last three minutes many more times than I've rewatched anything in a very long time, certainly more than I've rewatched anything this season. I think I rewatched Mint Condition once, and all the Dean!Michael scenes from the first two episodes, and that's it. I did see the whole episode, and I can tell you if all you watched is the last three minutes, that's really all you needed to have watched.
  11. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    As the board's resident hillbilly, I have to say that we don't claim him either.
  12. Someone upthread mentioned Julie's stunt double. Per Jason47, her name is Heather Bonomo. https://daytimeroyaltyonline.com/jason47-s-weekly-thread-week-of-12-17-12-23-t40452.html
  13. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    This has always rung hollow to me. Her second would have been THRILLED to have a few days front and center. THANK YOU. I'm with you. Jamie is definitely not all that.
  14. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    I think she’s been true to that because she really believed he died. So many did after Culloden, and if he HADNT well that would be too much to bear-realizing it after Briana was an adult and Frank was in the grave is one thing, realizing that when Briana was a little kid and Frank was her primary caregiver would’ve been another. I don’t know why people would be so perplexed by Frank wanting to move to England or take Briana. He’s ENGLISH! Yes he’s lived in the states almost 20yrs but he came for a job, not because he hated his country of birth. Not odd to me that he would want to go home or have his only child in the world go with him-never mind that people with book knowledge are aware he’s concerned about Briana spending too much time with men that aren’t white and he doesn’t want her in an interracial relationship/ sex with black men.
  15. In high doses it is a hallucinogen.
  16. S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    It came out as thrashed in the cc.
  17. Well, Rose could threaten to run off to France again (like she effectively threatened to do once this season after they came back), and, if threats don't work, I got the impression that it was cheap to live there, so they could go anyway, maybe even take the grandkids, and with Midge touring Europe, all's good. Maybe Benjamin could do some volunteer doctoring or research in Europe too. Mais oui, c'est bonne!
  18. 100% accurate (don't give her any ideas). She's already tried to endear herself to Judaism, lord help us if she tries to wiggle her way into India culture. It's so disrespectful, mainly because for her, it's not genuine interest.
  19. S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    I think Laura meant to collect the towels at the end and in her rush forgot she still left them on the floor. When I clean a room, dirty towels and trash bags are the last things I collect because they require me to leave the room. Laura has a big issue admitting when she is wrong. It was the broken glasses all over again. Merely holding Laura accountable for her job makes Kate a bitch to some. Kate did not yell at Laura or disparage her. Her tone was harsh. Not all bosses are coddlers. Thank goodness I’ve never needed coddling to do my job.
  20. That's "Greg Bunnyears Lawrence" bunny ears, puppy fur is a weird way to talk about fabric, but at least he bothers to wear a jacket and nice pants definitely not cruelty-free, as they are always harping about when selling other stuff
  21. Both characters did cut off their hair for the sake of the other character. Weird note: When they showed Jen driving away from the hospital (surveillance video) was she in that ratty pick-up truck they stole or in a car? (Too lazy to check.)
  22. S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    Cripes that outfit was bad, not that I think she has any class anyway. Very Angela from 90 Day Fiance.
  23. Let’s Talk Interior Design

    Hmph. It wasn’t until this very moment that I realized that I want a cabinet for curiosities.
  24. Bwahahahahaha! Classic Whitney, she has to "show off" with nothing to show for it. Willing to bet she's shown huffing, puffing and struggling later on. We had one of those in my academy. The guy was not very fit and that's fine--but he would take off in Whitney-like fashion only to be passed 600 meters later and wind up collapsing onto the ground after the run was over. He did this the and time again as if he was expecting a different result, like magically he'd be faster one day. I'd have felt sorry for him if he wasn't such an insufferable jerk.
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