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  2. S07.E01: Inmate 4587

    @Chaser I can only speak from my own experience but your 100% right all guards are not like that and the good ones should not be lumped in with the bad ones. If I offended you I do apologize that was not my intent.
  3. I can’t quit Shannon just yet but I was getting close after this episode. I just had no sympathy for her about the housing situation. You don’t need to be renting a big fancy house—find a moderate home and BUY something instead of renting. I was so glad that Kelly spoke up and said something. Like, talk about rich white prople problems. That said, I don’t necessarily agree that she was being the total Debbie Downer that Tamra wanted to portray her as. She has her moments of negativity, but overall she seems to have fun on these trips. I agree with the overall sentiment of this, but I disagree that Emily is a “big woman.” She’s probably a size 8–max! In the real world (not on tv and not next to size 2 Tamra and Gina) she’d probably appear quite slim.
  4. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    princelina, Bangs are "out of style"? Never! They are acknowledged as a way to add "youth" to a face. https://www.instyle.com/hair/bangs/2018-bangs-haircut-trends-ideas https://www.refinery29.com/2018-hair-ideas-trends
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Plus Jason is going to be a splendid influence on him.
  6. Missy is glorious. It's amazing how likeable all the main characters are. Great acting and very well-written.
  7. S14.E03: Rule 34

  8. S37: Natalia Azoqa

    The quote is from Jeff Probst and I have to disagree with his opinion that Natalia was a good player or with his definition of a brilliant human. Telling people to shut up would a fatal flaw in any social game and she was abrasive in other ways, as well. I also hate the expression, "doesn't suffer fools," which is usually used as an excuse for people who are unkind to anyone who they think isn't as smart as they are.
  9. Why would her father “have loved this”? It makes no sense, to me.
  10. The NBA

    That is an impressive feat by the media to make me more tired of LeBron than I have ever been after one game. Seriously...salivating after his first bucket? Gross.
  11. Can’t believe this was up so early on Amazon. The Tara cut was as sad as you all said. It seemed to affect the vets pretty hard. Malena - ridiculous. I don’t feel sorry for Kelli when a cut is that obvious. VK - I hope there was more said behind the scenes regarding her behavior, but somehow I don’t think so. Too many enablers. Meredith looked tired. Sarah looked good. Amy - how does she do it all? When does she sleep? She’s adorable and I think she’s doing great as a GL.
  12. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Some of the old-timers around here pronounce “caulk” as “cork” — it can be super confusing. Somenone else had to translate for me the first time I heard it, and I grew up not too far away! But I’d never heard that.
  13. S01.E02 99 Problems

    I'm really hoping that Coach Baker isn't really Spencer's dad, because this would make Spencer and Olivia half-siblings! EWW. Maybe it's just a misdirection and the secret is something like Spencer's mom and the coach had an affair and Spencer's dad found out and left her (and he would still be a jerk to never see the kids again).
  14. I thought Brooke cheered for a FL team (can't remember if it was football or something else) before becoming a DCC. If so that would make her older than 18 - unless that team allowed younger than 18,
  15. S01.E01 Pilot

    I watched the original Charmed, but I never had the same attachment to it as I did to, say, BTVS, so I didn't mind that they were remaking it. It's also been so long since I watched it live that I don't remember that much about it. I'm just viewing this show as its own thing, and I liked the pilot! I wasn't sure I would after the first couple of scenes, as the dialogue between the girls and their mom seemed clunky and they were all overacting a bit, but everything got smoother as the episode went on. There were some funny lines, the special effects were much better than I usually expect from a CW show (that purple smoke filling the lab was especially cool), and the sisters have good natural chemistry. I didn't care for the Trump crack so much (I'm not a fan of his, to put it mildly, but I prefer for my shows to not reference real-life politics), but I didn't find the feminist comments annoying at all. Sure, the first villain was a little on the nose, but this was a pilot, and pilots (especially supernatural show pilots) have to do so much... introduce the characters, give them their powers if they don't already have them, explain at least a bit about the universe, and give us a little taste of the formula of the show (demon of the week or whatever)... so I can understand simplifying the first mystery. I'm in, and I look forward to seeing what other stories the writers come up with.
  16. S04.E03: Toxic Workplace

