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  2. Jessica Camacho and Danny Trejo on set!
  3. They're also scheduled for the Broadway Cabaret series at UC-Irvine at the Barclay Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 and I've got my season tickets so I can see them both again.
  4. Someone mentioned Kail had 30 days to put a name and get the form filed. With Kail, who knows what the truth is. She also claimed she had a doctor's note that allowed her to drive without a seatbelt while she was pregnant. I can't tell them apart.
  5. Ugh. Possibly my least favorite ep so far -- ick to the title, ick to the story behind the title, ick to 95% of the wardrobe, ick to Richard's subplot, ick to the ex! I will allow some begrudging love for the last scene. And I bow before Maggie's little mindfuck -- wish I'd thought of it first! Speaking of: @ZuluQueenOfDwarves, I completely spaced the roof chix repeat!! I overlooked it as tonight's SATC moment in favor of the "flesh-light" -- which, also: Ick.
  6. They put her in Siberia for not allowing them to film the wedding and as someone up thread said, Bravo doesn't like her. Well someone doesn't.
  7. Am I mean for thinking they sabotaged Newton's caviar container? Team events might be exciting if filmed correctly, but these just aren't. Why Newton over Jeff or Gabriel? I thought Tosi's dress looked nice, but her hairstyle was wrong. She should have gone for a classic chignon.
  8. You mentioned her not moving as a detraction of her talent and I mentioned other performers that are talented and don't move. Plus, you seem to imply that those who move deserve more consideration.
  9. Unless Production was doing Alex a disservice by airing her closing statement on this episode out-of-sequence with the PoV meeting, said closing statement was quite possibly one of the most BB-ignorant statements I've heard aired this season - and that's saying something. For Alex to say "I'm HoH, so I have the power to send you home" after the PoV meeting is just plain stupid, because Alex doesn't have that power; as a matter of fact, Alex no longer has any power at all. An HoH's last official act of their tenure is to select the replacement nominee if the PoV is played; as soon as that meeting is concluded, their HoH tour is effectively done. Nothing else to do except maybe break a tied House eviction vote - and with seven HGs voting, the chances of a tie vote between two of the Block noms are extremely slim. So what exactly what HoH muscle does Alex think is available for flexing?
  10. It's not like I have a lot of sympathy for Lu when all concerned warned her up to the last days before marrying that troll! I just find it unseemly for the women to pile on along with that b!tch Andy who just loves going in for the kill! He never seems to know when to back down; almost wanting to break you down and hopes you cry! If I dislike a person that much to go in on her like that on Nat'l TV, maybe we shouldn't be associates because heaven knows they can't be friends! None of these people are likeable! ;-(
  11. The last time she sat so far away from Andy was season six, after which she was promoted back to full-time. Her demotion never made sense to me anyway considering the gossamer-thin storylines Ro and So have variously had at times. Lu has a ready-made picking-up-the-pieces narrative foundation to build upon for next season. Really? This is honestly the first time I'm noticing it significantly. But this is also the first season I've kind of not finished - I checked out when Bethenny started lecturing Ramona in Mexico about she had to try harder at being a good person.
  12. That is what I was thinking. Or she is buzzed on pillses. This reminds me of that tweet from the Amber Porkwood parody account where the person who runs that account tweeted to Catelynn how Cate & Tyler should try to search and reunite Matt with his 19 children. Catelynn retweeted it and agreed. Dumbass.
  13. 404: It's weird that Jonah never mentions religion anymore. So Maya just straight up walked away from Tristan. That conversation was not over. Would a local molecular gastronomy restaurant really care about catering a high school prom? Is "All Inclusive" even paying Maya for this theme song? LOL. Oh, Maya. Tristan is recovering from major injuries and you're getting triggered. I like glamorous Grace. A little makeup looks nice with her hair. They should have spent more time on Goldi being harassed by strangers or not done it at all. It didn't have the right weight to it. But the actress was very good in the scene when she came home. It makes me wish she'd had more dramatic plots during her time on the show instead of the "activism" and being a side character in someone else's story. "That is the most basic thing I've ever heard you say." Oh, I'm going to miss Zoe. That was the brilliant theme song Maya came up with? It felt like all she did was break out a rhyming dictionary. Oh, well. They're probably not paying her.
  14. Molly Molly MOLLY!!! Of ALL of the dudes to curve DRO?!? He would make me break all my rules....just sayin. *Kanye shrug*
  15. I'm told this is the schedule for the Fall's episodes-- September 30th (Premiere) October 7 October 14 November 4 November 11 November 18 December 2 December 9 December 16 -- What interests me is that there are usually 10 episodes in the fall, so if they still do 21 eps the season, there will be 12 in the back half in the spring. Since February is out due to the Olympics, I'm guessing three each for January, March, April, and May? That will be better that than last couple of years. Gal Gadot is a great guess for the premiere host. I agree. She either hosts then or shortly thereafter. With Will & Grace coming back, one of them might host, maybe Debra Messing or Sean Hayes. Still waiting on Milo V or Sterling K Brown as well from This Is Us. Hope we get some cast news soon. I think we would have heard by now if Pete was leaving. I think he's sticking around. Without Bobby and Vanessa, I suspect they want to keep the other regular contributors to Update. I hope they find a couple of new and diverse players to add to the roster too.
