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  2. I've been thinking about what others have mentioned about Gloria not being able to activate the door sensor with her body, not being heard on the cell phone, and now not finding computers worthwhile to set up, as all pointing to something different about Gloria. Now, after reading @tennisgurl's bit above about how Gloria's stepfather "appeared out of nowhere" —and I thing someone else mentioned that he appeared around the same time as the spacecrafts allegedly did— I'm wondering if he was paranoid about aliens, and went a step beyond tin foil hats and gave himself, Gloria, and her mother some sort of electromagnetic blocking implants. If so, I also think @ALenore is onto something here:
  3. Because it's borderline incestuous? With each of their parents now dating, they're pseudo-stepsiblings.
  4. I came for George Takei. But we got so little of him! That said... this was excellent.
  5. Why should Abe & Val's relationship stop Eli & Lani from getting together? I think they have a lot more potential; whereas I see Gabi as more of a good friend (same as Brady & Nicole used to be).
  6. I love that scene from The Golden Girls. How Blanche and Dorothy are trying SO hard not to laugh, but they just lose it. It's so funny. Probably one of my favorite episodes, how they meet and kind of hate each other at first and finally make friends because of this scene.
  7. Not offended here. In fact, I've been wondering if weed would help with some pain I've been having. I had rheumatoid arthritis many years ago, and it has been in remission. Now, I'm getting symptoms again. It's a weird pain which moves from hips, to knees, to ankles, to feet. always on both sides at once. I made an appointment for a physical. I'm miserable because I can't take walks or go to the gym, and those are things that help me stay calm and focused (and keep my weight from getting out of control). I have an allergy to the NSAIDs - Naproxen, advil, motrin, (they all cause a weird purple bruising rash) so I'm wondering what else can help. I'm pretty active, going to work, doing things around the house, visiting my dad. I was going to the gym 3 - 4 times a week until a month ago. But for the past few weeks I've had a lot of pain. I hear that Cannabis can be a helpful treatment, and there are some products that don't even get you high, just help with pain control. I guess I have to do some research. It sucks, because a lot of doctors aren't going to be very receptive to the idea. I don't mean to complain, I know people here have more serious issues. It just sucks to suddenly feel old with aches and pains.
  8. Subtly. This series could use some.
  9. Bill is just what the Doctor and the audience have needed. I'm shocked that all 3 episodes of S10 to date have been such fun, especially after the last season.
  10. Well, I will hand it to her, she actually did graduate. Good for her. I just hope sometime after the 3 million graduation posts she manages to find and keep a job. And no, her brand isn't a job.
  11. I thought RJ & Coco were in their early 20s. Not that it makes a huge difference either way.
  12. Maybe it's forshadowing or lampshading or... fore-shading?.. to Savitar turning out to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. But why is she so happy to see him? Is it just because he's Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor and politician, and, in their universe, possibly the inventor of the Shanwow or something? That would be an acceptible answer. Or... is it because he played Mr. Freeze in a Batman movie, and so she acknowledges him as a fellow freezester?? Much as part of me loves that idea, I don't think "The Flashes" is ready to commit to the existence of Batman yet. Plus, Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze was so over-the-top cheesey that I don't think Killer Frost would respect him. Snart, once upon a time, might, extreme emphasis on the word might, put up with him just for shits and giggles, but KF would find his nonstop "Have an ICE day!" blather infuriating. Oh well, nobody's perfect. I still love her. As long as she keeps the evil overacting cranked up to at least an 8.6. Actually, once time travel's involved, it could be anybody. Hell, I might blunder into a time warp next week, and go through all kinds of traumatic character changes while also becoming faster and scarier yet still somehow much more boring. Perhaps her thought process behind the reaction we saw was "Oh my god.. is that an actual scrawny beer-bellied balding man from Cleveland? Thank you Santa! And he has a crappy apartment full of Babylon 5 VHS tapes? Giggety giggety goo!" Because she isn't that into freeze puns. Arnold would've said "Giggety giggety gulag. Or igloo." Or.. feh, I give up.
  13. I feel deep in my Survivor bones that that challenge is the entire reason she was brought back and cast as a Hero. (Well that and her blonde All American looks.) She impressed Probst in the most physical of challenges. Yes no shade on that move, but it working to protect him at F4 is still baloney.
  14. I don't care for the sanctuary city policy referred to in such positive terms like some badge of honor. Sanctuary cities are reckless, irresponsible, and a slap in the face to legal immigrants who came here according to the law. I also don't buy this "we're all immigrants" claim, it smacks of guilt mongering. I was born here.
  15. I want them to do an episode next season where they can somehow do a portion of the episode animated like an 80s or 90s cartoon - like Captain Planet. Just so we know that the show accepts that it is pretty much a live action saturday morning cartoon at this point.