    Although I enjoyed the first two episodes, I had the same feeling this week. So far there is no interesting story that connects the episodes - the Jonah/Amy relationship has not gathered enough momentum yet. I'm sure it will change though once the girls get closer to their due dates. Also, not enough naughty customer scenes this week!
  17. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Me,too. We vacation on St Croix part of the year where some of the main restaurants are getting to be pretty well known for their chefs and food. My friends love the adventurous meals-- the weirder the better (or at least the food's weird in my mind!) Just give me a good steak, baked potato and salad and I'm good. I don't look at their food and gag or anything like that, I mean I like that they're enjoying it, and they know I laughingly admit I don't have a sophisticated pallet. The food on a luxury yacht would be wasted on me,too. Sadly. Well then why not have on your preference sheet that you want a breakfast buffet of your favourite pancakes, waffles and huevos ranchos or whatever, plus pasta soup salad sliders, just piles and piles of different 'comfort foods'. And a chocolate fountain with raspberries. I love amazing food, but sometimes, when you want a really great time, it's nice to just go with what you love no matter what that is. It doesn't surprise me at all to hear the Qatar had the best mac and cheese. These countries understand their guests. I was blown away at the Burj Al Arab and how they cater to so many cultures extensively with their room service menu. So many breakfast options, so little time (and not enough money)
  18. JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    I'm not even from USA so I have no idea what that means lol Count me in with those looking forward to seeing how this wedding looks like.
  19. It's kind of the reverse of the stopped clock is right twice a day. If they guess every female celeb every week, odds are that one of them will be pregnant on any given week.
  20. S01.E04: Friday Night Dinner

    That’s funny to me, I think that’s one of the things the show has done right. They show a lot of shots of actual Boston. And a lot of the sets feel Bostonian to me. The story is all over the place though. And the pizza night story resolved the shattering of the group way too easily.
  21. Outlander In The Media

    I came across him too. So much fun! And now the cast is going to join his livestream on Halloween!!!!! What a ride he has been on since opening this Pandora’s box.
  22. X Factor 2017

    The girls are really good. I could believe that he was agonizing over the decisions. It was too bad for the one girl with visa problems, because she wasn't there to be able to connect with the audience, and in those circumstances she wasn't going to have a chance considering the strength of the competition.
  23. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    I don't believe for a second that Michael is gone. I don't know what his plan is, but I think he's still in Dean, waiting for the right moment. I really, really hope someone suggests that possibility, as they should all - Dean included - be really skeptical. Has it? The show's in a little bit of a bind here, because if Sam, Dean or Cas did let one of the others die for the greater good, it would look terrible for the character. But Dean actually did at least give Sam his blessing for throwing himself into the cage in Season 5, and while nothing similar has happened since, Sam had that speech a few seasons back acknowledging that their efforts to save each other have had often wreaked incredibly destructive effects on the world. Then Guck himself called out Sam for prioritizing saving Dean over the world in the MoC/BotD arc that led to releasing Amara. Jack was cold, and "Dean doesn't matter" was excessively blunt, but his premise is sound. He's especially not wrong in saying that Dean would agree, though that isn't saying much, as Dean is always willing to put practically everyone above himself. But it also makes sense that Jack would come to this conclusion given that Dean himself had told Jack that he would be willing to kill Jack if he turned out to be a threat - not to mention that Jack has also had to worry about being a threat and harming others despite his best intentions. There's also a meaningful moral difference, I think, between Dean initially wanting to kill Jack because of his being a potential danger based on powers/origin vs. Jack being willing to kill Dean if that's the only way to kill Michael. While I liked the idea, Jack visiting his grandparents was atrociously written, in that the grandparents didn't remotely act like normal human beings. Kelly was apparently a presidential staffer. She was not a covert ops CIA agent. It makes no sense that she would have to go undercover, let alone while pregnant. They should have been incredibly suspicious of Kelly's original story and reported her missing ages ago. Now, this "intern" that can't pass for much above college age shows up, apparently having seen Kelly sometime since she went on that super-secret mission, recently enough to know that her baby was born. Plus, he's acting super intense and creepy as he describes Kelly interacting with her fetus. Obviously, they couldn't have figured out what was going on, but their hinky-meter should have been off the charts, and they should have been angrily demanding to speak to Kelly, speaking about calling the authorities, etc, not sitting around having a nice nostalgia session. I don't blame Jack for not being able to tell them she was dead, though of course he should have done so, as that's a believable reaction, but I blame the writers for giving no thought to how real people would act if they didn't hear from their pregnant daughter for months after she called with a patently unbelievable story about undercover work.
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