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  2. Yes, I've watched hot bench since it premiered. I really like it. I think the judges talking among themselves about the verdict makes it even more interesting. They also seem to pick litigants that are a little higher class and cases that are more interesting. though they do seem to have a huge number of dog cases
  3. Yep, and she shares those same faults with Gracie. Another one that rarely pulls it together. Don't these folks get out in public and sees what classy women wear?! They need some interventions over there at the Q.
  4. HA! My sleuthing pays off. Misha's mark is yellow in this set pic
  5. Bingo! Always. Lorelai talked about her "Star's Hollow life" and "Hartford life," and in her perfect world, the twain would never meet. Unless she needed something from the "Hartford life," in which case, she expected it to always be on her terms. When it wasn't, it was manipulation. But Lorelai herself wasn't above doing some manipulation on her own, was she? That's what "Ted Koppel's Night Out" was about - she couldn't bear to see Rory and her grandparents share an experience without her, so even if the event was something in which she had absolutely no interest, she was going to go, by God. And do everything in her power to make it unpleasant for everybody else. Because how dare Richard and Emily invite Rory to join them in their annual celebration of the Harvard/Yale game! The nerve of those people wanting to spend time with their granddaughter. It had to be a plot to wrench Rory away from her mother! Wait a minute - do you honestly expect Lorelai Gilmore to stop and think about whether what she wants to do might negatively affect other people? Haha! Not a chance... Lorelai and Jason left a mess behind in that stockroom. Who did they think was going to clean it up?
  6. But the effects last more than a week. Regardless, I'm just saying everything on TV typically hits low points around this time of year, especially when it gets nicer out the 8PM shows often take a hit. Also, I pointed out that 1.9 two posts ago.
  7. It's really sad, IMO. I guess some babies are better than other babies, even if they are Duggars. Little Meri didn't ask to be born and neither did M5 boy. It saddens me that these poor littles will suffer greatly for the sins of their father.
  8. Aquaman's move doesn't worry me. They moved it from Pre-Thanksgiving to the Christmas season, mainly to capitalize on Avatar 2 being delayed and vacating that date. It should be more successful there. Flash... Yeah, development hell. :( I'm guessing, if they even try to bring out another movie for 2018 at this point, it'll be Sirens. It has a director, I think it has a script, and HQ is hot right now. The Batman? At this point I'm wondering if it will even be part of the DCEU, or if Barnes will have dibs to do his own separate thing. Also :(
  9. two ways for story purpose: Jane has one and (who was that guy at the shooting range? Nathan?) has one too. And their kids potentially have access. Or, no one used it to shoot, but to scare, and then it could be anyone, with or without real gun access.
  10. First of all I'm kinda mad that the show intentionally didn't show the way things happened so that we spend a week guessing. How I imagined things happened is the following: Brad told JT they have an idol that's why JT told Brad they were planning to vote out Sierra (we only saw the part that JT tells Brad they were planning to vote out Sierra so that confusion is created). Brad maybe told JT they were voting out Malcolm so that they make the other tribe weaker. JT lost an ally in Malcolm but he won the trust of his old tribe AND voted out a strong player like Malcolm who will be good at immunity challenges after the merge. Now all JT has to do is a) damage control, b) win the next challenge and c) maybe find the immunity idol. There is a strong chance in my mind that Brad promised JT that they will throw the next challenge and vote out Hali so that they weaken the other tribe even more and go to merge with numbers.
  11. Whatever Olinsky's reason, I think that Squerciati might simply be so far along by now that they keep her mostly at a desk so that they don't have to worry about how to set-up shots. In the precinct, they can keep her seated or give her a file, hide her behind one of the things they've standing around. In the field, they often use wide-shots and we see a lot of the actors, and they'd have the find a way around that which could probably take a long time to set up. So, it's probably easier to just leave Burgess out of the field as much as possible at this point.