  16. My point was that in an earlier round, they did say no to the young kid.
  17. I watch the show. I can't be included in "we". I don't see her interactions with her mother as being due to her viewing her mother as being "less cool and intelligent." That is a description that has been attributed to Chelsea's mom by some viewers. That doesn't mean that is how Chelsea views her. I see a normal relationship between those two although I do think her mother has fucked up on occasion when she has spoken about Adumb in Aubree's presence or mentioned his name when it wasn't warranted. As for Chelsea's interactions with Taylor, it appears they both have moved forward from that drama and have learned they are not enemies. Taylor doesn't seem to take issue with what happened between Adumb and Chelsea in the past. No doubt Chelsea regrets hooking up with Adumb. The way I see Chelsea and Taylor now, it shows growth and maturity. That is something I am not seeing with the rest of the cast, and it is something we mention from time to time that we wish the cast would do - grow up and start making better choices. If only Jenelle, Kail, and Leah would grow up. Instead, they continue on the same path creating more drama and bringing in more children into their clusterfuck lives. As for the supposed comments from people who claim to have had interactions with Chelsea, I wonder how they were towards her? People can be assholes to people they see on television. I dealt with some girls who were major assholes and snobs. Typical bullies in junior high and high school. I don't get that sense with Chelsea. People who do have that in them, can't hide it. It is like Kail's racist views and abusive behavior. It rears its ugly head now and then no matter how much she tries to show otherwise. Like @ghoulina, it didn't even dawn on me it could be a code. David tweets homophobic slurs against Nathan (photos of tweets), and Nathan accuses Jenelle of being in contempt of their court order:
  18. Anyone else having a problem with the playback? It craps out just short of the 10 minute mark for me. TIA!
  19. I interpreted that whole bit as him getting exactly what he asked for. "No means yes". We've seen that Starr is a very dangerous man, I'm not convinced that those "professionals" could have overpowered him against his will. I wasn't expecting the twist, but I think he got exactly what he was wanting. I'd have to rewatch the scene where he set it up to see if he specifically asked for a woman, but right now I don't have the patience. All I remember was him saying something like "I'm having a rape fantasy".
  20. What in the skater dress hell was Tinsley wearing? It reminds me of the negligee my mother received as a wedding shower gift from her sister in the 50's and had the good sense to leave on the hanger in her closet for decades. Carole and Bethenny were both wearing "standing up" dresses, and Bethenny's looked at least two sizes too large. Red is a great color on her though. Remember her red ensemble from her Jill "ambush" meeting at Ramona's apartment way back when? Reminded me of that a bit. And I actually think the lip plumping she's had done looks good on her. She had strong angular features and it makes her look a lot less severe. Luann looked good in that cut of dress done in white, as tediously bridal as it seemed. And while the blue jewel thing around the neck was not my favorite, it did add interest when she was photographed from the back. Sonja looked like she was wearing something she dug out of the back of her closet. Dated cut and in heavy velvet, whatever. Dorinda always wears those striking prints and carries them off so well. Great sense of style. Ramona looked like an aging playmate. The set looked like an overgrown dump. It was distracting and ugly. Whoever styled it should be fired. This concludes the shallow fashion and decorating portion of my commentary, back with keely insightful opinions about what was actually said later, lol
  21. I actually liked Hannah's necklace. Her dress was ok. Lauren looked like she was channeling 1970s Cher in that hideous dress and awful eyeshadow job.
  22. I definitely thought the best part of this episode was the bone sniffing dog. I have heard of such animals, but it was pretty fascinating watching him work.
  23. Lyanna Mormont can't fight either as far as we're aware. Arya's not getting Winterfell. She's proving what kind of ruler she'd be when she suggested cutting off Glover's head for even criticizing Jon. A tyrant. Arya's arc has never been about politics or ruling or diplomacy. It's been about getting back at her enemies and traveling around. She won't end up as Lady of Winterfell. The only way Arya ends up with Winterfell is if Sansa becomes Queen of Westeros.
  24. I hate to defend a Duggar, but it looks to me like she's leaning forward. Also, she looks good and genuinely happy.
  25. Hahaha! The idea of Leah shading herself without even realising it is hilarious to me. Maybe her thumb slipped as she was scrolling and she accidentally liked it?
  26. Met her last summer, super genuine, great technique and tall:) She made it to the last day, was in all their insta-stories. KCD only took 3 rookies: a former Laker girl, former Celtics dancer & an Ailey dancer, no new blondes this year.
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