  16. Based on the Sneak Peek... PRESENT DAY - UNDERGROUND MINES BLACK FAIRY: Dearest Blue. So helpless. You'll be out of your misery soon enough BLUE FAIRY: It doesn't have to be this way. You gave up Rumple because BLACK FAIRY: Oh no you don't. We have to talk around the issue for 30 minutes while my flashbacks play. FLASHBACK - FAIRY TRAINING CAMP TIGER LILY: Oh Fiona, you are the happiest person I know. I love your bright colored dress. FIONA: You know I can't stand the color black. It's so depressing. I want to be happy all the time. BLUE FAIRY: Who stole the cookie out of the cookie jar!!!! PRESENT-DAY STORYBROOKE REGINA: The Center of Storybrooke... where would that be? EMMA: I think I know. The Center of this town, the center of all our lives, the reason why we're all here together... it's you Regina. The Center of Storybrooke is you. Only you can wield the broken wand. You will lead us into The Final Battle. SNOW: The Final Battle. CHARMING: The Final Battle. HENRY: The Final Battle. ZELENA: The Final Battle. BELLE: The Final Battle. RUMPLE: The Final Battle. GRANNY: Or maybe the Center of Storybrooke is under the library? We only have so many sets in this town.
  17. It was renewed and a lot of it filmed before the election. I saw them filming in SF's Unions Square which I am pretty sure was in October but things run together and they did the intro segments for all the shows at The New Parish in Oakland in January right before the inauguration, I missed it but a few friends went, so I don't think the election had much to do with it.
  18. I like me some giant robots (or non-giant ones, for that matter), including Gundam, but this installment isn't doing it for me. At best, it's been moderately engaging.
  19. Using her name only in this instance was horrifying to me. "Yes, Emily you have been cut. We have removed a part of you. You will never get it back. Emily is now a subhuman freak. And you aren't even Ofglen anymore. We gave that identity to someone else. But, if you are very good and meek and silent we'll give you another, like giving stickers to a child when they make their bed in the morning. Tiresome, but we do this for inferior little pets we love and pat on the head. Be good and you can be Ofjohn or Ofdavid. Of course right now, you're Emily. That's a shame because Emily is broken and mutilated and damaged and in constant pain. Be good dear and we will take away the burden of being Emily. You will never have to be Emily again." Just horrifying physical and psychological warfare. Excuse me, I have to go throw up and cry now. PS I want to make it clear I do not think that victims of FGM shoukd be ashamed in any way, only that people use this as a weapon.
  20. I had something similar happen several years ago. Before Autosomal DNA tests were marketed widely I had my father take a YDNA test through and he got matched within 2 generations to a man about my age out in California that was adopted, although he grew up with his birth mother until the age of 9 or so, when she gave all her kids up for adoption (I think) to different families. She was a welfare mother with mental issues who had 5 kids with about 3 different men living not more than 30 miles away from where I grew up. I called and they told me he could theoretically be the son of one of my father's uncles or cousins, or even his son or one of his siblings son's (although he has no siblings that he knows of, anyway). He could have even been the son of my grandfather, although he was already quite old by then and living down south so that's very doubtful. Anyway it was complicated because the guy was half black so when he sent me a photo I didn't see any particular resemblance to anyone on my father's father's side (which is his Jewish side). He was a very nice man, and when we spoke he told me he suspected he might be half white, but never Jewish! He was shocked! His wife told me she had always assumed he was half Hispanic or something like that. Anyway, my father said there was no way this man could be his son, and I believe him because at the time he was born my dad was never in the area where the mother lived and it just wouldn't have been "him" to cheat on my mother at that time or really ever. Plus the man said he was introduced to a man when he was very little that he was later told by his aunt was his father, who worked at a local tavern, so it couldn't have been my father. And the older men on my father's Jewish side were all doctors, lawyers and accountants, not working at a bar. Plus they were all kind of conservative Jews who were very upright types for the most part, although my father did remember one wild cousin he thought could have been the culprit because his family lived in the same area where this guy came from and he would have been young at the time and probably in his wider phase. After a brief time of contact I lost touch with the man but I am still Facebook friends with his wife. I think he decided he's probably better off not pursuing this any further given what he learned from me. I felt sorry for him but his wife told me he's really OK with it as-is. I sometimes wish he would take an autosomal DNA test so we can learn more, but it's his choice. Plus I think we're all kind of afraid of what the truth really is.
  21. I have a question and I am not sure if anyone knows the answer, but is Sarah a cop? I mean I truly cannot figure out if she is or not. It's not like she does not mention it in every damn confessional that she has. I am not sure how I feel about her being the potentially eventual winner. I mean I was not a fan of her during her first season but I never disliked her either. She's just there. I would have preferred to see someone like Cirie, Troy (is he truly on this season?), or Andrea win but it was not mean to be.
  22. She didn't accidentally find her rapist. She came to town looking for her rapist. It's why she learned how to shoot and kept a gun and started sleeping with it under her pillow. It's why, whenever Ziggy asked why they had moved, she wouldn't give him a real reason, just a meaningless fake reason that he got to know so well he could repeat it verbatim, knowing it wasn't the truth. Coming face to face with Perry when and where she did was unexpected, but since it's why she was there in the first place, it's not really so much of a coincidence as people seem to think.
  23. one problem I had with the banishing him was when mary went to hug him in public before he left. She just declared him a traitor in public in order to save her crown and then goes to hug him in public. Wont that cause the people to think that something is up and that she is onyl banishing him as a cover up and not for commiting a crime which would then come back to bite her? I still loved the scene but that is a question i had.
  24. True, but obviously it didn't blow up when they drove out to see the guy, and it hadn't been out of their site while they were with him, so they should have been safe at that point.
  25. That's hilarious!
  26. Eating everything that isn't tied down.
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