  12. The USSR lacked adequate farm machinery, had a labor policy that was a huge disincentive to embrace the farm automation that has caused unemployment in western countries, had less fertilizer available, and had a terrible climate. The virgin farm lands were also often marginal farm lands. After the Soviet Union collapsed, demand for grain for human consumption and animal feed shrank considerably as food prices rose, the total area of land being cultivated shrank, and I don't think it's ever recovered. I should also point out that American wheat yields are currently about 3 tons per hectare per year. East Germany was managing over 5 tons per hectare on average, for the period 1985-1990. Not all land is equal.
  13. One thing I thought was adorable and loved was how Barry was dancing while remaining in place during the "Put a Little Love in Your Heart." 😁 He looked like he wanted to participate in the dancing so much, while Kara looked dazed, hee. Barry looked so adorable. Yes, yes, I know I already said adorable. I wish he had joined them. I think his and even Melissa's singing could have been better if they sang as if they were doing karaoke. I know that Grant's voice is a lot more clear and natural sounding like it was in the first season with those two bars from "Summer Lovin'." Oh well. Just rewatched and I really do love the Super Friends song and dance. Barry and Kara are just so adorkable together-like rambling puppies!!!!
  14. So what's the big "surprise?"
  15. Or if they want to sacrifice another hunter for the BMoL, let it be Bucky. (RIP Wally.) I had an odd - discomforting - thought while thinking about the final episodes and who is supposed to be in them; specifically Mary and Lady#&@!. There was also some speculation that Lady SoDisgustingshedoesn'tevenreallydeserveanickname would get redeemed somehow. And Mary would/will get redeemed from her mistaken foray into collaborating with the BMoL. don't think the show would have Mary and Lady Ol'What'shername bond over wanting to make the world a safer place for their sons, do you? I hope not.
  16. @Mellowyellow, thought you'd get a kick out of this
  17. Of course they will! Ratings! It's how I rationalize Tamra on OC...... Often I believe it's all scripted, but I go along with the ruse that it's real when opining about what I see on the show. I'd like to think that the ladies are hanging out together, laughing at us and congratulating each other on their acting chops. Coordinating their twitter wars and planning who gets to be the victim and who plays the mean girls. I'm not delusional. Really, I'm not.
  18. To me, MBR dresses conservatively AND matronly. Or maybe it is her demeanor that makes her seem matronly. Her clothes fit nicely, though. Jill just can't figure out what looks good on her and clothes don't fit well.
  19. I'm a baby boomer and I don't pay attention to him either, never did. :^) I agree and it baffles me how her having 4 kids could possibly add to the plot line. After the divorce there is little direction her character could take. The grown kids are peripheral but still supply some enjoyable moments. Small kids on any show just bring it down. There must be a plot line plan where her having 4 kids is necessary.
  20. Only MESSer knows. As I said unless she has a very big surprise at the end all this plot looks silly and it also highlights the team members dont care about Reid that much. Interaction of team members is what makes me want to watch the show even when the case is terrible. If they take that away there is nothing left for me well of course except Reid.
  21. I know Jared and Jensen's marks are red and blue...wonder if Mary's are the green ones? ;) Also, now I'm wondering who the other marks are for?
  22. It saddens me that she truly believes this is her best (only) option.
  23. For that particular blocking that's neither Jared nor Jensen as their marks are blue and red. Now I want to know who is green and who is yellow. For some reason I want to say that yellow is Misha?
  24. I call him glitter because, like craft glitter, I could never get rid of him. He pops up again every 2-3 months, 6 if I'm lucky. Once he went 18 months. I should have played the "this isn't the number of the person you are looking for" card but I was stupid. I've been downright cruel to try and get him to leave me alone, nope. Telling him to delete my number gets me nowhere, because he says it's my responsibility to not reply, instead of you know, his responsibility to delete my number and leave me alone.
  25. I'm not particularly religious, always thought the idea that we are born with sin kind of weird. How can a person who is innocent be born a sinner? So I totally understand the feelings that Lily had when listening to the Pastor. To me, he was saying things that were abhorrent. Here is this innocent child and if he isn't baptized then he will go to hell.... I think that Lily and Toby will continue to have a tumultuous relationship and one day end up divorced just because their differences are enough to keep them apart instead of bringing them together.
  26. I just started watching Legion on Hulu yesterday. Only 3 episodes in so far, but I concur, it's a very good show. And very trippy too! ;)
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